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Profesor: Ruxandra Neacu Unitatea colara: coala general nr.

71 Iovan Ducici Manual folosit: SET SAIL 3, Express Publishing Clasa: a 4-a Numar ore: 2 PLANIFICARE ANUAL LA LIMBA ENGLEZ, CLASA A III-A, ANUL COLAR 2011-2012 SEMESTRUL I SI II Nr crt 1 2 Unitate de nvaare Revision Module 1: New Faces! Competene specifice vizate Coninuturi ale unitii de nvare Ice breaking exercises Course Book presentation Learn, read and talk about: Larry and Lulu meeting Uncle Harry and his family at the airport, Uncle 1.1;2.1;2.2;2.3;3.1; Harrys house-warming party things 3.2;3.4;4.1;4.2;4.3 you have got Numbers 30-100, actions Learn how to: Describe people Say where things are Say where you live 1.4;2.1;2.2;2.3;3.1; Describe things happening now 3.2;4.1;4.2;4.3;5.1 Express ability Practice: the verb have got; prepositions of place; present continous; 1.2;3.1;3.2;4.3 object pronouns Write: about a special event; Learn, read and talk about: Uncles Harrys job at the Animal Hospital, buildings, jobs Nr ore 4 Perioada 12-25 septembrie (2 spt.) Modaliti de evaluare

Unit 1 : One Big Happy Family

26 septembrie23 octombrie (5 spt.)

Homework Project about ones family Formative evaluation Cumulative evaluation

Unit 2: Were having a party! Modular Revision and Assessment 3 Module 2: Working Days!

3 Modular Revision and Assessment 2 Homework Project about ones house

Unit 3: An Interesting Job!

1.1;1.3;2.1;2.2;2.3; A day in the life of a policeman, things 3.4;4.3 you like/hate doing, cousin Robbies 1.3;1.4;2.2;2.3;3.2; everyday life; 3.3;3.4;4.1;4.3;5.1 Learn how to: Unit 4: This is Give directions; my life! Describe jobs and everyday life Talk about possession Practice: there is/there are; present simple; possessive case; like/hate + ing Modular 1.3;3.1;3.4;4.3 prepositions of time Revision and adverbs of frequency Assessment 2 Write: to a pen friend about your everyday life Module 3: Learn, read and talk about: Tasty Treats! Larry and Pacoo making a fruit salad, food and containers, prices A visit to the Zoo, animals, whales and their journey every year, zoo rules Unit 5: Whats 1.1;1.2;1.3;2.1;2.2; Learn how to: Cooking? 3.1;3.2;3.4;4.1;4.3 talk about food qualities and prices buy food; talk about animals and their usual activity; Unit 6: Zoo 1.1;1.2;1.3;2.2;2.3; talk about rules; Food! 3.1;3.2;3.4;4.1;4.3; Practice: 5.1 much/many/ a lot of; plurals present simple-present continous comparisons; Modular must / mustnt Revision and 1.3;3.1;3.4;4.3 Write: Assessment a seals journey

7 7

31 octombrie24 decembrie (8 spt.)

Formative evaluation Cumulative evaluation A Christmas postcard

Modular Revision and Assessment

2 Homework Project about ones pet Test Formative evaluation Cumulative evaluation

16 ianuarie26 februarie (6 spt.)

Modular Revision and Assessment

Module 4: Tell the Tale! Unit 7: Where Were You? Unit 8: Once Upon a Time Modular Revision and Assessment

Learn, read and talk about: Chuckles eating the cake, feelings, where people were last week; Learn how to: Describe feelings; 1.1;1.2;2.1;2.2;2.3; talk about where people were; 3.2;3.3;3.4;4.3; tell a story; 1.1;1.2;1.3;1.4;2.2; Practice: 2.3;3.1;3.2;4.1;4.3; ordinals; 5.1 was/were (regular simple past, there was/there were) 1.4;3.3;3.4;4.1;4.3 Write: a story Learn, read and talk about: Memorable events during the year, Larrys magic moments; Countries, holiday plans, thins to take on a holiday; 1.1;1.4;2.1;2.2;2.3; Learn how to: 3.1;3.2;3.4;4.1;4.3; talk about past activities; describe classmates; talk about countries; give holiday plans; 1.2;1.4;2.1;2.2;2.3; 3.1;3.3;4.3;5.1 Practice: simple past (irregular) superlatives going to 1.3;3.1;3.3;3.4;4.3 questions words Write: a letter from holiday all

Homework Formative evaluation Cumulative evaluation 27 februarie-1 aprilie (5 spt.)

Modular Revision and Assessment

2 5 Homework Formative evaluation Cumulative evaluation

Module 5: Happy Days! Unit 9: The Best of Times!

Unit 10: Good Times Ahead1 Modular Revision and Assessment

23 aprilie 10 iunie (7 spt.) Modular Revision and Assessment

2 11-24 iunie (2 spt.) Exit test

Final Revision