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.Pharaoh Akhenaton is considered monotheist. the f irst IIe nas a young brilliant poet. Letrs listen to him celebrate the rising sun. Arrls upraised in the position of KA (heart ), he revels in the creator's makings through the sun. "You rise beautifully, O living Aton, Lord of Eternity; You' re glittering, beautiful, strong; Your love is great. It is mighty. Your rays give sight to all your creatures. They bring life to the hearts of men. You fill the two lands with your love. O God, you made yourself. You made evey land. You made everything on it. , A11 men, cattle and antelopes , . All trees that grow in the soil, All live when you rise for them. You are the mother and father you made. of all When you rise, all see. Your rays light up the whole earth. Every heart rejoices at the sight of youe When you riser a's their lord. IIow manifold are your works ! They're hidden before men, O sole God, beside whom therers no other. You created the earth from your heart. "


1350 B.C.


and Published



Copyright - L992 Firet Edition


research has The authorrs Science is not the enemy of religion. relaxation. Thomencourages exhalation that retarded demonstrated 'When angry appeared to have the key when he advised, as Jefferson count Today, we might add, "If that doesn't do it, count to ten.' affIt appears extended exhalation to twenty on the same breath.' This is the part of the nervous system. ects the parasl4npathetic autonomic nervous system that relaxes the body (The sympathetic nervous system of the autonomic nervous system, the "Fight or flight" mechanism, excites the body ) . encourages The point to be made is that prayer and prayer devices This forms an entree to our psychic parasympathetic ascendance. teachings have and mystical or inner selves. For years religions encouraged parasympathetic ascendance through repetitive Prayers, music, relaxing beads, vowel sounds, mantras, incense, soft lights, etcetera. candles' urandalas, bells, congenial environment, with the God of our To help in this whole process of attunement praymostly non-sectarian Hearts ' the author presents the following He's found them helpful, in our quest for aid and succor to our ers. please submit them to If you know some you would share, God within. Thanks. for Mystics. " of 'Prayers for an expanded edition the author




came into being tongue. . . the . . . clrn into being heart and their and the tongue commands what it will... heart thinks what it will (heart) It is the latter which causes all decisions to be made, but it is the tongue which reports what the heart has thought out. Thus is all action, whether simple or complex, carried out..,. A11 is in accord with the command which the heart has devised and which has appeared upon the tongue. Thus is determined the peculiar nature of everything. . . . I was the maker of myself, in that I f or:ured myself according to my desire and in accord with my heart. Ancient Egyptian Memphite by Stone- Translated -Dr. James Breasted

WEO art in heaven, hallowed be THY name ' Our Father, be done on earth as it is THY Kingdom come, THY wiII Give us this day our daily bread, and forheaven. in those as h/e ought to forgive give us our trespasses Lls. Lead us when in temptation, agtinst inat trespass us f rom evi I " Atrlenbut de liver -Jesus Christ, The Messiah, The Saviour

He maketh me to lie down in not want. I shall The Lord is my shepherd, my He restoreth waters. he leadeth me beside the still green pasture-; Yea, though paths for Eis name's sake. sout; ite guideth me in straight fear no evil, I niII of the shadow of death, I walk tniough the valley me. Thou prethey confort for Thou art with met Thy rod and Thy staff, parest before me in the presence of mine enemies i Thou hast ana table surelY goodness and mercy over. rny head with oil,; my cup runneth ointed dwell in the house and I shall me all the days oi my life, shall follow f orever . of the L,ord -Psalm xxiii

him, when he dawns with beholding daily !{ay my eyes be satisfied it with his own self by his beams ' in this house of Aton and fills for life beauteous in love, and lays them upon me in satisfying ever and ever.
-Pharaoh -lNchnaton

O, GREAT SPIRIT, I hear in the winds, Whose voice the world, to all life And whose breath gives I am small and weak, I need your hear me! and wisdom. strength LET ME WALK IN BEAUTY, and make my eyes sunset. the red and Purple ever behold the IIAKE trtY EANDS resPect made and my ears sharp to I'{AKE I{E WISE so you have things I that taught you have things hear your voice the

may understand mY PeoPle. you have

LET ll.E LEARN the lessons and rock. leaf in every I SEEK STRENGTH, not but to fight brother, myself. enemy


to be greater mY greatest



I'{AKE ttE ALWAYS READY to clean hands and straight

come to eyes. fading



S O W H E N L I F E F A D E Sr E t s t h e may come to you my spirit shame. without -American Indian PraYer


Love me in sinners and saintg, In each who needs or faintsTEEE aa I can love LORD, I wiII man. In every brother -Rossettirsister of Dei Grata.



1830-1894 A.D.

to bear lightly Give me the strength my joys and sorrows, to make mY love Give me the strength in service. fruitful to raise my mind Give me the strength dailY trifles, high above to surrender And give me the strength with loveto TEY will my strength -Tagore, Bengali Poet and llystic. Born I85I' A.D.


