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.......the ink flows with Thanksgiving and Praise

Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10
Death is swallowed up in victory Corinthians 15:42-57

September 2011 Volume 1, Issue 2
Mission News:
as I meet with the Mission Sta-
tion Directors and Volunteers
who are answering their call
to Missions. Realizing that
we were all designed for
Missions, it is my prayer that
this Made for Missions
newsletter will cause you to
hear the cries of those who
live with intimidation, insults,
abuse and the feeling of
helplessness. Will you notice
the people placed on your
path today? Do you see
them, do you hear their cries
and are you responding to
their needs? Enjoy reading
how others are answering
the call to work in the har-
vest field and we invite you
to join in.

Then he said to his disciples,
"The harvest is plentiful but
the workers are few. Ask the
Lord of the harvest, there-
fore, to send out workers into
his harvest field." (Matthew
9:3638 NIV)

Barbara Franklin (803)215-6010
President, CC Missions

Women`s Well

Nehemiah Project
Upcoming Events
Bethel House
Concession of Hope
CCM Internships
Mission Needs
Word Search
The Christ Central family lost one of its own
September 12th. Jay Harding, husband to Kathy
and father of Lori died from injuries sustained in
a car accident in Aiken. Jay, was a former stu-
dent at CCI and he was the second Director at
Christ Central Missions, Aiken.
CCM-Aiken will hold a memorial service at
2:00pm Sunday, September 25 at 3605 Richland
Ave. Aiken SC 29801.

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Read Hebrews 4:14-16
When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears,
and rescues them from all their troubles. The LORD is
near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in
- Psalm 34: 17-18 (NRSV)

I have been single for many years. Since my children
left the nest, I have experienced bouts of loneliness and
depression. Simple tasks like grocery shopping for a
family on one can overwhelm me with despair.
One Saturday afternoon at the grocery store, I sorted
through the banana bin and found just the right bunch.
As I pulled off one banana that I didn't want and put it
back in the pile, I felt a deep, unexpected sadness. I
know what it's like to feel isolated, left out, and discon-
That day as I retrieved the single banana, I remem-
bered how God retrieves us. God understands our deep-
est needs; and in our loneliest times, God draws us close
in fellowship and love. We can rest
assured that we are God's precious
children, held gently in God's care.

Prayer: Thank you, God of comfort, for your constant
presence in our lives. Fill us with your love, your hope,
and your promise.

Thought for the Day:

Though we may feel left out, God retrieves us and
draws us close.

Jennifer Jeanncake
GED Instructor

Prayer Focus:

We had a special visitor at the Women's Well in September.
She is a precious woman of God who loves the color purple.
n fact, all her many friends all call her "Grandma Purple.
Grandma Purple always wears something purple (hats, shoes,
dresses, jewelry).
On September 6, we honored Grandma Purple (i.e. Marga-
ret Hammond) for all she does for others by wearing purple. In
her hometown of Thomasville, NC, Grandma Purple ministers
to patients in hospitals by her visits and
prayers for their healing. Just being
around her will make you smile and feel
This year's Aiken Charity Bazaar was
another success. We met so many peo-
ple in those two days. Our banner dis-
played "Wagener Women's Well, a
Christ Central Ministry on it. Most peo-
ple were not familiar with the Women's
Well but were familiar with Christ Cen-
tral. Comments were positive in ex-
pressing appreciation for the Christ
Central ministries of Aiken. I hope that
those who visited our booth will now
have a better idea of the ministry in
Tuesday, October 4, we will start a
new Bible study at 10:30. These studies have brought women
together who would not otherwise be together. Our discussions
are scripture centered and our fellowships filled with fun and
good food. We welcome and invite all women from all denomi-
nations to join us.
More events are on the calendar for October. The trip to
Hendersonville, NC for apple picking will take place the middle
of October (13 or 20). We also will be exhibiting our handiwork
in Columbia on October 19 at the
SC Christian Chamber of Com-
merce. We plan to include break-
fast at Brookland Baptist Church
on #378 that morning.
Until next month, Be Blessed.

