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OCTOBER 2 12-6 PM Look for UNC-DM at Festifall.

Downtown Chapel Hill, West Franklin St.

CrAIg WooLArd BAnd |


The mission of UNC Dance Marathon is to unite the University, community and state in fostering emotional and financial support that improves the quality of life for the patients, families and staff of N.C. Children's Hospital.

OCTOBER 6 11 PM - 2 AM Listen to music and have some fun with UNC-DM and CWB.
Pantana Bobs.

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Read our blog post to find out how experiences with our organization have influenced graduates in their current jobs. Check out page II of the Newsletter for two-time Overall Committee member Kate Gilliams memory of UNC-DM. Learn about many of the events we put on throughout the year. In this issue, UNC-DM gets a little sweet and a little messy as committees compete in the first Vermonster of the year. Learn the ins and outs of one of the nine new grants that we have made possible for N.C. Childrens Hospital. This month we feature the palliative care unit, which provides counseling and treatment for seriously ill children and their families. Meet a UNC student who has been impacted by N.C. Childrens Hospital. This month, read about Emily Horton and her connection to N.C. Childrens Hospital.

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a year-round effort Page V unC-dMs IMPaCt Page II
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We hosted our first hospital social, featuring an outer space theme. Kids participated in a moon rock hunt, decorated their own glow-in-the-dark stars and made spaceships and planets. Committee members helped serve hot meals to families every Tuesday during Parents Night Out, which is funded by our organization. As part of the Healthy Steps program, we read and played games with kids in the General Pediatric Clinic waiting room from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We volunteered in the hospitals Pediatric Playroom, where we played video games, climbed the jungle gym and drew pictures with the kids.

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for UNC-DM Dedication

Never send an adult "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination." to do a kid's job.
Tweet the movie this Quotation is from and well take your suggestion for the next spy movie Quotation we use! Tommy Lasorda, former Major League Baseball player since 1954, the longest non-continuous tenure anyone has had with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers

@egoslin14 Liz Goslin

Whenever Im stressing about school, I read the #FTK story on my bulletin board puts things into perspective @UnCdM 19 September, 2011

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it

Welcome UNC-DM family, to our first themed newsletter of the year. Were glad youre here. We hope you will consider this five-paged, freshly created, spy-themed information source as your inside-man, or secretagent, if you will, for all things UNC-DM. For those of you who have yet to connect the dots, the theme of the 2012 UNC Dance Marathon is Mission: Possible. Many people who could not attend the annual theme reveal at Players Dance Club found out our theme via UNC-DMs Twitter @UNCDM. Double-Oh-Seven inspired, our theme implies our readiness to tackle the challenge of improving the lives of patients and families of N.C. Childrens Hospital, as stated in our organizations mission, which you can view on page one underneath our logo. Some of the pieces you will see monthly that make up the puzzle of this newsletter include: 1. Hospital inspiration for UnC-dM dedication, where you will meet a UNC student who has either been directly impacted by N.C. Childrens Hospital or knows somebody who has been. (Page III) 2. Zeroed in: Where are they now? where you will encounter a link to our first-of-the-month blog post in the newsletter. Read about the ways in which experiences with our organization have influenced graduates in their current jobs. (Page IV) 3. Inside Scoop dartboard: Behind the scenes For the Kids, where you will enter the life of someone who plays a crucial role in one of the many aspects of our organization. There are a plethora of options which role will the dart land on this month? (Page II) 4. grant rant, where you will learn the ins and outs of one of the nine new grants that we have made possible for N.C. Childrens Hospital. (Page II) Be sure to look for these stories, and many more, each month. As part of Publicity committee, we are working hard to make sure this newsletter is engaging to you and all other members of the UNC-DM family, that is, a community of people who are brought together through their interactions, dedication, love and heart for the patients and families at N.C. Childrens Hospital. Help us spread awareness of our mission by passing the newsletter on to others who would enjoy scrolling through its pages. We are open to all suggestions from readers like you. If you have a story idea, a comment, a critique, a criticism or know someone who wants to receive the newsletter, simply let us know. We are here to inform you. Just mention @UNCDM on Twitter, send an email to Kaylee Baker (Kaylee.baker89@gmail.com) or come visit us on UNCs campus in suite 3508D in the Student Union. A million thanks for reading. Were thrilled to dive into this year with you and make it possible for the patients and families. For the Kids, oLIvIA BArroW
publicity chair 2012 unc-dm

2012 UNC-DM Theme Reveal

| Dancers at Player's Dance Club anxiously wait for the Overall Committee to hold up the last sign, announcing the theme of the 2012 UNC Dance Marathon: Mission Possible.
photo by carolyn stotts

