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MBA Programmes Office NUS Business School Cross Faculty Module Application Form

SECTION A: MBA student taking Cross Faculty module Students may register for electives from other faculties within NUS Students should contact the respective faculties to inquire about their modules and schedules Students are allowed up to 2 cross faculty modules per candidature Final approval for admission to these modules is given by the faculty offering the module Cross Faculty student taking MBA module Must be a graduate student Non-MBA students must have at least two years of relevant work experience No waiver of MBA module pre-requisites CFM students cannot attend FM/core classes No admissions by faculty, only by the MBA Office CFM students are not allowed to audit MBA modules A reasonable GMAT or GRE score Fee of one-seventeenth of the prevailing MBA tuition fee per MBA module No more than 8 MCs of MBA modules per student. Students who achieve a CAP of at least 4.0 in their programmes may be considered to enroll for a maximum of 16 MCs The last three conditions do not apply to students from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Non-MBA students who wish to read BMA5115 Management of Technological Innovation, BMA5108 Technopreneurship and BMA5530 Design Thinking and Business Innovation are exempted from the GMAT requirement BUT must pay the cross faculty module fee. Please note that BMA5108 Technopreneurship in the Special Terms is not open for cross faculty module application. All fields to be completed. Incomplete form will not be considered for approval. The application form should be submitted two weeks BEFORE the start of each semester to the MBA Office at Mochtar Riady Building, Level 4. STUDENTS PARTICULARS Name of Student Faculty Matriculation No. Contact No. GMAT Score Please tick : ____________________________________________________________ : ____________________________________________________________ : _________________ Email Address: _____________________________ : _________________ Masters (Field of Study): ______________________ : _________________ Years of working experience: __________________ : MBA Student Cross-Faculty Student

FACULTY PARTICULARS Name of Programme Administrator: ____________________________________________________ Contact No.: ____________________ Email Address: ____________________________________

I would like to enroll in the following module(s) for Semester _____, Academic Year _______/_______ Module Code Module Title Class Department & Faculty Offering Module(s)

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SECTION C: TO BE COMPLETED BY THE FACULTY OFFERING THE CROSS FACULTY MODULES [ ] Supported Department & Faculty: Name: Signature: [ ] Not Supported


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