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Submitted for the fulfillment of the requirement for the award of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUBMITTED BY
Abhishek jain A3906410095 Roll No. : A29


Mrs. Richa Manocha

Amity University


This project Report entitled INDEPTH STUDY OF THE PRODUCTS & FACILITIES PROVIDED BY HDFC BANK LTD., DELHI, submitted to Amity School Of Business Studies, Noida for the partial fulfillment for the B.B.A. course, is my original work and is meant purely for academic purposes. No. Part has been copied from any direct sources.

Abhishek Jain B.B.A. ( G )




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I feel great pleasure in expressing my heartiest gratitude to Mrs. Richa Manocha who thought me this subject and enriched me with all the valuable information and advises which helped me to complete this Report entitled INDEPTH STUDY OF THE PRODUCTS & FACILITIES PROVIDED BY HDFC BANK LTD. DELHI, I would like to express my sincere thanks to HDFC BANK Ltd. Delhi. And all the employees of HDFC. Who provides me valuable information with out whose fair Cooperation the completion of this project Report would not have been possible at all. The project is an original work carried out by me and it has not been used or published anywhere in past.

Abhishek Jain A3906410095

As it is the fastest growing section and HDFC Bank is one of the top biggest player of this sector in this project I deals with all those areas and various product which attract the customer most. This project helps those customers who want in-depth knowledge of all the product of HDFC Bank. In todays world it is necessary for a customer to have a complete knowledge of services provide by a Bank. This project helps those people and Bank to avail all the facilities and improve their services respectively. In this project an attempt is being made to include all the complete and accurate information regarding the Bank services charges and fine.


To know the various financial products provided by a Bank in the current scenario with reference to HDFC BANK Ltd. DELHI.

To know the various facilities provided by the HDFC BANK Ltd. DELHI with an aim to retain their customers.


As the banking is the fastest growing sectors in current Business worked. So it is necessary to have In-depth Knowledge of BANK Products & facilities provided by them.

Collection of data has been done through secondary sources like. Brochures, Company profile


HDFC Bank was incorporated in Aug. 1994 and promoted by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) India's premier housing finance company which also enjoys an impeccable track record in India as well as in international markets. HDFC was amongst the first to receive an 'in principle' approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part of the RBI's liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry.HDFC Bank concentrates in four areas - corporate banking, treasury management, custodial services and retail banking. It has entered the banking consortia of over 50 corporates for providing working capital finance, trade services, corporate finance and merchant banking. It is also providing sophisticated product structures, sound advice and fine pricing mainly in areas of foreign exchange and derivatives, money markets and debt trading and equity research through its state-of-theart dealing room. With its sophisticated and customer friendly facilities & services including multi-branch access, ATMs & cluster deposits and is well positioned to establish a significant niche for itself in retail banking.

In Feb. 2000, Times Bank has been amalgamated with the bank. This is an important milestone in the history of bank as well as Indian banking sector, being the first merger of two private sector banks. This adds significant value to bank in terms of increased branch network, expanded geographic reach, enhanced customer base, skilled manpower, etc. Recently HDFC BK & Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) form alliance for online facility for payment of insurance premium. With this facility, LIC policy holders can now pay their insurance premiums through HDFC Bank's on-line payment facility. HDFCBK has become the first private sector bank to be authorized by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) as well as the RBI to accept direct taxes, commencing April 01 2001. The taxes will be accepted at specified branches of the bank. Also it has announced a strategic tie-up with a Bangalore-based business solutions software developer Tally Solutions Pvt

(TSPL) for developing and offering products and services facilitating on-line accounting and banking services to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).In 2001-02 the bank was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of ADS. Each ADS represents 3 equity shares. Consequent to the issue, the paid up capital of the Bank has increased by Rs.37.42 crores. The Bank was selected for The Economic Times Award -Corporate Excellence for Emerging Company. The Bank has continued to receive awards and gain recognition from various leading domestic and international publications during 200203.The bank was selected as "Best Bank in India 2002" by Euromoney,"Best Local Bank in India 2002" by Finance Asia, both awards being received for the fourth year in succession. The bank was also rated as the "Best Domestic Commercial Bank 2002" by Asiamoney.The bank was selected from amongst over 400 nominations from 24 countries, to be a recipient of the Computerworld Honors 2002 award in the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate category for its use of Information Technology. During 200203, the bank has allotted 670000 of Equity Shares to its employees under ESOP. Consequent to this allotment, bank's Paid up Equity has been increased from Rs.281.37 crores to Rs.282.05 crores.


The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to receive an in principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part of the RBI's liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry. The bank was incorporated in August 1994 in the name of HDFC Bank Limited, with its registered office in Mumbai, India. The bank commenced operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995.

HDFC is India's premier housing finance company and enjoys an impeccable track record in India as well as in international markets. Since its inception in 1977, the Corporation has maintained a consistent and healthy growth in its operations to remain the clear market leader in mortgages and banking services in India. Its outstanding loan portfolio covers over a million dwelling units. HDFC has developed significant expertise in retail mortgage loans to different market segments and also has a large corporate client base for its housing related credit facilities. With its experience in the financial markets, a strong market reputation, large shareholder base and unique consumer franchise, HDFC was ideally positioned to promote a bank in the Indian environment.

Business Focus
HDFC Bank's mission is to be a World Class Indian Bank. The Bank's aim is to build a sound customer franchise across distinct businesses so as to be the preferred provider of banking services in the niche segments that the bank operates in and to achieve healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the bank's risk appetite. The bank aims to ensure the highest level of ethical standards, professional integrity and regulatory compliance. HDFC Bank's business philosophy is based on four core values: Operational Excellence,

Customer Focus, Product Leadership and People. The Bank signed a strategic business collaboration agreement with Chase Manhattan Bank in February 1999.

Capital Structure
The authorized capital of HDFC Bank is Rs.450 crores. The paid-up capital is Rs.281.2 crores. The HDFC Group holds 24.5% of the bank's equity while about 13.3% of the equity is held by the depository in respect of the bank's issue of American Depository Shares (ADS/ADR Issue). The Indian Private Equity Fund, Mauritius (IPEF) and Indocean Financial Holdings Ltd., Mauritius (IFHL) (both funds advised by J P Morgan Partners, formerly Chase Capital Partners) together hold about 11.6% of the bank's equity. Roughly 18% of the equity is held by FIIs, NRIs/OCBs while the balance is widely held by about 300,000 shareholders. The shares are listed on the The Stock Exchange, Mumbai and the National Stock Exchange. The bank's American Depository Shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "HDB".

TimesBank Amalgamation
In a milestone transaction in the Indian banking industry, Times Bank Limited (another new private sector bank promoted by Bennett, Coleman & Co. /Times Group) was merged with HDFC Bank Ltd., effective February 26, 2000. As per the scheme of amalgamation approved by the shareholders of both banks and the Reserve Bank of India, shareholders of Times Bank received 1 share of HDFC Bank for every 5.75 shares of Times Bank. The amalgamation added significant value to HDFC Bank in terms of increased branch network, expanded geographic reach, enhanced customer base, skilled manpower and the opportunity to cross-sell and leverage alternative delivery channels.