With beautY may I wa1k. with beautY bef ore Ir r may I w a l k . Ir r may I w a l k . beautY behind with with beautY above III r may I w a l k . with beautY below IIIr may I w a l k . around Ir r may I walk. with beauty aII of beautY' on a trail In old age wandering may I walk. of beautyr on a trail In old age wandering

lively, tiving again '

It It

may I walk. is finished is finished

in in

beauty. beauty.
-from Nava jo " Yeibichai "

May it be granted unto me that I pass on unto the holy princes, for indeed, t am doing anay with aII the wrong which r did, from the time when this earth cune into being. -Osiris

I Ermtoday . eated births

I am tomorrow " I am yesterday. I remain powerf ul and youn!1 .

Undergoing Book of

my repthe Dead


Oh God ! Guard me from Let me seek in head. the heart. from

soleIY from !h" those whose t h o u g h t s a r i s e thoughts that arise in oihers, mYself ' and -NARP PrecePtor

under TEy wings ' arise with healing TEOU SIIN of RTGETEOUSNESS there to shine in darknessr make TEY light in my heart; day in the dead of night ' ina ; perfect -HenrY Vaughan, MYstic.

Iead me to the Real. Out o f the unreal, Out o f the Darkness r lead me into Light ' Out o f Death, lead me to DeathleSsness. -Hindu Prayer


Come LORD and work. Arouse uE and incite. Kindle us, sweep us onwards. Be fragrant ag flowers, sweet as honey. Teach us to love and to run. ' -St. Augustine, Apostle of the English. ?-604, A.D.

Power, Iet the whole world O GOD of unchangeable feel and see that things which were cast down are being raised up, that those which had grown old are being made new and that aII are returning things to perfection. -Gelasian Gelasiue, Sacramentary, Bishop of Caesardr about 476, A.D.

us to love TEEE; grant O LORD, grant that grant we may do the that love TEEE; that Make the love of THEE to be dearer Iove. families, than wealth, and even than cool -l'lohammd, Arabian Founder of Islam ,

we may love those win TIIY deeds that than ourselves r our water. A. D.

5-10-63 2 ,

O GOD' our Heavenly FATEER, before the silence; Let us go into we lift and adoration of love we come and in praise THy altar of the unilight living O THOU great unto THEE. up our voices unto us THY richest ask THEE to grant versr we THY children shadow of doubt from our minds as reand to remove all blessing each one of us when hre too sha I I awaiteth gards the Ii f e that But we thank THEE, O GOD' death. pass through the gates called THOU our Pathway and that of heaven has illumined the light tnat power to is a living indeed that light unto us this hast given times. us at all and to uphold sustain -Sister E. T. CawdEY , an Af rlcan !'lyetic '

For health r pEosPeritY and happineas To TEEE f PraYr B u t m o s t o f a l l a s m i l e t o greet the newborn day. -Beatrice Colony ' Author

Sun of my SouI, TEOU SAVIOR DEART It is not night if THOU be near. cloud arise O may no earth-born eyes. To hide THEE from THY servant's -t{alter Founder De Voe , American trtystic, -4-





MY I{ASTER SAID !y God, let thy but Thee. light


John palo all may see' not me,

so shine through me that

oh God! Thy presence! Make Thee with me.

Thy very preaence !

Make me with


thoughts. And, Oh God! Teach me to feel good and beautiful good and beautiful But' most of aII, teach me to speak thoughts. cod, teach me to do good and beautiful thoughts. where thou art not, frustrate my God, guide me into Thy nays. efforts. where ny light is dinr and the road treacherous, be Thou rdith rne. wherever Thou art, Iighten my eyes and guide my feet to Thee. Lord, may I have a part in Thy great worka.

uPon me that I may God, shorten my memory of the hurts inflicted continue in Thy ways. Eelp me to forgive and forget those incidme. through ents that may bar Thy manifestation8 where art Thee ! Thou, oh God? AlL else fails to satisfy. I hunger for

cod- Give me Thy strength to do good. watch over me that I use your But ' also, wisdom and power not only to fight evil and injustice. for the greater work of changing these forces into things of beauty and goodness . best death itself, oh God! If Thou deemest a tragic accident'or let it be. The beauty of for my soul growth at this or any tine, far outvteigh the the fu1l realization of Your plan for rne will tragedy of the occasion. oh Lord, when will 'Thee ! ' ny cry 'l.te!', 'tle!', '!{et' become "Theel', "Thee!',

LORD, teach me to know TEEE' and to know myaelf. -St. Augustinel Apostle of the English. ?-604,



O GOD, where was I wandering to seek TEEE? o most infinite and TEOU wast in the midst Beauty, I sought THEE without, of my heart. -St. Augustine, Apoetle of the Englieh. ?-604' A.D'

O G O Dw h o h a s t f o l d e d b a c k t h e m a n t l e o f t h e n i g h t t o c l o t h e ua in the glory of the day, chage from our hearts all gloomy of hope that thoughts, and make us glad with the brightness aspire to unknown virtueg. we may effectively -Col1ect, from the 5th and lSth Centuries -

