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Bull Riding Helmet -

Introducing the worlds toughest helmet for the worlds toughest athletes, and the worlds toughest sport. Every aspect of this helmet was designed specifically for the bull rider and the harsh environment they operate in. Key Features of the Helmet
Ultra low profile - closest fit of any helmet available Ultra light at least a pound less than the competition Composite Carbon F iber/Kevlar Shell Advanced Mask Shape increases material strength Smooth design deflects more impact - allowing horns/hooves to slip Mask 10x Layers of Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Built in Shell ledge to prevent mask from collapsing into face - no more bent Steel J- Clips Maximum visibility - wide angle peripheral Quick Release Flip up Mask - Emergency Release Pins to remove mask Unique One Piece S hell Designed by proven Industry leaders from Military, Rodeo and Medical fields Independent ASTM Lab testing Extensive Field Testing, Rider Reviews and Association Endorsed by Andy Carter - YBR Chairman

* S H O W N W I T H O P T I O N A L

A D D - O N H E L M E T C A M E R A . C A M E R A A N D M O U N T P L A T E S O L D S E P A R A T E L Y

Space Age Technologies

High Definition Video Camera
Capture every second of the ride from the riders perspective. Camera stores video footage on internal solid-state drive. Video retrieval and charging is accessed through an integrated USB connection on the camera

The entire one-piece shell and cage assembly are made with some of the strongest and lightest materials on the planet. These helmets are manufactured using the same processes and materials as a military combat helmets or structural components of the most advanced fighter aircraft. The utilization of these advanced materials allows us to maintain a very low profile helmet and cage, while offering an incredibly strong and lightweight package. For more information or sales inquiries please contact

Integrated Neck Roll

Also available is our integrated neck roll. This product provides additional neck stability and blunt impact protection. Our neck roll differs from conventional neck rolls, as it is completely integrated to the helmet, and does not need to attach to a vest. helmet s

(515) 865-2553 www.usrodeosupply.com www.rankbullapparel.com www.CLGPro.com

Field Tested and Worn by Pro Bull Riders:

Kody Lohstroh, Austin Meier, Cody White, Stetson Lewis, Cory Navarre, and many more.

been designed Made with Pride in the USA

For Testimonials from riders currently wearing this product, please contact InVinci-Bull at: (515) 865-2553 Advanced Padding and Retention System
The InVinci-Bull helmet offers the most technologically advanced suspension and retention systems available. This technology was originally developed for the US Military Special Forces. The suspension system (padding) is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to wearers unique head shape. These materials provide unparalleled comfort, fit, and stability. The padding is covered in a heat and moisture wicking anti-microbial fabric. It is designed to draw perspiration away from the head and will actually cool the wearer through this evaporation process. The system also incorporates our proprietary integral internal suspension system. Independent testing has shown the combination of our superior padding materials and integrated suspension system provides the best protection on the market. The InVinci-Bull retention system combines a chinstrap and integrated nape cushion. The nape cushion can be adjusted to provide desired cage alignment and stability. The entire system is designed to break away when an upward force is applied to the helmet, such as a horn getting caught between the rider and the lip of the helmet or retention system.