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ABAP Workbench Fundamentals 1. Which is an OK_CODE used to delete a session? A. B. C. D.

/n /i /a /o

2. F1 help is used for displaying? A. B. C. D. Logon screen Field contents Documentation of field Create a new screen

3. Which transaction code allows you to display the objects under a package? A. B. C. D. SE11 SE41 SE80 SE38

4. Repository objects are client-independent A. True B. False

5. In regard to the three-tier client/server architecture, which of the following is a true statement? A. The presentation server processes the SAP program logic B. An application server is responsible for updating database tables C. Typically, there is a one-to-one ratio of database servers to presentation server. D. The application server layer is the layer between presentation server and database server. 6. Distribution of User requests to the work processes is done by? A. B. C. D. Dispatcher Message Server Gateway Database Interface

7. Which of the Work processes will be only one in R/3 System?

A. B. C. D.

Dialog Background Spool Enqueue

8. Data Base independency of application programs that are written in ABAP is achieved by A. SAP Open SQL B. Native SQL C. Local Buffer 9. Which are the two default menus displayed in every SAP screen?

10. Which process helps to communicate between SAP R/3 and SAP R/2 and external application systems? A. B. C. D. Update Work Processor Message Server Gate Way Dispatcher

11. Which part of the Application Server converts OPEN SQL statements into database dependent NATIVE SQL? A. B. C. D. Dispatcher RDBMS ABAP Interpreter Database Interface

12. Database interface is located in? A. B. C. D. Work Process Message Server Database server Dispatcher

13. Technical attributes of a table field are stored in? A. Data Element B. Domain C. Table type

D. Structure 14. Which of the following can be defined with TYPES statement? A. B. C. D. Elementary Data type Structured type Table type Internal table

15. Which is NOT an operator in ABAP programming language A. B. C. D. * : @

16. The ABAP runtime system writes a return code into a system field to indicate how successfully the statement was executed. Which among the listed is that system field? A. B. C. D. sy-lisnd sy-tabix sy-subrc sy-fdpos

17. The Documentation and Labels of a field are stored in? A. B. C. D. Domain Data Elements Field labels Structures

18. What is the default data type in ABAP? A. B. C. D. C N String I

19. Which statement reset the contents of a data object to the type-related initial value? A. B. C. D. CLEAR FREE DELETE DEFAULT

20. In which system field does the system stores the number of the current loop pass in the DO and ENDDO loop A. B. C. D. sy-tabix sy-subrc sy-index sy-ucomm

21. Which among the following is not a ABAP Message type A. B. C. D. a w i c

22. ABAP program can be switched form execution mode to debugging mode by entering in the command field A. B. C. D. /n /s /h /a

23. Components of a structure are always addressed using a A. B. C. D. dot hyphen ~ semicolon

24. A local copy of the actual parameter is passed to the subroutine. Then it would be .. A. Call-by-value B. Call-by-reference C. Call-by-value-and-result 25. In subroutines what happens when you do not specify the data type of a formal parameter? A. Uses type C B. Syntax error C. Generic type

26. Which type of parameters will pass the data from the function module to the calling program? A. B. C. D. Import Changing Tables Export

27. When internal table is passed to subroutine using TABLES it is passed as? A. By value B. By value and result C. By reference 28. The standard selection screen is sent to the presentation server after the event? A. B. C. D. At selection-screen Load-of-program Start-of-selection At line-selection

29. ABAP statement for calling an executable program A. B. C. D. APPEND SUBMIT CALL RETURN

30. How many external sessions can be opened simultaneously in one terminal session? A. B. C. D. 4 6 8 10

31. The current row index of internal table will be stored in the field A. B. C. D. SY-TABIX SY-INDEX SY-DBCNT SY-SUBRC

32. When user selects a pushbotton on selection screen which process the system starts first? A. B. C. D. At line-Selection Event Start-of-selection Event Type checks of the input fields At Selection-Screen Event

33. In which type of parameter we use a Structure as a data type to pass an internal table to a Function module? A. B. C. D. Import Export Changing Tables

34. Which ABAP program attribute provides access protection? A. B. C. D. Status Application Package Authorization group