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Thoughts Are Things

You Are What You Think

Note To Reader: As you carefully read and study this book, you will undoubtedly come to appreciate the universality of Mr. Parkers mind and recognize the universal truths revealed through his writings. Use the newfound knowledge to develop your universal potential and come to enjoy the beauties found in establishing individuality of mind and universality of purpose. Alfred J. Parker Founder 1897-1964 During Mr. Parkers lifetime the reference to man and mankind had a universal meaning that included both sexes. Today there is much greater emphasis on identifying the separate sexes in order to make clear their equality. Rather than alter the original writings by changing all such references to humans and humankind, interpret these references as universal terms that include both sexes on an equal basis. Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd. 5912 Oak Street Vancouver BC, Canada, V6M 2W2 Telephone: 604-263-9551 Web: www.kabalarians.com
1960 Alfred J. Parker All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole, in part, or in any form. Printed in Canada ISBM 0-919262-10-4

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

Thoughts Are Things

Table of Contents
Prologue .....................................................................................1
Thoughts are Things .....................................................................2

Mind Know Thyself...................................................................2 Individual Concept.....................................................................3 Regeneration or Degeneration ...................................................3 Planes of Mind ...........................................................................4 Mind, the Sum Total of One's Life ............................................4 Happiness Lies in One's Own Thinking ....................................5 Thought and Emotional Reactions.............................................5 Mind and its Ramifications........................................................6 Universality of Mind and Thought ............................................7 Two Deadly Forces of Confusion ..............................................8 Each Mind, a Specific Vibration...............................................8 Lack of Wisdom.........................................................................9 What is Thought?.......................................................................9 Mental and Emotional Confusion ............................................10 As a Man Thinketh...................................................................11 Mental Suicide .........................................................................11 Exact Counterpart ....................................................................12 Success is a Plane of Mind.......................................................13 Set a Standard ..........................................................................14 Success, a Natural Objective....................................................14 Power of Thought ....................................................................15 Study Your Intent.....................................................................15 The State of Human Mind........................................................16 Poisonous Thoughts .................................................................17 Lack of Confidence..................................................................18 Turn Away from Mass-Indulgence..........................................19 Millions of Minds are as One...................................................20 Clouds of Illusion.....................................................................21 Thinking is Your Protection.....................................................21 Phenomenon of Growth ...........................................................22 Control Emotional Power ........................................................23 Discipline for Happiness..........................................................23 Millions of Dollars for Ignorance ............................................24 Day and Night ..........................................................................25 Pull of Mass-Mindedness.........................................................26 Individuality, a Plane of Thinking ...........................................27 Self is Reflective ......................................................................27

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

Individual Paths to Universal concept .....................................28 Did Evil Come From Good? ....................................................30 The Screen Called Life ............................................................31 Outer Path ................................................................................31 First Works First ......................................................................32 Take Your Thinking Seriously.................................................33
The Power of Thought.................................................................36

Greatest Living Power .............................................................36 Practicality, the Art of Reality .................................................36 Power Behind Thought ............................................................37 Positive Thinking .....................................................................38 Mind and Brain ........................................................................38 A Fragmentary Part of the Whole............................................39 How Can One Briefly, Yet Tangibly, Describe Mind? ...........39 Universal Consciousness, the Spiritual Aspect........................40 Human Mind, Imprisoned in Unreality....................................40 Life of Living Symbols............................................................41 Releasing the Bonds of Earthly Existence ...............................41 Power of Mind .........................................................................42 The Power and Influence of Thought ......................................44

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

Thoughts are Things Prologue

Thoughts Are Things is a book intended to define the true meaning of the Power of the Word in its relationship to thought. Little or nothing is known about human mind, or where thought originates, or the actual power that lies in mind and thought. The only channel of conscious intelligence upon this earth is used too loosely, even in the matter of education. The world has sadly lacked a basic principle concerning mind, thought, and its reality in speech. We are told that: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (St. John 1:1) This should be easily understood, as the Scripture is full of the expression and God said thus proving that the greatest part of God is what God said. Originally, it was not intended to convey that God was a personal being who made personal utterances, although this idea was accepted into the Scripture. Nevertheless, what is said or any form of conscious expression can be brought down to reality only through the Power of the Word, through the alphabet and its component part, punctuation-the latter giving the inflection or the music and feeling to the thought, thus conscious expression. The lack of inflection and feeling in our present-day speech is robbing our language of much of its intelligence as the human race sinks into a speech of feelingless monotone. Is it to be wondered that present-day intelligence is falling into a state of mental inertia? When speech has lost its conscious expressed intelligence, the door to mental and spiritual progress is truly closed tight, and animal emotion will kill out all refinement, culture, and mental balance. Proper speech based upon proper articulation, punctuation, inflection, and emotional expression should be the basis of our educational system. If thoughts are things, they should be living conscious things that contain the universal feeling and message of the God Consciousness: the very quality and intelligent power of our being. For too long the Power of the Word, the only channel of divine expression, has been relegated to mediocrity through uncontrolled emotion and passion because the lack of understanding of the relativity of Universal Consciousness to the reality of being has produced a deadly monotony in human speech, and cultured and refined expression has been relegated to the limbo of the lost. Sincerely, Yours In Service. Alfred J. Parker

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

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Thoughts are Things

Over the ages humanity has wondered about and pondered over the complexities of life, but so far we have not seemed to make much progress for the simple reason that we know nothing about that through which we ponder, mind. Every musician knows that artistry depends entirely upon knowledge of the instrument and the ability completely to master it.

Mind Know Thyself

Many are the sayings, such as: Man know thyself, As a man thinketh, so is he. Man is the eyes, ears, and mouthpiece of God. The kingdom of heaven lies within. Man is the master of his own destiny. Thoughts are things. and Thoughts have wings. etc., all tending to appreciate the value and power of human mind without a reasonable explanation as to what is mind? how is it created? how does it function? and, how does it receive its individual quality that defines personality? These are the unanswered questions that point the way to human delinquency. The trouble with our age is the lack of knowledge of and respect for life itself, and that our present civilization has no basic and tangible spiritual laws that could allow establishing of a definite spiritual objective or ideal. The world has not an ideal beyond financial profit and human supremacy over humanity. We are taught to deify science instead of spiritual wisdom; thus have our younger generation been weaned away from the desire to seek the best in life or to understand the power that makes them what they are: mind. It might be said that life is the concept of mind; thus, As a man thinketh, so is he. We should be more concerned with the verbal expression of mind through thought. We are too prone to think only of what we feel; thus must human thoughts have their very birth and being in emotion. Mind can be classified in planes or gradations of intelligence, each plane having the positive and negative aspect and its overall blueprint. For instance, a person may be living in a very emotional and negative plane of mind, yet there are different degrees of emotion; it might be that of greed, lust, dishonesty, sex, jealousy, antagonism and ego, or over-indulgence--each having its own distinct personality and expressions of thought. All are negative, for only wisdom is positive. Each plane of mind is an individual world of thought in itself, like a frequency on a radio dial that tunes into its own source of broadcast.

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

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Individual Concept
Ones name gives an individual plane of thought which must be retained at all cost, provided that the name is balanced. One should never invade another person's plane of thinking especially where the objective is a destructive one, to undermine another person's thinking and peace of mind. The world has a major mental disease now called Dissociative Identify Disease, which represents a dual or triple personality involved through the one brain. In the course of conversation, one merges thoughts and ideas into anothers plane of mind to pick up the other persons thoughts; yet, the individual's concept usually remains individual, for rarely do two people think completely alike, even upon the same subject. Each individual mathematical formula contains its concept and vision, and although we are capable of seeing and discussing a subject with another mind, the quality or degree of concept may differ very radically, even though we may agree upon the ultimate objective. It might be illustrated as sieving a liquid through a screen: the quality of the liquid would depend upon the size, or the mesh, of the screen. Basically, it would be the same in its ingredients, but not in its density and aspect. We all look at a subject through a slightly different aspect or concept, although we agree with the intent or the context of the subject. Without this merging there would be a complete disagreement in many cases and no understanding of the other person's thinking. Thus we all retain our individual concept and endeavour to reshuffle the other person's thoughts to conform with our individual concept. In this way do theories or principles degenerate through dilution of ideas and facts through difference of concept. Individually we may build completely different mental pictures from the pure facts. Some people are so negative in their thinking that they cannot enter into the orbit of another's thinking and retain their individuality. They are swayed by the other person's thinking and their minds become confused. These people are usually victims of association. Where there is no balance in name there is no individuality in thinking, the same as when notes in a chord of music are not relative, a discord ensues, which is confusion in sound. This is the reason of massmindedness of humanity, mental confusion, or humanity without a mental and spiritual objective.

Regeneration or Degeneration
We must not discount the necessity of mental growth, even though we seek to retain individuality of thinking. The law of life, which is growth, insists that life cannot stand still; mind grows in concept only as it retains its desire to broaden and deepen in wisdom, as it seeks to understand its own existence and the law governing its being. There are only two paths in nature, regeneration or degeneration; nothing
Thoughts Are Things Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd. Page 3

stands still. Each mind is a mathematical formula that contains within it a life pattern from the least to the greatest thought and experience. These divine powers flow through the individual mind in a particular chord or plane of mind to conform to mathematical pattern and individuality as of the name. Every individual has a particular plane of mind or degree of intelligence. If one's mind becomes confused, then it is unable to retain its individuality of thinking, degenerates into a lower plane of mind, and becomes perplexed with both; thus a dual or triple personality is engendered through a negative plane of thinking. Mental growth into a higher plane of thinking is always justified because it is an acquisition of growth and expansion of concept. It could be termed an inclusion of one plane with another. I have observed that at times two people in the same plane of mind use the same terms, words, or expressions, when under similar circumstances. If the mind degenerates to a lower plane of thinking; i.e., a more emotional, negative state of mind, one automatically becomes a dual personality, or obsessed, and loses individuality of thought.

Planes of Mind
My previous reference to planes of mind calls for an explanation, as it may be a new and different concept from that with which you are familiar. In my studentship I endeavoured to form a logical blueprint or pattern of thinking whereby I could see and define the process of thought, knowing full well the many and varied qualities of thinking. To one not too well acquainted with the subject of mind, it is advisable to create a simple mental picture of the gradations of mind as related to a scale--or to an elevator rising or descending, the floors of the building representing the different degrees or planes of mind as passed by the elevator. One's quality of thinking should be based upon pure logic and reason, for this is the differentiation between degrees or quality of thought and creates a definite pattern of thinking that engenders a clear concept upon any plane of thought.

Mind, the Sum Total of One's Life

The subject of thought is a complete mystery to the average mind, as little is taught or discussed concerning it; it is usually taken for granted and left at that. One of the major tragedies of life is mental interference, a prelude to insanity; it is nothing more than confused thinking, with loss of individuality. The more one studies mind and thought, the more one realizes the vital necessity of clear thinking. Everyone has problems in one form or another, and many and varied are the solutions offered as a panacea; yet none go to the root of all problems: the mind. How many advanced scientific minds could logically describe the origin and creation of the many degrees of
Thoughts Are Things Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd. Page 4

human mind, even the vast difference and quality of mind as represented in the children of one large family? No two children are alike. The different qualities or planes of mind of the children each attract their own experiences, state of health, personality, association, success, or otherwise; and it is to be noted that no two children in any family attract the same association or playmates, thus proving the complete individuality of mind on any plane of thought. It causes one to wonder how humanity ever merges these individual minds, even to the point of a common understanding upon any subject; no wonder happiness in marriage is so difficult and rare. So few people think seriously upon life to the point where they begin to realize the underlying cause of all problems and realize that mind is everything, the cause and concept of the sum total of one's life. People do things with but very little thought and consideration, even in the most vital things affecting their lives. Average people do not consider life seriously until they find their life span seriously curtailed, and then they are concerned as to what will happen after death.

