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Decision making simplified

Research & Analytics

AnalyZ Research
Giving you the competitive edge to stay ahead
AnalyZ is an upcoming research and analytics firm with a clientele of
some of India's leading companies.
The firm is headed by Dr.Manasa Nagabhushanam, a proficient
academician, a management consultant and researcher with over 22
years of experience in the industry. AnalyZ has a competent and
experienced research and analytics team which is committed to deliver
quality and consistency in its products. The team has experienced
doctorates from diverse industries. The company is based out of
Bangalore with a massive expansion plan in the pipeline.
AnalyZ provides a whole gamut of research process, from Customer
Profiling to Data Processing/Tabulation & Analysis and Reporting to the
clients. It offers competitor analysis, brand research, consumer need
analysis, environment scanning and customized research depending on
the client's needs. Another wing consists of data mining, cleansing and
web analytics.
AnalyZ offers highly dependable data analysis which is based on best of
statistical software packages to process the information and provide
innovative, intelligent and deeper insights for any kind of research and
marketing issues.
Using the most appropriate methodology to suit your research
requirements, we intend to be your partner in all stages of development
and provide you with solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Our products
Industry analysis
Customer profiling
Customer need analysis
Customer satisfaction analysis ( C Sat)
Employee satisfaction survey
Psychometric tests and analysis
Stakeholder Surveys
Branding Research
Competitor Research
Demographic, social and economic surveys
Economy indicators
Project Feasibility study
Project implementation effectiveness
Impact assessment
Web Analytics
Marketing analytics
Financial analytics
Customized solutions
Current projects:
Energy Industry Analysis
Analytics for Online retail
Enrolment in Higher Education
Water purification Industry study
Customer satisfaction study in Banking
Audience research to set up FM channels

We realize your uniqueness is what keeps you
ahead of the competition. In order to
maintain the status quo we will tailor the
research / analytics solutions according your
The race to stay ahead in the virtual
world requires path breaking trends to be
recognized. This is where we come in to
take you ahead of the crowd.
The expertise of the team in various
domains helps us to bring to the table a
unique blend of perspectives be it in
marketing, finance, Supply chain or other
areas. Economy, and sectorial being our
mainstay we are habitual of delighting
the customer.

Contact us:

AnalyZ Research Solutions Pvt Ltd.,
46/A, 4
Floor, 1
Main Road,
III Phase, J P Nagar, Bengaluru: 560078
9448129991 9741597694

Reliable business intelligence
Flexible in tailoring the research service
Statistical Validity and Directional findings
1. Web Based Research / Desk Research / Primary Research/ Secondary

2. Survey Design - Based on Research Objectives

3. Data Collection - Online surveys, face to face interviewing, depth
interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Telephonic interviews, Key
Informant interviews

4. Data management It includes data cleaning, processing and coding. We
use a combination of simple tools such as MS Excel and sophisticated
statistical package such as SPSS and SAS

5. Analytics In different domains like marketing, finance and
International Business. Statistical modelling, predictor and forecasting
analysis, Significance testing, factor analysis, cluster analysis, SEM,
Conjoint Analysis, Multi Regression Analysis etc,

6. Web Analytics Site Analytics, Data modelling, Customer profiling, RFM
analysis, promotions effectiveness

7. Qualitative analysis and Directional indicators

8. Reporting - Comprehensive and Detailed Reports with key indicators
and trends, Strategies to be adopted and recommendations with Power
Point Presentations