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Manufacturing Management Course Descriptions

BITS ZC417 Managerial Communication 4 Written communication: memos. Letters, notices, agenda, minutes, resolutions, (Project) proposals, reports; electronic communication: mail, privacy and workplace monitoring, teleconferencing; oral communication: group communications, presentations, public speaking, media; non-verbal communication, effective listening and feedback; reading skills. BITS ZG629T Dissertation 20 A student registered in this course must take a topic in an area of professional interest drawn from the on the job work requirement which is simultaneously of direct relevance to the degree pursued by the student as well as to the employing / collaborating organization of the student and submit a comprehensive report at the end of the semester working under the overall supervision and guidance of a professional expert who will be deemed as the supervisor for evaluation of all components of the dissertation. Normally the Mentor of the student would be the Dissertation supervisor and in case Mentor is not approved as the supervisor, Mentor may play the role of additional supervisor. The final grades for dissertation are Non-letter grades namely Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor, which do not go into CGPA computation. EA ZC412 Flexible Manufacturing Systems 4 Introduction CAD/CAM systems, overview of FMS, system hardware and general functions, material handling system, work holding systems, cutting tool and tool management, physical planning of system, software structure functions and descriptions, cleaning and automated inspection, communication and computer networks for manufacturing, quantification of flexibility, human factors in manufacturing, FMS and CIM in action (case studies), justification of FMS, modelling for design, planning and operation of FMS MM ZC411 Marketing 4 Definition and scope, consumer behavior, competitive behavior, demand estimation, new product introduction, product/brand management, pricing policies, channels of distribution, credit management, advertising and other sales promotion, positioning, marketing regulation, market research basics of industrial marketing. MM ZC441 Human Resource Management 4 Introduction, manpower planning, career and succession planning, procurement of personnel, performance appraisal, job satisfaction and morale, job rotation, employee communication, audit and control, management training and development, wage and salary administration, welfare administration, trade unions and collective bargaining, industrial dispute and worker participation in management. MM ZG511 Manufacturing Organization and Management 5 Manufacturing environment; Engineering considerations; Design and planning of manufacturing systems; Manufacturing cost control; Material flow control; Quality; Human resources; Financial management; Marketing management. MM ZG521 Financial Management 4 Concepts and techniques of financial management decision; concepts in valuation - time value of money; valuation of a firm's stock, capital asset pricing model; investment in assets and required returns; risk analysis; financing and dividend policies, capital structure decision; working capital management, management of cash, management of accounts receivable; inventory management, short and intermediate term financing, long term financial tools of financial analysis, financial ratio analysis, funds analysis and financial forecasting, operating and financial leverages. MM ZG522 Total Quality Management 4 TQM principles and practices; leadership; customer satisfaction; employee involvement; continuous process improvement; supplier partnership; performance measures; statistical process control; ISO 9000; benchmarking; quality function deployment; concurrent engineering; experimental design; Taguchis quality engineering; product liability

MM ZG523 Project Management 4 Concepts and techniques of project formulation, evaluation and implementation; Project planning and scheduling; Risk management; Time-cost trade off; Resource leveling and allocation; Project monitoring and control; Contract management. MM ZG541 Product Design 5 Introduction to creative design; user research and requirements analysis, product specifications, Computer Aided Design; standardization, variety reduction, preferred numbers and other techniques; modular design; design economics, cost analysis, cost reduction and value analysis techniques, design for production; human factors in design: anthropometric, ergonomic, psychol giccl, physiological considerations in design decision making; legal factors, engineering ethics and society. MM ZG542 Just-in-Time Manufacturing 4 Introduction; Toyota production system; JIT implementation surveys; Design, development and implementation of JIT manufacturing systems; Supply management for JIT; Framework for implementation of JIT; Theoretical research in JIT systems; Various case studies. MM ZG611 Strategic Management & Business Policy 4 Strategic management elements; internal, external, external environment. assessment of corporate strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; planning and deployment of capital assets; profit planning and control functions problems, pressures, responsibilities, limits of the chief executive; evaluation of one's own business undertaking; formulating objectives, strategies, policies and programmes for improving companys present situation; personnel strength and implementation of the policies and programmes, development, implementation, evaluation and control of strategies, strategic management of MNCs, management style and behavior, corporate style, behavior and culture. MM ZG621 Supply Chain Management 4 Customer driven strategies in production and distribution systems; Integrated production and distribution networks; SCM in the context of JIT and MRP II; Distribution Resource Planning; Management of dealer networks; Total Control & Product innovation across the supply chain; Incoming logistics and supplier relationships; Value addition analysis; Metrics for management of supply chain performance; Mathematical models and computer assisted decision support for SCM; Mathematical programming for SCM.

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M.S. Manufacturing Management

Input: Employed professionals in manufacturing industries with minimum 1 year experience and holding an Integrated First Degree of BITS or its equivalent with adequate background in Mathematics. Employer consent with suitable mentor availability will be additional requirements. Duration Normally Four Semesters Special This is a specially designed Work-Integrated Learning programme for catering to the Human Feature: Resource Development requirements of diverse spectrum of manufacturing industries. Semesterwise pattern for students admitted in the First Semester of the Academic Session 2011-12 Semester Course No. MM ZG511 MM ZG521 MM ZG522 MM ZG541 EA ZC412 MM ZC441 MM ZG542 MM ZG621 BITS ZG659 MM ZG411 MM ZG523 MM ZG611 BITS ZG629T Course Title Manufacturing Organization & Management Financial Management Total Quality Management Product Design Flexible Manufacturing Systems Human Resource Management Just-in-Time Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Technical Communication Marketing Project Management Strategic Management & Business Policy Dissertation Units 5 4 4 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 20
Courses for First Semester 2011-2012 (June 2011 - November 2011)

Courses for Second Semester 2011-2012 (December 2011 - April 2012)

Courses for First Semester 2012-2013 (June 2012 - November 2012)

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Courses for Second Semester 2012-2013 (December 2012 - April 2013)

Fees Structure Applicable for candidates seeking new admission during session 2011-2012 The fees schedule applicable for all programmes is as follows: Admission Fees Each Semester Fees Rs. 15,000/Rs. 30,000/-

A candidate who has been offered admission will have to pay Rs. 45,000/(Admission fees and Semester fees for the Starting Semester of the programme) immediately on receiving the Admit Offer Letter. Any candidate who desires to discontinue from the programme after confirmation of admission & registration for the courses specified in the admit offer letter will forfeit the total amount of fees paid.