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Coaching/Counselling –The GROW Model

After Landsberg M (1996) The Tao of Coaching; Harper Collins

A mentor, when dealing with either an individual or a group, could be seen as a

coach or counsellor. This being the case, it might be useful to structure the
conversions according to the GROW model. A Chairperson might also be of use
when dealing with a committee

Goal G
• Agree • What would you like to discuss?
• Discussion • What would you like to achieve in this
• Agree specific session?
• Objectives for the session • What would you like be different when
• Set a long term aim if this is appropriate you leave this session?
• Can we do that in the time we have
Reality R
• Invite self assessment • How do you know this is accurate?
• Offer specific examples of feedback • How often does this happen?
• Avoid or check assumptions • What effect does this have?
• Discard irrelevant • What other factors are relevant?
• History • What is X’s perception of the situation?
• What have you tried so far?
Options O
• Cover the full range of options • What alternatives are there to that
• Invite suggestions from one being approach?
coached • Who might be able to help?
• Offer suggestions carefully • Would you like suggestions from me?
• Ensure choices are made • What are the benefits and pitfalls of that
• What option would you most like to act
Wrap W
• Get a commitment to act • What are the next steps?
• Identify possible obstacles • What will you do next?
• Plan detailed actions on a time frame • What might get in the way?
• Agree what support will be given • Do you need to log the steps in your
• What support might you need?
• How and when can you get that support?


• Use more ‘ask’ than ‘tell’- try to get others to come up with his/her own

kidawson 2008 GROW

• Be creative rather than just systematic, especially in the options and wrap-
up sessions

• Check understanding all the time by using real life experiences of yourself or
the other

kidawson 2008 GROW