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RG-31 Mk5 MPV

Proven Mine Protection

The operationally proven RG-31 Mine-Protected

Vehicle (MPV) offers today’s soldier high mobility,
ease of handling and outstanding comfort, coupled
with effective mine protection. Its all-steel welded
armor protects troops against small arms fire,
Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and anti-tank
mine detonations.
The Mk5 delivers a significant increase in power and
payload to meet emerging requirements. In service
with forces around the world, the RG-31 MPV is a The RG-31 MPV can protect against a
highly effective multi-role armored vehicle capable of blast of two mines under any wheel
a variety of military applications including, an Armored and one under the vehicle.
Personnel Carrier, Command Vehicle, Ambulance,
Armored Utility Vehicle and Surveillance Vehicle.

Mine-Protected Vehicle
Dimensions Transfer Case: Meritor T 600, high, Protection
low & neutral
Length: 260 in/21.6 ft Differential: Differential locks Ballistic protection:
Height: 107 in/8.9 ft Brakes: Pneumatically • Stanag Level 2 (crew compt only);
Width: 97.5 in/8.1 ft Operated Disc Enhanced sidewall armor plate to
Wheel Base: 133.8 in/11.15 ft Axles: Axle Tech Series address IED threat*
Ground Clearance: 15.7 in 4000, with Mine protection:
Angle of approach: 35° min hub reduction • 2 x TM-57 under any wheel and
Angle of departure: 47° min Axle Capacity: 14330 lbs front/ 1 x TM-57 below the vehicle
Number of seats 20,950 lbs rear
& CONFIG: Crew: 2 Equipment
Tires: Michelin 365/80 R 20
Passengers: 6 with runflat inserts • Platt MR555 with ballistic shields
Suspension: Semi-eliptical leaf (flex-mount for 5.56, 7.62, .50cal
spring; dual, double or Mk19)
Baseline Weight: 23150 lbs acting hydraulic • Two spare tire assemblies mounted
Payload: 8140 lbs shocks on either side
Gross Vehicle • Central tire inflation system
Weight (GVW): 31290 lbs
Performance - optional
Max. speed on road: 70 mph
Acceleration: 70 mph/90
Main Components
seconds Air:
Engine: Cummins QSB Gradient: 60% • C-130 (with sectionalization), C-5,
6.7 L/409CI Max. side slope: 30% C-17, commercial air
Cylinders: 6 Fording depth: 3 ft (without
Torque: 620 ft/lb @ 2200 rpm prep.)
Power: 275 HP @ 2500 rpm Vertical obstacle: 15.7 in
Transmission: Allison 2500 SP Turning circle
5 forward, N, diameter: 59 ft
1 reverse (curb-curb)
Axle Fuel tank capacity: 52 US gal
Configuration: Two-axle 4x4 Range on road: 500 mi
Wheel Drive: Full-time 4 wheel Power-to-weight
drive ratio hp/t: 19.4 HP/ton

RG-31 Mk5 MPV


*Further information available from US Army. 2380 09/06