Dianne Lemack's (803)606-1780
CCM- :$*(1(5:20(16:(//
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Family Reunion with a Purpose

Welcome to Nehemich, blurted c :; ecr old Airport Hih student, cs students disembcrled jrom the shuttle bus. A smilin C
Hih student quicll quipped, Yech, ood to be bccl uith the jcmill

TIIs pusL week, IusL yeur`s purLIcIpunLs onIy uLLended our uILer-school program. Our
purpose wus Lo prepure LIem Lo InvesL In LIe IIves oI LIIs yeur`s IIrsL LIme purLIcI-
pants while serving as peer mentors. Our goal is to enhance leadership skills through
beLLer decIsIon mukIng und uILImuLeIy, prepure uII oI our sLudenLs Ior LIe reuI
worId LIuL uwuILs LIem uILer gruduuLIon. WIIIe servIng In LIe peer menLor cupucILy,
students have the opportunity to qualify for financial rewards based on quarterly

usL week uIso IncIuded some surprIses wIen IusL yeur`s gruduuLes sIowed up!
Hakeem and Angel are both attending Midland Tech. (Hakeem also has a part-time
job.) Zack is helping every day with after-school program. BreAsha is attending USC
and sent her regards. When Hakeem and Angel entered the school cafeteria, an im-
prompLu group Iug broke ouL!

The Nehemiah Project is a national pilot project that was launched three years ago in Lexington School District Two. Our mis-
sIon Is Lo provIde Iope . LrunsIorm IIves . und enrIcI our communILy. WE presenLIy serve more LIun ,ooo IumIIIes In u vurIeLy
oI wuys . 1o sLudenLs und LIeIr IumIIIes purLIcIpuLe In our uILer-scIooI progrum. We beIIeve every sLudenL Is uL rIsk . some are
uL exLreme rIsk. We pIuce specIuI empIusIs on meeLIng LIe needs oI sLudenL uLIIeLes und LIeIr IumIIIes. SLudenLs und LIeIr fami-
lies participate for FREE.

We represent a partnership with Christ Central Ministries and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We are totally volunteer and
cross-denominational. We are registered as a 501 (c) 3 organization. Our mailing address is PO Box 227 Lexington, SC 29071 and
our website is thenehemiahprojectsc.org. We beIIeve every communILy Is u JerusuIem.

TIe purpose oI LIe NeIemIuI CIronIcIe Is Lo provIde u snupsIoL oI wIuL God Is doIng In LIe IIves oI our sLudenLs, LIeIr Iumilies,
und LIose purLIcIpuLIng In LIe LrunsIormuLIon oI LIeIr IIves. EucI week`s sLory S reuI . due Lo conIIdenLIuIILy, LIe numes ure not!

Scooter Scott (803)-231-8394
As I stood at the bus stop waiting for our new crop of kids this school year, the neighbor-
hood moms were lined up and down the sidewalk as well. They were lining up
to place their children on a waiting list for our program-most of them begging
Ior me Lo muke un excepLIon und Luke jusL one more. wus remInded oI Iow
far the Lord has brought us in a little over a year. We started tutoring under an
oId ouk Lree und we couIdn`L even geL LIe uduILs In LIe neIgIborIood Lo Luke un
InLeresL In wIuL we were doIng, mucI Iess meeL us on LIe sIdewuIk. By Iook-
Ing buck, um remInded oI Iow LIe ord Ius IeIped us brIdge LIe gup In LIIs
neighborhood and I give Him all the glory.

We currently have 16 K-5
grade children enrolled in our after-school
program with a waiting list of 18. The kids enjoy being transported to our new
location at Hope Plaza, Crossroads Church, twice a week. We look forward to seeing what the Lord will ac-
complish in the lives of these children this year.
Michelle James, at 803-318-2497
CCMProsperity Project

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Business Name

Why I Want My GED

It has come to my attention, that many job opportunities are unavailable to me for
the simple fact I do not have a high school diploma. I plan to acquire my GED and attend a technical
school before college. Nothing would make me happier than to be successful in the field of medical
sciences; however, only medical training facility requires a high school diploma or equivalent. After
dropping out of high school to work full time, I soon realized it to be the worst decision I've ever made.

