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Tea Party, a Sad Marketing Strategy

Posted by Anibal Veratudela on Nov 25, 2010 6:30:29 AM

In last elections of half term in the United States, the Republican Party had an unusual awaken, awakening which was reflected in obtained votes that gave the majority in the House of representatives and one to another Governor. However, this would not be transcendent, but there was a determining factor in this election: the Tea Party. Tea Party is a supposedly spontaneous movement that was created due to rejection of population to excessive spending and borrowing by the U.S. Government and I say supposedly because, in my opinion, it's an political marketing strategy that aims to bring to Republican party back to power; and why think that? As well, I turn to detailing my reasons. To begin, Tea Party was born in 1773, and was named as the Boston Tea Party (tea party), when these drop to sea an entire shipment of tea in protest by British Crown taxes imposed to several products including tea. This act of rebellion served as inspiration for future revolutions including, in this case, which is intended to give this country, but will be a revolution? I don't think so. While it is true that the average American is frustrated and dissatisfied by the recent State policies (decades I would say) and this is based on the loss of capitalism fundamentals as it is the principle of the free market and small government intervention, also is true that there is a double intent that directed this contemporary movement that is bringing the Obama's Government more than one headache. The principles of this new movement have much in common with the foundation of the Libertarian Party of which is one of the notable heads Ron Paul, who is said could be one of the pre candidates in the Republican primary, but I think that should launch directly through his own party, however the political calculus takes this communion with more conservative Republican wing to achieve a broader base of voters, however, the political calculus also is doing the Republican party who currently to managed to put two of its more conservative and future promises such as Marco Rubio and Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul) conservatives who, in my opinion, adopted some libertarian basics but with the desire to benefit larger economics power groups in this country. And this translates into one of the main speeches of this movement call for where the reduction of tax rates to large companies, in this regard there is a tax cut enacted by the last Government of George W. Bush for the richest, cuts should supposedly have been translated into greater investments in the American nation but that in the long run only allowed that the profits generated by these end up being invested in emerging economies and China. Today, these Tea Party leaders are demanding the extension of such cuts as the only way to revive the sagging U.S. economy, however they have not repaired this was one of the main reasons for the collapse of the economy, but there is them as hypnotized coming out to the streets calling "Socialist" to Obama without being has only wish these leaders is to continue feeding the pockets of economic power groups are insurance its main contributors. So gentlemen, in my opinion, this country requires an economic transformation split on the strengthening of its middle class and gain its market economy through small businesses, only this will achieve that will strengthen this small entrepreneurs are not planning to go to "get" their money in other countries, the small entrepreneurs have cemented their bases here and here wish to stay, here they want to build their homes and here they want to develop, large investments are needed, Yes, but need some control so that this country does not again pass through another crisis like this. The Tea Party is a marketing strategy to keep the power in the hands of the large country economic groups, there are perhaps the best of intentions in his supporters, maybe they are looking for the tax free to power form new companies, perhaps, but while they remain blinded by those leaders who do not share only their interests, they will continue benefit to who until today handle and control this country as if it were their own business.