Distribution Network
HDFC Bank is headquartered in Mumbai. The Bank at present has an enviable network of over branches spread over cities all across the country. All branches are linked on an online real-time basis. Customers in 39 locations are also serviced through Telephone Banking. The Bank's expansion plans take into account the need to have a presence in all

major industrial and commercial centres where its corporate customers are located as well as the need to build a strong retail customer base. Being a clearing/settlement bank to various leading stock exchanges, the Bank has branches in the centres where the NSE/BSE have a strong and active member base. The Bank also has a network of almost over networked ATMs across these cities. Moreover, HDFC Bank's ATM network can be accessed by all domestic and international Visa/MasterCard, Visa Electron/Maestro, Plus/Cirrus and American Express Credit/Charge cardholders. It is the only bank in India which provides access to all the 3 major International Card Networks on its ATM network.

Mr. Jagdish Capoor took over as the bank's Chairman in July 2001. Prior to this, Mr.Capoor was a Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. The Managing Director, Mr. Aditya Puri, has been a professional banker for over 20 years, and before joining HDFC Bank in 1994 was heading Citibank's operations in Malaysia. The Bank's Board of Directors is composed of eminent individuals with a wealth of experience in public policy & administration and commercial banking. Senior executives representing HDFC and J P Morgan Partners (formerly Chase Capital Partners) are also on the Board. Senior banking professionals with substantial experience in India and abroad head various businesses and functions and report to the Managing Director. Given the professional expertise of the management team and the overall focus on recruiting and retaining the best talent in the industry, the bank believes that its people are a significant competitive strength.

HDFC Bank operates in a highly automated environment in terms of information technology and communication systems. All the bank's branches have connectivity which enables the bank to offer speedy funds transfer facilities to its customers. Multi-branch access is also provided to retail customers through the branch network and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The Bank has made substantial efforts and investments in acquiring the best technology available internationally, to build the infrastructure for a world class bank. In terms of software the Corporate Banking business is supported by Flexcube, while the Retail Banking business by Finware, both from I-flex Solutions Ltd. (formerly Citicorp Information Technology India Ltd.). The systems are open, scaleable and web-enabled. The Bank has prioritized its engagement in technology and the internet as one of its key goals and has already made significant progress in web-enabling its core businesses. In each of its businesses, the Bank has succeeded in leveraging its market position, expertise and technology to create a competitive advantage and build market share.

HDFC Bank caters to a wide range of banking services covering both commercial and investment banking on the wholesale side and transactional / branch banking on the retail side.

The bank has three key business areas:a) Wholesale Banking Services
The Bank's target market is primarily large, blue-chip manufacturing companies in the Indian corporate sector and to a small extent, emerging mid-sized corporates. For these corporates, the Bank provides a wide range of banking services, including working capital finance, trade services, transactional services, cash management, etc. Based on its superior product delivery / service levels and strong customer orientation, the Bank has made significant inroads into the banking consortia of a number of leading Indian corporate including multinationals, companies from the domestic business houses and prime Public Sector companies. It is recognized as a leading provider of cash management and transactional banking solutions to corporate customers, mutual funds, stock exchange members and banks.

b) Retail Banking Services

The objective of the Retail Bank is to provide a full range of financial products and banking services, giving the customer a one-stop window for all his banking requirements. The products are backed by world class service and delivered to the customers through various delivery channels including the branch network, as well as alternative delivery channels like ATMs, Phone Banking, Net Banking and Mobile Banking.

The HDFC Bank Preferred program for high net worth individuals, the HDFC Bank Plus and the Investment Advisory Services programs have been designed keeping in mind needs of customers who seek distinct financial solutions, information and advice on various investment avenues. The Bank also has a wide array of retail loan products including Loans against shares, Auto Loans, Personal Loans and Loans for Consumer Durables and Two-wheelers. It is also a leading provider of Depository Participant (DP) services for retail customers. HDFC Bank was the first bank in India to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA (VISA Electron) and issues the MasterCard Maestro debit card as well. The debit card allows the user to directly debit his account at the point of purchase at a merchant establishment, in India and overseas. The Bank launched its credit card in association with VISA in November 2001. The Bank is well positioned as a leader in various net based B2C opportunities including a wide range of internet banking services for Fixed Deposits, Loans, Bill Payments, etc.

c) Treasury Operations
Within this business, the bank has three main product areas - Foreign Exchange and Derivatives, Local Currency Money Market & Debt Securities, and Equities. With the liberalization of the financial markets in India, corporate need more sophisticated risk management information, advice and product structures. These and fine pricing on various treasury products are provided through the bank's Treasury team.

HDFC Bank's programme for Certificates of Deposits has been rated by the Indian rating agency Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE). The CDs are rated PR 1+ is the highest rating for short term instruments indicating superior capacity for repayment.


HDFC Bank was selected as the "Best Bank - India 1999" and "Best Domestic Bank India 2000", "Best Bank - India 2001" by Euromoney, and "Best Domestic Commercial Bank - India 1999" and "Best Domestic Commercial Bank - India 2000", "Best Domestic Commercial Bank - India 2001" by Finance Asia. In the October 2000 issue, Forbes Global selected HDFC Bank amongst the top 20 in the Forbes listing of the world's best small companies. Closer home, HDFC Bank was selected for The Economic Times Award - Corporate Excellence for Emerging Company of the Year 2000-01 and as Business India's Best Bank for the year 2000.

In the year 2000, leading financial magazine Forbes Global named us in its list of "The 300 Best Small Companies" in the world and as one of the "20 for 2001" best small companies in the world.

There have been some other proud moments as well: London-based Euromoney magazine gave us the award for "Best Bank India" in 1999, "Best Domestic Bank" in India in 2000, and "Best Bank in India" in 2001 and 2002.

Hong Kong-based Finance Asia magazine rated us "Best Domestic Commercial Bank in India" in 1999, 2000 and 2001 respectively and "Best Local Bank in India " in 2002.

Asiamoney magazine has named us "Best Commercial Bank in India 2002".

The Economic Times has conferred on us The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence as the Emerging Company of the Year 2000-01.

Leading Indian business magazine Business India named us "India's Best Bank " in 2000. Another leading Indian business magazine Business Today in a survey rated us "Best Private Sector Bank " in India in 1999.

For our use of information technology we have been recognized as a "Computerworld Honors Laureate " and awarded the 21st Century Achievement Award in 2002 for Finance, Insurance & Real Estate category by Computerworld, Inc., USA. Our technology initiative has been included as a case study in their online global archives.

NASSCOM and economictimes.com have named us the Best IT User in Banking at the IT Users Awards 2003.

We are aware that all these awards are mere milestones in the continuing, never-ending journey of providing excellent service to our customers. We are confident, however, that with your feedback and support, we will be able to maintain and improve our services.

Product Range
Savings, Fixed Deposits, Current and Demat Accounts Savings Account: Apart from the usual facilities, you get a free ATM Card, Interbranch banking, Net Banking, Bill Pay, Phone Banking, Debit Card and Mobile Banking, among others.

HDFC Bank Preferred: A preferential Savings Account where you are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager, who is your one-point contact. You also get privileges like fee waivers, enhanced ATM withdrawal limit, priority locker allotment, free Demat Account and lower interest rates on loans, to name a few.

Sweep-In Account: A fixed deposit linked to your Savings Account. So, even if your Savings Account runs a bit short, you can issue a cheque (or use your ATM Card). The money is automatically swept in from your fixed deposit into your Savings Account.