Although a high school diploma would have been the smarter easier choice, I am glad the GED pro-
gram exists to aide people like myself in achieving a better life. A GED is the first stepping stone on my
path to a happy comfortable life. Without it, I am doomed to minimum wage work for the rest of my life.
I have always aspired for greatness, but being under educated has severely stunted my financial

There are many people that have helped me since I've been on my own. My most important goal for
earning my GED is to return favor to these whom have aided me in my time of need. That is why I
want my GED................this was submitted by a GED candidate.

Roger Floyd (803) 640-1685
Verse of The Day

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or
vain conceit. Rather, in humility value oth-
ers above yourselves,
not looking to
your own interests but each of you to the
interests of the others. Philippians 2:3-4
Upcoming Events

October 18 -Wagener Women`s Well
Annual Apple Pickin Trip to NC.
October 19 - SC4 Missions Fair at
Hope Plaza1215 Calhoun Street
Columbia SC.
October 29 - Work day at Chris Myer`s
Children's Home in Lexington, SC.
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Here is a report on my brother who is in a rehabilitation facility in Columbia with Christ
Central ministries (Bethel House). Addica is doing great. He left fort mill with nothing and
have gained everything which is wisdom from God. He was home for the weekend and we
had a family cookout he put together. It was really good to see him and I know he felt
good to see most of his family in the surrounding area and not have to do drugs to main-
tain. Since he has been in the rehabilitation house they were able to show him how to get
his veteran benefits going so he could have veterans' healthcare. Ny brother was once in
the Air Force and his job was a chief airman mechanic but because of his addiction he was
discharged. He worked for Bowater, Duke Power and Freightliner and so many more great
companies as a certified welder, but because
of this addiction he lost these positions. He
just got another chance at employment with
the VA hospital. This is a temporary position
and he is praying they will hire him permanent
so keep him in your prayers. Just would like to
say thank you for your support and God
Bless...submitted by a family member.

Pastor Kerry Breen (803-600-0717)
Report of Family Member of Loved One in Recovery
Judy Floyd 9/14 - Aiken
Al Kulp9/24 - Central Midland Retreat
Jimmy Burroughs 9/21 - Good Samaritans House
Henry Mosley 9/27 Allendale

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CCM - Concessions of Hope

RefIections from a famiIy member.

A group of us met this past Thursday. Next weekend will mark a year since I
walked onto the Hope Plaza property. In the last year, I have met so many people and
learned many lessons. Larry and I met today. We sat in the plaza for over an hour. This
week, it was evident we need to firm up the foundation of our coffee shop. I told Larry we are
being pruned. Over the last year, the need continues to minister to the homeless. Every day,
people come to the plaza, seeking friendship, and a cup of coffee. They leave with both.

Larry Johnson (803)-447-3148
God is teaching me to stay on the path that he as laid our
for me through His Word. I'm learning not to lose myself
and get caught up in the everyday battles of this world. I'm
focusing on keeping my eyes fixed on Christ and not let-
ting small insignificant things distract me. I have also
learned not to put limits on what God can do. think, hope,
and dream for big things.
Jesus is a friend to those who don't have friends. We
can count on Him through thick and thin and I love that I
can do that. I know sometimes it seems as if I am standing
all alone but I will get through it because His grace, love
and mercy won't let me fall. God is there to help us carry on
Chad Bechtel (260) 336-4113
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Prosperity Project:
Educational games and manipulatives for grades K-5.
Games for K-1, as well as ABC, shape & colors puzzles.
We are open to anything you may have around your house that you are no longer using or your kids have outgrown.
Bethel House:
Sound equipment
100' snake
2 speakers and a sound board
Nehemiah Project:
Transportation drivers
Support for peer mentor program
Replacement of Heating and AC unit
Volunteers for All Mission Stations ..........
If God has called you, He will equip you!
Find us on Facebook
Christ Central


Windsor Oakwood:
2 Drawer file cabinet
Room divider
Working computer
Paper Clips/Paper/Pens/ Pencils

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UNSCRAMBLE the letters into the the
boxes at the right of each set of letters.
Copy the letters in the numbered boxes to
the other boxes with the same number in
the phrase below.