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PIANOMOCALIGUITAR The WHO Anthology Worde and Music by PETE TOWNSHEND. EE Bh ‘a know you've de ~ ceived me, here's a sur-prise T know thal you have ‘cos there's ma -yicin..— my — eyes mites anu miles miles = BS EE and A tagwiant Yaar ESAn 5 bes ine apnan ent Eg a i fay 1 you think that T don't, kaow a = bout the lit. tle Ericka you play. You took “ad—yan-tage of my truatin you When | was se fara way. | The Ei -fet Tower and the Taj Ma-hal are mine to see on clear. days - 7 And nev-er see you whende - lib'-rate-ly you put things 1 saw you hold-ing lots of oft er guys and now you git the Youthoughtthat 1 wodldneed a crystal ball to see right = —— in omy way nerve ts Bay. through the haze Well here's a poke at you. You're. gun ~ a That you still want me.—— Well Wellheretsa puke at you. Yuutre gun = na = = = ehoke on if tou, You're gon-na lope that smile Be ~ cause all the while that's as may he Rat you enttastand trial Be - cause all the while choke on it tu, You’re gon—na lyse that. smile Be cause all the while.