Happiness Lies in One's Own Thinking

How strange it is that two people will rush into the state of marriage for the happiness that they never find, only because they expect the other person to provide it. Happiness lies in one's own thinking. A man sees his sweetheart as an angel or the acme of perfection, and then after a year or so of self-satisfaction and there are no longer any new thoughts or desires and life becomes routine, innumerable obstacles arise from nowhere and the worst in each person comes to the surface. It is the same old problem that is paramount in all human affairs: Lack of proper objective and no ideals. Marriage cannot be based upon physical and mental satisfaction where mind has been centred only upon self. Anything physical or emotional is only temporal and subject only to ones capacity to enjoy; for instance, one can eat only until satisfied and then food loses its flavour and appeal. All things, marriage definitely included, must have a specific objective in the same degree that a child studies and works for a final graduation, which is a plane of thinking and completion. Personal effort and constructive thinking alone will guarantee happiness, provided the objective is happiness and service.

Thought and Emotional Reactions

It is an interesting study regarding the varying shade of expression of the mind, the difference between the varying shades of emotion, the two basic and direct opposites: happiness and sadness, and the minor degrees of emotion. Also the difference between laughing and crying: they represent the emotional reaction to two directly opposite planes of thinking; and yet, there are instances where a person has laughed and
Thoughts Are Things Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd. Page 5

cried simultaneously. This is often termed hysterics, which is not usually the emanation of one individual mind but the proof of Dissociative Identity Disorder or the duality of mind. The type of thinking and its emotional reactions can be accurately gauged and defined with mathematical certainty, even at the birth and naming of a baby. Thus can a child be created as a happy or a crying baby--the qualities of which will affect the complete life of the individual. This theory opens up a vast channel or mental perspective of life in its entirety. Many theories and philosophies have been created to define life, its natural laws, time, space, and human complexities; yet each seems to lose sight of the potential universality and limitlessness of human mind, and as the old adage says, "One cannot see the forest for the trees." We become lost in the individual complexities of life, and thus lose sight of the basis of life: perspective, analysis, and concept--all expressions of human mind. Even in the matter of disease and sickness science loses sight of the basic reason of being: mind and its varied expressions of emotion. Instead of finding and establishing the basic reason and cause of sickness and disease, it becomes lost in the many forms or expressions of sickness to which it attaches individual names; and then proceeds to become lost in each individually named sickness and to follow individual paths to the cure of such, all of which it fails to do because it loses sight of the overall cause. Today, we are asked to contribute money for research into each individual form of sickness--to which there is no end. They symbolize the many little streams from the one lake, each leading into a different territory.

Mind and its Ramifications

When humanity learns of the origin and creation of human mind, the complexities and confusion of human mind will be definitely reduced by establishing a basic cause to all things in life. Thus it would be like a diamond expert who will not only note the perfectness and clarity of a diamond, its cutting, and proportion, but will clearly note its refraction of light and colour, and will be fully aware that the gem's purity will be expressed in the colour pattern, such as the bluewhite colour of the perfect stone, and the off-shades of the inferior quality whereby too much yellow or brown is apparent in the colour pattern. So in sickness and disease, the basis is the quality and balance of mind which manifests the varying shades of human expression such as laughter, happiness, and the inferior expressions of sadness, fear, depression, jealousy, hate, lust, and greed, each having its individual shades of emotional expression which, in turn, affect the physical body constructively or otherwise, thereby representing the inferior minds expressing relative shades of thought and emotion into the many degrees of sickness. When the human mind loses its individuality to

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

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mass-mindedness, when humanity is too standardized in its education, then epidemics ensue as a result of mass thinking. Mind and all its ramifications is a wonderful and educational subject and should have priority over other subjects in our educational system, provided, of course, that our educational system knows something about the pattern of human mind. I do not mean the psychiatric theory of merely tabulating human weaknesses and inhibitions--and letting it go at that--or attempting to rectify conditions by trying to place square pegs in round holes, or building patterns and diagrams, etc. One cannot cure effect through effect; one must know and understand the cause. It might be expressed that happiness, success, self-expression, and all the many attributes and characteristics of personality and intelligence are built-in commodities, as it were, not born into the physical body but mentally-created shades of expression of the mind, consciously created by the parents through the Power of the Word.

Universality of Mind and Thought

We have all heard the remark that everything is mind, meaning that everything we taste, touch, smell, see, or hear is subject to concept or the ability properly to define it in its completeness. For instance, a discussion may ensue among a group of people and many and varied are the concepts; perhaps, only one person sees the whole truth or the complete subject. This would seem to prove that the degree of concept is subject to one's ability to absorb, to weigh, and to analyze the subject matter, plus the relationship between the nature of the subject and the mathematical formula of the person's name. One's name does measure the depth of one's intelligence and its nature. A great deal of thought and discussion have taken place concerning planes of mind, showing how they may be divided into individual categories, and how different types of minds think within certain limitations, such as the limitations of mathematical, scientific, and inspirational subjects. We know the gap that lies between different types of minds and how foreign to each are certain subjects. We know that certain types of minds seem almost to use the same type of expression, similes, and words, sometimes identical phrases. This should bear out the universality of mind and thought. Universal mind or the reason of being is a direct part of being, perhaps better expressed as the motivating part of life, the completeness of conscious or universal mind which is translated by each individual person according to the individuals plane of mind, which is arrived at through a mathematical formula or the relationship between mathematics and the alphabet, and the quality and quantity of language and mathematics.

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

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Two Deadly Forces of Confusion

We see cases of mental confusion where a person may express a dual nature: two entirely opposite types of intelligence. This would seem completely opposed to the theory that the nature of the name determines the type of mind. There is a proper explanation; i.e., if we lived only in balanced thought relative to our plane of mind we would remain individual, but we live primarily in our emotions, which are relative only to physical desires and mass-mindedness, in such social customs as smoking and drinking: standardized customs that even destroy individuality of thinking. Two people may differ completely mentally, yet agree completely in smoking, drinking, partying, etc. As the emotions and primitive urges are the strongest because they do not require specific education or self-sacrifice, we set aside our only protection from outside thought by destroying our mental individuality. On the other hand, the confusion of mind, spoken of in Genesis as the confusion of tongues, is as powerful as the lack of mathematical balance of the name; i.e., there are two deadly forces of confusion. With humanity living in emotional confusion there can be no mental progress made; thus each generation suffers through the ignorance of the last, and the disembodied mental realm becomes a greater menace.

Each Mind, a Specific Vibration

Yes! There is a disembodied mental realm, spoken of in some religions as purgatory, where mortal mind--which now is only a living record of past physical existence--finds itself as incomplete, lacking a physical brain through which to manifest. Once a record of human life is created through thoughts, acts, association, analysis, and experiences, it represents an akashic or abstract record manifesting in the mental realm within a certain scope, relative to the degree of intelligence of the one-time mortal mind. This is not an active, individual mind capable of mental progress because the thread of life between the one-time physical body, the mind, and the Spiritual Consciousness is broken, leaving only the life record of the mortal mind in evidence as mute evidence as a once-active mind. Each mind represents a specific vibration travelling within its own orbit, yet as a telegraph cable is capable of transmission of a hundred or more specific messages each transmitted through the cable at one time, thus showing how vibrations may travel through the same channel at the same time without confusion because of the individuality of each message, each travelling at its own specific and individual vibration. Thus is the mental realm a complexity of human mental records, yet each mind maintaining a certain vibration which is its plane of mind or thinking. The completeness of individuality, or the clarity of the mind or mental record, depends upon the balance of the mind. This is
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exemplified by radio, where each station transmits at its assigned frequency. A radio receiver can be tuned to the specific frequency of each broadcasting station without picking up interference. Human minds that are not completely individual are termed dissociative or experiencing multiple personalities because they are dual, triple, or even more complex, and subject to interference from outside or other human thoughts besides their own.

Lack of Wisdom
It seems that all existence for eternity is the sum total of human mental expression catalogued and translated as the sum total of human progress through the ages, each age being different, yet containing the same basic fundamentals of human existence and mental expression; thus is each age different in concept yet basic in its fundamentals. To understand the mental problems of the age, one must understand the instrument which spawned them: the human mind; and must understand the difference between the disembodied and embodied mind. The embodied mind is subject to growth, change, and moulding, while the disembodied mind is disembodied through death and remains only as a record of past efforts. These records or thoughts are capable of being picked up or contacted by living human minds who have not complete balance and individuality; this capability is only the nature of the living or embodied mind whose progress is not limited like the disembodied mind, but is unlimited in the growth of concept when the key of balance has been discovered and practised. The lack of wisdom in respect to the mind is the cause of human degeneration and the major health and moral problems of today. Each generation of mind suffers through trial and error, but never seems to learn anything about its own creative ability, i.e., except science, and thus becomes mass-minded, each containing the sins of the fathers or the previous generation--but no spiritual ideals or perspective.

What is Thought?
We know that a persons mind should grow day by day just as does a plant, but then a plant grows naturally through a natural law. It has no choice. We have the choice but not the wisdom; yet we are subject to our own emotions and desires, plus the lack of constructive data concerning mind and its influence. Humanity has so lived in mental inertia not caring about spiritual duty nor the relationship to life and to mental and spiritual progress not understanding the individual process of thinking nor controlling thoughts. The average person does not know that when one sends out a thought toward another person that thought carries ones own signature; also, when a thought is sent out under the stimulus of emotion that the power is more deadly and will reach its objective
Thoughts Are Things Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd. Page 9

engulfing both parties in destructive circumstances unless the wouldbe recipient is protected mentally by constructive thinking and a spiritual power. It is then that the thought rebounds upon the one who sent it, who then receives just desserts in sickness and in suffering. What is thought but mental expression from one mind to another? What is thought but an abstract force or power working through language, through human brain cells? It is indestructible and cannot be retrieved after release. Each type of thought reaches its objective: the higher or lower side of human nature; and, having come from or through a human mind, it carries the personality of the sender or a complete facsimile of the state of mind of the sender and the type of thought. This is why we must learn individuality of thought for selfprotection. When we realize the potency of thought, we will be able to recognize thoughts and take steps to create a defence against them. Every thought carries its feeling and is felt first through the emotions; this fact is the real reason why our health and state of mind may be so seriously injured by forces of evil that are not perceived through the intellect, and only when the subject has suffered to a recognizable degree and seeks to know the cause does the individual realize the destructive effect that is destroying mental balance.