O ETERNAL GOODMESS, our hearts. into O ETERNAL LIGHT, shine ETERNAL POWER, be THOU our support. O us from evil. deliver ETERthe darkness of our ignorance. ETERNAL WISDOM, scatter uE. NAL PITY, have mercy upon -Alcuin , Archbishop, Englieh Theologian'

735-80{, A.D.

beyond essence of things O THOU' wEO art the everlasting THOU WHO transcendest them; and yet within space and time THYSELF t o u s , f e e l i n g manifest things; alI yet pervadest THEE in the shades of ignorance ' yet seeking THEE, after beside THEE. nothing seeking -John Scotus Erigna, Scot Philosopher in France. 875r A.D.

pierce with the arrows of TEY love the gecret chambers of flames set the inner man. Let the entrance of TEY healthful and the burning fire of THY sacred heart alightt the sluggieh it. enlighten inspiration -St. Anslem, Archbishop of Canterbury. 1033-1109 ' A.D.

love -St.

TEEE because Bernard, Fl,




I may love . ' A. D.




of meditation Let the words of my mouth and the O LORD RY I in TEY sight ' my heart be acceptlUfe redeemer ' and mY strength -psa l_m: one of the old Teetament Hymns .


that that that

I ought I ought I ought I ought I ought

to to

have thought have said

and have not


All that thought; All that spoken;

and have not said; to have done and have not done; not to have thought and yet have not to have spoken and yet have

Allthatloughtnottohavedoneandyethavedone; words and works, PraY I for foxgiveness For thoughts, and rePent of with Penance ' -Zoroaster, Founder of Ancient Persian Religiorl r about 7 32, B. C.


r pray to with bended knees, with hand outstretched, THEE, lnY LORD, S O INVISIBLE BENEVOLENT PIRIT! joy , of the good mind ' Vouchsafe to me in this hour of ThatlmaytherebybringjoytotheSoulofCreation. Persian Religion -zoroaster, Founder of Ancient about 7327 B.C. '


me to

be beautiful


and all those

I have of rtithin B'c' '

to b at Peace with outward things -socratee, Athenian Philosopher.



IF THOU, LORD, art so good to those who seek, what shall THY goodness be to those who find? -St. Bernard , YE. Ecclesiagtic. 1 0 9 9 - 1 1 5 3' A . D .

which no unrtorthy af f ectGive rrr O LORD, a steadf ast heart, give me an unconguered heart r which ion may drag downwards; can wear out; give me an upright heart, Hhich no tribulation no unworhty purPose may tempt aside. to know O LORD, tnY GOD, understanding Bestow upon me also' to seek THBE, wisdom to find THEE, and a faithTEEE, diligence emhrace THEEfulness that may finally Priest and t.lystic, called Aquinas, Christian St. Thomas 'The Angelical Doctor.r L225?-L274' A-Dwisely to search out, and perto desire, Grant me fervently unto THEE. aII that ig well-pleasing to futfill fectly -St. Thomas Priest and Mystic r cElIIed Aguinas, Christian 'The Angelical Doctor. ' L 2 2 5 ? - L 2 74 , A . D . Iove THEE more dearly, lrtay we know THEE more clearly, ow THEE more nearlY. -St. RichardrBishop of Chichester. Died I253. and f oll-

O my GOD, Iet me walk in the way of love which knoweth not how Let this Iove wholly to seek self in anything whatsoever. which, I beseech THEE may live and possess my soul and heart, move only in, and out of, a pure and sincere love to THEE. Let me love iHng for TEYSELF, and nothing else but in THEE and for instead of TEEE; for to give aII for THEE. Let me love nothing Iove is a most sweet bargain. 'The Nun . ' -Dame Gertrude tr{oore, Chrietian l{ystic. 1 2 5 6 - 1 2 9 r, A . D . Do TEOU meet us while we walk in the Way and long to reach the we may keep the t{ay of TEY light so that f ollowing Country; and never wander away from the darkness of this righte6usness world's night. -l-lozarabic ancient !{ozarab, a member of certain Liturgy, under the which existed of Spanish Christians congregations own ' of their a liturgy Moors and had -8-

praise be to THBE, O HIDDEN Ot{E and MANIFESTED ONE. Praise to THY Might, to THY Power, and to TEY Great be to THY Glory, SKiII. O THOUwho pos?essest O AILAE, to THEE aII greatness belongs. of Thou art the Spirit the power and Beauty ind Perfection. AII. tr{onarchs ; to THEE, O }IASTER praise to TEEE, O SOVEREIGN of all to THEE, o to TEEE, O CONTROLLBR f all things; of all affairs; RULER of all BEINGS. and free from aII THOU art free from death, free from birth o r H o u E T E R N A LO N E , T H O U a r t f r e e f r o m a I I c o n limitations. O ALLAH' THOU art the GOD of things. ditions I pur. from all THOU art the LORD of Hosts in the Heavens. Souls on earth; -Suf i Invocation, Suf ism , a system of t'tohammedanmysticism, in Pergia. developed esPeciallY O LORD, I gasp in my desire for THEE, Yet can I not consume is my hunger; the more r THEE. The more I eat- the fiercer I follow after that which the greater is my thirst. drinkmY desire groweth greater. from me, and as I followr flieth A'D' -Ruysbroeck, L293-f38It Dutch t'lystic.

that I in the inward Parts, my spirit O LORD THOU desirest ' TEEE as THOU lovest r may see TEEE as THOU seest rD and love


Dutch l.lystic.



to make us know that THOU o supREI{E GOOD, TEOU hast deeigned with that love; wheref ore they art Iove, and makest us in love unto their be rewarded according who come before THy face ehall savthe comtemplative which leadeth Iove, and there is nothing ing true love alone. 1309 ' A. D. -Angela of Foligno, Bleeees trtystic.

