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Lista verbe neregulate ( Iregular verbs)

Past tense = Trecutul simplu Past participe = Participiul trecut

VERBS to be = a fi to bear = a purta to beat = a bate to become = a deveni to begin = a incepe to bend = a indoi to bind = a lega to bite = a musca to bleed = a sangera to blow = a sufla to break = a sparge to breed = a creste (educa) to bring = a aduce to build = a construi to burn = a arde to burst = a izbucni, a exploda to buy = a cumpara to catch = a prinde to choose = a alege to come = a veni to cost = a costa to creep = a se tara, a se furisa to cut = a taia to deal = a imparti, a distribui to dig = a sapa to dive = a (se) scufunda, a sari in apa to do = a face to draw = a trage, a desena to dream = a visa to drink = a bea to drive = a conduce to eat = a manca to fall = a cadea to feed = a hrani

PAST TENSE was, were bore beat became began bent bound bit bled blew broke bred brought built burnt burst bought caught chose came cost crept cut dealt dug dived /dove did drew dreamt drank drove ate fell fed

PAST PARTICIPLE been borne, born beaten become begun bent bound bitten blen blown broken bred brought built burnt burst bought caught chosen come cost crept cut dealt dug dived done drawn dreamt drunk driven eaten fallen fed

to feel = a simti to fight = a lupta to find = a gasi to fly = a zbura to forbid = a interzice to forget = a uita to forgive = a ierta to freeze = a ingheta to get = a obtine to give = a da to go = a merge to grow = a creste to hang = a atarna to have = a avea to hear = a auzi to hide = a ascunde to hit = a lovi, a izbi to hold = a tine to hurt = a rani to keep = a tine, a pastra to kneel = a ingenunchea to know = a sti, a cunoaste to lay = a intinde, a culca to lead = a conduce to lean = a (se) sprijini to leap = a sari to learn = a invata to leave = a pleca to lend = a da ccu imprumut to let = a permite, a lasa to lie = a se intinde to light = a aprinde to lose = a pierde to make = a face to mean = a insemna to mow = a cosi, a secera to meet = a intalni to pay = a plati

felt fought found flew forbade forgot forgave froze got gave went grew hung had heard hid hit held hurt kept knelt knew laid led leant leapt learnt, learned left lent let lay lit, lighted lost made meant mowed met paid

felt fought found flown forbidden forgotten forgiven frozen got, gotten given gone grown hung had heard hidden hit held hurt kept knelt known laid led leant leapt learnt, learned left lent let lain lit, lighted lost made meant mown met paid

to put = a pune to read = a citi to ride = a calari to ring = a suna to rise = a rasari, a se ridica to run = a alerga to say = a spune, a zice to see = a vedea to seek = a cauta to sell = a vinde to send = a trimite to set = a apune, a pune to sew = a coase to shake = a scutura to shine = a straluci to shoot = a impusca to show = a arata to shrink = a se micsora to shut = a (se) inchide to sing = a canta to sink = a (se) scufunda to sit = a sedea, a sta jos to sleep = a dormi to slide = a aluneca to smell = a mirosi to sow = a semana, a insamanta to speak = a vorbi to spell = a silabisi; a vraji to spend = a petrece to spill = a varsa to spin = a roti, a rasuci to spread = a raspandi to stand = a sta in picioare to steal = a fura to stick = a (se) lipi to sting = a intepa to stink = a mirosi urat to stride = a pasi cu pasi mari

put read rode rang rose ran said saw sought sold sent set sewed shook shone shot showed shrank shut sang sank sat slept slid smelt sowed spoke spelt spent spilt spun spread stood stole stuck stung stank strode

put read ridden rung risen run said seen sought sold sent set sewn shaken shone shot shown shrunk shut sung sunk sat slept slid smelt sown spoken spelt spent split spun spread stood stolen stuck stung stank stridden

to strike = a lovi to strive = a nazui, a se sforta to swear = a jura, a injura to sweep = a matura to swim = a inota to take = a lua to teach = a invata pe cineva to tear = a rupe to tell = a spune, a povesti to think = a crede, a se gandi to throw = a arunca to understand = a intelege to wake = a (se) scula to wear = a purta to weave = a tese to weep = a plange to win = a castiga to wind = a (se) rasuci to write = a scrie

struck strove swore swept swam took taught tore told thought threw understood woke, waked wore wove wept won wound wrote

struck striven sworn swept swum taken taught torn told thought thrown understood woken, waked worn woven wept won wound written