Super Saver Account: Gives you an overdraft facility up to 75% of your Fixed Deposit. In an emergency, you can access your funds while your Fixed Deposit continues to earn high interest.

HDFC Bank Plus: Apart from Regular and Premium Current accounts we also have HDFC Bank Plus, a Current Account and then some more. You can transfer up to Rs. 50 lakh per month at no extra charge, between the four metros. You can also avail of cheque

clearing between the four metros, get cash delivery/pickup up to Rs. 25,000/-, home delivery of Demand Drafts, at-par cheques, outstation cheque clearance facility, etc.

Demat Account: Conduct hassle-free transactions on your shares. You can also access your Demat Account on the Internet.

Innovative services for your convenience...

Phone Banking: 24-hour automated banking services with 39 Phone Banking numbers available.

ATM 24-hour banking: Apart from routine transactions, you can also pay your utility bills and transfer funds, at any of our ATMs across the country all year round.

Intercity/Interbranch Banking: Access your account from any of our branches in cities.

Net Banking: Access your bank account from anywhere in the world, at anytime, at your own convenience. You can also view your Demat Account through Net Banking.

International Debit Card: An ATM card you can shop with all over the country and in over 140 countries with. You can spend in any currency, and pay in Rupees.

Mobile Banking: Access your account on your mobile phone screen at no airtime cost. Use SMS technology to conduct your banking transactions from your cell phone.

Bill Pay: Pay your telephone, electricity and mobile phone bills through our ATMs, Internet, phone or mobile phone. No more standing in long queues or writing cheques.

Loans for every need

Now, our loans** come to you in easy-to-pay monthly installments, and are available with easy documentation and quick delivery.

Personal Loans: Take a loan of up to Rs. 3 lakh for a wedding, education, purchase of a computer or an exciting holiday.

New Car Loans and Used Car Loans: Finance up to 90% of the cost of a car, new or used! And the loans come to you with easy documentation and speedy processing at attractive interest rates. Loans Against Shares: Get an overdraft up to Rs. 10 lakh at an attractive interest rate against physical shares, up to 50% of the market value of your shares. In case of Demat Shares, you can get a Loans Against Shares of up to 65% of the market value of your shares, till Rs. 20 lakh.

Two Wheeler & Consumer Loans: To help you buy the best durables for your home.

Year End - Mar 2005 Net Profit/Total Funds : 1.43 %

Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Year End - Mar 2010 (Rs Crore) Equity Capital Reserves & Surplus Deposits Borrowings Other Liabilities and Provisions : : : : : 282.05 1962.78 22376.07 2284.65 3576.9

Management Effectiveness Year End - Mar 2010 Return on Equity : 18.51 %

Financial Strength Year End - Mar 2010 Credit/Deposit Investment/Deposit Cash/Deposit : : : 46.39 % 63.43 % 8.23 %

Cash/Deposit 7% Credit/Deposit 39%

Investment/Depo sit 54%

Income Statement Year End - Mar 2010 (Rs Crore) Total Income Other Income Operating Profit Interest Depreciation : : : : : 2022.97 473.1 387.6 1191.96 106.14

Net Profit




There are three type of product code in salary account .product code 105 is basically employees of the govt. department & product code 115 is only defense person and product code 120 is any private organization/department . If product code 120 account holder wants to a debit card then they have to paid Rs.100 per annum

Product code 105 115 Only defense 120

Average salary 7500 Up to 5000 5000

No. of Employee 10 10 10

Provide facility Free Debit card Free Debit card Free ATM

Costumers have always given their best to the nation. Its now HDFC BANK turn to provide costumer with the best salary account. Wit h HDFC Banks Salary Account, costumer receives an array of rewards with their monthly pay. All at no extra cost to customer.

Their employees get privileged services that help them achieve even more Direct Salary Credits Their employee need not go to the band ,deposit their cheques and wait for it to be cleared .Their salary is automatically credited to their accounts

Interbranch/Intercity Banking at 142 branches and over 360 ATMs No minimum Balance to be maintioned in the account to avail of these benefits

Interbranch/Intercity Banking: - Costumer can use any of HDFC BANK branches/ ATMs across 111 cities in India, no matter where their account is held e.g. costumer may open their account in Pune and can operate this \account the next time costumer travel to Bangalore or for that matter from any other city. Also no need to open a new account when costumer gets transferred to another city where HDFC BANK have a branch.

ATM 24-hour Banking: - Over 675 ATMs across 111 cities enable costumer to withdraw up to Rs.15, 000 a day.

Free International Debit Card: - Its like an ATM Card that costumer can shop with and make payments at 25,000 outlets in India and 10 million worldwide. Costumer can also withdraw money from over 5.6 lakh Maestro/visa/Plus/cirrus ATMs, in 140 countries.

HDFC BANK also waive the annual fee for one additional card per account for the first year.

Free Demand Drafts: customer can avil of free demand drafts up to Rs.25, 000/- per instrument payable at any city where HDFC BANK have branches.

Free Phone Banking: - This 24- hours facility enables customer to conduct a range of banking transactions with just a call.

Free net Banking: - Customer can now bank at the click of a mouse, backed by the highest level 128-bit security.

Free Mobile Banking: - Customer can even conduct a range of banking transactions over a mobile phone, using SMS facility or a WAP activated phone. Free Personalized Cheque Book:- their employees get personalized cheque book with the name of the account holder printed on the cheque leaves. (1) Special features for the Defense person

Sweep-in Account: - This facility is a fixed deposit linked to savings account. So even if funds are short in the savings account, all that customer have to do is just issue a Cheque. The money is automatically swept in from the fixed deposit into the savings account. The balance amount continues to earn high interest rate.

Super Saver Account:- This account give customer an overdraft facility of unto 75% of the Fixed Deposit in times of emergency. Customer can access their funds either through an ATM or by issuing a cheque, while the Fixed Deposit continues to earn high interest rate.

Free Collection of Outstation Cheques: This account entitles customer to free collection of outstation cheques drawn on all cities where HDFC BANK have branches.

(2) How else do customer benefit from HDFC Banks Salary Account?

With HDFC BANK Salary Account, customer enjoys a number of privileged value added services such as: Direct Salary Credits: - Customer salary is automatically credited to their account. All customer have to do is inform their payroll department of their HDFC Bank Salary Account number.

Bill Pay: No more waiting in queues to pay utility bills customer can use any of HDFC BANK e-Age banking channels like Phone Banking, Net Banking, Mobil Banking and ATMs to pay their electricity, telephone and mobile phone bills, and even LIC premiums. Demat Account: Customer can enjoy paperless trading, by opening a demat account. Joint Account facility: - Customer can open a joint account by opening a demat account Personalized Cheque Book: Customer get a personalized cheque boom with the name of all the account holder (S) printed on the cheque leaves.

INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD Their HDFC Bank International Debit Card gives customer easy access to their HDFC Bank Account are the following locations :Visa Electron Debit Card Visa/PLUS ATMs Merchant Outlets HDFC Bank ATMs Canara Bank & Bank of India Locations Maestro Debit Card Cirrus ATMs Merchant Outlets HDFC Bank ATMs Cash status HDFC BANK are sending customer an Active Debit Card. If customer have an existing ATM card the same will be deactivated within 10 days of despatch of their Debit Card. At Visa/PLUS ATMs if customer have a Visa Electron Debit Card OR Cirrus ATMs if customer have a Maestro Debit Card. Insert their card on the slot provided. Enter their POIN and confirm. Select their transaction. Customer have the option of making a Balance Inquiry and/or Cash Withdrawal. In case of Cash Withdrawal, enter the amount that customer want to withdrawal. Their Account with HDFC Bank will be debited on-line for the amount of withdrawal. Costumer will receive their cash/will be able to view their Balance on the ATM screen. At HDFC Bank ATMs: At HDFC Bank ATMs customer could avail of the following services: Transaction Balance Inquiry & Cash Withdrawal Shopping All ATM Transaction Cash? Withdrawal Transaction Balance Inquiry & Cash Withdrawal Shopping All ATM Transactions

Account Selection Cash Withdrawal/Balance Inquiry Cheque/Cash deposit Mini Statement of Account Account Statement/Cheque Book request. Funds Transfer between customer own Accounts PIN Change Bill Pay At Merchant Outlets for shopping: Present the card to the merchant, after selecting their purchases. The merchant will swipe it through an electronic terminal and enter the amount of customer purchase. In case customer have a Maestro Debit Card-Customer would then need to use the PIN Pad that is attached to the electronic terminal to select the account (always select Savings Account) and enter customer PIN. This is the same as their ATM PIN. Their Account with HDFC Bank will be debited on-line for the amount of their purchase (subject to availability of funds in their account). On approval the terminal will print out a transaction slip with all the details of the purchase. Check the slip and sign at the appropriate place. The merchant will return a copy of the transaction slip and customer Card. Please ensure that customer have received their own Card.

Canara Bank and Bank of India Locations: (Only for Visa Electron Debit Card holders) Present the card to the officer along with some form of identification Drivers License, Passport, Voters Id. The Officer will swipe the card at the terminal and enter the amount of withdrawal. With one swipe the transaction is sent directly to HDFC Bank for online approval. On approval the terminal will print out a transaction slip with details of their transaction. Check the slip and sign at the appropriate place. The officer will give customer the cash and return a copy of slip and tour card. Please ensure that customer have received their card. Charges Transaction Type Cash withdrawal Domestic VISA/PLUS Rs. 55/ATMs & Cirrus ATMs International VISA/PLUS Rs. 110/ATMs & Cirrus ATMs Canara Bank & Bank of Rs. 100/India Locations* (* only is case of Visa Electron Debit Card holders) Please Note: There are no charges for using the card at merchant locations for shopping and for use of the card at HDFC Bank ATMs. However, at Railway Stations and Petrol Pumps there may be certain transaction charges. Annual fee per card : Rs. 100/- p.a. Balance enquiry Rs. 10/Rs. 10/-

Annual fee is waived for upto one additional card. All subsequent card will be charged. Issuance Charges per card Replacement of damaged card : : Rs. 100/Free

(This is a one time charge and only for NRE Customers)

Replacement of lost card Charge Slip Retrieval request

: :

Rs. 100/Rs. 100/-

Customer can withdraw upto Rs. 15,000/- per day at the ATM (Rs. 25,000 for HDFC Bank Preferred Customers). Customer can make Purchase upto Rs. 25,000/- per day at Merchant Outlets (Rs. 50,000 for HDFC Bank Preferred Customers). Please note that the limits are Per Day/Per Card. Also, the Merchant Outlet Limit will be applicable at Bank of India & Canara Bank locations for Visa Electron Debit Card Holders.

In case customer card is lost/stolen, customer are covered for any liability exceeding Rs. 500/- (After customer report the loss to the Bank). Please report of their card immediately to HDFC BANK Phone Banking service. Additionally, customer must report the loss/theft of their card to the nearest police authorities and forward a copy of the acknowledged report to the Bank.

Additional Card
Additional cards are available to Joint Account holders at an Annual fee of Rs. 100 per card. However, the operating instructions on the account should allow for financial transactions to be conducted singly by the Joint Account holders. Annual fee has been waived for the first year on one Additional Card. The services and applicable tariffs are listed below: Service offered Lost/Stolen Card Reporting Emergency Cash Disbursement Charges USD 35 per card USD 175 per disbursement + USD 25 per disbursement only in cases where emergency cash is disbursed by Visa through a member. Miscellaneous Customer Service enquiries USD 5 per call Worldwide Assistance from MasterCard if customer has a Maestro Debit Card In case customer have any queries/problems while traveling abroad, assistance is available from Maestro Global Service from MasterCard International.

The services and applicable tariffs are listed below: Services Offered Lost/Stolen Card Reporting Emergency Cash Disbursement Miscellaneous Important Please sign on the reverse of the card on the signature panel. Their personal Identification Number (PIN) will be mailed to customer separately. Please ensure that customer receive this after customer receive their card. In case customer do not receive it please contact the nearest branch or call Phone Banking. Maestro Cards are being issued in select cities only. Their Card is valid in India and abroad. Customer cannot make foreign currency transactions in Nepal and Bhutan (i.e. transactions in currencies other than local currency of Nepal / Bhutan or Indian Rupees). In case of multiple accounts linked to their card, all their transactions at Merchant Outlets, Visa/PLUS ATM and Cirrus ATM locations will access one account i.e. the Primary Account Number designated by customer. The four-digit PIN helps customer to access their accounts. Do not reveal their PIN to anybody. Only customer should know this number. Please ensure that while using the Card outsde India customer are doing so strictly in accordance with RBIs Exchange Control Regulations, as prevailing from time to time. Their aggregate expansive incurred abroad (i.e. through payments in cash/travelers cheques and through the Car) should not exceed the limit, set by RBI, As prevailing from time to time. Violation of these regulations in any manner would be liable for action under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. The onus of ensuring compliance with the regulations is with customer, the holder of the International Debit Card. Charges US$ 35 US$ 95 US$ 7.75

The e-Age Saving Account from HDFC Bank brings customer a comprehensive range of products and services. Each one is designed to minimize their effort, making it much simpler for you to do their banking. HDFC BANK now have 211 branches in 110 cities and over 650 ATMs across the country. Add to this an international network of over 6.5 lakh ATMs which customer can access with their international Debit Card. Thats world class banking for customer.

Free 24 hour ATM:- Customer can withdraw up to Rs. 10,000 per day from any of
HDFC BANK extensive network of over 650 ATMs across 110 cities all over the country. Customer can also deposit cash/cheques, get an account balance, request for a cheque book and transfer funds, all at the push of a few buttons. This amazing facility is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Rs. 15,000 per day with their Debit Card.

Free NetBanking: - HDFC BANK convenient Net banking facility will open up a
whole amount of services for customer at just the click of a mouse. Customer can: Check their upto the minute account balance etc. Open a Fixed Deposit. Get a Demand Draft Make a TDS inquiry Request a stop payment on a cheque Request for a new cheque boom Transfer funds within their own accounts Carry out third party transfer of funds

International Debit Card: The HDFC Bank international Debit Card lets customer
shop and also withdraw money from HDFC BANK ATM network. With HDFC BANKS international Debit Card, customer can shop at 18,000 establishments in India and over 100 Lakh establishments in 140 countries. Customer can also withdraw cash from over 1600 VISA/Plus ATMs in India and 605 Lakh ATMs in 140 countries. The amount customer spend on their card will be automatically debited from their Savings Account. So when customer go shopping customer dont have to carry cash!

