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Think Tank of Pakistan

Qumar Ali Abbasi Qumar Ali Abbasi is a Pakistani journalist and writer. Presently, he is writing daily and weekly columns in Urdu newspapers all over the world which can be accessed through most of the news papers and their web sites. Hasan Abidi Hasan Abidi was a noted Pakistani journalist, writer and a senior Urdu language poet. Ahfaz-ur-Rahman Ahfaz-ur-Rahman is a Pakistani writer and poet. He is also a well-known journalist who has always struggled for the freedom of the press and for the rights of working journalists and other media workers. Ahfaz-ur-Rahman has to his credit as many as 18 books and translations and is equally inspiring for his struggle for press freedom and implementation of Wage Board Award He also writes a weekly column that appears on Sundays in Daily Express, titled "Black and White" (Syaah o Safaid). Ahmed Tamjid Aijazi Ahmed Tamjid Aijazi is a Pakistani journalist and political analyst based in Dubai. He is the Editor of The Eastern Tribune and executive director ofILIM TV, a Dubai based Pakistani TV Channel. He has worked with AAJ TV and Roshni TV as News Producer. He writes occasionally for Spider ofDAWN Group, CIO Pakistan and Weekly Friday Special, Karachi. Akhtar Jamal Akhtar Jamal is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pakistan Press Agency (PPA) & Tele Visual Infolink. He is also a Special Correspondent of Bridges TV, USA and Channel News Asia (CNA-Singapore).Akhtar Jamal also writes exclusively on regional affairs for Pakistan Observer. Mr. Jamal also edits the weekly publication of Pakistan Observer's "Economy Watch". Ayaz Amir Ayaz Amir is a renowned Pakistani journalist, and is a newly elected Member of National Assembly in Pakistan's Parliament. He is most famous for his columns in the newspaper Dawn. He is also known as a politician. His columns are critical of the Pakistan Army's role in politics throughout the history of the country. He is considered to be liberal, arguing passionately the case for rule of law, democracy, and an end to failed military rule along with extremist versions of Islam. Siddiq Baloch Siddiq Balouch is a Pakistani English-language journalist, and senior political economist. He is presently Editor-in-chief of the English daily Balochistan Express (Quetta), The Guardian (Karachi) an Urdu daily Azadi, and the English Weekly Express,

(Quetta). He also regularly contributes columns to Dawn, and is an authority on Balochistans social, political and economic matters.

Bina Shah Bina Shah is a Pakistani journalist and writer, living in Karachi. She was editor of the country's Internet magazine, SPIDER. She has worked as a journalist and is well known for her writing on the South Asian Web site Chowk." Shah also contributes op-ed pieces for the Dawn Group of Newspapers, and features and book reviews for The Friday Times. Javed Chaudhary Javed Chaudhary is a Pakistani journalist and column writer. All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) declared him the Best Columnist of 1997 and 1998. In 1998, the Government of Pakistan honored him with an Excellency Award for his outstanding performance in the national journalism. In 2006, he joined the newspaper, Daily Express, and since then he has been a prime member of its team of columnists. He regularly contributes through his column Zero Point. Ammar Chaudhry Ammar Chaudhry is a columnist for Pakistan's newspaper Daily Express since August 2008. Mostly he writes on human, social and political issues. Ardeshir Cowasjee Ardeshir Cowasjee is a renowned newspaper columnist from Karachi, Sindh in Pakistan. His columns regularly appear in the country's oldest English newspaper Dawn. His work is translated and published in Urdu press.

Jan Dashti Waja Jan Muhammad Dashti is a Balouch poet and author, hailing from Pakistan. Often known as just Jan Dashti, he is a senior bureaucrat serving as Balouchistan's Provincial Secretary Mines and Minerals. Dashti's journalistic career began in 1974, when he joined Pakistans Press and Information Department (PID). Between 1978-79, he wrote for the Weekly Viewpoint under the pen-name of Sahak Baloch, mostly contributing Balouchistan-related articles. He has also greatly contributed to the Balouchi language under the pen-name of 'Shay Ragam'. Eqbal Ahmad Eqbal Ahmad was a Pakistani writer, journalist, and anti-war activist. He was strongly critical of the Middle East strategy of the United States as well as what he saw as the "twin curse" of nationalism and religious fanaticism in such countries as Pakistan.