Mental and Emotional Confusion

When will people learn to guard their thoughts and their speech, realizing full well the power of thought as related to the law of action and reaction? When mind dwells in lust, it is completely subject to all planes of thought which are relative and soon becomes obsessed with craving, disembodied, degenerate minds and the individual mind has not the power to dictate. The destructive mental power acts as a medium between two people. Therefore, when thoughts descend to obscene planes one is bound to receive a visitor from anther person so obsessed in the same plane of thought. When one's mind has become balanced and wise, thoughts are controlled. One is easily able to recognize any attempt by another mind to penetrate ones defence, and can force the obsession to divulge its origin, its intent, and the mental plane of the degenerate mind that is using it, and even plans and thoughts not as yet uttered or fully realized by the controlling mind that has become so entangled in lust and lewdness. Think how drug addicts are intimidated by evil, threatening, and leering faces when they attempt to restrain themselves from drug addiction. Think of the mental bedfellows one associates with when allowing thoughts to degenerate, and the danger to other minds who come into the orbit of ones thinking through association and through extreme sensitivity on the part of the younger and more emotional minds. When a man makes an emotional gesture toward a member of the opposite sex, although the gesture may not be accepted
Thoughts Are Things Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd. Page 10

or recognized by the female, the man's thoughts may become attached, binding the two minds together so that concentration of the male may reach the female, causing mental and emotional confusion, destroying sleep and relaxation, and creating a nervous breakdown. This creates a state of awareness in the female, who begins to feel the awareness to the other party, and a sense of confusion exists. This same theory is used in high pressure salesmanship. The emotional power and intensity of thought create an hypnotic power that actually subjugates the customer's mind and becomes a positive thought that seems to dissolve all competitive thoughts and the will of the prospect. This may take place in varying degrees, sometimes almost instantly. How many people have bought things from a salesman that they did not actually need? This could be termed poisoning another's mind through infiltration; it is a crime whether by thoughts or poison to invade the privacy of mind. One is committing a crime. To merge one's thinking in constructive discussion is quite legitimate, but to invade for selfish profit is a desecration. One should always be on guard against negative thoughts that try to steal in and create confusion of mind.

As a Man Thinketh
Be careful of what you do with your thoughts; you must realize that before you can poison another's thinking, your own must first be poisoned; and thus you have created your own destruction, regardless of whether or not you reach the other person's mind. Your thoughts represent the state of your mind. Thus says the old adage: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, although I would say, in his desires and mind. One does not think with one's heart. One cannot think evil thoughts and then cast them out as nothing, feeling as though ones mind is purified. Thoughts are things; evil thoughts are the creation of evil minds; thoughts are mind. The state of one's mind may attract wrong impulses or thoughts relative to one's own plane of mind, and yet, one whose mind is not of an evil nature can be affected by the thoughts of others who might have evil designs and, through association can be affected destructively. It proves that there are evil minds, and sometimes minds that, although not evil in intent, may become victims of circumstances and the degenerate thoughts of others.

Mental Suicide
We must learn to keep upon a constructive plane of thinking, to keep thoughts clean and happy, and to look always for the good in others. It shows that the desire to be clean and creative in thought requires wisdom; desire alone is not enough. One cannot play with the forces of evil by entertaining evil, lewd, or dishonest thoughts; they
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are deadly bedfellows who will turn and kill. Mental degeneration begets only greater degeneration and an early death. If you look upon a person with lust, you are trying to destroy that person with the evil of your own thinking. It represents attempted mental murder. The very intent of your thought is an attempt to destroy the person's reputation and self-respect, which in any case will result in mental suicide, provided the thoughts find their objective. Never think an evil thought or allow one to enter your mind. One who has evil and lewd thoughts is equally dishonest in all other things, with no principle or integrity and deadly poison to all associates, just like a rotten apple in a box of good ones. So few parents realize the power of thought and the word or they would never allow their teenage daughters to read cheap sex magazines; little do they realize that many girls first experiences in sex expression stem from the reading material of a book -- from the lewdness of the author's thoughts. The same experiences result from listening to the different rock music performers. The state of one's thinking represents the plane of one's mind upon which one dwells in everyday thinking.

Exact Counterpart
Just as a picture upon a movie screen is the exact, yet magnified, counterpart of the picture upon the film in the projector, so are evil thoughts the exact counterpart of the mind that has expressed them, and once expressed they are magnified by the addition of the evil thoughts of others. This should prove that the state of ones life, whether happy, successful, destructive, or whatever the conditions are, is the result of ones thinking--the state of mind--plus the balance of the name, associations, seeds of wisdom sown by ones parents, and application to a basic spiritual principle. What is greater than human mind? It is the seed and reality of ones complete being. Why do people not seek this understanding? Sometimes it seems almost impossible to reach human mind when it has become closed through self-satisfaction and mental apathy. We often talk of unity of purpose for success, yet we find many minds that never arrive at any constructive plan for progress; they are always ready to resent the efforts of others and to criticize. Then there is the vile tongue that lacks the principle of refraining from destroying another's reputation. There are also those who are always complaining about lack of financial accumulation, who do nothing to prepare for better opportunities. In the first place, they lack mental stability, vision, self-confidence, and knowledge of their own minds.

Thoughts Are Things

Kabalarian Philosophy Ltd.

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Success is a Plane of Mind

Success is a plane of mind which is closely associated with selfconfidence and initiative. A lazy mind is never a successful one; one cannot be apathetic and a mere dreamer, and be creative at the same time. Success requires a disciplined mind and systematic thinking with vision and positivity of thought. One must have a broad vision including the individual steps that must be taken to the attainment; I do not mean just wishful thinking; millions desire riches but never attain to them. One must know what one desires to the point where one's mind has become adjusted to the realization and thinks in terms of success. I am not suggesting to develop the habit of squandering what one receives in the hope that it will be replaced through the generosity of nature, but I do maintain that penny-pinching and having the fear of failure are evidence of a purely negative state of mind. What creates a standard of living? Is not everything a plane of mind, no matter where one happens to be upon the highway of life? Of course, it requires initiative and ambition, and yet there are millions of people who are seemingly ambitious and put forth a great deal of effort and money in fruitless gambles. These people are still chasing success, whilst the successful ones are those who always had it in their state of thinking; to them, success was a foregone conclusion at an early age. All men under the name of Bill will know what I mean by saying that one must become success or wealth conscious--not that all Bills are wealthy because there are other factors that enter into the fulfilment of their desires. All Bills are natural spenders who do not count the cost but will treat with their last dollar. Success is a plane of mind that one must capture -- and hold on to the thought and picture regardless of the tests. In time the picture will materialize. Wherever you are is the place where your mind and thinking have placed you. It is the doubts that creep in that are the poisonous arrows of negativity and failure. One must be so sure of success that his or her thinking provides the necessary vision and steps upon the path, for then everything fits into the picture, as in a picture puzzle. No one would expect to create harmony on a piano whose strings were all out of tune, so why attempt to progress toward happiness and success with a discordant mind and confused thinking? If your utterances are a reflection of your mind and you do not know too much about mind itself, at least look over your utterances and thoughts; they, in turn, will give you a very definite mental pattern with which to work. Let us all express only positive and happy thoughts, eliminate the word, cant, from our vocabulary, and know that the power of mind is unlimited both upon the path to constructive progress and to complete degeneration. You alone are the captain of your own ship, whose fuel is wisdom and positive thinking.
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Set a Standard
Always hold sacred the meaning of principle--not just as a theory or study--but as the measurement of one's thinking, honesty, and justice, in association and service to others. It seems almost inconceivable that a truly philosophical person could be guilty of lack of honesty and principle in the business world. Thoughts reveal the state of one's mind; so does attitude toward business responsibilities depict ones concept of and application to spiritual principle. It has always been taught that the material and mortal plane of mind is based upon avarice and dishonesty and that success depends upon complete concentration on business details to the exclusion of all humanitarian principles and spiritual concept. On the other hand, the Scripture tells us: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, ...and all these things shall be added unto you." (St. Matthew 6:33) The kingdom is the spiritual plane of mind, or the state of mental consciousness. Always set a standard of thinking and application to principle and measure up to it at all times. Remember, one may attempt to fool others but one cannot fool oneself, and would be very foolish to try because it creates mental confusion. Change your thinking as well as your name. Why wait for invisible forces to do what your mind already knows the need? Your old name was the block; your new name, the right-of-way. Let your mind, will, and principle be the motivating power. There can be no progress where minds are confused, where there is no balance between the finite and spiritual concepts. If business is evil, it is only mind and concept that have made it so. One must always find the middle path.

Success, a Natural Objective

Success is a plane of mind. So is everything else, including the plane of giving. Success is actually a materialization, yet you could not arrive at a destination without following the path that leads to it. Thus you must always think of success as the natural objective; any negative thoughts to the contrary show that something is endeavouring to change the integrity of your mind. You cannot go opposite ways at the same time. If you have a problem, examine your thoughts and actions, and then change your thinking to eliminate the obstacle, and time will do the rest. If conditions have not changed for you as you have desired, then adjust your thinking and your vision, for desire alone is not the answer to a successful conclusion. All life is movement; that is how we see the unfoldment of our efforts. We cannot accomplish by sitting still and waiting for unfoldment to overtake us. Let us emulate life through a moving, active mind backed by constructive effort and the will to succeed. Let us remember that unity is strength and power. Let
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us feel the power of success, and the fulfilment will follow. If our thinking is not constructive and we do nothing to reconstruct our mind and thinking, and still expect desires to materialize out of nothing, we are fooling only ourselves. Thought is the most powerful and vital thing in the universe, for it is the creative power for construction or destruction, and is to universal mind what the pieces of a picture puzzle are to the complete picture.

Power of Thought
Through thought is concept created, and through concept mind embraces the whole picture of life and arrives at an understanding of the relationship of all things. True and full concept is not merely an awareness, but a knowledge of the basic principles of being. Mind, being the motivating power of life in its entirety, is the most basic principle one can conceive because conception is the means through which mind learns to know itself and its relationship to all other things. Instead of spending millions of dollars to seek the answers to human problems: health, criminality, the inequality of living standards, and the millions of other problems, more should be spent upon a logical and basic study of human mind, because all problems are incidental to it. Even the slightest discussion upon mind brings to light the woeful lack of logic and reason concerning it, when actually it should be the most basic study of our educational curriculum. The power of thought to influence the minds and thinking of others should be common knowledge. The influence a hypnotist exerts upon his subjects thinking and expression should be a proof of the sensitivity of human mind to pick up thoughts from outside sources, and the possible destructive influence they may have upon one's health and mental balance.

Study Your Intent

Always analyze and study your intent in all matters. See to it that your approach to a problem is an intellectual one, and that your emotions and desires are not sabotaging your analysis and mental freedom. For instance, a couple may have a marriage problem for which they seek a solution, and the wisdom is given to both concerned to apply in their daily lives to bring happiness and understanding. On the other hand, one or both of them have desired freedom because hithertofore he or she lacked the wisdom for proper thinking, action, and happiness. In the meantime, the desire and false illusions about freedom and happiness have become a subconscious urge that actually governs their thoughts and actions on the negative side. Freedom has become their real interest, and not a successful marriage. This subconscious urge for freedom will become an integral part of their
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desires and thinking, and will sabotage any subsequent attempt at a new marriage. Each craves happiness and understanding, yet refuses to change his or her thinking or to remove the obstacles that block the way to a full and happy life. This is why I say: study your intent; never have your legs over both sides of the fence. This is where we reverse the statement: "Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth." (St. Matthew 6:3) One must allow analysis and intellect to govern desire and emotion; it probably was desire and uncontrolled emotion that sabotaged the marriage from the beginning. If love has been lost, then it was based only upon desire and emotion in the first place. When endeavouring to solve a problem first purge your thoughts from emotion and desire, so that you can see clearly how to adjust your affairs upon an intellectual basis. No matter what the situation, the intent is the basis that must be balanced and logical. We often misjudge another's actions because we do not know the intent. Human beings are dual in their being: a composite of the finite or physical and the abstract or spiritual planes. The finite is the lower part, whilst the abstract symbolizes the potential through a balanced mind. Thus we see that intent can have its foundation upon either the lower or higher side of ones nature, while the higher springs from intellect and the higher ideals. The lower plane of mind is the taking or personal side, whilst the higher is the giving side. Thus we view both angles from which intent may be based.