Interbranch/intercity Banking:- Customer can access their account from any of

the 211 branches in 110 cities and over 650 ATMs across the country. So customer can withdraw cash from another branch, through a self-cheque or an ATM. Customer could also transfer funds between two accounts, or deposit a local cheque in one branch and get is credited to their account in another city.

Bill pay:- Now for the firs time ever, customer get an absolutely unique facility for
paying their telephone, electricity, cellular phone bills and insurance premium at the push of a few buttons. Pay utility bills using the ATM, the Internet,. Telephone of mobile phone. NOTE:- On receiving Costumer instruction to pay their bill, the bill amount will be deducted form customer account.

Free Phone Banking:- HDFC Banks 24 hour Phone Banking service lets customer
conduct a wide range of banking transactions from the comfort or their home of office.

Customer can: Get their account details Ask for a cheque book or a statement Open a Fixed Deposit Transfer money within their own accounts Order a Demand Draft Stop cheque payment, etc. Now customer can do all their banking activities through the phone. All this for an average quarterly balance of just Rs. 5000.

At HDFC Bank, HDFC BANK understand that running a business requires time and money, also that their business needs are constantly evolving. Thats where HDFC BANK come in. HDFC BANK provide customer with a choice of Current Account options to exclusively suit their business whatever the size scope.

Take Costumer pick!

Customer can choose the Current Account that works best for their specific business needs.


Regular Current Account

The regular Current Account requires an average quarterly balance of Rs.10,000 only. Besides the free ATM card and easy accessibility, their first 50 cheque leaves are offered free.


Premium Current Account

Their account can be operated from any of the branches for d depositing of withdrawing money. A Premium Current Account requires an average balance of only Rs. 25.000 per quarter. Moreover, for premium Current Account holders cheque leaves are free. Free Services offered to Regular and premium current Account holders: One ATM card per account (only for individuals/Sole Proprietorships). Replacement in case of damaged cards. Monthly statement. Online, real-time NetBanking. 24 hours PhoneBanking access (please check for availability in their city,).


HDFC Bank Trade

It is a Current Account ideal for small funds transfer across various cities in the country. Trade Account is suitable for small businessmen and traders. Features offered to HDFC Bank Trade Account holders: At par payable cheques. Free inter-city Funds Transfers upto Rs. 25 lacs. Free Pay Orders Free Demand Drafts Payable on HDFC Bank locations upto 30 per quarter. (Check with branch for value limits). ATM card for individuals/Sole Proprietorships. Free online, real time NetBanking. 24-hour Phone Banking access (please check for availability in their city). A Trade Current Account requires an average quarterly balance of only Rs. 40,000.


HDFC Bank Plus

Single Account, Multi-city Banking If their business regularly requires customer to receive and send funds to various cities in the country, HDFC Bank Plus provides customer with the means to facilitate such transactions efficiently. With just one account, customer have access to more that 111 cities in the country. In other words, the power of a single account and multi-city banking. This results in huge savings on inter-city movement of funds and other service charges. Furthermore, HDFC BANK strategic alliance with Chase Manhattan Bank gives customer the advantage of competitive rats for trade finance and faster inward/outward

remittances. The average balance requirement for the HDFC Bank Plus account is Rs. 100,000 per quarter.


(Effective from December 2004) Minimum average Balance : Average daily balance in a quarter HDFC bank plus Services charges applicable: Non-maintenance of the above (per quarter ) upto Rs.50,000 Below Rs.50000 Ramittances : Fund transfer using at par payable Chaques or cheques deposited locally In another HDFCBank location at Teller/ATM,except dahej and Bharuch Demand drafts through correspondent bank Local pay orders If issued from Non-home branch Demand draft on our locations: -on RBI location of HDFC Bank -on SBI location of HDFC Bank Free without value cap free upto 10 lacs per day per account (above this @0.50per Rs.1000 on full Draft amount Min Rs.25 ) 0.25%(minimum Rs.50) free 50p/Rs1000,minRs25 Max, Rs5000 free upto 100 lacs per month Incremental amount @ Rs.0.50 per Rs.1000/Rs.1500 Rs3000 Rs.1.00,000

Promotional offer
Free DDs on non branch location Till 31st aug2003 If issued from non-home branch: On full amount DD cancellation Foreign Currency Demand drafts Foreign Inward Remittance Rs. 50 per certificate Cheque collection: From our location , only on clear funds From non-locations, only on clear funds Door- to-door services : (for accounts residing in select cities) cash delivery /pick-up ,upto Rs.1 lac per visit courier Pick (non-cash) if available in your location extra Pick-up (non-cash ) DD upto Rs.3 lacs Cash transactions: (from non home branches ) No cash deposit Cash withdrawals are allowed. Rs.50,000 per day Rs.50 per visit Rs.25 per visit (DD Charges as applicable) one visit daily free Rs.100 per visit Free after 6th working day. 0.40%(MinimumRs.25) Plus courier charges Rs.25 50p/Rs.1000,min Rs.25 Rs. 50 per draft Rs.100 per instrument

Cheque Related Transactions: Cheque book for accout opening Cheques issued by you and returned upaid Account not maintaning AQB (of previous quarter ) cheques diposited by by you and returned Account not maintaining AQB (of previous quarter ) Stop payment instructions Old records /copy of paid cheques : upto 1 year Above 1 year Rs. 25 per record Rs.50 per record Rs.50 per instrument Rs.50 per instrument Rs.100 per instrument Free Rs.100 per instrument Rs.150 per instrument

Additional cheque leaf

Account not maintaining AQB (of previous quarter ) Account closure : Before 6 month After 6 month ATM cards (Available in select cities ): Free card per account ( only for individual and Sole proprietorship current accounts ) one Rs. 100 no charges Rs. 5 per leaf

Debit cards: Annual fee per debit card All subsequent Debit cards will be charged Replacement of damaged card Replacement of lost card Cash transactions at the ATM : Account maintaining Average quarterly balance AQB Account not maintaining AQB Incremental transactions @ Rs. 25/- per transaction Transaction through Phone banking : Account which have not maintained the required AQB in the previous quarter , will be charged Rs,25 for each transaction done through a phonebanker instead of using the automated interactive voice response system. 30 transactions free p.m. 10 transaction free p.m. free Rs. 100 Rs. 100/ p.a. Annual fee waived for the first year for upto one additional card

Super save account (a temporary overdraft against their fixed Deposit) Would not it be great to earn a high interest on their Fixed Deposit and at the same time enjoy the liquidity associated with a Saving account/ Get their self the HDFC Bank Super Save Account and thats exactly what customer will have.

How do I benefit from the Super Save Account?

Maximum Liquidity Their Super Saver Account allows customer to issue cheques and use and ATM card for withdrawals, just like Savings Account. Customer can access their account from any of HDFC BANK 211 branches or over 650 ATMs spread across India. Even in an emergency, customer need not break their fixed Deposit to withdraw money. So customer get their money whenever customer need it.

Easy operation
Customer can open a supersaver Account with nominal sum of just Rs. 25,000 and enjoy a temporary withdrawal limit of upto 75% of their deposit Even after customer withdraw a part of their limit, their entire deposit continues to earn a high rate of interest, i.e. their deposit in not broken. Customer are required to pay an overdraft interest that is 2% more than the interest earned by their Fixed Deposit for the amount of overdraft, and only for the period for which customer use the money. Besides, customer can take an overdraft by simply using a cheque of through an ATM. Isnt that great? For overdraft limits greater than Rs. 2 Lakhs, overdraft interest will be

charged at the Banks Prime Lending Rate (PLR).

