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AN COLAR 2010-2011 Nr. crt Unitatea de nvare Coninuturi Competene specifice vizate Nr. ore Sptmna Evaluare Observaii



Introducing ourselves; Revision of the Indicative Tenses, Speaking fluently, Expressing likes and dislikes; Initial test Topic: the Anglo-Saxon universe; travelling Vocabulary: language related to travelling and means of transport; language related to sightseeing. Structure: use of present tense, past tense and present perfect tense in context; question tags. Function: asking for/giving information

1.1,1.3,2.1, 3.1,4.1,4.2 3h S1-2

Iniial scris

exerciii cu alegere multipl; ntrebri/ rspunsuri; descrieri simple cu suport vizual; rspunsuri la ntrebri globale; exerciii cu alegere multipl; exerciii de repetare dup model; dialoguri, simulri.

Unit 1London At the Airport Around London The Tower of London London by Day and by 2 Night Round Up: A Day in London Culture and Civilization: Invaders; Heroes and Monsters

1.1 1.2 1.3 1.5 2.2 2.3 3.1 3.2 4.2



Oral frontal Scris

Topic: leisure activities, the Middle Ages Vocabulary: language related to Unit 2 - Hobbies hobbies, collections and Escape Routine collectors; homographs; Hooked on.... synonyms; derivation of Collection and Collectors adjectives (suffixes); idiomatic Round up: Treasured 3 expressions. Objects Structure: past perfect simple Culture and Civilization: and continuous; Life in the Middle Ages; hardly/scarcely...when; no People in the Middle Ages sooner...than. Function: expressing likes and dislikes; ordering; concluding; describing things. Unit 3 Music A Rock Concert Here Today Gone tomorrow The History of Rock Music The Roots of Modern 4 Music Round Up: Music MegaMix Culture and Civilization: The Elizabethan Age; Conflicting Passions 5 Unit 4 Food Waynes Half the Man Fit for Life Topic: cultural life, music, the Elizabethan Age Vocabulary: language of music and musical styles; slang vs. Standard English Structure: be going to...; will future; present continuous with a future meaning; future perfect; punctuation. Function: expressing likes/dislikes; giving/ understanding instructions; expressing personal points of view; expressing future events in different ways. Topic: health, culinary habits, William Shakespeare Vocabulary: language related to

1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.1 2.2 2.3 3.1 4.2 4.3



activiti de confirmare a Observare rspunsului corect; sistematic punerea de etichete la Proiect imagini; exerciii de combinare.

1.1 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.2 3.2 4.2 8h S10-13 Scris

completare de formular exerciii de redactare de paragrafe; redactarea de instruciuni simple;

1.1 1.2 1.3


S14-17 Oral

completare de formular exerciii de redactare

food, food precesses, diets, eating habits, food industry, idiomatic Its a Bargain expressions Picnic Feast Structure: nouns, the plural; the Round Up: Cookery Book possessive form; quantifiers; Culture and some/any/ no+compounds. Civilization:The Swan of Function: expressing likes and Avon; The Shakespearean dislikes; inquiring about peoples Sonnet tastes; offering, refusing; accepting; describing things (II); expressing surprise (excitement).

2.1 2.2 3.2 4.4

de paragrafe; Observare redactarea de sistematic instruciuni simple; exerciii de redactare de texte scurte dup idei principale;

1.1,1.3,2.1, 2.3,3.1,4.1 6 Revision Progress check Progress test 2h S18

rspunsuri la ntrebri globale; exerciii cu alegere Sumativ multipl; ntrebri/ rspunsuri; descrieri simple cu suport vizual;


7 Unit 5 Cinema Images Moving Images The Way to Stardom From Books to Films Round Up: The Cinema Studio Culture and Civilization:

Topic: cultural life, cinema, theatre Vocabulary: language related to photography and cinema; idiomatic expressions. Structure: modality: modal verbs and other means of expressing attitude.

1.1 1.2 1.3 2.3 3.1 4.2



rspunsuri la ntrebri Scris globale; Observare exerciii cu alegere sistematic multipl; ntrebri/ rspunsuri; descrieri simple cu suport vizual;

Loves not Times Fool; The Power of Words Unit 6 Fashion Passion for Fashion You Cant Judge a Book by its Covers 40 Years of High Fashion 8 Fashion Mosaic Round up: Fashion Magazine Culture and Civilization: The Power of Reason; The Private and the Public Unit 7: Books Books - The Great Teachers Books Passport with a Destination The Gutenberg Galaxy 9 Access to Books Round Up: The Book Exhibition Culture and Civilzation: The Peace Pipe; We the People 10 Unit 8: Sports Ready, Steady, Go! The Olympic Games If Only I Could! Challenges Round up: Its Up to You Culture and Civilization: Drawing-Room Satire

Function: formal and informal language. 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.3 3.2 4.2

Topic: fashion, fashion stars, short history of fashion Vocabulary: language related to clothes, the fashion trends Structure: adverbs, types of adverbs.
Function: paying compliments, giving advice, expressing preference, inquiring about preference.



Oral frontal Observare sistematic

Topic: reading, books, magazines, literature Vocabulary: language related to books and their parts, kinds of books, libraries, types of reading; idiomatic expressions Structure: adjectives: types of adjectives; degrees of comparison; -ish adjectives.
Function: expressing strong feelings and attitudes

1.1 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.3 3.1 4.3



Oral Proiect

activiti de confirmare a rspunsului corect; punerea de etichete la imagini; exerciii de combinare.

Topic: sports, health, games and contests Vocabulary: language related to sports; language related to chairing a debate; language related to parts of the body+idiomatic expressions. Structure: if clauses: as if, as

1.1 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.3 3.1 4.3




completare de formular exerciii de redactare de paragrafe; redactarea de instruciuni simple; exerciii de redactare de texte scurte dup

though; if only..., I wish...; adjectives+prepositions. Function: persuading; making excuses; expressing opinions; chairing a debate. Unit 1 London places to visit, group working, question asking // Unit 2 Hobbies criteria for describing things, // Unit 4 Food healthy eating, if clauses, individual work, suppositions about what to do to lose weight or to keep healthy and fit // Unit 5 Cinema story telling, using tenses, individual work, changing the tense of the story from Present to Past and the necessary changes // Unit 8 Sports the Subjunctive mood, sentences starting with I wish, If only, It is time, It is/was + adjective pattern, working on a particular situation

idei principale;





completare de formular exerciii de redactare Portofoliu de paragrafe; Sumativ dialoguri, simulri.