The State of Human Mind

In this day and age where everything has become subservient to finance, little attempt is made to differentiate between what is good and what is bad; the only concern is for what anything is worth in dollars and cents, with little regard to the evolutionary progress of the mind. Our literature, art, music, and entertainment are polluted and perverted toward the basic sex angle because it has a greater response from the public, who live in their emotions and desires and have very little mental ability for analysis and thoughtful meditation. The most successful of all commercial enterprises are the liquor and drug businesses, whose influences debase and destroy human mind and all decencies, leaving the human race a shambles and a disgrace to our so-called Christian civilization. Little is discussed about Christian ethics in business and human relationships, as though mental and spiritual progress were not an integral part of our being here upon earth. Little is realized about the significance of the mind in respect to the laws of nature: how mind, being the only creative force upon earth, has the power of creation and degeneration. This is not only in respect to the destructive pests that destroy crops and trees, and
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plague the human race, but also to weather conditions which are unseasonable and which withhold growth and flatten crops. Few people realize the power of human mind and would smile at the thought of mental effect upon weather conditions. Yet, strangely enough, we read of the effect of the minds of the Jews and Egyptians, who, living in slavery and servitude to their own ignorance and lusts and refusing to find truth and Christian principle, brought down upon themselves plagues such as: frogs, lice, flies, boils, hail, locusts, and darkness. This we find in Exodus, chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11. The literal interpretation attributes these plagues to God, but we must not forget that man is given dominion upon the earth to be the steward and to give accounting through his works. Human beings are the only destructive power upon this earth, not a personal God. If we sow destruction through ignorance, we are bound to reap the harvest through the natural law. Too little stress is laid upon the state of human mind. If Christianity were a reality here upon earth, our present plagues, sickness, disease, and destruction would be removed, including our major teenage problem, liquor and drug addiction, not forgetting the filthy habits of smoking and abuse, self and otherwise. If enough were understood about mind, greater care would be taken to protect the minds and future of our present and future generations. When humanity lives in emotions completely, is it a wonder that all the channels of human mind are perverted to the dollar and to its downfall?

Poisonous Thoughts
You may not agree that television is a channel that moulds and poisons the minds of its listeners, nor that meat-eating deadens the mind and poisons the bloodstream, nor that alcoholic beverages are a blight upon our present-day civilization and are degenerating the race to an inconceivable degree, but you cannot fool yourself or fool nature. The old law of action and reaction cannot be set aside, and we are required to pay the toll in due time if we indulge in that which is destructive. All emotion is not sexual, yet all thoughts that are not constructive are evil because of their destructive intent. Constant criticism destroys the initiative and optimism of others and it tears down what others may be trying to build. Never criticize unless you have something better to offer, and then make your suggestions minus the criticism; they will be accepted more readily and you could be doing others a signal service. There is one common fault among non-thinkers, to wit: uttering thoughts intended to besmirch another's integrity or reputation. This is deadly poison, it represents mental and moral murder, and to do this one has to descend into the very planes of hell itself. The Scripture
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tells us that we are our brother's keeper but not destroyer. How often do we hear of those who exclaim against the horrors of war and the sin of capital punishment, yet may cheerfully destroy another's reputation through a gossipy tongue and depraved mind? The deadliness of those who gossip is that their very best friends cannot trust them; they have been related to vipers who strike without warning and whose bite is deadly poison. Be extremely careful never to engender fear in another person's mind. This angle has been used very diabolically by many groups in our modern Christian civilization, particularly in the selling field. Its real name is propaganda. No matter what the circumstances, always lift the other person's mind into self-confidence. Shakespeare expressed a wonderful thought concerning one's integrity and reputation, as follows: Who steals my purse steals trash; 'tis something, nothing; But he who filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him, and makes me poor indeed. (Othello, III, iii, 157-161) Another apt quotation that many should take to heart is as follows: Oh! beware, my Lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on; Othello, III, iii, 165-167)

Lack of Confidence
Lack of confidence is a deadly sin against yourself and you should never be guilty of it; it spells complete lack of fulfilment of the very destiny nature has created for you. It destroys optimism, initiative, the power of concentration, inner vision, and everything that is fine within you. Remember always that analysis is the answer to all problems, provided there is the endeavour to see the general picture and not become lost in points. To do so will lead your mind into a maze from which there is no escape from mental confusion. The human race was placed as individual channels for Divine Intelligence. In the first place, one passes through the emotional stage in the development of feelings, desires, and self-satisfaction, until the mind develops strength and positivity through experience, knowledge, and wisdom; the latter comes later after the proper amount of discipline and self-control are exerted. While passing through the phase of self and mere personality, one is subject to ego or selfaggrandizement and one sets oneself up as a personification of mass ego according to the then existing standard of thinking and actions.
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This is the basis of mass-mindedness as one becomes lost in social custom like drinking, smoking, partying, standardized thinking, and vulgarities. This is the generally accepted social standard after which millions of people endeavour to pattern their lives. Thus is the mass-minded plane of mind completely devoid of originality, individuality, creativeness, and basic analysis. This is where one becomes lost in following the bell sheep into the slaughterhouse. In this plane of mind there is no spiritual principle, only degenerate social ethics including self-indulgence from many angles. It is here that one follows the Joneses, afraid to depart from this massminded path for fear of criticism or ostracism.

Turn Away from Mass-Indulgence

If one is a thinker by nature and decides to seek truth and to lift out of the emotional plane of thinking, it is necessary first to turn one's face away from mass-indulgence and develop individuality. True guidance comes from within the source of one's own consciousness. This is as a closed door to mass-minded customs and ethics, all of which one must cast aside for truth, love, and service to the Spiritual Principle. One must not be carried by the tide of emotion and selfdesire, but must always use analysis and search for truth and fact, particularly in religious and philosophical theory. Imagination uncontrolled invariably leads to illusion, mystery, and fear. To curtail imagination, illusion, and emotion is not a loss, but leads to grander things such as a spiritualized and truthful mind with depth and breadth of conception and understanding. This is the answer to peace of mind and to all human problems. There is always that inborn urge for individuality, for selfdevelopment, for finding one's path of destiny and following it to a fulfilment, although few there are who properly translate their urges, preferring to follow the path of least resistance with the masses. Much money has been spent to destroy individuality of thought through the propaganda of intimidation and fear. All true thinkers are individual and original in their concept. Mass-mindedness is the path of political skulduggery, dishonesty, greed, hate, lust, intolerance, loss of culture, and finally, complete destruction of the human race. A study of mind discloses the fact of how closely all minds are linked, particularly through a mass-minded state. One flaring headline in a newspaper can mould and colour the thinking of millions, whitewashing evil to appear as the wolf in lamb's clothing, as false prophets. All are responsible for their own mental and spiritual progress first, so that they might find the true Spiritual Principle and prove it, in order to give it to others.

Thoughts Are Things

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Millions of Minds are as One

In the case of television, we see the spectacle of millions of people, including very young children, sitting in the half-dark pouring over a screen. Here they sit destroying their vision, cluttering up their minds, unable to think, having no time for creative meditation or original thinking, all under the emotional influence of the broadcasting medium--their minds all tuned as one, being coerced, cajolled, and moulded into one mental pattern only on a par with what is being thrown upon the screen. With no time to study and think or freedom from mass-mindedness, we are breeding a race of morons and halfwits whose guide and control will be the television screen used by political racketeers, the wolves in sheep's clothing. If the television and radio programs were truly educational and disseminated truth and wisdom for the progress of humanity, and not for financial and commercial reasons, there would be some excuse for imprisoning ourselves as slaves, chained to the television set. When humanity awakens to individuality and personally seeks and discovers wisdom, then could such a source as television become an instrument for constructive expression and education. This is hardly hoped for whilst our visual education comes via the tobacco, liquor, and soap barons, and political swashbucklers. The mental reaction, the destruction to eyesight, the perverted reaction of even the very young to the murderous and poisonous mental diet purveyed over the ether waves is bringing, and will bring, a terrible and devastating reaction to this and our next generation. During a television program a million minds are as one, moulded by the emotional influence of what they hear and see. No wonder epidemics are so prevalent. The world needs a program for the development of individuality and constructive thinking. We are told that the world is becoming smaller through the development of transportation and communication, thus placing us more upon a family status, civil defence and atomic strangulation of peace notwithstanding. Thoughts are things, the greatest and most compelling force in the universe either for constructive progress or for complete destruction. Always remember that the size of the brain has nothing to do with its quality. One can get the exact same time from the smallest wristwatch as from Big Ben, one of the largest clocks in the world. The greatest philosophers and scholars merely realized that mind improves with use, that it is capable of receiving limitless knowledge and wisdom, and that the brain cells are not creative, but are impressionable to the plane of mind upon which one dwells mentally. The will to do plus systematized thinking is the key to mental development, not to read avidly but to analyze properly and digest every thought to a logical conclusion. When in discussion, study the very words in which questions are couched.
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Clouds of Illusion
A very wonderful thought from which even the most timid person may derive comfort is: from the sun the earth derives its light, heat, and life-giving power; the vibrations of this power from the sun are able to penetrate even the most dense clouds to a degree, without which life would be destroyed completely even in a short time. The clouds offer only a resistance and dim the light and heat; the life power is always in evidence, for plants grow even in the darkest forest and sometimes luxuriantly. Likewise, the source of all Conscious expression, the Universal Mind, is in constant touch with all individual minds upon the earth in the same way that every light globe connected with an electric powerhouse may expect light as long as it is turned on. The reason of being is contained within being itself; only human mind must seek to discover how to eliminate all the obstacles that dim its power. The imbalance of one's mind, the misleading theories and distorted ideas and desires that keep one from seeking one's own inheritance are as the clouds around the earth that create the illusion that there is no sun shining. Wisdom is always present, yet misconception tends to dim its glory, especially to timid souls. Remember that you are never alone; the great wisdom, the conscious creative power of the universe, is within your very being, and you exist within it. All you need to do is to remove the obstruction of your lower desires. Do not substitute pleasures and thrills for happiness. The first is destructive to peace of mind and well-being, whilst the latter (happiness) is the feeling of complete unity between the body, emotions, mind, and Spiritual Consciousness.

Thinking is Your Protection

You must first fully comprehend that you are an individualized universe containing both cause and effect, both reason and being itself; that no other person is different except through the positivity or otherwise of his or her own mind. Learn fully to appreciate the privilege of constructive thinking through which one never becomes satiated as one does with food or other emotional and physical pleasures. Thinking is eternal, and the result of constructive thinking is the foundation of the following generations: a power that can lift the minds of millions of people into peace, happiness, and understanding. Thinking is your protection against an over-growth of emotion or against illogical and destructive thoughts that confuse the unwary and unprotected. As you would screen unwanted and destructive guests from your house party, screen unwanted and deadly thoughts from your mind. Remember that one must first be in a

Thoughts Are Things

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negative plane of mind to attract and express negative thoughts and actions. One must learn to detect negative and destructive thoughts as does a musician learn to know a discordant note of music. Many people harbour moody thoughts and feelings of self-pity, hoping others will detect their sadness and feel sorry--or else it will be a self-righteous mood, as if to punish themselves for a suspected weakness, or to punish the other person. Cunning are the mental forces that become attached to human mind as an outlet for emotional desires, which, of course, disturb and confuse one's thinking. It is strange how one may desire a certain satisfaction in morbidness, and so, separate oneself from the association of happy minds,and then blame others for not wanting one's company. This represents twisted and distorted thinking and is deadly in its poison. The misunderstanding arises through subconscious, uncontrolled, and illogical thoughts, as well as through our present modern psychological idea that we are endowed with a higher and lower nature, and that both must have their individual expression to create balance in one's nature and in life. It is a mistaken theory based upon the premise that as the pendulum of a clock swings one way, it must swing just as far in the opposite direction to create a balanced movement. This is so in mechanical action, but not so in human mind and thinking. Mind does not gain its impetus through mechanics alone, but through the quality of the impressions or impulses received and translated through the brain cells according to the plane of mind to which one's thoughts are tuned. The basis of the psychological theory is that people must learn to experience the bitter with the sweet in order to grow in the proper degree of balance. The common mistake lies in the misconception of the quality of bitter as related to one's lower or emotional nature.

