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STRUCTURAL DESIGN BASIS DA CREEK CLUB AT DEFENCE AUTHORITY CREEK CLUB OFF KHAYABAN-E-ITTEHAD DHA KARACHI. 1.0 GENERAL This report summarizes the design criteria, assumptions and approach, for the structural design of the project. The values have been established as being the most appropriate for this project, giving all the considerations and constraints associated with the project. The primary objective of this report is to define a clear and feasible design approach with all design parameters well defined.


Swimming Pool Steel Shed is being placed at DA creek club off khayaban-eittehad DHA Karachi. It is a steel structure consists of steel trusses; steel pipes & poly carbonate sheet system with RCC pedestal columns, plinth beams, masonry wall & other RCC members.

2.0 DESIGN CRITERIA 2.1 CODES OF PRACTICE The structural design of building is documented in accordance with the following codes:(1) Uniform Building Code (For Seismic) (2) ACI Code (3) Uniform Building Code (For Wind) (4) AISC-ASD01 (for design) 3.0 MATERIAL PROPERTIES (UBC -1997) (ACI 318-02) (UBC -1997) (AISC-ASD01)

Cylindrical strength of concrete, fc 4.0 ksi (pedestal & composite column) 2.5 ksi (others) Steel reinforcement fy 60 ksi Density of Reinforced concrete 150 pcf Density of Plain concrete 144 pcf Assumed age factor till the full loads are on the structure, 1.2 For 6 months. Minimum quantity of cement per cu m of concrete = 784 lbs Modulus of Elasticity 57000fc=2850000 psi (fc= 2500) = 3604996 psi (for fc=4000)

4.0 SERVICE LOADS 4.1 Gravity Loads The following live, dead & super imposed dead load will be adopted for the design of various sections.

4.1.1 Live load

Loading Details Total area of Roof = 10,000 sqft. Approx. Total no. of members = 88 Average length of each member = 40-0 Loading on each member = 5 x 10000 / (88 x 40) = 14.2 lb/rft =

5 psf

4.1.2 Sheeting load

.317lb/sqft unit weight

Loading Details Total length of Main Trusses = 473 rft. Total area of Roof = 10,000 sqft Loading on Main Trusses = .317x10000/473

=6.72 lb/ft
4.2 Seismic Design Parameters

4.3 Wind Loads

Seismic zone factor Soil profile type Sc ( assume) Over strength factor (R ) Seismic Coefficient (Ca ) Seismic Coefficient (Cv) Importance factor (I)

Table 16-I Table 16-J 5.5 Table 16-N, 0.24 Table 16-Q 0.32 Table 16-R 1.00 Table16-K


As per UBC-97 Wind Pressure = Ps Ps=CexCqxQsxI Ce=1.54 (100 mph) Qs=25.6 I=1 Cq=0.8 Inward (For wall) Cq=0.5 Outward (For wall) Cq=0.7 Outward (For Roof) L.W Cq=0.9 Outward (For Roof) W.W Cq=0.3 Inward (For wall) W.W

Table 16-G Table 16-F Table 16-K Table 16-H Table 16-H Table 16-H Table 16-H Table 16-H

Loading Details P(Inward for wall)=1.54x25.6x1x.8 = 31.53 lb/sqft applied on nul area P(Outward for wall)=1.54x25.6x1x.5 = 20 lb/sqft applied on nul area. P(Outward for Roof on Leaward side)=1.54x25.6x1x.7 = 27.6 lb/sqft =27.6x68.75x81.833/(88x28)=62.5lb/rft P(Inward for Roof on Windward side)=1.54x25.6x1x.9 = 35.5 lb/sqft =35.5x68.75x81.833/(88x28)=81 lb/rft P(Inward for wall)=1.54x25.6x1x.3 = 11.82 lb/rft =11.82x68.75x81.833/(88x28)=26.98 =27 lb/rft 5.0 LOAD COMBINATIONS (AS PER UBC-97) 5.1 For RCC The design combinations are as follows: UDCON1 UDCON2 UDCON- 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 UDCON- 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, &14 UDCON- 15, 16,17,18,19 & 20 UDCON- 21, 22, 23 & 24 UDCON- 25, 26, 27 & 28 5.2 For STEEL The design combinations are as follows: 1.0 DL +1.0SDL 1.0DL +1.0SDL +1.0LL 1.0DL +1.0SDL +1.0W(For all cases) 0.9DL +0.9SDL 0.7143E 1.0DL +1.0SDL+0.75LL+0.75W(For all cases) 6.0 DESIGN METHODS The structure is designed by Allowable Design method, using AISC specification. 7.0 Computer Software The software used for the Design and Analysis is SAP 2000 V14.1.0 8.0 FOUNDATION SYSTEM (12-7) (12-8) (12-9) (12-10) (12-11) 1.4DL +1.4SDL 1.2DL +1.2SDL +1.6LL 1.2DL +1.2SDL +1.0 L 1.6W 1.2DL+1.2SDL 0.8W 0.9DL+0.9SDL 1.6W 1.2DL +1.2SDL +1.0 L 1E 0.9DL +0.9SDL 1E

Type Of Footing Isolated footing