High yield Customer can choose any account plan between 6 months and 5 years for their Super Saver Account. HDFC BANK personal Bankers will give customer expert advice on the best possible account plan yielding the most attractive interest, depending on their needs.

Better Returns that a Savings Account

Even if customer withdraw unto 70% of their Supersaver Account on day one and do not put it back for a year, customer still earn more than customer would through a Saving Account. Incredible isnt it? For example, let us assume that the interest on a 3-year deposit is 10% p.a. and customers have a Fixed Deposit of Rs. 50,000 with the bank. If customer withdraw Rs.10, 000 from their Super Saver Account, their earnings in a year will be: Customer earn Rs. 5000@ 10% p.a.on Rs.50,000. Customer are charged Rs. 1,200@ 12% for the year. Therefore, the net interest customer earn is Rs. 3,8000 Thus, customer earn Rs. 3,800 on a balance of Rs. 40,000 in their Super Saver Account. On the other hand, customer would earn only Rs. 1,600 (@ 4% p.a.) with the same balance in an ordinary Savings Account. A comparison of interest earned in a year from a Rs. 50,000 Super Saver Account (3year plan) and a Savings Account, at different levels of withdrawal, is shown below:

Amount withdrawn on day one (Rs) 0 10000 20000 25000 30000 35000

Interest earned in 1Year Super Saver Savings account @ Net Gain (Rs.) Account @ 10% 4% p.a. (Rs.) P.A. (Rs.) 5000 3800 2600 2000 1400 800 2000 1600 1200 1000 800 600 3000 2200 1400 1000 600 200

In fact, the higher the balance in their Super Saver Account, the higher their returns. Moreover, the shorter the period for which customer use the money, the higher their earnings.

Free ATM Card

With every Super saver Account customer get a free ATM Card. This allows customer to enjoy 24 hour banking 365 days a year, including Sundays sand bank holidays. their convenience is all the matters. Available in select cities only

Personalized Cheque Book

Customer also get a cheque book with every Super Saver Account, with their name printed on it.

Overdraft on Current Account against their fixed Deposits

Customer can also get an overdraft on their Current Account against their own fixed Deposits with the bank. Please contact their Personal Banker for details on documentation required.

(A Flexible Fixed Deposit Cum Savings Account)

Imagine having an account that changes to suit their needs. When customer want their money to earn high interest it workd like a Fixed Deposit, when customer want to withdrew money in a hurry, it works like a savings Account. Customer win both ways

So what is a Sweep-in Account

It is a Fixed Deposit that comes automatically linked to a savings Account. So whenever customerre short of funds in their Saving account and their money is blocked in a fixed Deposit, customer just have to issue a cheque (or use the ATM.) their money automatically gets transferred, i.e. swept-in from their fixed Depisit into their Saving Account. Its as easy as it sounds. To open a sweep in Account, all customer need is to open a Fixed Deposit as per the norms of the bank and a Savings Account with no minimum balance requirement. Customer need to maintain a minimum fixed Deposit of Rs, 50.000 at all times to avoid service charges. In case of non maintenance of Rs.50.000 in fixed deposits, customer savings Account will be subject to service charges as applicable. The saving account needs to be opened with an initial amount of Rs.5000.

How does it work?

Since the Sweep in Account holds their money in a Fixed Deposit in units of Re.1 every time money is swept from their fixed deposit to their Savings account, interest loss in minimised. Further, the interest rate till maturity. amount swept in earns interest for the tenure that it has completed without any penalty. The rest of their deposit continues to earn the original

Theres more! Customer can, if customer like always open an add on deposit for just Rs. 5,000. Further, customer link as many deposits as customer like to their Savings account.

And the Sweep in automatically chooses the oldest deposit first before sweeping money into their Savings Account. Enjoy the benefits of a truly flexible fixed Deposit. Just open a Sweep in Account. The Savings accounts comes with it. Call us and HDFC BANK representative will come over to their home of office and open an account for customer. Well take care of details and formalities including their photograph.

Now customer can avoid mutilation, duplication and pilferage of share certificates. Open a Demat Account with HDFC Bank and protect their securities from damage. loss and theft. and remember, HDFC Bank is the largest depository participant amongst all banks.

Why do I need Demat Account?

With SEBI making trading mandatory in the Demat form and the advent of Rolling Settlements it is imperative that all investors have a Demat Account with a depository participant. When customer place a buy order, a seller can deliver the securities in Demat form, which can only be credited to a Demat Account.

What benefits do I get from an HDFC Bank Demat Account

No Account Opening Charges. Nominal Annual Maintenance Charges. Competitive fees for transactions. Demat Account Status on the internet. Option to open a Demat Account with NSDL, CDSL or both. Personalised instruction Book.

What other benefits do I get?

Paperless trading which will help prevent mutilation. Loss and misplacement of certificates and eliminate the problems of bad delivery. Safety of their securities with HDFC Bank. Problems of bad delivery, theft or mutilation eliminated. Zero stamp duty. Faster settlements of buy and sell orders, direct credit of allotment from public/ rights/bonus issues.

How do I open an HDFC Bank Demat Account?

Fill up the application form and the Agreement and get it singed by all the applicant. Attach one photograph of each applicant. Provide proof of identity/Residence (copy of ration card/ driving license/voters ID/passport or PAN card). Please bring the original to the bank along with a photocopy. Annual charges of demat account Rs.299 per annum

Once their Demat account is active, customer will receive periodic account statements from HDFC Bank. HDFC banks Demat Account is also accessible on the internet, allowing customer to check balances, transaction status, Demat status etc. online.


Safeguard their valuables with HDFC Bank lockers.
their jewellery, share certificates and important documents are far too important for customer to risk keeping them at home. As an HDFC Bank customer, HDFC BANK offer customer a safe and secure place to guard their valuables from theft, fire or any unforeseen circumstances.

Various locker Sizes: HDFC BANK lockers are available in various convenient
sizes. Customer can choose the locker of their choice depending on customer requirement.

Complete privacy: The spacious design and special mobile screens of HDFC BANK
locker rooms, provide complete Privacy. Besides, HDFC BANK allow usage of only one locker per row, at a time.

Water Proof Fire Proof and Secure: the lockers are housed in a special area
of the branch which is secured by strong room doors and tamper-proof locks. Besides, the walls of HDFC BANK locker rooms are specially treated to protect them from water seepage and fire.

Convenient hours of operations: Their can operate the lockers during the branch
timings, and even on Sundays at select braches.

How to get a locker at HDFC Bank?

When customer open an account with us customer can ask about HDFC BANK locker facilities.


