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Attempt All questions in both Section A and Section B.
Section A consists of objective questions. Put the right alternative in the boxes provided.
Section B is structured type questions. Answer them in the spaces provided.
The following physical quantities may be necessary.
Acceleration due to gravity = 10ms-2
Specific heat capacity of water = 4200 Kg-1K-1
Speed of light in vacuum C= 3x108 ms -1
1. A cork held under water rises to the surface when released because the up thrust on it is
A. greater than the weight
B. Less than the weight
C. equal to the weight
D. equal to the weight of water displaced.
2. A crane raises a mass of 500kg vertically upwards at a speed of 10ms-1. Find the power
A. 5.0X10o W
B. 5.0X101 W
C. 5.0X102 W
D. 5.0X104 W
3. Light energy is reflected when.
A. angle of incidence is greater than angle of reflection
B. angle of incidence is equal to angle of refraction
C. angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection.
D. Angle of incidence is greater than glancing angle
4. A Longitudinal wave is one in which the
A. Direction of propagation is parallel to that of the vibration producing it
B. Particles of the medium through which it travels move opposite to the direction of
C. Direction of propagation is perpendicular to that of the vibration producing it.
D. Particles of the medium through which it travels move together with it.
5. The distance between the fixed point on a mercury in glass thermometer is 25cm. What
is the temperature in degrees Celsius if the mercury thread is 8cm long?

A. 100x25

B. 100x8

C. 25 x 8

D. 100
25 x 8

6. A body moves with uniform acceleration if;

A. its momentum remains constant
B. It covers equal distances in equal times
C. the velocity changes by equal amount in equal times.
D. the net force on the body is Zero.
7. The following are examples of transverse waves except:
A. Water
B. radio
C. Sound
D. Light
8. The temperature 200oC on thermodynamic scale becomes
A. 100
B. 150
C. 73
D. 83
9. The width of a metre rule is accurately measured by a
A. Micrometre screw gauge
B. Venire caliper
C. tap measure
D. Metre rule.
10. A car of mass 1200kg moving with a constant velocity of 60ms-1 is retarded uniformly to
rest in 12s. Calculate the retarding force.
A. (1200X12)N
B. (1200 x 5)N
B. (1200 x 10)N
D. (1200 x 60)N.
11. A load of 500N is placed at 2m from a pivot of see-saw. At what distance from the pivot
should a weight of 250N be placed to balance the see-saw.
A. 0.5m
B. 1.0m
C. 2.0m
D. 4.0m
12. A pin is placed infront of a convex lens at distance less than the focal length of the lens.
What type of image is formed?
A. Real, inverted, diminished
B. Virtual, erect, magnified
C. Real, erect, diminished
D. Virtual, inverted, magnified
13. In a liquid, pressure is
A. transmitted in a specific direction
B. transmitted in all directions
C. decreased with depth
D. decreased with density
14. Which one of the following fluids is the best conductor of heat?
A. Air
b. Alcohol
C. Water
D. Mercury.
15. Two forces of 3N and 4N act at a point at right angle to each other. The magnitude of their
resultant is
A. 25N
B. 7N
C. 5N
D. 1N
16. Brownian motion experiment shows the molecules of gases are
A. Stationary
B. in motion in one direction only.

C. in constant random motion

D. more closely packed than molecules in liquid.
17. The volume of a fixed mass of gas at 27oC and a pressure of 750mmHg is 300cm3. What is
its volume when the pressure is raised to 900mmHg and the temperature is 327oC?
A. 125cm3
B. 180cm3
C. 500cm3
D. 720cm3
18. When a pinhole is moved nearer the object, the image of the object becomes
A. Smaller
B. Larger
C. Same size as the object.
D. diminished



A uniform rod 100cm Long pivoted at the 90cm mark, balances horizontally when a mass of
200g is suspended at the 100cm Mark a shown in the above figure. The mass of the rod is
A. 40g
B. 50g
C. 400g
D. 800g
20. What is 730mmHg in Nm-2?
A. 13600x1000x10

B. 13600 x 730 x 10
1000 x 10

C. 13600x730
1000 x 10

D. 13600 x 10
1000 x 730
21. A body weighs M in air and N in water the up- thrust on the body is
A. M + N
B. M - N
C. M + N
D. M + N
22. In a wire supporting a load, stress is given by
A. Strain

B. Area

C. Force x Area

D. Force/Area

23. According to Kinetic theory of matter, the Kinetic energy of gas molecules increases with
increase in
A. Pressure
B. volume
C. Temperature
D. force on them.

24. A light ray incident on air water boundary is refracted because

A. air is denser than water
B. Water is denser than air
C. air is more transparent than water
D. Water occupies more space than air.
25.Which of these formulae defines Boyles law
A. PV = constant
B V/T = constant

C. PV = constant

D. P/T = constant.

26. (a) What is meant by rectilinear propagation of
light------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 mark)
(b) (i) Draw a diagram to show the formation of a solar eclipse.
(ii) Name any two beams of light
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(2 marks)
27. An object of mass 2kg is moving with a velocity of lms-1 . It is then acted on by a force of
5N through a distance of 16m. Calculate.
(a) the acceleration produced by the force
(b) The final velocity of the object

(c) The work done by the force.
28. (a) Draw a ray diagram to show the formation of an image of the object O placed infront of a
convex mirror shown in the figure below.
F is focal point of the mirror.

(b) State one application of a convex mirror----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(2marks)

29. (a) State Boyles law-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(2mks)
(b) A gas has a volume of 100cm3 at a pressure P. Calculate the new volume if its pressure
becomes four times the initial pressure at constant temperature.
30. (a) Define the following terms as applied to machines.
(i) Mechanical advantage
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(ii) Velocity ratio----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(b) By means of a lever an effort of 50N moves a load of 200N through 3m. If the effort
moves a distance of 16m. Calculate:


the mechanical advantage

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the efficiency of the

31. (a) What is meant by Uniform acceleration

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 mk)
(b) Two forces of 18N and 6N act in opposite direction on an object of mass 3kg as shown

(i) Find the resultant force on the object

(ii) Calculate the acceleration of the object
32. (a) Define moment of force ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(b) A uniform metre rule is balanced at the 30cm mark when a load of 0.8N is hung at the
zero mark. Find the mass of the metre rule.



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------33, (a) What is refraction of light?

(b) Below is triangular glass prism of refractive index 1.50 and ray of light is incident at angle
of 50o

(i) What is the critical angle of this glass?


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(ii) Calculate the angle marked r