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This is the most Sisters Dear Brothers anddifficult letter I have ever had to write, but the time

has com Since time began you have been deceived by a cabal e to set the record straight and reveal real truth.of greedy men intent on keepi ng you in the dark in all matters of spirit, reason and true wisdom. Through you r blind faith in false profits and absolute submission to corrupt churches, you have unwittingly become an accomplice in every act of unspeakable horror perpetr No wandering stars ated in my name. or prophecy signaled my coming, and I was not, nor will I eve r be spawned by an invisible phantom, immaculately conceived by a virgin, or bor n in a manger. I was not initiated and sexually mutilated in a temple when I was a boy, nor baptized, anointed, or reborn as a divine teacher. I did not walk on water, raise the dead, or perform miracles, nor did I feed, heal, comfort, or r I did not have 12 loyal disciples, was esurrect even one of your ancestors. never deceived by a kiss, and cant recall being crucified on a hill between two criminals. I was never jabbed with a spear , whipped with spikes, or crowned in thorns, nor did the earth tremble and the s un grow dark upon my supposed death. I was never mummified or sealed in a cave, I never made any church not come nor from give any clergy permission and I most defiantly didmy bride, backdid I the dead after three days. to tithe your earnings, deceive your children with gruesome fairy tales of death and dest I did not grant any king, minister, pastor, or priest the divine ruction, scare you into submission with images of searing flesh, right to steal, pillage, rape, torture, enslave, indoctrinate, dominate, sacrifice or kill a si ngle living being under my supposed sign whether it be a lion, a lamb, a bull, a Iram, a fish, a serpent,caringcross ofor loving father could convince you that d cannot fathom how any or a mother any description. rinking my blood and eating my flesh was an act of holy remembrance, nor do I un derstand why you so pathetically prostrate yourself in pathetic submission when Your power idols of me is and has always been in your hands for did not promi worshippingof salvation supposedly writhing in merciless painfor Iall eternity. se you immortality and was never supposed to be your prince of peace, your redee From this day forward let no mortal deceive you scapegoat. mer, your personal saviour, or convenient littleinto destructive supernatural be liefs and archaic traditions designed for the soul purpose of enslaving your min The only light you can follow perfect heart. d and imprisoning your alreadyis that which already resides within you. To chang e your world in a blink of an eye simply accept responsibility for your thoughts now as they become your actions tomorrow (and do try to enjoy your time here fo Let those shall pass) r this toowith ears to hear and eyes to see now rise from your knees, reclaim yo There creatures will is only the allfear is not in allfree seek only the about thethe and of you and To bereatures andforfor true, notgood will set sublime. once good will and ur power and awakentruthfear isthe good,heartthe lovefree as.theand for all. T spirit will heart of love and love Adad, Adonis, Aesclepius, Alcides, Signed: he good, the true and the sublime. Apollo, Attis, Baal, Bacchus, Balder, Bali, B eddru, Bel, Bremrillahm, Gotama Buddha, Buddha Sakia, Chang-Ti, Chu Chulainn, Co dom, Crite, Dahzbog, Deva Tat, Dionysus, Dumuzi, Feta, Fo-hi, Gentaut, Hercules, Hermes, Hesus, Hil, Horus, Ieo, Indra, Ischy, Issa, Ixion, Jao, Jesus Christ, J upiter Jove, Joseph, Krishna, Lao-Kiun, Mohammed Mahomet, Marduk, Mikado, Mithra , Odin, Osiris, Prometheus, Quetzalcoatl, Quirinius, Salivahana, Sammonocadam, S erapis, Tammuz, Taut, Thor, Tien, Wittoba, Wotan, Xamolxis, Zalmoxis, Zarathustr a, Zeus, Zoar, and Zoroaster.