(SERVICES & FEES EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 2002 FOR SAVINGS ACCOUNT) As customer glance through HDFC Banks menu of banking services, customerll notice two things. One that the range of HDFC BANK services is comprehensive. And two, two that a host of HDFC BANK services are complimentary for savings account customers. (Rates applicable to individual savings account customers; not applicable to current account customers) Enjoy the following services free of cost: One ATM card per account Replacement in case of damaged ATM card Inter branch banking through tellers uptp Rs. 50,000 a day Quarterly statement for savings account Sweep- in facility on savings account Account Balance Requirements SAVINGS ACCOUNT Min. average quarterly balance Rs. 5,000 Service charges in case of non maintenance If average quarterly balance is between Rs.150 per quarter Rs.2,5000 and Rs. 5,000 If average quarterly balance is bwlow Rs. Rs.500 per quarter 2,500

Option 2: Minimum balance requirement Monthly fee Fixed deposit maintenance In case of non maintenance of Rs.50,000 in their Fixed Deposit Note : savings account can only be opened with an initial deposit of Rs. 5,000 SWEEP-IN ACCOUNT Minimum average quarterly balance Nil requred (the svings Account needs to be opened with an initial amount of Rs. 5,000) Sweep-in facility Free Sweep-in facility is available at any value of Fixed Deposit In case of non- maintenance of Rs. Service charges as apaplicable in option1 50,000 in their fixed deposit for savings account Note: Sweep in will not be allowed on a Single Fixed Deposit having value greater than Rs.25 lakhs SUPER SAVER ACCOUNT Minimum deposit FIXED DEPOSIT Minimum deposit (for simple or reinvestment/deposits) all fixed deposits are cluster deposits held in units of Re.1 ADD-ON DEPOSITS Minimum deposit NRI ACCOUNTS Fixed Deposits Min. balance for fixed deposits FCNR deposits U$$ 1,000 of GBP 5000 Rs.5,000 Rs. 10,000 Rs. 25,000 Nil Nil Rs.50,000 Service charges as applicable in Option 1

NRE/NRNR/NRO/NRSR fixed deposits Saving Account Min average quarterly balance for NRE/NRO/NRSR saving account In case of non maintenance ADD ON NRI DEPOSITS FCNR Deposits NRE/NRNR/ NRO/NRSR fixed deposit Account services ATM CARDS (Available in select cities only) Free cards per account Replacement of damaged card Replacement of lost card DEBIT CARDS Annual fee per card All subsequent cards will be charged. Issuance charges per card Replacement of damaged card Replacement of lost card Lost card liability Copy Retrieval request Plus/Cirrus ATM usage


Rs.10,000 Rs. 150 per quarter

U$$ 1,000 or GBP 2500 Rs. 10,000

1 Free Rs 100

Anyone or survivor accounts are eligible for two cards. Rs.100/-p.a

Annual fee waived for the first year for upt one additional card. Rs 100/Free Rs. 100 Rs. 500 Rs. 100

This is a one time charge and only for NRE customers.

Balance Inquiry

Cash withdrawal

Domestic International BOI/Canara Bank

Rs. 15/Rs. 15/N.A.

Rs. 55/Rs.110/Rs. 100/-

Any one or survivor accounts are eligible for one card per account holder. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT Savings account Quarterly Monthly duplicate statement Upto 1year old More than 1 year old HOLD MAIL FACILITY CERTIFICATE OF BALANCE Current year Previous year Saving account STANDING INSTRUCTIONS Setting up Per transaction ACCOUNT CLOSURE Before 6months After 6months Lockers Lockers are available at select branches, in various sizes, for customers only Funds transfer INTERBRANCH BANKING Rs.100 No Charge Rs. 150 Rs. 25+remittance Charge Free Rs. 250 Rs.100 per occation +18 interest Rs.50 per statement Rs. 100 per statement Rs. 250 per year Free Rs. 200 per year

(Fax of statement free through phone Banking)

UNARRANGED OVERDRAFT (subject ot approval)

This facility refers to operating their savings account from another branch, either in the same city or another city. This facility is available for individual savings account holders only. however, interbranch facility is not available for enchasing fixed deposits. All fixed deposit encasements shall be carried out only at the branch where the deposit is held. Third party bearer cheques can only be encased At the branch where the account is held. With interbranch banking facility customer can: Withdraw cash from their account in another branch by giving a self cheque to the teller. Transfer funds between two accounts in different branches. Deposit a local cheque in one city fir credit to their account in another city Interbranch through ATMs Interbranch through teller counters Non- Cash Transactions Any amount Cash Transactions Up to Rs. 50,000 per day Above Rs. 50,000 per day MANAGERS CHEQUE Up to Rs. 50,000 above Rs. 50,000 DRAFT CHARGES Drawn on branch locations up to Rs.25,000 Above Rs.25,000 up to Rs.1lakh Rs.50 (Rs. 50through Phone Banking) Rs. 2.50 per 1,000 or part thereof (min. Flat Rs.75 (Rs.50 Through Phone Banking) Re. 1per Rs. 1,000 or part thereof (min. Rs.75 Max5,000) Free Rs. 2.90 per 1000 Free free access across all branches

Rs.50 Above Rs 1 Lakh Drawn on non branch location Rs.50+ Charges as below: Upto Rs.500 Above Rs.. 500 to Rs.1,000 Above Rs.1,000 to Rs. 5,000 Above Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 Above Rs. 10,000 to Rs.1 Lakh Above Rs. 1lakh Rs..10 Rs.15 Rs.25 Rs.30 Rs.3 per Rs. 1,000 Or part thereof Rs.2.00 per Rs. 1,000 Or part thereof (Min. Rs. 3000). A service charge of Rs. 100 will be applicable for non customers DRAFT CANCELLATION CHARGES RS50 FOREIGN CURRENCY DDs/IMOs Customers Non customers FOREIGN INWARD REMITTANCE CERT Rs.50 TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER Branch locations Non branch location Out of India TRAVELERS CHEQUES Sale of Thomas Cook Travelers cheques Cheque related transactions COLLECTION CHARGES 1%commission Rs.0.40 per Rs.1, 000 Min. Rs.100 Rs.25+ Correspondent bank charges Rs.200 Rs.100 Rs.200

Cheques drawn on Metros: Credit on day7 Credot before 7 Credit on day 10 Credit before 10 days correspondent bank: Credit on receipt of funds correspondent bank: Credit on receipt of funds 0.65%(min Rs.75) Rs.50 per record Rs.100 per record Rs.50 (Rs.40 through Phone Banking) Range of cheques CHEQUE RETURN CHARGES (drawn on use) Due to insufficient funds Technical reasons Rs.150 No. Cahrge Rs.100 (Rs.80 through Phone Banking) 0.40% (min Rs.50) Cheques drawn on non branch location where HDFC BANK do not have tie up with Free of charge 0.25% (min Rs.25) Free of charge 0.25% (min Rs.25)

Cheques drawn on non metro cities (branch locations):

Cheques drawn on non branch locations where HDFC BANK have tie up with



Processing fee Courier Charges FIRC issuance charge Cheque return charges (HDFC BANKs) PLUS Correspondent Bank Charges

0.25%min Rs.250/Per transaction Rs.50 /-per transaction Rs.50/- per FIRC Rs.100/-perchaque

USD10/per item (USD cheques) EIRO 25.03 per item Euro 25.03 Plus drawee bank Charge (non EURO) cheques)


Revised charges w.e.f August 1, 2002 for Savings Account customers not maintaining Average Quarterly Balance. Transaction Re-order of Cheque Book Cash transactions at the Branch (includes deposits & withdrawals) Cash transactions at the ATM (includes deposits & withdrawals) Phonebanking Cheque returns-inward Cheque returns out ward Note on revised charges: 1. stipulated AQB customers not maintaining stipulated AQB Rs. 2 per cheque leaf 3 Free in the quarter Rs.50/- per transaction for additional transaction 5Free in the quarter Rs.25/- per transaction for additional transaction Rs.25/- per transactioan Rs.200/Rs.100/-

Rs.5,000 for Urban Branches Rs. 2,500 for Semi-urban branches Savings or Sweep-in accounts with FD of Rs.50,000 or more at the

quarter. 2. 3. These charges will apply in the current quarter based on the AQB maintained in the account in the previous quarter. Transaction charges based on non-maintenance of AQB (as specified above) do not apply to Preferred, Corporate Salary, NRI, Super Saver and Freedom Account customers. 4. The phone Banking charges will apply on transactions that are available on the IVR but are done through the phone Banking executive.


