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State v. Woods, make sure you read all DHM cases.

Crim Law mini-briefs Actus Reus Jones v. City of LA: Cant criminalize being bums outside People v. Newton: Shock from stomach shot negatives actus Cogden: woman killed daughter in sleep, under sedatives People v. Decina: subject to seizures but chose to drive anyway Mens Rea Regina v. Cunningham: trying to steal gas meter, no MR for attempted murder Regina v. Faulkner: tried to steal rum, ship on fire, not intentional damage to property Regina v. Morgan: Mistake of fact thats actual. Unreasonable belief in consent from rape Regina v. Prince: Moral wrong to take 16 yr old girl out of house. Wrongly decided. Standards of Mens Rea Hazelwood: difference between civil and criminal negligence is degree of risk U.S. v. Jewell: Ostrich doesnt work, conscious disregard contrary knowledge. Willful blindness. International Materials: duty to investigate corrosive shipping standards, should have known. Lambert v. California: no conviction from duty to register as felony w/ commute no notice State v. Bryant: registered sex offender with notice to register in new state Assurance and Mistake Raley: DP violation to convict who had assurance of lawful conduct Hopkins: Reverend illegal to advertise weddings Cox v. LA: law picketing near courthouse after advisory opinion unconstitutionally vague. State v. Barker: mistake as to presidential authorization for break-in. Papachristou: vagrancy statute unconstitutionally vague and casts the net too broad. Morissettee: taking govt spent shells wasnt crime because no MR and biblical nature. Cant get rid of intent element w/ a CL crime. Baker: No MR element for a strict liability crime, stuck cruise control.

Keeler v. Superior Court: no retroactive change to make fetus baby Carroll: Waiting, then killing schizophrenic wife. Guthrie: cant conflate premeditation with intent to kill. Anderson: Stabbing 10 year old 60 times Heat of Passion voluntary manslaughter Girouard v. State: Words are not enough to justify HoP instruction Maher: excludes D cheating evidence 1 hr before shot decedent Mauricio: D thrown out by bouncer, waits, shoots someone thinking bouncer Casassa: EED instruction laying naked on bed with night

State v. Woods, make sure you read all DHM cases.

Involutary manslaughter People v. Hall: skiing in reckless manner. State v. Williams: invol based on failing to take child to doctor Depraved Heart Murder Malone: Shot friend playing roulette Fleming: Driving drunk going 100 in a 45 Felony Murder Serne: setting fire to store after taking out life insurance policy Stamp: d dies from heart attack from floor during robbery King v. commonwealth: no felony murder during transpo of marijuana People v. Phillips: 8 yr old with eye tumor. Grand medical theft doesnt fly, must be dangerous in the abstract. People v. Burton: killing w/ deadly weapon cant be used to boostrap assault into murder. Exception for robbery in FM. Ireland: Merger for husband beating, then killing wife. Cannot use assault w/ deadly weapon to bootstrap up to FM. Wilson: where husband burglarized house to kill wife, no independent felonious purpose. People v. Gillis: felony murder for getaway driver 10 mins afterwards, escape part of the felony. U.S. v. Heinlein: d slaps D while 3 men raping her. D kills her in rage, frolic of his own State v. Canola: victim killed cofelon during robbery. No FM because its an agency Jx. Concurrence says thats bad idea b/c wouldnt cover victim killing other victims. Taylor v. Sup Ct.: getaway car, dies from shooter inside. DHM, but miscarriage so acquitted. People v. Miller: FM based on burglary into apartment, then murder OR FM based on assault to other person. People v. Antick: using vicarious liability for DHM during robbery w/ felony murder failure. Attempt Regina v. Mohan: ambiguous action means you need more mens rea to convict Berger: attempted abortion. Present w/ medical instruments and conversation about abortion. Enough to confirm conviction. Weeks: spitting on guard HIV+ even though spit cant transmit HIV. Smallwood: HIV+ rapes women, no attempted murder conviction Hinkhouse: lied about HIV+, refused to wear condoms, said he meant to spread to other people. Staples: mathematician decides to rob bank, but then stops any further efforts. Convicted.

State v. Woods, make sure you read all DHM cases. New Zealand: soliciting children, not close enough to cout as an attempt Rizzo: Driving around in car looking for crime victim, no attempt McQuirter: black dude walking around white woman, convicted for attempted assault with intent to rape. People v. Miller: brings rifle to field and raises it, but is tackled beforehand. No conviction because ambiguous if engaged in lawful or unlawful activity Impossibility Jaffe: knowingly receiving stolen property from police sting. Impossibility because act, if completed, couldnt constitute a crime Oviedo: selling what D thought to be heroin. No conviction for thought crime. The case of Lady Eldons French Lace Dlugash: attempted murder for shooting a dead person thinking alive Berrigan: D thought warden didnt know about letters from prison, but he did. Still no crime. Accomplice Hicks: Indian encouragement case. Words/presence here wasnt enough. Gladstone: Aiding and abetting unlawful sale of marijuana reversed. Important for PEONI criteria: person must want to embrace the crime, to make it their own. Anderson and Morris: M goes with A and A stabs paramour. Co-conspirator not responsible. Seriousness may be a factor Luparello: lying in wait and killed person. Liability for accomplice extends to any reasonably foreseeable offense that may occur. The Tally case: telegram. Dont need but for causation, but just that the act gave confidence or made crime easier to commit. Justification Peterson: all about the law of necessity. Windshield wipers, retreat to safe haven. Goetz: subway case. Kelly: problem with BWS and imminence Norman: same problem, horrible abuse. Abbott: hatchet neighbor dispute over when necessary to retreat. Unger: choice of the lesser evils. Escaping from prison rape situation. Williams/Rasmussen cases: SL crimes no necessity defense (snowstorm drivers license).