I should be enanoured of THEE' and whatever It is meet that always doknow to be THy dearest w111 that I will shall -Suso, Christian 1300-1365r A'D' trtystic.


of good instruction to Gentle Lord, cause some sweet fruit that we may issue forth from our sharp thorns of sufferings, up our more patiently, suffer and be b'etter able to offer sufferings to THY praise and glory. -Suso, Christian l,lystic. f300-1355, A.D.

O LORD, I pray f or all those whom THOU hast given rTr whom I r love and whom THOU hast made one thing with Iove with a special and for THY sake I desire to me. For they are my consolation see them running in the sweet and narrow way, dead to self and judgement and murnuring against their neighbour. pure from all May they all attain to TEEE, O ETERNAI FATHER, to THEE who art final end. their - S t . C a t h e r i n e o f S i e n n a , C h r i s t i a n M y s t i c . I 3 f 4 - 1 3 8 01 A . D .

be TEY name, not minei nagnified Praised be TEY Holy Name, but to me let blessed be given. -Thomas a Kempis , Christian lt{ystic.

be THY work, not mine; no part of man's praise f 38 0-t 47 L ' A. D.

to give Teach us r good LORD, to serve TEEE as THOUdeservest; heed the wounds ; and not to and not to count the cost t to fight to labour and not to ask for and not to seek for rest; to toil reward , save that of knowing that hte do THY wi I I . -St. Igrnatius Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus. t49I-1556, A.D. and firm toward THEE' may renain right O LORD if only my will please TEEE. For it cannot be it shall do with me whatsoever THOU shalt do with me. anything but good whatsoever me to be in darknesse be THOU blessed; IF TEOU willest be THOUagain blessed. me to be in light THOUwillest and if

and if THOU IF TEOU vouchsafe to comfort De be TEOU blessed; blessed. me to be afflicted, be TEOU ever egually willeet -Thomas a Kempis, 1380-L47L, A.D. Christianttystic.

-I 0-

O LORD, I wish for the love EelP me this day to today. accolding to THY dear will, not.
-The Friend of God , of a religious chief

sin of TEEB to keeP from all to TEY glorY and I do do all it or whether mY nature likes
The unknown Century'

'Oberland " from the from the 14th union

O L O R D ' because TEY love hath inflamed Restless is mY heart, THEE alone ' i t w i t h s u c h a d e s i r e t h a t i t cannot rest but in 140I-I454, A.D. -Nicholas de Cusa, Cardinal. soul may always Govern all by TEy wisdour, o LoRDr so that my as I may choose ' and not tgrn as TBOU dost will be serving so that I nay serve THEE; let me live myself, Let me die to to TEEE, who in TEYSELF art the true life. -st. Tereslr christian Mystic. I515-I582' A.D'

Do not offend -st.

that which I wish or punish me by granting in me ' TEY love which would always live l,tystic. 1515-I582' A.D. Teresdr christian

ask ' if


us to Eeaven naturalize of arl flesh, o GoD of the spirits high estate ' that us to all the things of that and reconcile spirit nor act in a slavish not drudge in the worla, so we may THEE with ingenuity but that we may serve in ways of Religion, r ls those that are set at with f reedom of spirit of mind and Iiberty. 1609-I683'A' D" -B. Whichcote, Canbridge Platonist' and THOU offerest We are forced r O FATEER, to seek TE.EE daily, THEE we find THEE' TEYSELF dailY to be foqnd i whensoever we seek in the Temple, and in the highway. i n t h e h o u s e , i n the fielde, -John Norden ' l,tystic of the l6th CenturY.

Defend rnr O GOD, from mYaelf. -sir Thomas Brown, English Philosopher.




rn TEEE would we lose ourselves TEOUwilt. -Jacob Boehme, Geman lttystic


do in

us what r f 57 5-I 624 A. D.

and Rosicrucilrl

Guide III' O LORD, in all the changes and varieties of the world; that in all things that shall happen, r may have an eveness and tranguility of spirit; that my soul may be whotly resigned to TBY divinest will and pleasur r never murmuring at rEY gentre chastisenent and fatherly correction. -Jeremy Taylor, Bishop and Author. I6I3-L667, A.D.