HDFC bank aims at full customer satisfaction its customers range from ordinary household to high profile business houses . It has wide range of type of account and several other payment and deposition facilities to cater to the need of these customers for speady transaction to match the demand of e-commerce .It has several model facilities like internet banking, telebanking etc. all the cheques presented to hdfc bank are accounted withen a day where drawee branch is in the same city for out station cheques it takes maximum three days only. It has a team of dedicated motivated & trend professionals who listen to and sort out the problems of customers . To avoid long queue and waiting lines it has avoid network of realiable ATMs through out the contry .It has ATMs are joined to the main server who satelyte link which helps it to maintain data of every transaction ,after each transaction customer is served with the bank statement the customer may also access transfer his account via internet in addition all these services the bank also provides customers with debit and credit cards which allows them to make transaction any where in the world which has visa compatibility in this way hdfc bank epitomizes. The merits of both orthodox and electronic banking. Thus HDFC Bank not only trys to satisfy its customers but also make all attempts to delight them.

HDFC Bank has three pronged services strategy : 1. 2. 3. People management physical Environment Management process Management


People Management HDFC Bank has well qualified team of professional team of professionals who are experts in customer relationship management. They have achieved. Thus level of expertise through training and motivation program taken up at regular interwells because of this high levels of competence HDFC Bank is often of called as Indian Foreign Bank.


Physical Environment Management Every Branch and ATMs of HDFC Bank is located in the posh area of the locality it helps the bank to create a good image among customer. Further it helps customers access the bank facilities in leisure time that is while marketing or on way to some important destination. Further all ATMs and branches are fully air conditioned with relaxing environment which puts visitors at ease the peaceful ehseipat the tension and stores of customers.


Process Management HDFC Bank has simplified procedures for transaction and opening accounts it has done a way with Hussle of Gvasenter which are mandatory in many in many banks similarly it has done a way with many lumbers one and non essential procedures which helps customers reduce stress and under tension.


The opening and closing of A/c pass through several stage which is abbreviated as ODPEC. The details of which as follows ODPEC O-Opening A/c are opened at local level immediately. D/p-Developing A/c are developed in Mumbai where date entry is done and computed within 12 to 15 days working days. C-closing A/c are closed afters a notive from the holds at local level.

BANKWISE DISTRIBUTION OF ACOUNT HOLDERS Based on the response of 250 people following table has been made : NAME OF THE BANK

70 110 20 50

28% 44% 8% 20%

IDBI 20%

UTI 8%




POPULARITY OF THE TYPES OF ACOUNTS Based on the response of 250 people following table has been made Name of Account SAVINGS CURRENT FIXED SALARY Used by people 80 70 40 60 % age 32% 28% 16% 24%





Types of accounts held by people ranked in order


MOST SOUGHT AFTER ATTRIBUTES OF A BANK People ranked different attributes as 1,2 ,3 etc., Based on these responses mean rank has been calculated. ATTRIBUTES

2.6 3.88 2.72 4.24 5.276 3.388





100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% SAVINGS CURRENT SALARY FIXED Series1







From the responses of question whether people would like to open another account following table has been made YES NO 45% 55%

YES 45% YES NO NO 55%


1. From the response of the Questionnaire gathered and finding the experience during the survey from of people around, about the HDFC Bank, a lot of conclusion and findings have been arrived at which are sufficient to unravel the mystries and connotations of customer behavior and their satisfaction.

2. Since HDFC Bank is number two in terms of number of account holders, and its positive image and enormous goodwill among masses elevates, its position from nicher to runner in retail banking sector. It can very well take on the challenge posed by ICICI Bank and try to improve its position by focusing on key strength areas and strategically eliminating its weak points.

3. For expansion HDFC Banks should make forays into semi-urban and smaller cities and also rural areas .In fact these days, rural income is increasing at a much faster rate then. Urban income and also the market is considered virgin which makes the launching and expansion prospects very good one. In this way the Bank can gain foothold over these territories and reap rich harvest in terms of booming account numbers. 4. However it was felt during the survey that major constraint which may laggard the growth of HDFC Bank is the inadequate number of ATMs across the country. The Bank need to improve upon this front because in terms of customers consideration of attributes in choosing a bank ATMs and location of it are of paramount importance. 5. Since saving account ate the most popular among masses, innovative ideas has to be framed to inveigle new prospects into this venture. Possible targets could be school and college going students, housewives and small businessmen who could easily put their money from irregular source of income into this account.

6. Now-a-days Banking is no more the way of only providing interest for the
deposited money, but they are the ways of accessing and transacting with them from anywhere and anytime at any part of the world. Hence, flawless and effortless access of bank accounts from mobile phones and Internet has to be made available.

7. It is also felt that in the era of e-banking where transaction is more on the IT
highway the success of bank will depend more on building information networks rather then anything else. In the near future all existing banks including HDFC Bank may have to rival Airtel and hutch network, which too might become Banks very soon rather then competing among themselves. Hence vision for success in near future is building up of information gathering and dissemination network base


Try to improve after sales services. To be some quality conscious. Try to install ATMs at more convenient places for their customer. Try to provide Complete/Actual information to the customer. Customer must have all the information regarding charges & fees. HDFC must issue at par cheques to their customers.


The bank has to provide better services to satisfy the needs and wants of customers specially on the occasion of deepawali and dasahara like festivals so that the customer has to satisfied with their services of banks the bank is to provide loans, specially housing loans to the customer at very low interest rates so that the every middle class family is to avail loans without any problem.


To make the good relation with the customer it is very important to take feed back time to time to know about the problems and difficulties which are faced by the customer.


The bank is able to give as many as possible information to our customers so that the customer is able to understand which type of information is to bi used in a particular sector.


Due to on line trading the convince to customer is given by way of opening and depositing their money on the basis of on line services.


financial year is also increase the customer has also avail their The bank is to install ATMs as many as possible due to convience of their customer specially in commercial places ,like petrol pumps, in market ,in the hospital . So that the customer has convience to withdraw their money without problems.


The bank has to open their extention counter in various places of their city so that the deposit of bank is also increase and the turnover of bank during facilities which is provided by bank cheaper rate.

The keys strength areas of HDFC Bank are its motivated and highly competent staff who are aggressive in their pursuit for excellence in terms of employee competence it rivals the highly rated foreign banks.

Though HDFC Bank has wide coverage of ATM Network through out the country it is not considered adequate keeping in view is wide customer base.

HDFC Bank has good opportunity in Rural area and offices etc. which are still untouched by banks of such repute an are considered virgin markets.

Other banks like ICICI, Centurion, UTI, IDBI, an expanding at a very fast rate and are perceived as threat to HDFC Bank.


1. WWW.HDFCBANK.COM 2. Collection of data has been done through secondary sources like. Brochures,Company profile