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Environmental Trust Site Visit - Hsin Chu Nature Valley

新竹 自然谷

Due to Trust, we Entrust

Taiwan’s first environmental Trust example

The Natural Valley Environmental Education Base


11 22 ()

環境信託參訪- 新竹 自然谷















8:00-9:30 台北出發,前往新竹 <集合地點:公務人力展中心> 9:30-12:30 「因為信任,所以託付」 -台灣首例環境信託案例,自然谷環境教育基地 ~ 午餐:客家風味餐 ~ 12:30-15:00 竹東二重埔「農地徵議題」 <地點:竹東二重埔> 15:00-18:00 「廚餘田 環保米」-軟橋社區支持性農業 <地點:新竹縣竹東軟橋社區>

~ 活動:單車社區步道巡禮 ~ ~ 客家茶點 DIY&品嚐會 ~

18:00-18:40 返回台北




One day tour

Environmental Trust Site Visit - Hsin Chu Nature Valley

Due to Trust, we Entrust-Taiwans first environmental trust example -The Natural Valley Environmental Education Base

Environmental Protection Public Trust-The Nature Valley Environmental Education Baseis the first successful example of environmental trust in Taiwan. This case will establish the foundation of Taiwans environmental trust movement. Environmental Trust entrusts the environmentto credible trusteefor carefully management and sustainable operation so the environmental resources could be shared by the majorities.

The Nature Valley leverages land trust to protect the original ecological landscape so the pure land could be retained for the future generations to come. 3 land owners of The Nature Valley-Wu Jei Feng, Wu Wui Chao, Liu Hsui Mei are all members of the Society of Wilderness. The 38 years-old Wu Jei Feng was an engineer at Hsin Chu Scientific Park, investing more than 6 millions Taiwan dollars to purchase the land 4 years ago with his friends. His intention is to utilize the base for habitat protection and environmental education. Entrusting The Nature Valley to the Society of Wilderness protects the land to be sold and developed at ones interestsWu added.

The trustee - the Society of Wilderness will use the Nature Valley as the environmental education base. In the future, children can enjoy the nature and closely observe flying squirrels and pangolins. Hoping more lands in the future can entrust to more environmental protection groups.

Nov. 22ndTuesday


Departure from Taipei, heading to Hsin Chu <Civil Service Development Institute in Taipei City >

9:30-12:30 Visit Taiwan’s first environmental trust example - The Nature Valley Environmental Education Base <Hsin Chu Country, Qionglin Township >

~ Lunch: Hakka traditional cuisine ~ 12:30-15:00 ZhuDong “Agriculture land acquiring issues” < Location: Zhudong Erchongpu >

15:00-18:00 “Compost farmland, Eco-friendly rice” - Ruan Bridge Community Agriculture Supporting Group <Hsin Chu County, Zhu Dong Ruan Bridge Community >

~ Activity: Cycling and Walking ~ ~Hakka traditional tea time deserts DIY and tasting ~

18:00-18:40 Back to Taipei

The sponsorThe Society of Wilderness (SOWThe responsibleRuan Bridge Community Development Association, National Tsing Hwa University Touqianxi Club.