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. NAME:---------------------------------------------------------------------CLASS:-------------------INSTRUCTIONS: Answer all questions in both sections SECTION A: Put a ring around the correct answer. 1. Which of the following substances is a mixture ? (a) Air (b) Water (c) Common salt D. Diamond

2. The chemical name of rust is ----------------------------------A. Iron (II) Oxide B. Iron (III) Oxide C. hydrated Iron (III) oxide D. Iron rust. 3. ----------------------------- is the sum of the number of protons and neutrons in nucleus of atom. A. Atomic number B. Atomic mass C. Valency D. covalence 4. Beginning with the least reactive, the order of the following metals in the series is A. Aluminium, Zinc, Iron, lead. B. Iron, Zinc, Aluminium, lead. C, Zinc, lead, Iron, Aluminium D. Lead, Iron, Zinc, Aluminium 5. Metals react with dilute mineral acids to give A. Oxide of the metal and hydrogen C. hydroxide of the metal and hydrogen. 6. The Chemical symbol of phosphorous is A. K. B. P. C. Hg B. A salt of the metal and water D. A salt of the metal and hydrogen D. Ph

7. Substance X ions accidentally left open in its container only to find after some days it is found to have changed into a liquid solution. X underwent which process? A. Distillation B. Deliquescence C. Efflorescence C. Al2(SO4) 3 C. Acidic Oxides D. Hygroscopy D. Al2SO3 D. Amphoteric oxide

8. The correct formula of Aluminium sulphate is A. Al2 (SO4)2 B. Al2SO4 9. When non-metals burn in oxygen they form A. Substance B. Basic oxides

10. Which of the following groups of metals does not react with cold water? A. Na, Ca, K, Mg. B. Mg, Ca, Na, Al C. Mg, Ca, Na, K D. Zn, K, Ca, Mg (iv) Its poisonous D. (ii) and (i) only

11. All the following are properties of oxygen accept: (i). its colourless (ii) Supports combustion (iii) its odourless A. (i), (ii), (iii), only B. (iv) and (v) only C. (iv) only

12. Which one of the following substances is deliquescent? A. Calcium hydroxide C. Magnesium hydroxide B. Sodium hydroxide D. Zinc hydroxide.

13. A steady hot flame of a Bunsen burner is obtained when A. a lot of gas is burnt C. air holes are maximally closed 14. One danger of water pollution is that A. B. C. D. The fish can die due to brain damage Fish can die due to lead compounds from car exhaust. Fish can die due to lack of oxygen which is used by rotting algae. Human beings can die because of eating a lot of fish. B. air holes are maximally open D. None of these.

15. A metallic bond is formed A. when electrons are shared C. when there is transfer of electrons B. Between atoms of a metal D. when there is transfer of protons 2:8:8:2 Y 2:8:1

16.Two elements X and Y have the following electron arrangement X The formula of the compound between X and Y is A. X2Y B. XY2 C. XY D. 2XY

17. Which one of the following is a correct reason for storing sodium under paraffin? A. It becomes hard in air B. It shines in air D. It reacts with oxygen in air. C. It is easy to cut

18. Calcium metal was burnt in air and the product dissolved in water. The resultant solution when tested with litmus paper changed to blue. This means the solution was A. Acidic B. Neutral C. Alkaline D. Non of those

19. Which one of the following is true about covalent compound? They are usually said to be A. Solids of high melting points C. non electrolytes B. soluble in water D. crystalline

20. In the preparation of oxygen, potassium chlorate is heated with is heated with A. Hydrogen peroxide B. Manganese IV oxide C. Sodium chloride crystals D. Potassium permanganate SECTION B: 21. (a) State the conditions necessary for rusting to occur

(b) During an investigation to show the conditions under which an iron nail can rust, an experiment was set up as below

(i) (ii)

State the condition which was being eliminated State two ways to prevent rusting

(c) (i) What is galvanized iron?


State two uses of galvanized iron

22. The table below shows the composition of particles R,S,T,U and V PARTICLES PROTON 15 12 15 17 8


ELECTRONS 15 10 18 17 8

NEUTRONS 16 12 14 18 8

a) Which substance (s) (i) is/are an ion? ----------------------(ii) is/are isotopic with R------------------------b) (i) write the electronic configuration of substance R (ii) Write the simplest formula of the oxide of substance R. c) (i) Which substance is from a metal?

(ii) Give a reason to support your answer

23. Oxygen can be prepared from hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a catalyst only. (a) (i) Name the catalyst used.

(ii) Write the equation for the formation of oxygen

(b) Name the process b which oxygen is (i) used up from the atmosphere

(ii) replaced in the atmosphere.