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Case Study

Petrom / Receive to give

Brand communication materials

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Brand communication materials

Brand communication materials

As part of Petroms goal to become the leading integrated oil and gas company in South Eastern Europe, the companys management is determined to use all environmental influencer elements in its new headquarters reuniting 2.500 employees Petrom City in order to create awareness on the corporate values and thus build the desired organizational culture. Therefore, Petrom addresses BrandTailors the request to develop an internal communication campaign that can endorse the transition.

During the debriefing process with the companys top management and the analysis of previous organizational diagnosis reports, a series of conclusions have been reached. While employees share part of Petroms values, one could easily notice the existence of sub-cultures standing in the way of organizational coherence in terms of behaviors and attitudes, doubled by the fact that people feel less empowered and proud to be a part of the organization.

To succeed with the internal communication campaign, Petrom had to capitalize on the existent organizational assets while overcoming the barriers people meet in expressing their values. To meet this challenge, BrandTailors transformed people who hold the desired behaviors and attitudes at work into organizational heroes and the stars of the campaign. To make sure the message would be assimilated by employees, we disseminated it in the most credible way - by letting people and their actions speak and not the organization

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which people usually tend to be reluctant to. Thus, the campaigns creative concept - Receive to give - depicts people involved in pioneering projects and CSR actions while stressing the spirit of leadership, sustainability and partnership.

Brand consultancy - Anca Tzloanu Brand design - Bianca Dumitracu, Ovidiu Pop Project management - Ionu Militaru Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea
Project implementation started in August 201 1. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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