O that mine eyes might closed be To what concerns me not to see i That deafness might possess mine ear To what concerns me not to hear; That truth my tongue might always tie F'rom ever speaking f oolishly; That no vain thing might ever rest, Or be conceived within my breast; That by each deed and word and thought Glory may to God be brought ! But what are wishes? LORD, mine eye On TEEE is fixed, to THEE I cry, Wash, LORD, and purify my heart, And make it clean in every part. And when ftis c1ean, LORD, keep it, too, For that is more than I can do. -Thomas Elwood , English l{ystic about 16 3 9

, A. D.

THY creatures wrongl TEEE, o rEou sov'RETGN GooD. TEOU art not lov'd because not understood. -l{3flam Guyon, l,tystic, one of the Founders of the 1549-17L7, A.D.


Give to us r TEY children, that which we ourserves know not to ask. W e wourd have no other desire than to accomprish TEY will. Teach us to prayr pray THOU in us. -Fenelon, Archbishop of Cannbrai. Author. lG5l-IZ15 rA.D.


O my GOD Preserve me from libertY - with madly call that make us is THY truth dominion. -Fenelon, ArchbishoP of

slaverY that men the fatal It TEEE alone is freedom. To serve TEEE is true free. Canbrai. Author. 1651-1715' A'D'

TEOU LORD, I know not what I ought to ask of TEEE; than I me better inOU lovest only knowest what I need; O FATEER, give to THY child know how to love myself. knows not how to ask. that which he himself 155I-1715 A'D' -Fenelon, Archbishop of Canbrai' Author'

ul in action ' ALITIGETY GOD, grant me TEY grace to be f aithf l{y only concern is to do and not anxious about success. duty' and to lose myself in tnnn when engaged in TEy wiII, as THOU such fruits It is for TEEE to give mv weak efforts be TEY pleasure ' seest fit ' none , Lf such A.D. Author. l6I5-I7I5 -Fenelon, of Cannbrai ' ArchbishoP

If overyhelms me' o LoRD, the sense of TEY love wellneigh kindbestow these many tokens of TEY loving it be TEY will, to TEY service ness on those who know THEE not, to draw them A'D' I656-I59I' Mystic' -Brother LawrenCr Christian

O LORD, that we may gladly Let TEY love so warm our souls, with all rte are and have unto TEEB' ourselves surrender of from heaven upol !lt" altar as fire Let TEY love fall by continand teach us to guard it treeafully our hearts, of mind ' and quietness ual devotion 1697-L769' A'D' -Tersteegen, Poet and Ascetic. ' be TEY instnrment I aln born to serve TE.EB, to be TEII{B, to a'k not r ask not to seek ' instrunent. Let me be TEy blind be used' to know; I ask simPlY to 180I-1890, A'D' and Author. -Newman, English Cirdinal

-1 3-

O GOD l{ho hast comnanded that no man should be id le , give us , grace to employ aII our talents and faculties in the service appointed for usi that, whatsoever our hand findeth to do, we may do it with our might. Cheerfully may we go on in the road which THOUhast marked out, not desiring too earnestly that it should be either more smooth or more wide; but daily seeking our way by TEY light r rnay we trust ourselves and the issue of our journey, to TEEE the foundation of Joy, and sing songs of praise as we go along. -Martineau, Unitarian Divine and ttetaphysician. 1805-1900 A.D.

L O R D' me?


rrn T,





THOU didst I809-I894,

seek A. D.

af ter




and Author.

If THOU speakest not, I will fill my heart with TEY silence and endure it. I will keep still and wait like the night with starry vigil and its head bent low with patienee. The morning will sureIy come, the darkness wiII vanish, and THY voice pour down in golden streams , breaking through the sky. -Tagore, Bengali and Mystic.

Dear GODand FATEERof us aII, forgive our faith in cruel lies; forgive the blindness that denies; forgive TEY creature when he takes, for the all-perfect Love TEOUart, some grim creation of his heart. -Whittier, Anerican Poet. Exalt u6 with THEE, O LORD, to know the mystery of life, that we may use the earthly aa the appointed expression and type of the heavenly, and by using to TEY glory the natural body may benefit it to be exalted to the use of the spiritual body. -Char1es Kingsley, English Clerglzman and Novelist. I8l9-1875 A.D.

O LORD, make us we implore TEEEr so to love TEEE that TEOU mayest be to us a Fire of Ipve, purif ying and not destroying. -Rossetti, Sister of Dei Grata. English Poet. 1830-1894, A.D.

