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Tee TT) aca 1974-1991 The Museum of Modern Art, New York Distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York Published on the occsion ofthe exibition Jaw-Lu Gada Sime Image 1974-1991, October 30-Novernber 30, 1992, organized by Mary Lea Bandy, Divecvor, Laurence Karsh, Curator and Barbara London, Assistant Carat, Video, Department of Film, The Museum of Modean Art, New York, snd Colin MacCabe, Guest Curator This publication is made possible bys generous grant fom. Celeste Baztos and Pinewood Foundation Copyright © 1992 by The Museum of Modern Arc, New York All sighs reserved Library of Congress Catalog Cand Number 92-080555 Certain illuscations ae covered by claens wo copyrighenoced in the Photograph Credits Is0N 08707-3484 (MoMA/T&H) Isa 08109-61148 (Absams) Produced by che Department of Publications The Muscum of Modern Are, New York (0s Brown, Digector of Publications ive by Alesandea Bonfance-Warren Designed by Emsworth Design, New York, New York Production by Vicki Drake Printed by Litho Incorporated, Se. Paul, Minnesora Bound by Midwest Editions, Inc, Minneapolis, Minnesota Printed in the United Seaes of America Published by The Muscum of Modern Ar 1 West 53 Steet, New York, N'Y. 10019 Diserbuced inthe United States and Canada by ary N. Abrams Inc, New York [A Times Mitoe Company Distributed outside the United States and Canada by “Thames and Hudson Led,, London [Rachel Bowlby eanalated "The Declension,” by Jean-Louis Leseat; “Three Questions sbout Six fos das,” an ineerview ‘with Gilles Deleuze; and "The Medium,” by Jacques Aumont. Georgia Guerieri translated "Godarl Makes [Hilstoris,” an incervew with Goda by Serge Daney. Le Kirby eransated “The Ocher Side ofthe Bouquet,” by Alain Bergala; “Excerps foam a document ...”; "Video Thinks What Cinema Creates, by Philippe Dubois; and “(Noo Just An Other Filmmakes,” by Raymond Belloar Frontispiece: Pru Carmen (3983) TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE / 7 May Lea BaNpy ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS / 9 JEAN-LUC GODARD A Life in Seven Eplso% Coun MyLes MacCane, (to Date) / 13 THE DECLENSION / 23 JUAN-Lovis LevtRat THREE QUESTIONS ABOUT “SIX FOIS DEUX" / 35 Gites Deneve SEXUAL DIFFERENCE AND “SAUVE QUI PEUT (LA VIE)" / 43 La Passion, c'est pas a ELISABETH LYON Pornography, Eroticiam CONSTANCE PENLEY Violence and Enunciation Janrt BERGSTROM. ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BOUQUET / 87 ALAIN BERGALA ‘THE HOLE AND THE ZERO ‘The Janus Face of the Feminine In G Laura MULVEY a PLATES, Histoire(s) du cinéma: “To GODARD MAKES [HI]STORIES VIDEO THINKS WHAT CINEMA CREATES Lue Godard’s Work In Vidi Puitiprr. Dunois Television / 169 ETERNEL RETOUR / 187 Peter WoLLeN EIGHT OBSTACLES TO THE APPRECIATION OF GODARD IN THE UNITED STATES / 197 JONATHAN ROSENBAUM ‘THE MEDIUM / 208 Jacques AUMONT (NOT) JUST AN OTHER FILMMAKER / 218 RAYMOND BELLOUR List OF WoRKS / 232 SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY / 236