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Starring: Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
THIs romantic comedy with the goodlook ing cast is arguably the most predictable big budget Bollywood release of the year. Luv (Ali Zafar) asks younger brother Khush (Imran Khan) to find him a wife after breaking up with his longterm girlfriend in London. Khush meets old (and wild) college acquaintence Dimple (Katrina Kaif) and de cides she is the right girl for his brother, but shortly after Luv agrees, Khush and Dimple find themselves being drawn to each other. A decent concept and a fantastic cast are totally wasted by an inexperienced director who rip off songs, sequences and characters from much better films. There is no drama, very few surprises and plenty of overacting in what turns out to be a onedimensional film. The only thing that saves it from being a total disaster are engaging protagonists and some moments that will put a smile on your face, though Katrina Kaif fans will love her hysterics and find plenty to enjoy.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

You talk about your simple side, but what has kept you so grounded? I dont know. I come from a family of actors who believe there is a lot more to life than your last release. Maybe its just the person I am and how I look at life. Its just a very personal perspec tive that everybody has. Having family there helps and parents who have done so well in this profes sions makes you understand that you are one of the many actors do ing great work out there. Why should we watch Mausam? I loves the magic of cinema. I love going into a theatre to see a story that might never happen to me or experience something that is larger than life, an experience that gives me hope. Today I think that love and relationships have become a lit tle jaded and people are afraid of falling in love uncondition ally or giving themselves to someone and believing that love will last. I want to find uncondi tional love and I think Mausam is about love like that. When I read the script it made me think that yes, a great love story in terms of the journey of these two characters who want to stay together regardless of circumstances, is beau tiful to see on the big screen. That is the magic of it. The attempt has been to do something like that and why I wanted to do it as an ac tor. I hope people see that when they see the film, and we have captu red that ba sic reason. Finally, arent you happy that I finished the interview without asking about your love life? (Laughs) I cant tell you how happy I am about that. Mausam will be out next Friday (23).

In the past month, a number of films that have been released in India have failed to make it into the cinemas in the UK. eastern eye decided to find out if any of the films will be worth watching when they come out on DVD or are screened on television.

That Girl In Yellow Boots

THe latest film from maverick director Anur ag Kashyap is another hardhitting drama more concerned with realism than mindless escapism. His (real life) talented actress wife Kalki Koech lin plays a woman, des perately searching for her father, who gets sucked into the seedy side of life in Mumbai. Although painfully slow at times, this thoughtprovoking film reels in the viewer and leads them towards a shocking ending. This westernstyle film is definitely one for those who dont like the mindless Bollywood releases and enjoy gritty arthouse cinema. so if you prefer films like Bodyguard and Singham, stay away from this.

Yeh Dooriyan

THe interesting concept of a divorced single mother falling in love with a younger man could have been a very good film. Unfortunate ly, the lowbudget drama doesnt reach its poten tial because the script and fractured directing dont quite match up to the subject. Instead of being a realistic drama about an issue that affects countless women, lead star and director Deepshikha tries to add too many elements of clichd Bolly wood romances. Also, the performances could have been better. Overall, this is an in teresting film that is worth a quick look if you stumble across it on television.

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