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Questionnaire on employee involvement: extent and impact on IR DEMOGRAPHIC DETAILS: Age: Department: Marital Status:

i. ii.

Single Married Education Qualification: 1. 10th pass 2. HSC 3. Graduate 4. Post Graduate Experience at this concern Remuneration per month ORGANIZATIONAL DETAILS

1) Do you have the employee engagement opportunities to do the work best? iii. Almost always true iv. Mostly true v. Sometimes true vi. Rarely true vii. Not at all true
2) Are you satisfied with the recognition of your efforts by the i. ii. iii. iv. v.

management? Highly satisfied Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied

3) How frequently your suggestion are considered during your job? vi. Frequently vii. Rarely viii. Occasionally
i. ii. iii. iv. v.

4) Are you satisfied with your overall development at your workplace? Highly satisfied Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied

5) How does the employee involvement program impacts you and your work? i. Perks ii. Fringe benefits iii. Remuneration iv. Wages v. Bonus 6) In your opinion, would involvement leads to a positive change in work attitudes? i. Yes ii. No 7) If yes, it makes a positive impact on i. Job satisfaction ii. Employee productivity iii. Employee commitment iv. Emotional attachment with the organisation v. Attitude vi. All of the above 8) What are the various employee participation schemes? i. suggestion schemes ii. share capital participation iii. team working iv. collective bargaining v. works councils vi. quality control circles


any other please specify -----------------------------------------------

9) Are you satisfied with the various employee participation schemes conducted in your organization? i. Highly satisfied ii. Satisfied iii. Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied iv. Dissatisfied v. Highly Dissatisfied 9) What would non-participation of employees in decision-making lead to in organizations? i. labour unrest ii. job dissatisfaction iii. low productivity iv. employee turnover v. absenteeism vi. none of the above vii. all of the above 10) What are the various methods of measuring employee effectiveness in your organisation? a) Feedbacks b) Formal performance appraisal c) Graphic rating scale d) Employee comparison system e) Behaviour observation scales f) If any other, please mention ----------------------------------------------11) What is the media through which you get communicated about the internal updates of the organisation? a) Bulletin b) Newsletters c) Notice board d) Videos e) House journals f) Visits 12)Do you think that employees and management cooperation helps in increasing employee productivity levels?

i. ii.

Yes No

13) what is the approach to solve various problems in the organisation ? i. Mutual trust and understanding ii. Two way communication iii. Transparency in the organisation. iv. Any other -------------------------------------------14) In which form does the management prefers employee participation ? i. Consultation ii. Joint decision making iii. If any other, please specify--------------------------------15) how well are you satisfied with the following aspects . kindly rate it from 1-5 ie. Highly satisfied (1) , satisfied (2), neutral(3), dissatisfied(4), highly dissatisfied (5)
1. 2. 3. 4.

Your role in the organisation : 1 Salary :1 Schemes :1 Problem solving approach :1

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5 5 5 5