Farman Ali Farman Ali is a senior journalist and political worker. He lives in Islamabad, working as the Edition-in-Charge/news editor of Islamabad Metropolitan of Dawn, the most prestigious English language daily newspaper of Pakistan. Despite working with the major English language newspapers in Karachi, he also contributed a lions share in the Urdu language magazines: Tullo-e-Karakorum, Yull, Shaoor, Naya Samaj and Peace & Justice. Kanwal Feroze Kanwal Feroze is a Pakistani scholar, poet, writer and journalist. He is the Chief Editor of the monthly Urdu language journal Shadaab. In February 2005 he was honoured by the Pakistan Academy of Letters. In 2009 he was awarded the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (President's Medal of Excellence) in Literature by the Government of Pakistan. Ilyas Gadit Ilyas Gadit is the popular name in Gujrati circles of Pakistan, especially Karachi. He has been associated with Gujrati Journalism for over four decades and has been the editor of Gujrati evening paper "Watan" for almost a decade. He has written many travel stories and translated many stories from English and Urdu to Gujrati. He is also the newscaster in Gujrati for Radio Pakistan. He is the editor of Gujrati evening paper Watan' and a noted writer and translator. Abdus Sattar Ghazali Abdus Sattar Ghazali is a veteran journalist and writer who lives in Modesto, California. Currently Mr. Ghazali is working as a freelance journalist. He has an online magazine, American Muslim Perspective, which he started in 2003. Mohammed Hanif Mohammed Hanif is a Pakistani writer and journalist. His first novel A Case of Exploding Mangoes (2008) was shortlisted for the 2008 Guardian First Book Award. It has been also shortlisted for 2009 Commonwealth Writers' Prize in the Best First Book category as a winner from Europe and South Asia region.

Hussain Mansoor Hussain Mansoor, alias Hussain Bux, is generally known as Hussain Mansoor. He is the Editor of Taleem Namah, a magazine which focuses on educational issues. He is also a regular contributor to Sindhi news Journal AFFAIR Magazine on political, Geo-political, strategic, regional and international social issues.

Syed Talat Hussain Syed Talat Hussain is the executive director of AAJ Television and hosts the famous show Live with Talat. He writes for Newsline, Daily Dawn, Time Magazine, Daily Times

(Pakistan), Daily Express and occasionally contributes to India Today.

Irfan Husain Irfan Husain has been writing in the Pakistani press for over 30 years. He has been widely published in almost every major newspaper in Pakistan and currently he writes weekly columns for Dawn, the Daily Times, and the Khaleej Times. Orya Maqbool Jan Orya Maqbool Jan is a renowned columnist, poet and CSS officer from Pakistan, who writes Urdu columns for Daily Express, Pakistan. He has received numerous national awards, including the best Urdu columnist in 2004. Khaled Ahmed Khaled Ahmed is an editor of Pakistan's weekly newspaper The Friday Times, and also writes for The Daily Times, both published in Lahore. Zarar Khan Zarar Khan is a Pakistani journalist, famous for his investigative reporting and analysis. He started his career as a journalist from Urdu Daily but soon joined international journalism and started writing in English. He worked in various reputable publication cum news groups in Pakistan. He is currently affiliated with the Associated Press. Aijaz Ahmad Mangi Aijaz Ahmad Mangi in Shikarpur, Sindh is a writer and journalist. He is a writer at the Daily Ummat, an Urdu-language newspaper. Majid Nizami An editor, columnist Majid Nizami is the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Nawa-i-Waqt Group of Publications in Pakistan. Mr. Majid Nizami's name is one that needs no introduction. One of the most powerful figures in Pakistani media and an eminent and principled journalist, his 46 years in the print (and now electronic) media have been the most influential of any of his peers. He has received the Sitara-i-Pakistan, Sitara-iImtiaz and the single greatest honour that can be awarded, the Nishan-i-Imtiaz. Javed Malik Javed Malik is a Noted Media Personality and a Corporate Lawyer based in London and Dubai. Javed Malik is a prominent Television Anchor and Political Analyst. He is known for his Political Talk show called INSIGHT with Javed Malik, which broadcasts on Pakistan's Premier Satellite channel ARY NEWS. He also appears on international channels such as Al Jazeera, BBC and SKY, and writes for International newspapers such as Khaleej Times (in UAE), and ""The News"" (of The Jang Group in Pakistan)

Shahid Masood Khan Shahid Masood Khan commonly known as Shahid Masood is one of the most famous Pakistani journalist, columnist, TV show host and a political analyst. He is the anchor of the most popular show "Meray Mutabiq" on Geo TV. Shireen M. Mazari Shireen M. Mazari is a Pakistani academic, defence analyst, journalist and politician. She is currently working as the editor of the daily The Nation newspaper and as the Spokes person on Foreign Affairs of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party. She has also served as the Director General of The Institute of Strategic Studies, a thinktank based in Islamabad and was until recently a regular columnist at the daily The News International. Hamid Mir Hamid is a Pakistani journalist and editor. He is news anchor, terrorism expert, and security analyst who regularly participates in international conferences. He is also known for his columns in Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, and English newspapers and hosts a popular political talk show on Geo TV with the name of Capital Talk. Jugnu Mohsin Jugnu Mohsin is a Pakistani publisher and editor of the Lahore-based The Friday Times, Pakistan's first English-language independent newsweekly.Jugnus witty satirical pieces appear at the back page of The Friday Times in the form of spoofs of incumbent administration and opposition. Her current spoof columns "Ittefaq Nama" and "Mush and Bush" poke fun at ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Presidents George W. Bush and Pervez Musharraf. Jugnu will be soon publishing a collection of the profiles of Pakistani luminaries that she wrote for The Friday Times features section in a book. Muhammad Izhar ul Haq Muhammad Izhar ul Haq is a well-known columnist and a renowned poet of Urdu language. He has four books of poetry to his credit. Izhar also writes columns in the leading Urdu newspapers of Pakistan. He has been a regular columnist in Daily Pakistan, Jang, Daily Jinnah and presently in Nawaiwaqt, and The Nation. Mujahid Barelvi Mujahid Barelvi is a veteran journalist from Pakistan. He has a current, daily evening show Doosra Pehlu for CNBC Pakistan. He is responsible for several prolific articles for political journals and newspapers and has authored six books on Afghanistan and Baluchistan. Mumtaz Hamid Rao Mumtaz Hamid Rao is a senior Pakistani electronic media journalist and analyst. In 2001, Rao launched Pakistan's first complete daily online newspaper, Pakistan Times, of which he remains as editor-in-chief. In February 2007 Pakistan's first independent