-r 4-

UNION PRAYERBOOK AOR JEWISE YIORSEIP of earth and by the marvels is proclaimed God! thy najesty Ever-living Day follons of Thy power and wisdom. tegtify sky. Sun, moon and stars enbut Thy sovereignty and the years vanish' day in endless succession Help pass' Iet Dot Thy glory depart from us. Though aII things duies. days with with Thee and endow our fleeting us to become co-workers abiding worth. us from t/tay no evil estrange O lord. are Thine, AlL goodnes and truth HeIp us to discern of Thy purPoses. darken our vision nor error Thee, and in prosperity' In adversity Thy will. and to understand Thy justice May we so our Path' tfry law be a lamp unto our feet to illunine tel unto Thee. become a hymn of praise that our lives Thy service Iabor in in Thee, my soul is filled of all that trust o God, who art the strength Thou bestowest on me. with blessings gratitude for the nunberless vrith tender care Thou renemberest me every day and every hour. a fatier's to be content with what' in Thy wisTeach me, o Lord, to obey Thy wiII, with those rtho need to me, and to share Thy gifts dom, Thou hast allotted and hold in Thy keepwith Thy good counsel, Guide me. O Father, my help. my May Thy presence dwell within of those dear to me. ing th; lives and love unite all who live horne; may peace and happiness abide in it, and sorrAnd when, in Thy wisdom, Thou sendest trials lhadow. under itl in and courage to trust grant me strength to bear them patiently, ois, more. Thou my going out and myeoning in, now and forever Guard Thy help. Amen.

o lord, how can se know Thee? where can we find Thee? Thou art as close Thou to us as breathing and yet art farther than the farthermost starvast solitudes of the night and yet art as famart as mysterious as the To the seer of old Thou didst say: iliar to us as the light of the sun. will nake all ltty goodness pass before Thou canst not see my face, but Thee. Even so doee ihy goodness pass before us in the realm of nature burns like a tlhen justice of our lives. and in the varied expeiiences from us, whenr sacrifice f laruing fire within irs, when love evokes willing we proclain our belief devotion, to the last full measure of selfless do we not bow down trirurph of truth and righteousness, in the ultimate as within our hearts' before the vision of Thy goodness? rhou livest behold Thy PreThou dost pervade the world and we through righteousness sence. snall connunion with Thee, o Iord, a still' In this moment of silent It speaks to me of the things voice speaks in the depth of ury spirit. ftee and to grow in the likeness holy kinship iitl I rnust bo to attain even faithfulness task with unflagging I muat do ny allotted of Thee. is on me. I muat be gentle in the face no fask-master though the eye of I must come my nobleEt motivea. of ingratitude or when Elander distortg gratethat I have used its gifts of each day with a feeling to the end -t 5-

O lord, help ne to be ever more bravely. fully and faced its trials SPeak to Ioving for Thou art love. like Thee, holy for Thou art holy, of as I seek Thee again and again in the stillness ne, then, O Iord, Thy bidding sha1l at last become for me a hallowed until neditation' way of life, so that I rnay live on in deeds that a familiar discipline, of a good narne. Anen. lives and leave behind ne the heritage bless-other

in sickness, we pray for all peoPle who at this hour are in tribulation, soul . lfe name in our hearts those who are in wani, in danger of body or Let them see Thy help ee are afflicted. near us and in whose afflictions trials. from their and grant then a blessed release

Be with all men and women who spend themselves for the good of nankind and bear the burdens of others; who give bread to the hungry, clothe the naked and provide shelter for the homeless. Establish Thou, o God, the work of thair hands and grant the! an abundant harvest of the good seed they are eowing. we thank Thee, o God, for the rrorship of thig day and for the restoration of the body and soul which comes to ua through conununion with Thee. We rejoice thit fhou hast permitted us to be co-workers with Thee in the unThou hast set Thy blessing uPon labor, and eolding of Thy divine plan. l,ork ne hast enabled us to promote the well-being of all by the faithful May sacrifice. of service and do. Stlengthen in us, O God, the spirit degrading the Iives and by inpoverishing rde never be ternpted to profit Uak! us realize the wrong of letting others hunger while we of others. with the bounties of nature. Irnplant in our hearts, e'e are surfeited Reveal to us the and comradeshippray Thee, a sense of responsibility ai,rine glory that abides in every soul, and the high di.gnity that invests Help us so to live that, by our own endeavorE, we may all honist labor. hasten the day when all shall toil and serve side by side as brotherst every heart, and greed and rrant no longwhen love and syrnpathy shall stir Amen. er tnar the beauty of Thy creation. acknowledge, o Iord our God, that Thou art our creator and we gratefully l{e render and t5e Shield of our help. Preierver, the nock of our life thanks unto Thee for our lives which are in Thy hand, for our souls which are ever in Thy continuous goodness, which Thou bestottest upon us Truly, Thy mercies never fail and Thy loving kj.ndness never day by day. Therefore do we forever Put our trust in Thee. ceases. And ye ehall your heart. -Jereniah see lt{e' and flnd xxi x: 13 -15}le when ye aha1l search for ue with all