Phenomenon of Growth
Although a seed placed in the cold dark ground remains there as a physical, dimensional object and draws its sustenance from the soil, the phenomenon called growth, which determines size, colour, odour, and species, is that mysterious power contained within the seed, dependent upon the soil for sustenance but governed by the divine power of growth. This power never retrogresses, but pushes its way above ground to meet the light and warmth of the sun and continues to fulfil and complete its growth, and always upwards. The same simile could be attached to human life to show that although the Divine Intelligence becomes involved in life, having its start through the physical and emotional phenomenon of human life and drawing its physical sustenance from the soil, its actual reality is through the growth of human mind toward Spiritual Consciousness, or wisdom. Food does not create one's thinking or the quality of such; it
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is only the fuel of the body. Emotions, feelings, quality of thinking, and mental impressions are abstract phenomena derived from a particular plane of mind, which might be expressed as varying chords of intelligence as in music, each chord or plane of mind having its own individual quality, vibration, sound, and reaction upon the emotions and upon the minds of others with whom we associate. Emotion is a super-sensitive sense of feeling sometimes so fine as to manifest only as awareness, and, at times, as a complete turmoil of feeling that drowns out logic and reason and balanced thinking, and creates a sense of destructiveness akin to murder. One cannot completely divorce oneself from the emotional sense of feeling; the emotions might be related to the sound board of a piano; it intensifies or gives out in sound what is upon the artist's mind.

Control Emotional Power

We must feel our thoughts, or otherwise they would never express in reality through the physical instrument; nevertheless, there are qualities of emotions which represent the physical reaction to the mind. Emotion in its lowest state is akin to the animal plane; it represents the bestial side of human nature. As the human race evolves mentally, it raises the tenor of emotion and mind to a more inspirational and sensitive stage where we feel, hear, and see more refined things in life and expresses through a greater sense of refinement, and thus more logically. This represents growth or evolution, and as the seed reaches up to the light and life-giving qualities of the sun for its colour, odour, and seeds for future growth, so we grow from the emotion-governed qualities our childhood to learn to analyze and view life logically and arrive at complete mental balance through controlling and directing the emotional power. The plant never retreats into the seed for further growth. How could it? Neither should a child or adult retreat into the emotions for mental growth. All moods of whatever type originate in a low plane of thinking only akin to the emotions, sans logic and reason. Children must not be allowed to run the gamut of their emotions; they must be taught to find mental and emotional balance, never allowing the emotions to rule. One cannot analyze through the emotions; they have no intelligent analysis or reasoning. In moods, the mind becomes subservient to emotion and thus provides the alibis and the distorted thinking and reasons that can be so cunning and dishonest in their interpretations.

Discipline for Happiness

One way to check feelings, desires, and reasons, is thoroughly to analyze the intent; sometimes one's actions and expressions belie the intent behind them and mislead others. Any thought that disturbs
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happiness and tranquility of mind and creates fear, worry, jealousy, suspicion, or excitement, should be checked for intent and its possible reaction to the mind, health, and associations. Every time one gives in to a mood it makes the next one easier to acquire; it ruins peace of mind and inevitably one will have to make the effort to rise out of it, with the loss of face and dignity that can never be fully regained. One does not have to sink to the depths of mental depravity to gain impetus to progress mentally. When we try to push a stalled vehicle over a rise, we block the back wheels so as not to lose the progress already made. We must do the same thing with self: always check the descent of mind into the emotions. We cannot gain by what we lose. Do not wait for a nervous breakdown before endeavouring to find the key to balance and peace of mind. Only a disciplined mind can become truly intelligent, because discipline is the prelude to constructive thinking. It teaches rule, system, and order. Never play with moods. Your happiness and success depend upon your quality of thinking. Keep happy thoughts at all times; guard them with your life. You can have peace only as you think peace. Of course, you cannot have peace just by thinking of peace; there is something far more basic involved: a principle that when applied will create that peace as a reality and not just as a thought or desire. However, you must first desire and contemplate peace, and try to visualize its vast ramifications and influences toward mental and spiritual progress. Happy thoughts are the very promise for greater things. Are your future happiness, health, and success important to you? Then what are you thinking and doing to justify a constructive reward? Every conceivable obstacle toward the above represents a mental interference. Look over your thoughts and mental and physical habits. Do something about them, and you will quickly notice great progress.

Millions of Dollars for Ignorance

Learn to recognize negative and destructive thoughts; know whether or not they are emotionally destructive to yourself or to others; whether they destroy confidence, initiative, and creative power; whether they are a subtle interference against systematic and constructive thinking. Eradicate fear from all angles or any thought tending to make you too conscious of self and the lower emotions. Too little is known and taught about mind and its creative potential, whilst millions of dollars are spent in misleading the masses into a mass-minded state of ignorance where no one seems to have a logical mind--where such publications as the Reader's Digest have become the Bible, the social, scientific, political, and personal guide, and constant companion to the person on the street. What a terrible confusion the world is in when ordinary working people with peaceful intent are forced to pay billions of dollars to
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maintain the excuse for peace we are supposed to be enjoying, believing that only as we progress upon the path to atomic destruction can we expect a measure of peace and freedom! Where is the freedom--except for the possible freedom from this earth life at the advent of the first bomb? How much is being used to promote peace, and who is in charge of the promotion, the one who benefits the most? Everyone is being told by those in authority that the fear of attack is the best defence attitude, with united effort to create the destructive weapons for emergency. Would it not be expected that all would suffer from attack from either side, including those profiting from the sale of such engines of destruction? Could advice coming from those in authority, who are planning their own murder with that of millions, be logical and truthful? Does anyone think that nuclear warfare leads to peace, harmony, love, and peaceful pursuits? Could it save anyone's system of government? Do those advocating the atomic destructive age know just how far they can push their luck? Certainly no one would be immune. They say that there exists honour even among thieves, but there could be a dishonest thief surely. It is well to remember that the thought is always father to the deed. Thoughts are things, and ofttimes destructive things. With wisdom comes confidence and everyone is freed from fear and the influence of deadly propaganda. A knowledge of mind is safeguard against mental disorders, against the influence of deadly thoughts of all kinds, even those of our own lower nature. Learn to think logically upon all matters. Keep happy and confident thoughts; never allow fear, moods, jealousy, or despondency to creep in. When you feel low and depressed, think of others whose lot may be so far beneath yours as to completely minimize your own mood of self-pity. Thus, fight fire with fire. Never attempt to destroy another's self-confidence; it is moral and mental murder, and is unforgivable.

Day and Night

During daylight hours, spend your time in positive and constructive search for wisdom; always look for logic and reason behind a theory; never allow emotion to colour your judgment, for it is misleading and only wants to see what it desires to see in a situation. Things are not always easy that appear easy. Analyze everything you say or do beforehand. Realize the Power of the Word, and see to it that it is based upon truth. The positivity and peace of mind during the day ensures a safe and serene sleep and a happy awakening. Start the day right; always rise with a smile upon your face and a melody upon your lips; this denotes a happy and loving mind. One gets out of life only what one puts into it. When you retire, see that your mind is in a constructive and spiritual plane of thinking because you are then about to pass into a
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complete plane of mental negativity called sleep, where there is no consciousness of thought and action to protect you. Whether and how you awaken depends upon your ability to pass through this state without serious interference. Never indulge in the habit of letting your mind rove into emotional imagination before sleep; you might as well barter your soul to the devil for a few thrills. The proper time for emotional expression for procreation is in the morning, never at night, for very few people can lift their minds to a safe, positive, and constructive plane before falling into sleep. The plane of mind on which you fall to sleep is the one from which you may expect your dream mind to receive its support or influence. This thought is very seriously directed to those who find it most difficult to control their physical and emotional functions during sleep. Remember very seriously that your vital forces that constitute your physical well-being and the very balance of your thinking and being may be drained from you during sleep, unless you learn to think positively and constructively and learn to recognize evil and emotional thoughts as quickly as a musician can spot a discord in music. If and when you arrive at a state of peace of mind, you will quickly feel even the slightest interference with your serenity. It is so easy when preparing yourself for sleep to allow an interfering entity to enter your mind and arouse your emotions, because night is the negativity of nature and it affects the unwary. Fill your mind with constructive thoughts, read good literature preferably of a philosophical nature at that time, and you will derive comfort, protection, and peace of mind from it. If unable to sleep, or if a thought should awaken you, turn on the light and read your books until you fall into a sound sleep. One loses individuality during sleep and becomes mass-minded, which is the reason one may retire in a healthy state and wake up with complete loss of control of one's bodily functions.

Pull of Mass-Mindedness
Individuality is the state of mind most conducive to health, happiness, and success, for it brings with it self-confidence, more positive thinking, and a more decisive nature. The pull of massmindedness is unbelievably strong and can be felt as a definite force sweeping through one's nervous system. This is very evident in a movie theatre where you may be endeavouring through analysis to control your emotional feelings. When a particularly emotional theme or sequence is enacted, you can feel this flood of emotion affecting you through tension in the feet and legs. If you do not rise and walk about, or do not remove your shoes, the feeling rises to the solar plexus and affects the upper part of the body, causing a lump to appear in the throat and tears to come to the eyes. Your close proximity to

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your neighbours, almost rubbing shoulders on either side, creates the greater danger that ofttimes causes you to take on the cold or sick condition of the other person. This is a mass-minded condition emphasized through touch or close connection. Herein, lies the proof of deep solar plexus breathing to arouse more positivity in your thinking and nature, to disassociate yourself mentally with present company, and thus break the connection of other minds with your own. One must always paddle ones own canoe, literally and mentally speaking.

Individuality, a Plane of Thinking

Individuality is a plane of thinking that establishes proper control over one's thoughts to create a balanced mind that is logical and basic in its pattern of thinking. The brain cells are a receptive instrument designed to receive impulses of thought which are relative to the degree of intelligence and balance. These impulses are the waves of vibration emanated from the Universal Mind, or the source of Divine Consciousness. They represent divine mind endeavouring to penetrate the finite plane through mortal mind, so that being can contain and realize its own reason for existence. We know that materiality is the direct opposite to Divine Consciousness, for God the Principle has become seeded into form through the process of involution, or by reducing the frequency of vibration from the highest to the lowest; thus divine reason must now evolve through the progression and concept of human mind and thus the process is reversed from involution to evolution. The process of involution is as a seed that has been shaken to the ground from the pod of the mother plant, buried by the fallen leaves, and beaten into the ground by the rains. In the spring, the warmth of the sun starts the process of evolution of the seed by first forming the roots and then the shoot; and thus evolution of the seed begins ultimately to create a full grown tree with flowers and fruit, which represents the highest form of evolution in plant life. The highest form of Consciousness is reflected into materiality and therefore the image, or Divine Reason, is reversed because the Universal Consciousness has now become a finite manifestation subservient to the growth or evolution of human mind.

