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1. Which of the following statements about microorganisms is not true? A B C D They are very tiny. They are non-living things. They cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some of them cause diseases.

2. Some bacteria are able to make their own food because A B C D they have chlorophyll. they are able to move. they cause things to rot. they are very small.

3. Which of the following conditions is not necessary for the growth of most of the microorganisms? A B Water Food C D Sunlight Temperature

4. The growth of microorganisms on food causes food to A B C D rot. taste better. become more nutritious. smell good.

5. Which of the following are characteristics of seeds and fruits which are dispersed by animals? i. ii. iii. A B C D Brightly coloured Sweet and edible Fleshy ii only i and iii only ii and iii only i, ii and iii






Which of the above organisms is a primary consumer? A B Algae Tadpole C D Fish Kingfisher

7. Producers are living things that A B C D make things rot. make their own food. feed on other living things. are able to reproduce.


Paddy plants




What would happen to the number of eagles if the number of grasshoppers drops drastically? A B C D Decreases Increases Remains unchanged Increases followed by decreases





Big fish

Small fish Which of the above organisms is a primary consumer as well as a secondary consumer? A B Tadpole Prawn C D Small fish Big fish

10. Fruits and seeds that are dispersed by water A B C D having wing-like structures. are light and spongy. are brightly coloured and sweet. are small and light.

11. Which of the following animals are omnivores? i. ii. A B Chicken Tiger i and ii only i and iii only iii. iv. C D Turtle Bear ii and iii only i and iv only

12. Survival means A B C D the ability to reproduce. facing extinction. the ability to continue living despite any difficulties or danger. the ability to fight.

13. Which of the following statements is not true? i. Non-living things do not require energy to do work. ii. Energy can be created but not destroyed. iii. Energy can be changed from one form to another. A B i and ii only i and iii only C D ii and iii only i, ii and iii

14. Which of the following is an example of non-renewable energy? A B Natural gas Biomass fuel C D Hydroelectric energy Solar energy

15. Which of the following statements is true regarding a parallel circuit? A B C D There is only one pathway in which current can flow in a parallel circuit. Identical bulbs connected in parallel do not light up with equal brightness. The batteries in a parallel circuit lose their energy very slowly. Bulbs which are connected in parallel can be switched off individually if the switches are placed correctly.

16. Table below shows the types of energy and a brief description of the energy. Type of energy J Brief description The energy is able to make objects become hot and increase in temperature. K The energy can be found in a drawn bow and also in a book on top of a shelf. L Which might J, K and L be? J A B C D Potential energy Heat energy Heat energy Chemical energy K Chemical energy Potential energy Nuclear energy Heat energy L Chemical energy Chemical energy Potential energy Potential energy Food, fuels and batteries are sources of this type of energy.

17. The formation of shadows is based on the fact that i. light travel in a straight line ii. light rays can be reflected iii. light rays can be blocked by opaque objects A B I and ii only I and iii only C D ii and iii only i, ii and iii

18. Light cannot pass through A B a glass black a mirror C D air water

19. During a laboratory experiment, a student was asked to measure the temperature of a beaker of hot water. Which of the following is a possible reading the student gave? A B 0 C 18 C C D 25 C 50 C

20. Which of the following affects the shape of a shadow formed? A B C D The position of the source of light The type of screen used The distance between the light source and the object The distance between the light source and the screen

21. What inference can be made regarding an object, if the object feels colder than it was a couple of minutes ago? A B C D The object had lost heat The object has gained heat The object is a living thing The object is a non-living thing

22. The following statements are safety precautions stated by some students. P Q R S : Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands : Do not insert objects into power sockets unless they are overloaded : Never repair electrical appliances alone unless your friends are around : Do not use electrical appliances with broken insulation unless it has a long power cord

Which of the safety precautions stated are incorrect? A B P and Q only Q and R only C D Q, R and S only P, Q, R and S

23. Which of the following could be caused by the mishandling of electrical appliances? i. Fires ii. Electric shocks iii. Burns iv. Floods A B i and ii only ii and iii only C D i, ii and iii only i, ii, iii and iv