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There is a story told by old people, that: When Ibrahim a.

s came to the King Namrus invited to show and to worship God, he then reject Ibrahim himself and magnify himself. Then he gathered up all the servants of the people and his men to ask their minds, what should be made to hey my people, i want to hear for themselves what should we do with Ibrahim. He dare to abuse our religion, to destroy the god of our idolatry, and dispersed disunity between us! Now I ask all the servants of the people to give his opinion! Crowds of people who got proposed to be made this way and that against him, until finally there is only suggested that burned him.Sir Namruz! The easiest of all, Ibrahim was caught and burn him alive, finished the story! Thats right! That is a most great once, because he has insulted our gods. It is said that the rock gods we do not hear anything. We must defend our God! Response from the crowd with enthusiasm of increasing concern. Then King Namrus declared that Abraham will be burned alive. Then King Namrus ordered dug a large hole in an open space, and ordered all the people gather firewood that high as the hills. Then developed a high stage that have never developed such before to make way for the sight of all people, later when Ibrahim being burn. Said that the preparing take a year. Then King Ibrahim Namruz together with his chiefs how the to burn Ibrahim a.s. An argument between them until finally come in the form of human evil while its recommendations, he said: Gentlemen, Do not having a lot of arguing, try to listen to my advice! Put fuel wood in the hole already prepared. Then leave it until the big fire, that ye brought him from the stage that you do. Let him see the fire, which knows that he was afraid, and he returned reaffirmed the Lord!

When they burn the wood, the fire increased tendency to exaggerate on the smoke environment to the state, making it dark as night is dark star. The birds that pass around all fall risk. Then Ibrahim was taken before the King Namruz and asked quietly to look the excruciating fire, then he was being persuaded to return to the religion of their grandparents, but not he ignored altogether Abraham turned to the right and left, found all the seats there are unbelievers. He said: You will throw me into the fire, are welcome. I turn my face only to Allah, God of the heavens and the earth in a state of faith in him, and I am not at all from the infidels! King Namruz already ordered the Prophet Ibrahim was tied and placed at the end of the pelimpar. Then he gave another chance to return in applying religious grandparents, but Ibrahim maintained So dikenjutkanlah pelimpar end the stone, then Abraham was thrown in the air plunges into the flames, while Abraham was in the air, all the angels in the sky asking God Almighty! And with permission by God, then hurry to the next Gabriel came to Abraham when he was still soaring through the air before he fell into the fire, he said: Assalammualakum Ibrahim! He said:walaikumsalam!

Do you need something now, Ibrahim? asked Jibril Need?Ibrahim said,To you, no! he continued. If so, ask to whom you always ask for your needs! Jibril suggested to him that ask to Allah. Is that he know about me now, what need I seek him?Ibrahim answered. God said unto the fire: Fire! Become cool and safe for Ibrahim! Then immediately the fire turned a cold temperament, such as in the garden many trees, keep the cool air. So all that happens in it, all eyes are on the stage watching him with takjubnya, and heard a speech from the mouth-m Finish all wood-burning fire consumes the wood. The fire was dimmed and disappeared. So Abraham went out from the hole was walking out towards the direction of the eyes of the public to see, do not dare criticize or stop it.