Self is Reflective
It is readily understood that emotion governs first because it is the reversal of conscious expression; it is consciousness subject to the senses rather than concept. The mind can grow in truth and wisdom only as seeds of truth, logic, and reason are attached to human concept. One instinctively does the wrong thing because of not naturally reasoning through logic; reason represents a balanced pattern of
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thinking subject to certain laws governing the growth of mind and the unfoldment of Divine Consciousness through it. We were not intended to live through instinct and the senses and feel our way through life; this is why humanity represents mind and is endowed with analysis. Mind must search for the reason of one's own being, and to do this one must search outside of self, for self is only the reflective thing and is misleading, as mind of imperfection or reflection sees only that which is relative to self or the world of individuality. Self is the complete physical and mental individuality, i.e., the lowest manifestation or reflection of Divine Consciousness. As mind must seek to understand the pattern of life and release the power of logic, which is actually the symbology of truth and wisdom from within, in the same way that the power within a seed is released to fulfil the destiny of plant, fruit, and seeds, so also must mind seek within for cause and reason, which shows life to be different from what it appears. It seems natural to reach out and take, which is to be expected because one does not have anything of mental and spiritual value to give. When we learn to reverse the process of taking, we realize that actually we are the seed of, and channel for, divine wisdom; and desire to give that which is attempting to flow through the human channel: wisdom. Where mind becomes lost and separated from the divine source in the period of growth of the physical body and the emotions, the growth of the emotions supersedes the growth and evolution of the mind, and feeling becomes stronger than analysis; one becomes lost in thrills and pleasures that do not need or desire analysis. Thus does mind become lost in the incidentals of living, and by the time of maturity of the body and emotions, the mind has been left behind and subservient to the negative part of itself: the physical process. The lack of analysis causes acceptance of what is felt through the senses without logical reasoning, and thus one becomes lost in one's individual life, associations, and environment. This stops the divine inflow, or the higher impulses of universal mind; and thus life becomes the obstacle to its own progress through human mind and one feels the influence of mass-mind. Without analysis the human race becomes a victim of indulgences and lusts, and sees no logical reason for Why not?

Individual Paths to Universal concept

Thus we see why, through the overgrowth of the physical and emotions plus lack of seeds of wisdom implanted in the mind, and the slow growth of mind through trial and error, we never seem to catch up to the natural growth of life through time. For instance, according to time or the ages we are supposed to be living in a Christian age, where one is supposed to devaluate the physical and material things of
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life and raise ones concept to a more spiritual objective, and thus become an open channel to wisdom and evolution. Everything is evaluated through time and mathematics, which represent the law of growth or the unfoldment of Divine Consciousness through mathematical gradations, each having its own characteristic and value. This age from the Year One represents the age when human and mortal mind should rise through analysis and spiritual law to a state beyond and above the senses, to a Christ or spiritual concept, where one may know the secrets of life and ones own being and become a revelator for the Divine Principle. I do not mean through blind faith or prayer, but through individual effort to fulfil ones stewardship through the evolution of mind on a par with the blueprint of nature. Time discloses the natural gradations of the ages and what we should accomplish in every age. Instead, we have become lost in our own emotional experiences. The Scripture admonishes to, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, ...and all these things shall be added unto you." (St. Matthew 6:33) The kingdom of God represents a spiritual concept of mind gained through analysis and self-application to the laws of being and balance, which will give a full and complete life. Subjugation to spiritual principle and time or the application to them may sound contradictory to my previous remarks about physical individuality; and yet one must develop individuality of effort and find one's individual path of destiny to arrive at universal concept. We must first understand self, both negative and positive and not become lost in individuality upon the negative path, where we see and recognize only self as the standard of comparison. When we apply the principle of balanced thinking, we realize that we are individual only upon our own paths, or destiny, and that we must seek to raise our concept of life to where we realize we are One Breath, One Life, One God; thus is universality born to rationalize individuality; otherwise we become egoists. The body and brain cells represent an individual channel of intelligence, but then there are millions of such individual channels each having a particular individual part to play relative to expressing a certain pattern of intelligence with regard to time, season, and state of intelligence. We must keep an individual state of mind, each relying upon our own intelligence and judgment relative to the specific path of destiny we come to walk. We are responsible for our own thinking and actions as each affects the whole through the laws of attraction and association, yet each individual mental channel must grow and expand to see beyond mere individuality to where Divine Reason begins to make itself felt through its universal laws to the realization that reason and logic represent the basis of being. Such realization must come through materiality and individuality first, and then proceed through
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growth of concept to a true evaluation of the completeness of being and its laws.

Did Evil Come From Good?

The process of involution and evolution, with finite life being a reversal of Consciousness and truth, is very hard for the average person properly to comprehend. We have been taught that the finite plane of existence represents evil, while the highest or spiritual plane represents good. If this is so, then evil must have come from good because involution represents the highest form of Consciousness becoming involved in earth life or the lowest form of intelligence. Life is the resistance that the incoming forces of Consciousness meet at a certain vibration through the senses of the human being. It is hoped that this book will help you to understand why we are born into spiritual darkness and why mortal life appears as only a reflection and seemingly reversed in concept, or why human mind is always in conflict with good and evil. To reduce the foregoing remarks to a more practical and easily understood principle, it could be well expressed that life is not really what it appears upon the surface. A good comparison is the fact that fancy icing upon a cake does not reveal the nature and texture of the cake within. The superficiality of life is attractive to the desires, senses, and pleasures. Only mind can seek hidden truths and reason, and as finite mind is more or less subject to, or submerged, in the things of the senses and emotions, it rarely looks within to find the quality of the cake, at least not without a strong incentive which comes through mental growth, probably aroused through some bitter experience or a dissatisfaction with one's environment, mentally and physically. If mind has not learned to see cause, then it must necessarily be lost in effect, which is the outer path or the opposite to cause and reason; thus life seems to be an untruth and we are deceived by the beauty of the icing covering the cake. We cannot see exactly what colour or nature of plant that is contained within a seed until the seed grows and produces its plant; it is then that we are able to classify the nature, colour, and characteristics of the plant and flowers that are contained within the new seeds created by the mother plant. Thus we learn through experience and growth; we learn the laws of growth and being through plant life. So we must learn to classify life as expressed through its various patterns of human mind as related to the laws of being through time, form, and dimension. It is then that we are able to draw comparisons and classify right from wrong or unreality from reality.

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The Screen Called Life

Let us reduce involution to a practical simile. If one bounces a ball against a wall, it will return commensurate with the speed at which it was thrown. So does life represent the divine impulses that reflect against the screen called life and return to their source but, in this case, not relative to the speed with which they were sent, but relative to the laws that govern life, that of mental growth or the unfoldment of consciousness through human concept which allows the return of conscious mind to its source as a completed evolutionary process. This is termed spiritually as being "One with the Father," (St. John 8:30) or wisdom. Apply this principle to human mind and concept and it should be plain to see that the growth of mind along progressive and constructive channels must necessarily come through specific laws and phenomena relative only to the reason of being or the source of Consciousness. Thus do we look to the within, or source, for truth of the divine plan of existence. If we look upon the outer path, we merely become lost in superficiality and the things of the senses, and our concept becomes confused; we attempt to relate positivity and individuality to negative things; i.e., we misconstrue the true values of life. In the same way does science confuse the state of intelligence with the brain cells instead of realizing that there are two opposite planes--mind and brain-that mind comprises the thought impulses coming from Consciousness or Reason, while the brain cells are merely the receiving and translating instrument that creates the resistance, as does a movie screen which absorbs and throws back or reflects the waves of vibration to give the visual picture, if only in reflection or reversal.

Outer Path
When the ball strikes the wall its direction is suddenly checked and reversed, and momentarily the ball is still; i.e., it has no direction until the compression of the rubber where the ball touches the wall gives it impetus and direction; then the ball has a motive power and direction. It is thus following the law of action and reaction. The same principle applies in the involution of the spirit, which actually represents Spiritual Consciousness taking the outer path away from cause and reason to create an opposite concept from the abstract: a world of unreality from a spiritual standpoint, the furthest removed from wisdom. Thus is reality becoming unreality for, when reversed through contact with human existence, the reversal or motivating power becomes the law of growth plus mental awareness of that something that is greater than the senses, to wit: the very reason of mental phenomenon, Divine Consciousness.

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Life without wisdom or a basic knowledge of the laws governing being can be likened to the moment that the ball is still, before reversal; there being no motivating directional power, there is no awareness of truth or reason, as at this time humanity is completely submerged in the senses and emotions and sees all life relatively, i.e., without spiritual vision and concept. We see only upon the surface, while reason lies within; thus we see only the icing covering the cake and not the quality of the cake which is within. We are the effect of life, while reason lies within, or is the basis of being. When awareness becomes strong we seek to understand the reason and pattern of our being; thus does mind reverse its concept and exchanges ideas for ideals. Until mental awareness takes place, we are in total mental darkness and living a life of illusion, devoid of truth and fact. This is why practically all religious and philosophical theories are lost in mysticism: they have not divorced feeling and imagination from truth; i.e., they are trying to live in two opposite concepts, unreality and reality. In this case, as the life power in a seed is confined in the covering, so life is confined in mortal concept or emotional illusion and must be released through the evolution or growth of mind. Thus we see that the motivating power that takes Consciousness back to its source--as the ball is returned to the thrower--is mind. Perhaps this mental position of man represents the momentary pause between involution and evolution, i.e., devoid of a definite motive or principle. Because of lack of awareness of anything beyond the senses, all mental progress is subject to comparison and analysis. This is the reason of this book: to attempt to create a logical picture of life; it is the only way that humanity can progress in fact and truth. The majority of religions and philosophies are about ninety-eight per cent imagination and emotion, and two per cent fact.

First Works First

We must do the first works first by properly evaluating and balancing the finite and abstract planes, and relating finite thoughts and experiences to the finite plane. Do not think the plane of emotion will lead to happiness and spiritual progress. Learn to evaluate your thoughts for what they are worth. Develop a mental pattern of thinking, a standard filled with ideals and constructive and progressive thoughts. You must first visualize what you want and learn to retain a strong, clear mental vision; then create the positive thought of accomplishment. You must create initiative and complete selfconfidence in the realization that anything is possible to a positive mind working in conjunction with the cyclic law. Endeavour to change your old pattern of thinking; eliminate worry even though you may think you have something to worry about. Learn to relax your mind and concentrate upon a logical solution to your
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problem. Know that there is an answer to all problems; analyze all possibilities and angles, but with a clear and relaxed mind. Remove all fear thoughts, for they are your most deadly enemy. Remember that the universal broadcasting station is all-powerful, that only the chaos and confusion of the human receiving set interferes with the answers you desire. Clear the channel of all thoughts that disturb your emotions, that leave a doubt or create impatience. Impatience destroys stability of mind, system and order, and completion of effort. Analyze your thinking rigidly and expunge every negative thought. Remember that everything represents a plane of thinking. Choose your plane and stick to it; do not become confused between different planes of mind, for it will be your undoing. Learn to anticipate a constructive and fruitful completion of your intentions, and you will not be disappointed. Learn to trust your mind but learn to guard its integrity through system and order; never let it down through lack of initiative. Learn to be the perfect instrument.

