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Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Chapter 10 Solutions

Review Questions
1. In your organization, the creation of accounts is performed by administrative assistants in each
department. Account holders in one of the departments report that properties of their accounts
sometimes change without notice and the financial auditors are concerned. Which of the following is
the best course of actions for now?
Answer: c. Configure a policy to audit account management.

2. One of your server operators has an account that does not enable her to log onto servers. What might
you troubleshoot?
Answer: d. whether the operator’s account has the right log on locally.

3. Your management has decided that users should change their passwords every month. Is there a way
you can enforce this?
Answer: b. Configure the Maximum password age policy in the password policies.

4. Which of the following are preconfigured templates? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. System.adm

5. One department in your organization has several users that reconfigure an authoring program or
sometimes uninstall it altogether. These actions cause a lot of needless extra work on the part of the
organization’s user support professionals. What can you do?
Answer: a. Create a Group Policy for the OU that in which that department’s accounts are located, and
assign the authoring program.

6. Use the __________________________ tool to configure security for the domain.

Answer: a. Domain Security Policy

7. Which of the following is (are) a mode that you can select when using the Resultant Set of Policy
Tool? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: c. and d.

8. How can you discourage intruders from trying to access users’ accounts?
Answer: b. Configure account lockout.

9. When you configure the maximum lifetime for a service ticket in the Kerberos policies, what else
should you configure?
Answer: d. maximum lifetime for user ticket

10. A Kerberos policy is a example of a(n) ________________________.

Answer: a. account policy

11. ____________________________ is (are) used instead of Group Policy in Windows NT Server to

configure basic computer and account controls
Answer: b. System policy

12. For which of the following can you set a Group Policy? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: c. site

Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2003

13. You have lectured users about reusing the same passwords, but no on seems to be listening. This is a
major security problem, because users have often shared their passwords with other users in the past.
How can you best solve this problem?
Answer: d. Deploy the enforce password history policy.

14. Which of the following are categories of security options policies? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. and b.

15. Sometimes members of the Server Operators group decide to connect printers to certain servers for
their convenience and load drivers for those printers to make them work. What steps might you take, so
that only the Administrators group has this option?
Answer: b. configure the load and unload device drivers user rights policy so that it is only enabled for
the Administrators group

16. Your assistant wants to audit all kinds of activities on a server, from every time someone accesses the
server to every time a file or printer is used. What is your opinion?
Answer: b. Use auditing sparingly; it creates high maintenance for the security logs.

17. How often should server administrators consider changing their passwords?
Answer: c. About every month or sooner.

18. Which of the following is a Group Policy category above Software Settings? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. Computer Configuration

19. Group policy settings are stored in _____________________________________.

Answer: c. GPOs

20. Which of the following are choices for configuring IPSec policies? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. and c.

21. The ________________________ Command Prompt window command is used to configure the
Encrypting File System.
Answer: d. cipher

22. The Administrative Templates policies in User Configuration enable you to

Answer: a. permanently set the home page when users access Internet Explorer

23. With which file system can you use the Encrypting File System?
Answer: a. NTFS

24. Which of the following is (are) a security template that comes with Windows Server 2003? (Choose all
that apply.)
Answer: a., b., c., and d.

25. Use the ______________________________________ Snap-in to import a newly created security

template to an existing Group Policy.
Answer: b. Security Configuration and Analysis