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Dear Alan,

I have gone through your e-mail and suggest you as

under, keeping in view the history of the case: -
i) The advocate of Mr. Zahid will not help company as his
personal interest are involved, rather he will instigate Mr.
Zahid to file a case in the court of law advising him that
company is under pressure and that is why the letters etc.
are sent to me, despite the fact that Mr. Zahid may not be
interested in filing the case.
ii) Company can send another reminder to Mr. Zahid asking
him to collect his dues and at the same time company can
involve the senior person of company who has good
relations with Mr. Zahid to convince him to collect the
dues. In this way, company will come to know his
iii) I also suggest if company wishes, the counsel of Mr.
Zahid can be contacted unofficially in Islamabad to know
the contentions of his client. This I can do when I will be
visiting Islamabad.



Fax message.
M/s Surridge & Becheeno,
Attn: Mr. Aftab Ahmad Khan

Respected Sir,

I confirm having filed W.P. of M/s Philips Electrical vide

Diary No. 257 dated 14.4.2003 after completion of file. They have
raised objection that the order of Hon’ble Chief Justice may be placed
on file. Kindly send the same at your earliest convenience.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Dated: 15.04.2003
Dear Alan,
Reference your e-mail dated 17th April, 2003.

I have contacted Mr. Raja Inam Amin Minhas, the

counsel of Mr. Zahid ex-employee of company at his office address in
Islamabad on 21.4.2003. The purpose of my visit was to ascertain the
view of counsel and his client as to whether Mr. Zahid is willing to
collect his dues from the company or not.

The counsel of Mr. Zahid appreciated my visit and

pointed out that this matter is already being dealt with by Mr. Rizwan,
the counsel of the company to whom he had requested for settlement
of dues.

I heard him and asked him whether his client is willing to

receive the dues or not. Mr. Raja asked me, “Can you arrange
settlement?” to which I replied, “Yes”. At this stage he also told me
that Mr. Zahid is my relative and since the company has terminated
his services, therefore, he is under great pressure because wherever he
goes for job, he is asked to produce previous employers service
certificate i.e. (BHP). As he is not in possession of certificate from
BHP as such he is refused for the job. Finally Mr. Raja desired that if
company compensated him by way of increasing his dues, he could
arrange settlement. I told Mr. Raja that the company has already been
kind enough to give him reasonable amount over and above his actual
dues, as such there is no possibility for further increase in dues.

On my persuasion that the dues already given to him are

over and above his entitlement and further increase is not possible, if
he will not collect the dues, it would not affect the company at all, but
he would be sufferer. Furthermore, if he goes to court of law,
possibility of winning the case is almost nil. He agreed to my view-
point and asked me to give time so that he may discuss this matter
with Mr. Zahid and let you know the possibility of settlement. I gave
him my full address and telephone numbers to contact me for further
discussion. On 22.4.2003, he gave rang me and told that Mr. Zahid is
out of station and would be back within 2 or 3 days then he would
discuss the matter with Mr. Zahid and inform me about the result.
Mr. Raja also informed me that there had been compromises in
company where the company had paid more money to the employees,
similarly, this case can also be dealt with.
In view of foregoing, I observe the following points: -

i) Mr. Zahid is not interested at present to file case in the

court of law.

ii) He wants more increase in his dues.

iii) Mr. Zahid is under impression that company is under

pressure, that is why he is being asked to receive/collect
the dues.

It is worth mentioning here that some of employees of

company have close liaison with Mr. Zahid and are advising
him if you would delay the collection of dues, the company
would definitely give him more increase in the dues. It shows
that the employees of the company are themselves interested in
the matter.

In view of above, I suggest as follows: -

a) If company converts his termination into

resignation and gives him simple service
certificate, this will help in settlement of
case, if persuaded further.

b) Whereas the question of increase of money

is concerned, I suggest that no more amounts
should be given to him. Anyhow, it is the
discretion of the management gives him
meager increase in amount of dues, to get rid
of this gentleman.


Dear Alan,

Yesterday, I received telephonic call from Mr. Raja, the

advocate of Mr. Zahid at 10:30 p.m. He told me that initially Mr.
Zahid was out of station for two days and thereafter I remained busy
in my profession affairs, therefore I could not ring you. I persuaded
him that Mr. Zahid has already been given dues over and above his
entitlement and since you have told me that Mr. Zahid is not getting
job, the best possible way out for Mr. Zahid is to make a formal
request to the Chief Executive of the company for converting his
termination into resignation and if he gets service certificate, he can
apply anywhere for the job. I also told him that company is not
sufferer, but Mr. Zahid is sufferer, if he does not collect the dues.
Furthermore, if he goes to court of law, his possibility of winning the
case is almost nil. He agreed to my view point and said to me that I
have already contacted Mr. Zahid and will finalise the matter within
two or three days. He told me that if it is possible for you to come to
Islamabad, the matter will be solved in a better way. Since, I had to
visit Islamabad on 7th of May, now I shall proceed to Islamabad on 6th
of May to see him in his office to find out some solution of the matter.
In the meantime, Mr. Raja will also contact me to discuss the same. I
shall try my level’s best to settle this issue.