Take Your Thinking Seriously

In the realization that thoughts are things, it behoves us to concentrate more seriously upon our thinking and to make corrections and adjustments to conform to balanced and constructive thinking. No matter who you are, you, you alone are master of your own destiny, whether it be good or bad; so stop fooling yourself and stop riding the breakers, as it were. Start to plan your life the way you wish it to be; you need a balanced name and a balanced plan for future progress. No mariner starts upon his journey without a guiding chart. Plan to be of service to the Spiritual Principle within and to your fellow beings. Do not make the mistake that many would-be philosophers make, i.e., that of believing you must completely dedicate your life to spirituality and thereby completely divorce yourself from materiality as being evil and not worthy of a philosopher. Remember that life is dual and you must learn to walk the middle path. We are admonished to do the first works first, which means to assume our material and personal responsibilities, the success of which entitles us to assume greater spiritual responsibilities as teachers of wisdom. The success of any undertaking depends upon the positivity of our thinking, initiative, systematic application, and concentration. The reason of many business failures is the desire for success without the attributes for it; meaning that if we are paddling a canoe against the current, we must keep paddling steadily and systematically, for without these actions, we soon find ourselves down the stream instead of upward. No matter what game we play, the rules must be adhered to rigidly.

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Do not be divided in thought; always do your analyzing before action and then when you have committed yourself, carry through without doubt or fear. Never do something and then worry about it. Better it be that you learn to make decisions, even at the cost of mistakes, than remain a negative person who has not sufficient selfconfidence or positivity to make a decision unguided. To make a decision and then to dwell destructively upon it with fear or misgivings means that you are cancelling out your plans and actions. Never say can't or make the statement that nothing ever works out for you. This is why you are reminded that thoughts are things. Never allow your mind to wander; it becomes an open door for mental interference and possible sickness. Make the positive plan; learn completely to visualize its happy and successful conclusion through a clear and unruffled mind, and your source of Spiritual Consciousness will provide the power. Be sure that your future is built upon today's thinking. Never tell yourself that you are going to do something, knowing full well that you have no intentions of doing such a thing; this is confusing your own mind and leads to a mental breakdown and the ruin of concentration. Never allow any obstacle or interference to change your plan, for when you decide to do something you have obligated yourself to complete that plan. After the first renege, it is so easy to make excuses to yourself and believe your own lie; thus is mental confusion created. Never imagine things and repeat them to others as a reality; it is so easy to fall into the category of a liar where you are fooling yourself and misleading others. Plant your seeds of thoughts and actions according to the cyclic law. The nature of the cyclic day and hour determines the nature of your thinking, unless outside influence is creating a division between thought and reason. Do not talk of failure, of death, or in disrespect of nature; these are negative planes and may constitute a serious challenge that you may not be able to meet successfully. Never think or imagine that you are going to catch, or inherit, a disease just because it is in the form of an epidemic. Have no fear of sickness or of pain; they both represent negative planes of mind and are open doors to outside mental interference. Have no fear of death, and all lesser fears will be merely incidental. Life is short no matter how constructively it is lived, so learn to enjoy every moment of it and share your enjoyment with others. You should be able to recognize your state of thinking in every experience that comes into your life. Create your desired pattern of life and then learn to fit your thinking into every part; it is just like studying a picture puzzle and then searching for the individual parts to form the complete picture. Learn to take your thinking and verbal expression seriously. Time is
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short; find all the joy and beauty that you have neglected to find in the past, and your life will be full and complete! Change in Accordance with Your Plans Fully estimate the power of deep breathing, but do it long enough to feel its positive effect and do it all the time, not just in emergencies. Think of just how you would like your thinking, your expression, and your life to be. Look your present mental state over analytically, and then start in to change it drastically in accordance with your plans. You cannot fool yourself. You know your weaknesses; start to change them until others begin to notice the great change taking place, and then you will find the happiness you have been seeking through illusion, and you will see the true picture of complete happiness and success. You have not too much time for mental reconstruction, so get busy and make your life and future all that for which you have consciously hoped. If all people will only eliminate their petty interferences and differences, what a wonderful power for good they will become, and how gloriously happy we all will be! Replace all negative thoughts with happy and positive ones. If a mood persists to stop your efforts, realize that it is a battle of mind against emotion and increase your efforts, and in a short time mind will be victorious and you will feel the joy and power of victory over self, the lower emotions, and outside interference. Realize that the conscious power and the source from which you receive your wisdom is ever present, and remember that no man sees his shadow who faces the sun. Remove the clouds of doubt and negativity and feel the sun of wisdom in all its glory.

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The Power of Thought

In conjunction with Thoughts Are Things

Greatest Living Power

The greatest living power in the universe is thought and speech. It is the power that establishes humanity at the top of the evolutionary scale of being, as the steward of the earth having precedent over all things. The world judges a persons quality of intelligence by what he or she says, which is naturally the result of that persons thinking. Unfortunately, the origin of thought and speech is little understood; only the mechanics of the latter, as spelling, reading, grammar, punctuation, and the intricacies of literature are really understood. Why and how a person speaks, with certainty or uncertainty, intelligently or otherwise, is still one of the greatest mysteries of life. Little has been taught about the yardstick of thought and speech, i.e., logic and reason, and that logic is the closest thing to exact truth as is possible on this finite plane of ours. The quality and experiences of one's whole life depend upon the quality and balance of one's thinking and speech, and these too must have attached to them an ideal which represents a plan or theory of progressive refinement and culture of the mind.

Practicality, the Art of Reality

One must always get a practical view of things, as practicality is the art of reality, i.e., of bringing into tangible reality things that would otherwise be an unknown quality and quantity. Quantity is the reality of quality. The greatest living example is that of the scientist, who is steadily releasing powers and energies for practical uses, thus emphasizing the unlimited potential that lies beyond comprehension until it is brought into practical reality. This is exemplified in the practical uses of steam and electrical energy to produce innumerable practical outlets utilizing the power. Thus does quality become a knowable quantity or a reality. This applies to degrees of intelligence that become a practical reality through experiences called life, although little is known about the why's and wherefore's of the many degrees or qualities of intelligence as exhibited within a group of individualsthus bringing to the fore the point as to whether the degree of one's intelligence comes through birth (inheritance) or education, or some greater and
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almost unknown cause. It is evident that little is known about the origin of thought and its instrument: mind. We do know that there are basic qualities such as honesty, justice, integrity, tolerance, generosity, etc., that when they become an integral part of one's thinking, they create a well-balanced and intelligent mind seeking the progressive path of refinement and culture, to the well-being of self and others. We read much about the power of mind and thought, which power would be that over other minds, or the degree of positivity of mind to carry out its own thoughts and desires into actual reality.

Power behind Thought

Getting down to facts: Do you as mind understand yourself? the reason of your being? what you are? your degree of, or lack of expression? your efficiency at some things and inefficiency at others? your power to convince others,or a miserable lack of verbal and personal expression? Do you know whether or not your state of thinking could be entirely changed for the better, which, of course, means changing of human nature? Or, are you one of those persons who believe you are born to be a certain nature, the which is unchangeable? This, of course, means predestination. What is this power that lies behind thought, which in itself depends upon a group of letters to form words and sentences for expression? What and why the difference between a confused and a balanced mind? In radio and television when the picture or broadcast is confused, one merely makes an electrical adjustment to bring the subject into focus and balance. In the case of mind, it is not merely a mechanical adjustment we are concerned with, but the quality of thought and mental perception, and yet the difference is only the difference of balance between quality and quantity. The principle must be the same. Mind is the greatest mystery, and we are mind; thus if we are to follow the old axiom, Man know thyself, we must understand that it refers to mind that must know itself. What could know itself outside of mind? Mind is the only instrument of Universal Consciousness, the only channel of mortal intelligence. However, we do know that there are innumerable differentiations in human intelligence; we see it as we mingle among crowds of people. Who and what is responsible? It is vitally necessary that this point is clear to arrive at the relativity of cause and effect, for only then are we able to deal in logic through perspective and understand the relationship of cause and effect; for as we think, so are our associations and experiences. If the quality of thinking determines an individual's complete life, health, expression, environment, associations, experiences, and complete success of otherwise, why is mind so little understood?
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Positive Thinking
There is the case where a mind may be extremely positive and sure in expression and fully able to back up statements with conviction. This quality of thinking and expression exerts a tremendous power over lesser minds who do not have confidence nor conviction; thus is positive thinking the greatest asset in salesmanship and promotion. Also there are two angles in positive thinking--the lesser being based upon self-confidence, easy expression, a little ego, and a smattering of belligerence, as though challenging anyone to refute a statement. This is not based upon how much we may know, but how much we evaluate what we know, and our ability to make others believe us. This positivity comes more through emotion than quality of intelligence, and yet it is a great asset in the business world. Such people talk themselves into leadership and executive positions; they are not always likeable, but filled with initiative and self-confidence, and their very individuality and ability to make quick decisions is admired greatly. This is not the true quality of positivity, for with emotional positivity there is no humbleness and little respect for another's judgment. This could quite easily be based upon ego, a sharp tongue, an over-bearing manner, and a great deal of intolerance. This represents a positivity in emotion and not a quality of intelligence, and ofttimes, Pride cometh before a fall. True positivity of thinking and quality of mind is based upon wisdom, not emotion. Such an example could express a very refined nature, but very positive through logic and reason with assurance not based upon self-evaluation but upon the conviction that wisdom is power through logic, for logic is the closest thing to exact truth as is possible in this mortal world of ours. With gentility always goes refinement, tolerance, a more universal concept of life far above the mental plane of self, and such a person seeks a measuring stick of life based upon a broad universal concept of life.

Mind and Brain

Little does humanity realize the power that lies behind human mind because mind manifests through physical form, something we can see and understand; yet everything we do stems from the impulse of mind working in conjunction with the brain cells and the body. It is amazing how so many people confuse the mind with the brain, not realizing that the brain is a physical thing that receives the impulses from the mind and translates them into a physical reality through the senses and the nervous system. The universal impulses come through the solar mind and find finite expression through the brain.

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A Fragmentary Part of the Whole

We must fully realize that although finite beings, we are a fragmentary part of the whole of the universe, both negative and positive, i.e., both in the abstract and the finite planes. Mentally, each person is potentially a part of Divine Consciousness (or the reason of being) although ignorance has partially cut us off from conscious knowledge; i.e., the mind has become an instrument for distortion, there being a distortion between the solar mind and the brain cells. Mind has become lost and imprisoned within the confines of mortal existence and the limitations of self. Thus as mind frees itself from self and lifts its vision into a more universal understanding of life, so mind becomes closer to its source and power; and as mind learns to understand natural and mental laws, its distortion becomes less and its concept becomes deeper and clearer. As we realize our affinity to all things, especially that of cause, our reasoning becomes more universal and we see ourselves as part of our fellow beings; we live for the good of all rather than for self. And, we become givers and live for service to all, and our lives are dedicated and devoted to mental and spiritual progress: to the unfoldment of Spiritual Principle in the lives of all. We seek balance, refinement, and culture, and see good and God in all things. It has always been a difficult thing to define the relationship between good and evil, degeneration and regeneration, although everything is a part of mind and relative to it. A proper basic knowledge of the mechanics of mind has never been disseminated so that we could know what actually determines mental and spiritual progress. This knowledge requires a complete study of mind, its relationship to the individual and the source of Divine Consciousness.

How Can One Briefly, Yet Tangibly, Describe Mind?