of men. attune our hearta for meaning to the strlvinga o Thou givest ue, do we else fails Ilott often, when everything Thee. communion Hith in the press of the crosd, the stillness of the night, yearn for Thee. In we bos our heads, and Io, Thou art in our in tne agony of inner conflict, for whether the gifts peace. We know not, O Lrd, hearts ana ie are at may and tribulations our good, whether our trials which we ask are for ",hether even the frsgrrnent of our shattered in disquise, not be a blessing and the of other lives to th upbuilding rniy not minister hopes and love So t',e do not pray unto Thee to make the unfathomable plan. of fuifillment Rather do we pray our lives easy, to give us happiness without alloy. Teach us to face life aid ui to be uncornpJ,aining and unafraid. Thee to hidden away even rn with faith and courage that we may see the blessings from the discipline HeIp us to irrest victory its discords and struggles. calls us not merely to enjoy the faty tre realiie that liie l,ta of pain. of the toil after ness of the 6arth but to exult in heights attained and our weakby Thy light our darkness be ilLumined Thus will climbing, us above fear and defeat ' and lifti,ng n."" ,n.i" strong by Thy strength, Praised be Thou, O Lord, the our iteps with an imrnortal hope. sustaining of the righteous. stay and trust that I may of things and littleness o Lord, r shut out the din and fret yields itself As a child feel myeelf alone with Thee in the silence. conplaining to loving arms, I yield myself to Thee, asking for nothing ' Wh;t if rny labor is hard, what if my Lot is humble, what ' about noihing. if only there is peace of Thy neartears, if my dreans turn into futile despite the terror There coues to ne in the stillness, ness in rny heart. the roots of the a goodness that nourishes in a trust and tumull of life, in f ulf illrnent atar, and attains grassblade, that giows in the flaning is this communion with ihe soul of man. Ho' healing and stiengthening But I must 9o forth T h e e ' o G o d! I f o n l y I c o u l d a l w a y s a b i d e i n i t l of desire and to the,restlessness agaj,n to the struggie for daily biead, of dreams that never come +.rue. the fear of pain, to the disillusionment of my Let me not go forth alone, o God. Abide Thou deep in the solitude in the face of the inbe unafraid in Thee and heart, that I may trust happens for the best' Anen' years, and see that everything scrutable oLordGod,CreatorofalltheworldrThouhastblessednansithnoble use these Powers. we rnay wisely powers. Teach us to seek the good thlt of nen. we thank Thee for the duty of bearing Thy uord unto the children Enlighten ua that we may lpproach thia sacred task with an understanding with zeal for knowledge May ee be filled mesaage that we 6riirg. of tfre that vre may Thou our faith, Strengthen leave us powerless. Iest ignorance Thy presence in the hearta of others. of kindle the light and art beyond the o cod, Thou art hidden fron the eyee of aII living beyond to Penetrate eye fails The keeneet creatures. cornpreheneion of all nind of genius caDnot comportion of Thy univerae, rld ttre the sDal.leat The tongues of poets prehend more Lhan a broken fragrment of Thy glory. Thine incornparable wisdon and rs they seek to exprGas ind aager faltcr we feel aurpasaea our understanding, splendor. Yet though Thy greatnesa

-I 7-

Thy nearness and are overcoDe with wonder and with awe as we behold the of earth even as they Thy Iawa guide the creatures signs of Thy tnajeEty. of we feel the stirrings within ourselves, the planets on high. diiect us to seek Thy presence, o inThis enboldens spirit. e heaven-soaring find Thee if, with sinthat we shall firm in the faith finite Creator, field drink of the dew of the we seek Thee. As the flowers cere hearts, our spirits of heaven and of the radiance of the gun' so would we' Iifting pure fountains In Thee our souls of holiness. unto Thee, drink of the and our 9on9. Amen. for Thou art our life rejoice,


Only for my hope.

God doth

my soul





Eim cometh not be me


Ee alone is rny rock and my salvation, I shall moved. Show me Thy ways, o Lordt teach me Thy paths, in Thy truth.
Whom have none else I in upon heaven earth. but fail, strongr, heart, Thee? but And having God is let and



desire and my

tly f lesh and my heart portion forever. Wait Create spirit f or the Lord, be

my strength thy heart

and O God;



in me a clean within me.

renevr a steadfast delights guide light and my soul. sustain

When many cares tty times are me even unto with Thee light. is


r n r T h y and of

comf ort

in Thy hand, the end. the fountain

Thou wi It life r in


do we see

O God, keep my tongue fron evil and uy lips from speaking guile. Be tny support when grief silenceE ny voice, and my comfort when woe bends ny spirit. Inplant hunility in rny soul, and strengthen rny heart with perfect faith in Thee. BeLp me to be strong in teEptation and trial and to be patient and forgiving rhen others wrong me. Guide me by the light of Thy counsel , that I may ever find strength in Thee, my Rock and ny Redeemer. Amen.

-18 -

The following are not prayers. They are not personal appeals to the God of our Eearts. However, the compiler feels they-throw Iight on and help make the whole process of prayer more meaningful .







tongue. -Anenope

your heart Iollow heart is straight.

as long

as you live---He


do right

when his

Ptah-hotep, Grand Vizier Menphis ( 2000 B.C. )


A hearkener is one rrhom the god loves; one whom the god hates is one who hearkens not. It is the heart which makes its possessor a hearkener or one not hearkening. The good fortune of a man is his heart.
-Ptahotep ( 2000 B. C. )

The wise is known by his wisdom, "matches" good actions; His heart

(but) the great his tongue.



by his


" I bring




" you maY know each other ' -fron CheYenne Ghost Dance

"lile shall


agrain ! r -from Dakota "Ghost Dance'





They all




a.une ocean.