satellite channel and premiereprivate television network, 'Indus TV' which operates four channels round the clock 'Indus Vision', 'Indus Music', 'Indus News' and 'Channel G' appointed noted TV and Broadcast media journalist Mumtaz Hamid Rao as its Special Correspondent in the UK.

Muneeza Shamsie Muneeza Shamsie is a Pakistani writer, critic and freelance journalist. Shamsie lives in Karachi and regularly contributes to the Dawn newspaper, News line and She magazines on literary affairs. She also writes for the Journal of Commonwealth Literature and The Literary Encyclopedia. Her writing covers diverse topics, from archaeology to feminism, but literature has always been her main interest. Nazeer Naji Naji is a senior columnist in Pakistan's Urdu press. He frequently writes in the country's largest newspaper, Daily Jang. Farooq Paracha Nadeem Farooq is a Pakistani journalist, cultural critic, satirist and short story writer. He also writes as Nadeem F. Paracha or simply as NFP."He is the father of famous Pakistani columnist and cultural critic. Yasir Pirzada Yasir Pirzada is among the emerging crop of Pakistani columnists who have built a wide readership over a very short period of time. His weekly column "Zara Hat Kay" in Jang, Pakistans most widely circulated Urdu daily; and his fortnightly column with the name "Off the beaten track" in The News, a leading English daily, addresses issues of an ordinary citizen in a unique humorous style which is original and quite distinctive. Farrukh Khan Pitafi He is a renowned Pakistani English columnist, talkshow host and blogger who has written regular columns for almost all Pakistani English dailies for last ten years. Sadia Qureshi She is a young Pakistani poetess, short story writer and columnist. She has been writing columns in Jang, a leading Urdu daily of Pakistan since 2007. Sadias weekly column in Jang is published with the name of Poori Gwahi in which she often illustrates degeneration of society and its values in her own characteristic style. Raja Anwar Raja Anwar writes for various progressive Urdu newspapers and has written a total of seven books in Urdu and English.

Arman Sabir Arman Sabir is an investigative Pakistani journalist associated with the BBC Urdu Service, based in Karachi. He was earlier affiliated with the widely circulated English language daily newspaper Dawn in Pakistan He has written various investigative articles on criminal justice system in Pakistan. He also writes on the issues of national identity cards, transport, and law enforcement agencies. Ghazi Salahuddin Ghazi Salahuddin is an intellectual, English writer, Columnist and media expert from Pakistan. He teamed up with Obaidullah Baig and won renown for the famous Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) quiz show of the 1990s, Kasouti, He is also an anchorman of Program "Kitaab" on Geo TV. Reba Shahid Reba Shahid is an information and communication technology (ICT)-focused journalist from Pakistan. She is the Editor of the Spider (computer magazine) (a publication of the Dawn Group of Newspapers) and writes a fortnightly column on Information Technology for the BBC website in Urdu named Reba Ki Diary. Mohammad Shehzad Mohammad Shehzad is a Pakistan based freelance journalist and poet. According to the Sikh spectrum, he writes for some Pakistani and foreign publications. Shehzad has written on a range of socio-political, environment and development issues. He has published a number of analytical articles. Ayesha Siddiqa Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa is journalist from Pakistan. She is also a regular op-ed contributor to Dawn, and before that to Daily Times. Her articles appear every Friday. Zahida Hina Zahida Hina is a noted Urdu columnist, essayist, short story writer, novelist and dramatist from Pakistan. Fasi Zaka Fasi Zaka is a television host, satirist, political columnist, radio talk show host, music critic, academic and Rhodes Scholar in Pakistan. He was declared one of Pakistan's newsmakers of the year in 2006. Fasi Zaka also occasionally comments on the Pakistani media and politics to National Public Radio (NPR).

Hassan Nisar Hassan Nisar is a Pakistani Journalist and a renowned columnist, well known for his outspoken views. He is well-known member of Geo Television.He hosts a regular talk show on Geo Television, with the name "Choraha". The idea of this program originated from Mr. Hassan Nisars column "Choraha". This program is a representation of Lahori culture where men of a mohalla get together in the evening, sit on a Choraha and discuss issues which are prevalent to their interests