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Tittle The Team

: Electronic Motor Speed Control At Filmax Sdn. Bhd Plant. : : En. Mohammad Zaimi Bin Saad (Electrical Executive) : En. Ahmad Sabri Daud (Asst. I Electrical) & Electrical Team : En. Awaluddin Yurnalis (Asst. III Engineering) En. Roslee Sulaiman (Asst. III Engineering) Associate Contractor : Sin Lian Seng Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Project Leader Electrical In charge Draft Person

Mechanical In charge : Mr. S. Rajendran (Sr. Asst. Mechanical) & Electrical Team


: To convert the conventional motor speed controller (speed variator) to fully digital motor speed controller (Variable Speed Drive @ Motor Inverter)


: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. To reduce the production machine down time due to speed variator (SV) To reduce the electrical power consumption To reduce the SV maintenance cost To enhance motor speed controlling mechanism To prolong the electric motor and drives life span.



Image 1: Speed variator components How conventional speed controller does work (SV)? 1. Tensioner wheel controlling the tensioner which controls the tension force on the V-belt to maintain the motor speed at the desire r.p.m. More tension, lesser motor speed. More power requires for slower motor speed due to higher tension. 2. The electrical energy will convert into kinetic energy, drag and heat which exposing the V-belt to high ware & tare rate and reduce the life span of the drives. (Electrical Energy => Kinetic + Drag Force + Heat)

Motor & Inverter 1. The drives speed will be control by the motor inverter by increase or decrease the frequency of the power supply. 2. Less heat dissipates no ware & tare, more power saving, easier speed control mechanism.

Image 2: SV after modification.

The Parts

Quantity (Existing Unit) Bearing 6010 2 Bearing 6305 5 Bearing 6008 2 Bearing 6007 1 Bearing 6006 1 Oil Seal 40x62x10 1 Oil Seal 25x62x10 1 Variator Belt 1 Cooper Bush 2 Drive Plate 1 Shaft 1 Bearing Casing 2 Intermediate Gear 1 First Pair Pinion 1 First Pair Pinion Well 1 Second Pair Pinion Well 1 Lubricant Oil 1 litre Maintenance Cost (RM) 3891.00 Energy Cost (RM/day) 9.10 * 49% saving upon maintenance cost * 30% in energy usage * All figures are based on per unit motor & drive. Parts

Quantity (Modify Unit) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Liter 2001.00 6.40

Test unit has been installed at talcum bath section at M/C#13 on 25th February 2010 at zero breakdown records (25th June 2011).

Suggested Production Machine(s) Section For Inverter Control Application 1. Take-Up motor (0.7kW) 2. Cooling Drum (1.5kW) 3. Ribboning (2.2kW) 4. Talcum Bath (1.5kW) 5. Hot Air Exhaust (replace damper for air flow control operation)

6. Curing Belt Drives (5.5kW) 7. Drying Belt Drives(5.5kW)

Suggested Additional Parts r.p.m monitor for close-loop motor speed control & r.p.m monitoring for preventive & condition base monitoring program.

Prepared by: Mohammad Zaimi Bin Saad Electrical Executive Heveafil Sdn. Bhd.