-Ghandi -19 -

in the world can be secure only where there is universal are free to go and come i to human freedom, when as individuals freelyi worship, to earn their speak, think, assemble and associate by voluntary labors, to feel secure daily bread, and enough of it, daily lives; when every man, whatever his and rrithout fear in their or origin, can walk race or color or creed, whatever his culture with aII other nen. with full dignity and on a pLane of eguality certainly, for aII peoples rrho have enjoyed freedom, peace and ' freedom are inseperable.
-Ralph J. Bunche


"We have learned that our welllive alone in peace; we cannot that nations far away--of other on the well-being being is dependent 'the only said, that truth r ds & r e r s o n We have learned the simple ' " way to have a friend is to be one.


D. Roosevelt

"The cultivation of brotherhood is nerely the fulfillof the spirit shouLd live together ment of the purpose of God that all the children as one fanily.'
-Harry S. Trunan



Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst for they shall be filled. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall Blessed are they which are persecuted theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are yet when men shall revile shall say all nranner of evil against for



see God. sake: for


you, and persecute you, and you f alsely, f or my sake.

Matthew 5: 3-Lz

Whosoever will

be great

among your


be your llark

ninister. I0: 43


As ye would that

men should

do to you'

do ye also

to them likesise'

Luke 6:31 iE more blessed to give than to receive' Acts 20:35 ceasing. In everything give thanks' I Thessalonians 5: I7,18


Pray without

In the beqinning word was God . rtere AIl things that was made. In hin And the was life;

was the


and the


was with

God' and the any thing nade

made by hint and the life

and rtithout was the

him was not light of men'

word was made flesh.

John I:I 13r4rL[

Be ye doers







only. James L z22



The Lord another.



me and thee,

when Yre are


one f rom

Genesis 31:49 f ind him' shart seek the rord thy God, thou shalt But if ...thou soul thy thy heart and with all if thou seek hin with all Deuteronomy thine heart ' and with Deuteronomy 4229 all 5:5 thy

love the Icrd with Thou shalt thy might. soul, and with all



The Lord seeth not as man seeth i fox ruln looketh appearance, but the Lord lookech on the heart. I And ye shall seek mr and find with all your heart.

on the


Samuel L6 z7 search for me

nr when ye shall

Jeremiah 29:I3 evi I ' that ye uay live ' Amos 5: 14 be done unto thee: thy reward shall

Seek good , and not

As thou hast done, it shall return upon thine own head.

Obadiah l:15

The highest





others. -George VI of England


us then





-$Ii lliam Penn

Comer Dy friends,






seek a newer wor1d. -Alfred Tennyson

The vocation



nan and wonan is











I know about a psychic heart is an old AfriOne of the best stories It seems the highest god, Kabezya-Mpungu, had can tale from Uganda. There and the rain. the sun, the moon, the darkness, four childrenor hunan beings. was no earth or sky, nor were there any aniuals He created the earth and the sky. Then one day Kabezya-Mpungu created Man was much like the rnan and soman. and he created the many ani.mals, except that he was endowed with reason. animals, then that he together to tell his four children Kabezya-[pungu called while them to be temperate and he cautioned was about to leave then, But while he He htanted no harm to llan and the animals. he was gone. in his placer Mutima or healtwas gone, he would send dorrn to earth, his creations. piece of hiurself to look after a AalI that remained of him on earth rras Mutima Kabezya-Mpungu then left. However, it was not piece of God no bigger than a hand. a or heart, grew 1onely for Kabezya-lilpungu. Iong before Mutina is and Rain. ALI they "where Kabezya-Mpungu our could say was, "Oh, Father?' is Mutima asked Sun, l'loon' Darkness

'Father is

gone and rte do not to

know where.' hin fully

Mutima criedr again . "

how great

my desire

colrqune with

Then Mutima looked at his charges, nan and woman-the ones Kabeyzalrlutima made a decision. Mpungu had endowed with reason and intellect. "I will reasoning powers I enter them, " he said, "and through their And this to generation." to God from generation will seek my return Ever since that time man has had in his what lfutirna did. is exactly And' now, with [tutima in them, a piece of God. chest Mutima or heart, for ways to for God and keep looking all human beings have a longing find cod. than normal have a larger As mystics it would aeem rte all more than others, is drivenr For mystic Mutina or heart. knows that love and the aeeds of creation cod. The mystic the psychic heart. the heart, piece of to seek flow from



BITDDEIST Buddha taught that all aII living things with men are brothers. kindness. r IIe advised we 'embrace


Even older than Buddhislllr Hinduism the religion of most Indians us 'Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if tells done unto you. r


One of every 7 humans are l{osleus. rNo one is a true believer stated brother that which he desires for

}lohanmed in about 600 A.D. until he desires for his himself.'

Do unto others

as you would have others

do unto you. -Jesus Christ

Do not




you would


have others

do to

you. Proverb


What you do not


done to


do not


another. -Confucius

Ee who is

saved all

by hinself

l.s logt.