Mind is primarily a link between cause and effect--between divine or universal reason and the reality of being. It is the duty of mind to seek into the ramifications of human existence: our relationship to Universal or Divine Consciousness, our source of intelligence. Through the law of involution, Universal Consciousness has become involved in flesh to combine reason with reality; thus are we basically two-fold. The individual mind is linked with Universal Consciousness while the body is a component part of the earth, and is the form or vehicle for Universal Consciousness. "How much?" is the question mind must solve that it might create and maintain a balance between the negative and positive forces of nature: reason and reality.

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Universal Consciousness, the Spiritual Aspect

This would seem to infer that we are motivated and governed through Divine Consciousness, which fact would throw the onus upon the shoulders of this divine power automatically to establish complete balance and completeness in the lives of all. Thus being children of God we would naturally be God-like: as "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit." (St. Matthew 7:18) This could be so where Universal Consciousness were manifesting directly upon the earth through our intelligence. Instead, Universal Consciousness, which is the allness of existence, i.e., the complete reason of being and being itself, becomes involved in form and dimension called the finite plane. Universal Consciousness is the spiritual aspect of the universe, the plan and reason of being or life, and it is beyond mortal concept and the senses of mortal mind. It is the undivided whole. Thus in spirit there is no individuality; all is the component part of the whole. Through the law of involution the source of Consciousness comes into individuality to create the opposite and the duality of existence. Thus is our finite or mortal plane created. A good simile is that Reason, or Universal Consciousness, could represent the film and light in a film projector, whilst the overall picture thrown upon the screen could represent physical being or mortal existence in a world of form, dimension, and symbology.

Human Mind, Imprisoned in Unreality

The power that creates the balance in the distance between reason and reality--or the projector and the screen--is the focusing lens which establishes proper magnification, balance, and clarity. In the case of the balance between Universal Consciousness and physical reality, it is human mind. Human intelligence balanced and focused to the proper degree establishes truth, balance, refinement, and wisdom in the minds of humanity. Thus does the universal reason of being become an individualized reality in our finite plane. To synchronize divine reason with physical reality is the task and duty of mortal mind, which is the link between both. Thus does mind contain the key and the means to the proper establishment of spiritual wisdom and dominion upon earth. Any distortion of mind creates only a world of illusion, unbalanced shadows upon the screen of life. Thus is human mind imprisoned in unreality, a distortion of Universal Consciousness, and humanity fails to see and understand the true reality of life. The spiritual drama is cut off from the screen of life, mortal mind. In proper balance, the duality of being -- Universal Consciousness and human intelligence--should be synchronized, thus creating at-oneness between the inner and outer forces of life. We would then become one with the Father, or Godlike, and would be wisdom personified, thus eliminating all mortal and personal problems.
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Life of Living Symbols

Speaking in the acknowledged terms of life, spirit is the complete Universal Consciousness undivided, the whole in one, beyond form and dimension, manifesting in the highest vibration; in fact, beyond vibration, because vibration is material and finite phenomena. To produce form, the lowest vibration must be created; thus spirit and earth life are two complete opposites, the highest and the lowest. These combined make the complete whole or the duality of life. The highest essence of Universal Consciousness, through involution, becomes seeded into the lowest form: physical and material form, the finite plane, a world of form and dimension, a life of living symbols, or quantity seemingly without quality. Thus our world is of mathematical form and dimension based upon the mechanics of nature. We can describe our earth life by giving names to everything-form, experiences, and all phenomena of life--through intelligent statements created through mathematics and language; yet we cannot describe their origin nor their reason of being. Quality, Spirit Consciousness, has become involved in our finite plane where everything must become tangible. Tangibility comes through definite and immutable laws of nature; the laws of nature or physical being might be termed the mechanics of nature or of finite being. Thus is everything finite, a symbol of quantity representing or symbolizing its original source, Universal Consciousness; the spirit has become involved in form and the mechanics of our very existence. Even our thought process, the expression of mind and of all intelligence, is based upon or created through symbology, the letters of the alphabet, and gradated through mathematics. Thus has the spirit taken upon itself form and thus become lost in the mechanics of being.

Releasing the Bonds of Earthly Existence

As we learn about self and nature, we realize that we (mind) must understand the mechanics or the laws of being; and through a knowledge of the quality behind all the symbols of quantity we are able, to a slight degree, to understand the relationship of quality and quantity. In life, spirit through its channel mind must learn to piece all the basic phenomena of life into a tangible picture or plan. The first works first represent the mechanics of being upon the finite plane. The mechanics of being are as pieces of a picture puzzle; we must learn to put them together in continuity to comprehend the whole or the cause of being. As mind extricates itself from the mechanics of being and draws closer to Universal Consciousness through awareness, its concept of life becomes universal or the highest concept of its relationship with the whole.

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Thus does Consciousness manifesting through the mechanics of finite existence finally extricate itself from mere form and mechanics and emerge into the realm of undivided Consciousness, and spirit once imprisoned in the mechanics of earth life transposes itself back to Consciousness from mere human intelligence. Thus has God dwelled in humankind and, as mind, has released itself from the bonds of earthly existence to become wisdom or Consciousness through the channel called mind, through concept. As we (or mind) learn the mechanics of earthly existence, how balance and refinement must be understood and established to allow mental and spiritual progress and the unfoldment and release of Divine Consciousness, so does our source of Consciousness become a greater awareness, and through the mechanics of mind find translation into actual reality. Thus does the duality of being begin to merge into an at-oneness through mental concept. In this way, Divine Consciousness frees itself from the first living death of mortality.

Power of Mind
Is it not a fact that as science learns more about the mechanics of nature, of natural law, the law of relativity, of mathematics, and the laws governing matter and space, mind is being freed from limitations, and mysteries are being revealed daily? Is it not a fact that all the mysteries of nature, of life, material and mental, are veiled in the mechanics of being, which is our mortal life? As we learn to apply a knowledge of the mechanics of being to the elevation or freedom of mind and concept, so will we extricate mind from material and mortal bondage to establish mind on the positive plane of Universal Consciousness, or wisdom, in closer contact with logic and reason, and thus personify Divine Consciousness in place of being lost in the mechanics of being and following the path of selfdestruction through blind ignorance. As mind clarifies itself, greater powers are released relative to the progress and development of mind. Mind thus becomes a power for good, for wisdom, and God or Consciousness dwells within the mind of humanity. This state of mind releases all the powers that represent mental and spiritual progress: all the divine powers to which mind is heir as mind becomes a fit place for Divine Consciousness to dwell. Spirituality is not an intangible something based upon mere acceptance, blind faith, imagination, or divine dispensation; it is a natural growth or clarification of mind through the removal of all obstacles, misconcept, limitations, and confusion. There is only one mind but many qualities of same, each plane of mind being a refinement from the previous concept. A mind that is closer to its divine source, rather than lost in the mechanics of mortal existence,
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could be termed a spiritual mind. The power of mind is dependent upon its degree of intelligence, its quality and concept. A scientific mind is a powerful mind but still lost in the mechanics of being, but using the knowledge of mathematics and mechanics to further the theory of form and dimension for the benefit of humanity in comfort, profit, and scientific progress. A spiritual mind is one having risen above mere comfort and profit, one that lives for the freedom of mortal mind to the establishment of spiritual ideals. We often hear the remark that thoughts are things, but many people cannot relate thoughts with things; they feel that thought is an abstract power not knowable until expressed. Everything upon this earth is a living symbol of an abstract power. No one could define God in tangible terms; yet, we see this divine power of Consciousness manifest in works such as creation, natural laws, and all living phenomena. The reason of being, which is abstract and beyond and above form or the finite plane, must take upon itself form; thus all form is an earthly symbol of an abstract power. It is only through human mind that the impulses of Universal Consciousness become a mental reality through the human brain cells. Everything, even the most divine wisdom, must use the mechanics of this finite plane in the form of the solar mind, mortal mind, and the human brain cells, to become an actual reality, a symbol, or a thing. Thus thoughts are things, reason brought into reality through the mechanics of our finite plane called life. If we think a thought, an impression, picture, or image is created in our brain cells and thus an impulse has become a reality, or a tangible thought created in the realm of mind. This picture can be transcribed through speech, and even though not transcribed into actual reality, it may be sensed or felt by another mind that also has its being in the plane called mind. Thus does mind affect mind, sometimes without the use of language. This product of the mind is a living thing having the expressed power of its origin, good or bad. The most vital part of any thought is its intent. The intent represents the plane or quality upon which the thought was created. The intent is the true meaning of. Do not think thoughts that are not good, for they do not have to be verbally expressed to become a menace to other minds. Thoughts can be felt and translated through affinity and the law of attraction. One wrong thought can attract many other thoughts that can overwhelm and destroy you. Guard your origin of thought that it might not attract disaster. Mind is the most powerful vibration known; it can permeate anything. It is the creative power upon the earth because it is the
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concept of being and life itself. It can penetrate the earth to depths of five miles to control another mind through hypnosis; it can penetrate steel and cement to obtain necessary data contained therein. No wonder that epidemics are so deadly, for to mind there is no distance nor limitations. Imagine how the thought of disease can be picked up by negative sensitive minds that can even translate thoughts from objects that have been touched or worn by others. How many children suffer through continuous colds, through fevers and strange nervous maladies the origin of which is unknown to doctors? Little do their parents realize that it is their thinking that is affecting the child. When those parents are asked, "Do you quarrel and lose your temper?" they will reply: "Not in the presence of the children. We wait until the child is in bed to air our difference of opinion. How foolish to assume that they can unleash the most powerful force in the universemind-in confusion, and not realize that it permeates the whole house and can be felt by the child's mind unconsciously! There is a power that can neutralize negative mind and the thoughts permeating objects, and that is wisdom, or the knowledge of mind and its ramifications with the knowledge of how to maintain balance in ones own mind. Positive thinking is mind's protection against negative thoughts and influences. Even a negative thought in ones thinking can negate the best laid plans. Very little is known about mind, the greatest mystery in the universe. One could go on indefinitely discussing mind and its ramifications, for only in the thorough knowledge of mind can be found the answers to all human problems. All life is mind, whether constructive or destructive. The mechanics of mind discloses its variations, its origin, and ramifications. Mind cannot be explained and understood through a mere discussion; one must start from a basic principle and reveal its ramifications through continuity of thought and demonstration. We are told that God is the Word, and yet God or Universal Consciousness is completely dependent upon the mechanics of language for expression. Mind and language are the only complete channels of conscious expression.

The Power and Influence of Thought

Mind being an integral part of Divine Consciousness; i.e., it represents the individuality of Consciousness or intelligence in the finite plane, could be translated as a crumb of the whole, a minute part. Although human mind works or expresses through the mechanics of language, there is the inner spark that comes to a child at birth, and it is this spark that represents the principle of involution that is in affinity with Universal Consciousness, not consciously so, or the responsibility of our troubles would be that of the spirit. Instead, there is a sense of awareness that has always intrigued humanity to seek a deeper
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understanding of life. Whilst we live in unbalanced mind, there is not a clear channel of expression from the higher source of Consciousness, and not knowing the basic principles of life we live through the medium of the senses and awareness. A balanced and spiritualized mind knows, rather than senses. We first sense, and then awareness of something greater stirs the emotions and, if we have developed the power of analysis, we learn to discriminate between good and evil and attempt to find a balance in life where through comparison we see the basic laws of being manifesting to create a philosophical and spiritualized mind. Until humanity has learned the principle of balance in mind, thinking and actions are motivated more through the emotions than the intellect. Thus thinking and actions are always motivated through emotion and desire, and we live for self.

Thoughts Are Things

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