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Book Report Instructions (Yellow)

Every book report must include:
1. Cover page: Title of book, name of author, learner's name,
grade, teacher's name, date (month and year)
2. Table of Contents (don't forget that the cover page and the
TOC are not to be included in the TOC!)
3. Part A: Appreciation of Language
4. Part B: About the Story
5. Part C: Creative Task
6. Part D: Opinion
7. ALL drafts
8. Assessment page

Part A: Appreciation of Language

Make a mini dictionary with words you learn (at least 10).
1. Write them in alphabetical order
2. Write the part of speech of each word.
3. Copy the definition of the word as it is in the context of the
sentence, in English.
4. Translate it to Hebrew.
5. Write an original sentence using the word that shows you
understand how to use it.
Part B: About the Story
1. Setting: time and place. How do you know? Copy one sentence
that gives you the answer.
2. Main characters: (name, age, qualities) Copy a few sentences
that give you this information.
3. Specific questions relating to the main character

Specific questions relating to character (Students must choose 5):

1. In what way is the role of the main character important to the

2. In what way did the character change or grow from the beginning
of the story, to its end?
3. What might the main character have done in the beginning to
change the outcome of the story?
4. Give an example of a problem the character had, that you also have
faced in your life.
5. What would happen if the main character were of the opposite
gender? How would the story have been different?
6. What will happen to the main character (or: Where will the main
character be) in 20 years from now?
7. Why would you want to be – or NOT to be – a friend of the main
8. Which color describes the main character?
9. How would you describe the character to a blind person?
4. Relationship chart (see example below).
5. Write 5 of the most important events in the book. Write them in
the correct order.
Example of relationship chart
Name Relationship to other characters
David Dan and Sara's father
Dan David's son, Sara's brother, best friend of Joe and Moshe
Julie David's teacher
10 facts: create a "Ten Facts About (book title)" that lists 10 facts
you have learned from reading the book. The facts, written in
complete sentences, must include details that you didn’t know before
reading the book. The facts could relate to factual information,
something learned about people in general, or something you learned
about yourself.
Part C: Creative Task
Choose ONE of the following options (100-120 words):
• Write a formal letter to one of the characters
• Write a book review for a newspaper.
• Change the setting (time /place) of the book you have read. Explain
how this alters the outcome of the story.
• Write a movie script based on the story you have read
Part D: Opinion
Answer ALL of the following questions in composition form (4 paragraphs)
1. Did you enjoy the book? Why / why not?
2. Which character did you like/ dislike the most? Explain why.
3. Which event did you like/dislike the most? Explain why.
4. Would you recommend the book to your friends? Why?
Criteria for grading

Name of learner:_______________________ Book project #_____

Title of book:
5 15 25
Organization Project was poorly Made an attempt at Project was well
(Cover page, organized, more organization, organized – includes
TOC, drafts, than half of the however some all elements.
book cover, elements are elements are
rubrics) missing. missing.
3 6 10
Part A Poorly organized; Made an attempt at Well organized; no
Mini- many mistakes organization/ too mistakes
dictionary many mistakes.
Didn't follow all
5 10 20
Part B More than half of Some elements are Includes all
About the the elements are missing / some elements; no
story missing / many mistakes. mistakes.
5 10 15
Part C Does not fulfill Made clear Interesting,
Creative task requirements; many attempts to make original and
mistakes. Lacked work creative, creative. Clearly
any attempt at original and invested thought,
creativity. interesting; some time and energy; no
mistakes.. mistakes.
0 5 10
Part D More than half of Some elements are Includes all
Opinion the elements are missing / some elements; no
missing / many mistakes. mistakes .
0 10 20
Typed and on Handed project in Typed report but Handed in typed
time without typing or handed it in late. and on time.
was late. OR
Didn’t type report
but handed in on

Final grade: __________