When Leisa and Jim Greathouse discovered their son Samuel had a rare blood disease known as Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH), they were determined to fight the disease as a family. Samuel underwent salvage treatment and learned his LCH was inactive. However, Samuel had a relapse and needed a bone marrow transplant. Shortly before Samuel was to receive his transplant, his bilirubin (a pigment formed in the liver) rose, disqualifying him from receiving the transplant. Leisa and Jim hoped Samuels bilirubin would lower, but also wanted to spend as much time at home as possible. At the time, a Pediatric Palliative Care Program was unavailable in the hospital, so they decided to go home where two-year-old Samuel passed away Sept. 17, 2007. [We] cant help but wonder how improved our quality of time would have been with a Palliative Care team walking the journey with us, Leisa and Jim said. With UNC Dance Marathons financial help, N.C. Childrens Hospitals Department of Pediatrics created a Pediatric Palliative Care Program (PPC). A committee of people interested in palliative care for children formed several years ago at the hospital. This committees hope was to create a service where people from many backgrounds would come together to enhance quality of life for patients. The program is made up of chaplains, therapists, nurses, physicians and psychologists who form a clinical consultation service. Nurse practictioner Diane Yorke said the committee would work together to provide information on goal setting, difficult conversations with patients and families, bereavement services and pain management for dying children. Before UNC-DM was available to help, the hospital did not have the financial support it needed

Pediatric Palliative care Program Megan Turner to create the program. In addition to helping with creation and training the committee, UNC-DM provides part of Yorkes salary, along with the partial salary of Physician and Program Co-Director and Medical Director Elisabeth Potts Dellon and Psychology Fellow Mary Beth Grimley. The program has a long-term goal to expand with childrens hospice programs across North Carolina. The clinical consultation service, which will consult with patients and families in the hospital, will open in January 2012. The key thing at this point is that the service wouldnt be possible without UNC-DM, Dellon said. Pediatric Palliative Care services are becoming a standard of care for patients that have life threatening conditions. It is extremely important to the well-being of the children. The program reflects UNC-DMs mission to improve the quality of life for the patients and families of N.C. Childrens Hospital. The goals of PPC include promoting hope and healing, two things that UNC-DM also strives to provide for these families, said UNC-DM Overall Coordinator Gracie Beard. UNC-DMs efforts give families the resources they need to ensure quality of life for their children. The Pediatric Palliative Care [Program] would have been a welcome resource in our situation. Whether it is two years or seventy-two years, it is the quality of those years shared between parents and their child[ren] that truly matter, Leisa and Jim said.

Megan Turner

Where did the dart land dId

Every year during UNC Dance Marathons Dancer Recruitment Week (DRW), students sign up to take part in 24 hours that often change their lives. Last year during DRW, the Morale committee caught the attention of Brian Min, a junior psychology and womens studies double major. Min said he did not know a lot about UNC-DM, but did know it was a great cause he wanted 2010 dancer Brian Min to get involved with. UNC-DM made me realize that I can actually do something for others, he said. UNC-DM helps unite the UNC-CH campus and the event allows students to dance for one goal, one cause and one hope, according to Min. This connection was his favorite inspiration during the marathon. When asked, What does UNC-DM mean to you? Min said: UNC-DM is what Carolina is all about. The students care about others and realize that nothing matters if we dont have a heart. Min said the marathon taught him that we have the power to change the world. Thanks to Min and many other dancers, the lives of patients and families at N.C. Childrens Hospital are being changed. UNC-DM is a collaboration of wonderfully well-rounded UNC students, and it reflects who we are, Min said.

unC-dM UnC-dM danCer

Emily Evans

DEDICATION q &a with emily horton | what unc-dm means to me

absolutely love all things UNC-DM. She was so excited to get to be a Kid Co-Captain. She literally eats it up. She loves to get involved and meet all these older kids who are interested in her -- she just thinks its the coolest thing in the world. Her dancer team, last year at the Marathon, all signed a big team card for her, and it sat out on the dining room table for forever. She just loved it. Shed be like Emily, did you see my card? Then she has a UNC-DM water bottle that she brings around, even to her Bouncing Bulldogs jump rope team practice. I see her on Wednesdays, and I have UNC-DM meetings Wednesday nights. And whenever I tell her Im going to UNC-DM, shes like, thats so cool! And her family loves it too. Q: How does it make you feel to know you have this extra connection to UnC-dM? A: Its really cool because when we started, we didnt know Asheton had any involvement in UNC-DM. It definitely brings it home, to make it a real story--that somebody you know had to deal with this, and benefited from things that youd done, and thinks Im super cool because I know what UNC-DM is.

Emily Horton, a senior from Raleigh who has been involved with UNC-DM since she was a first-year, found an extra connection to the cause when she learned that the girl she babysits three times each week, Asheton Ayotte, was helped by N.C. Childrens Hospital and UNC-DM as a baby. The Ayotte family continues to stay involved, and Asheton even served as one of the 24 Kid Co-Captains at last years marathon. Read below to find out how this inspires Horton, now a sub-chair for the Business Management committee, to keep on dancing: Q: Why did you decide to get involved with UnC-dM? A: I knew about it coming to Chapel Hill. I had some friends in high school who had actually danced. I did lots of volunteering in high school. I used to dance a lot, so I thought it sounded like a great way to get involved at Carolina, so I applied as a first-year. It was awesome, because you get to meet a ton of people and do all sorts of events around campus and around Chapel Hill, and so I kind of fell in love with it, and Ive done it every year since. Q: What committees have you served on? A: When I was a first-year, I was on the Campus Fundraising committee.

photo by emily evans | Asheton Ayotte takes a picture with her babysit, UNC Senior Emily Horton.

