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Email : ankitsingh82@gmail.

ANKIT SINGH Contact : +919213478690,

Seeking opportunity in a growing orginanization relentlessly for a team to excel in my respective field with
sincere conviction & dedication.

Qualified BBA (General) from MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly & pursuing MBA (Finance and Marketing)
from MJP Rohilkhand University, Proficient and a keen learner with in depth understanding of Financial &
Marketing Strategies, Possess insight & training experience in identifying the potential market segment for
business development, Good interacting skills and public relations along with High Adaptability.

Title : Comparative analysis of financial planning services of HSBC vis-à-vis others.
Duration : 8 Weeks
Organisation : HSBC Bank, Noida.
Role : Trainee
Highlights : The project focused on the market penetration as well as service benchmarking and the
business benchmarking of the financial planning services which was related to the wealth
management. It covers aspects like insurance, investment, banking etc.

Title : Comptt. analysis to formulate strategy to increase the mkt share of AFL!WiZ.
Duration : 4 Weeks
Organisation : AFL!WiZ, New Delhi.
Role : Trainee
Highlights : The project focused on the reason due to which AFL!WiZ was lacking to enjoy the increase
market share as well the point which turn into an edge.

Title : Market survey of customer satisfaction towards TATA Indica car in Bareilly.
Duration : 4 Weeks
Guidance : Dr N.L. Sharma.
Role : Researcher
Highlights : The project focused on the satisfactory points as well as point to be improved as far as
customer taste was concerned.

Title : Critical Study of Why Private Sector Banks is having the Edge over Public Sector Banks.
Duration : 6 Months
Guidance : Dr Sanjay Mishra.
Role : Researcher
Highlights : This project is focused on the reason due to which Public Sector Banks is lacking to enjoy
market Credibility as far as Customer Satisfaction and Service Promptness & so on...
Concerned as well the point which turns into an edge for the Private Sector Banks.

2005-07 MBA MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly
2000-03 BBA MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly
1999-2000 HSC Kendriya Vidyalya, Bareilly (CBSE)
1997-98 SSC Kendriya Vidyalya, Bareilly (CBSE)

PACKAGES : MS-OFFICE, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 professional.
OTHERS : Computer Organisation,
CERTIFICATE COURSE : 3 Months course in Cyber logy

Process Associate I Connect Communication Pvt. Ltd. Mar 05- April 05

A leading contact center dealing in Customer support processes .Our process was supporting all the Premier Benefits Inc.
(US) Customers by providing Lucrative Packages, Tailored Services, Retention Boosters, and different promotional offers
like shopping spree, Rebates, Reimbursement etc.
Key Result Areas
• Worked as Process Associate in I Connect Communication for a Sales Campaign.
• Facilitating daily Process Huddles to maximize awareness of the client specified demarcations to the
SPA’s, to ensure better productivity.
• Proficient in handling Dashboard presentations for the team and the process with focus on numerous
performance parameters.
• Acting as a Team Player for the overall goal orientation by joint effort.

• Appointed as Vice Captain of School in 12th standard in Kendriya Vidyalya.
• Appointed as House captain in 11th standard in Kendriya Vidyalya.
• Appointed as Captain in School Cricket Team for the tenure of 2 years.

• Participated in Intercollege Competition for “Hithertho” the Marketing Game and the “Ad Mad Show”
Advertising Game Organised By ICFAI Bareilly.
• Participated in the Symposium “Effective Communication” at Bareilly Palace Organized by ICFAI
• Participated in National seminar for “Economics of Disinvestment” Held in Bareilly college.
• Participated in the Cricket Tournament at Cluster Level as the Captain of School Team in 12th Standard.

Corresp. Address : C-39 Shastri nagar, Po- Izzat nagar, Bareilly, Pin- 243122.
Date of Birth : 17 March 1983.
Marital Status : Single
Hobbies : Net Surfing, Listening to Music, Making Friends.
Language known : English & Hindi
Contact Number :(M)99274-81890,(R)0581-2413228
E-mail : ankitsingh82@gmail.com, ankitsingh82@hotmail.com
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