I was on Community Events sophomore year, junior year I was the Finance sub-chair for the Business Management committee, and this year Im the grants sub-chair for the Business Management committee. Q: What do you like best about being a sub-chair? A: Our Overall Committee members do so much, and are just so devoted, so its a really great way to take a step up from just being on the committee, and really get to do actual work that you see coming to fruition. Q: What can you tell me about

the Ayotte familys connection with UnC-dM? A: Asheton had a hole in her heart, and was born really premature she was in the NICU for a really long time. And her parents ... know thats really traumatic. So I think it really touches them. They had to live through it anything you can do to make that awful experience any better, theyre just really supportive of. Q: What does Asheton think about her role in UnC-dM? What does she think about your involvement? A: Asheton and her whole family


Q: What does UnC-dM mean to you? A: As a first-year, I think one of my favorite things was that I got to know so much more about how the University works as a whole. I loved that I got to meet so many people, and I just really enjoyed being a part of the UNC-DM network and communityits a very friendly community. Its cool as a first-year you dont really know anybody, and its incredible to meet all these people who are so excited about being your friend. And then from there, I found more of my favorite things falling in love with the cause, through Asheton, and getting to work one of the Parents Night Out dinners, and getting to go to the hospital and getting to play thats cool. To get to talk to the kids parents, who are so appreciative to just get out of their rooms for a hot meal one nightyou dont really think thats a big deal, but then you go there, and theyre literally living on hospital food. I just think that UNC-DM is nice in that its right here, on campus. Its not like we write a big check and then we send it away. We get to actually see it in action. It creates such a community for the campusI mean, you dont ever talk to anyone on campus who doesnt know what UNC-DM is.


Publicity sub-chairs Ashlyn Still and Rene Montpetit encourage UNC students to sign up to join a UNC-DM committee during its annual Committee Recruitment Week (CRW), this year held Sept. 6-9.

ow ey n th are res [Whe

This month, learn about the ways in which UNC-DM has impacted two-time Overall Committee member Kate Gillam in her current post-Carolina experiences. Visit uncdm.wordpress.com to view this story or click the image to the left.


Nine UNC Dance Marathon Committee teams, 90 excited UNC students and 180 scoops of ice-cream all came together for a great cause at the first Ben & Jerrys Vermonster Challenge of the semester Sunday, Sept. 25. The Morale committee swept away the competition with Publicity committee coming in second. Morale committee member and senior Adrian McLaurin celebrated a victory and his 19th Vermonster Challenge. My favorite part is draining the bucket and holding it up after you win, McLaurin said. The Vermonster Challenge consists of an unlimited number of 10-person teams demolishing a bucket containing 20 scoops of ice cream in five different flavors, as well as a medley of toppings such as brownies, bananas and sprinkles. The first team to finish its bucket of ice cream wins the opportunity to compete in the final Vermonster Challenge on stage during the marathon February 17 and 18. The Vermonster Challenge is sponsored by Ben & Jerrys, a major UNC-DM partner, according to senior Michael Hieronymus, Operations committee chair. Vermonsters are not only fun opportunities for us to get to know other students on our committees, but they also are a great way we can support Ben & Jerrys.

| Emily Tracy

Theres the one feeling when you all learn together what the total is, like look what we did, but its even more incredible when you get to share it with everyone else. -Kate gillam, on finding out and revealing the grand total at the 2009 marathon. Gillam was UNC-DMs 2009 Alumni Relations chair and 2010 Publicity chair. Click here to read more about Kate.

Next Issue Learn About

UNC-DM fact vs. fiction One of our Kid Co-Captains
| Deep into their Vermonster, this committees voracity was not enough to overcome the Morale committee.

Students connection to N.C. Childrens Hospital The grant for the Division of Genetics and Metabolism And another UNC-DM flashback

Its partnership is crucial to UNC-DM because it faithfully donates ice cream to our events throughout the year and regularly donates to the Hospital and to the marathon, Hieronymus said. Operations sub-chair and senior Katie Dight said a winning strategy lies in choosing the right toppings and ice cream flavors. The best advice is choosing things you do not have to chew like whipped cream or sprinkles.

Also, go for sorbets and lighter ice creams, said Dight. The next Vermonster is Sunday, Oct. 16. It only costs $3.50 to support N.C. Childrens Hospital and attempt to earn a chance to compete at the marathon. What could be better than the opportunity to compete against other committee teams in front of a thousand of your closest friends for one epic prize: bragging rights?, Hieronymus said.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please contact 2012 Publicity Chair Olivia Barrow at obarrow12@gmail.com.