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User Information 3.

The unit should be used only according to the
protection level provided. Protect the unit, if
IG06,IG16,IG07,IG17 necessary, against environmental influences
such as sprayed water, dust, knocks, extreme
Incremental encoder temperatures.
Important information! Radial shaft sealings
are subject to wear! Protection class therefore
depends on life and condition of sealings.
Mounting instructions
IG06 IG16 Please handle the encoder carefully as it is a
high-precision device.
IG07 IG17 Especially do not:
• disassemble or open the encoder (unless
stipulated in this brochure).
• link encoder's shaft with rigid couplings as this
would expose the encoder's shaft bearing to
high forces. For solid shaft encoders we recom-
mend the use of SIKO flexible shaft coupling
type AK18.
Hollow shaft encoder Solid shaft encoder
• knock on casing or shaft; the encoder's inner
components (eg. the coded disk) could be dama-
• machine (bore, mill ...) flange or shaft. This
1. Safety information could lead to severe damage inside the encoder.
In order to carry out installation correctly, we • exceed the values for the maximum axial and
strongly recommend this document is read very radial shaft load.
carefully. This will ensure your own safety and
the operating reliability of the device. • mount the encoder incorrectly.
• Your device has been quality controlled, te- Otherwise manufacturer's warranty will be inva-
sted and is ready for use. Please respect all lidated!
warnings and information which are marked
either directly on the device or in this document.
• Warranty can only be claimed for components
supplied by SIKO GmbH. If the system is used
together with other products, the warranty for the
complete system is invalid.
• Repairs should be carried out only at our
works. If any information is missing or unclear,
please contact the SIKO sales staff.

2. Identification
Please check particular type of unit and type
number from the identification plate. Type num-
ber and the corresponding execution are indica-
ted in the delivery documentation.

Fig. 1: Mounting instructions

IG06/16, IG07/17 Datum 30.03.1999 Art.Nr. 79650 Z.Nr. 8661074 Änd.Stand 90/99 7
Mounting of the encoder • Contactor coils must be linked with spark
• Fixation either by screws or via torque pin and suppression.
shaft clamping. Ensure that the encoder is
mounted without strain and use torque pin. Power supply

• Forces must not be transmitted via the hou- Supply voltage depends on the unit type and is
sing, but only via the shaft. indicated in the delivery documentation and on
the identification plate.
• Do not exceed the values for the maximum
axial and radial shaft load. 10 ... 30 V d.c. (PP,OP,OE,OC,LD24)
5 V d.c.±5% (LD)
• Ensure accurate shaft alignment. If shaft and
flange are not correctly aligned, strain on the General information
bearings will result, which will overheat and be
The following points should be observed:
irreparably damaged.
• Use for soldering precision copper bit (per-
4. Electrical connection formance 15 ... 50 Watt max.).
• Switch power off before any plug is inserted or • Use only tin solder wire type Pb Sn 60 with
removed! colophonium fluxing agent (DIN 8516).
• Any wiring must only be carried out without • Cable outer and screening must be able to
power. slide to allow easy mounting.
• Provide stranded wires with ferrules. • If possible, use only the sreened cables
recommended in the list below.
• Check all lines and connections before swit-
ching on the equipment.
Output Recommended Outside
• The encoder's and follower electronic's (eg. circuit cable diameter
control unit) operating supply must be switched IG06, IG16 :
on simultaneously. PP, OC LiYCY 5x0,25mm² ca. 5,4 mm
IG07, IG17 :
• Encoders with parallel output: Unconnec-
PP LiYCY 5x0,5mm² ca. 7,2 mm
ted signal lines must be provided with a resistor
OP LiYCY 7x0,38mm² ca. 6,8 mm
(eg. : R = 10 kOhm) and connected to earth. (AXX,AX0,ABX)
OP,OC,OE(AB0) LiYCY 10x0,25mm² ca. 7,3 mm
Interference and distortion LD, LD24 2-LiYCY 12x0,14mm², ca. 7,8 mm
twisted in pairs
All connections are protected against the effects
of interference. The location should be selec-
ted to ensure that no capacitive or inductive 4.1 Connection type E1/...
interferences can affect the encoder or the Output circuit PP, OC (IG06, IG16) :
connection lines! Interference can be caused Output circuit PP (IG07,IG17) :
by motors, switch gear, cyclic controls and
contactors. Suitable wiring layout and choice of Color Designation
cable can minimise the effects of interference. grey GND
yellow channel A
The following points should be observed: white channel B
• Only screened cable should be used. Wire green channel 0/I
cross section is to be at least 0,14 mm2, max. brown +UB
0,5 mm2.
• Wiring to the screen and ground (0V) must be
secured to a good point.
• The system should be positioned well away
from cables with interference; if necessary a
protective screen or metal housing must be
provided. The running of wiring parallel to the
mains supply should be avoided.
8 IG06/16, IG07/17 Datum 30.03.1999 Art.Nr. 79650 Z.Nr. 8661074 Änd.Stand 90/99
Output circuit OP (IG07,IG17 version AXX, Please proceed as follows:
AX0, ABX) :
• Disassemble plug
Color Designation
grey GND • Position the components onto the cable.
yellow channel A
white channel B (B)
brown +UB • Strip the cable.
pink channel /A • Widen screening and push it over the screen-
blue channel /B ring.
• Cut overhanging screening.
Output circuit OP, OC, OE (IG07,IG17 version
AB0) : (C)
• Pull stranded wires through the housing.
Color Designation • Mount screen ring and clamping ring.
yellow channel A • Tighten pressure screw to fix the cable.
white channel B • Then solder stranded wires according to the
green channel 0 connection diagram.
pink channel /A
blue channel /B (D)
violet channel I • Mount the other parts according to fig. D.
grey GND (To subsequently modify the cable outlet in
black GND steps of 90°, turn the inner plug element)
brown +UB • Fix the pressure screw.
red +UB
Output circuit LD, LD24 (IG07,IG17) :
Color Designation
yellow channel A screening
green channel /A
grey GND
pink +UB
white channel B
brown channel /B (B)
red +SUB (send line with LD only)
blue SGND (send line with LD only)
redblue channel 0
greypink channel I
black GND
violet +UB (C)
4.2 Connection type E3/... ; E4/... ; E6/...
(cable length max. 100m)
Connection type E3/.. (IG07,IG17)

7-pol. 12-pol.


viewing side =
soldering side

IG06/16, IG07/17 Datum 30.03.1999 Art.Nr. 79650 Z.Nr. 8661074 Änd.Stand 90/99 9
Connection type E4/.. (IG07,IG17) and E6/.. Output circuit PP, OC (IG06, IG16) :
(IG06,IG16) with coupling (socket) Output circuit PP (IG07,IG17) :

7-pol. 12-pol.
Pin Color Designation
1 grey GND
2 yellow channel A
3 white channel B
viewing side = 4 green channel 0/I
soldering side 5 brown +UB
1. Slip parts 6 to 10 over outer cable. 6, 7 N.C. N.C.
2. Strip cable. Output circuit OP (IG07,IG17 version AXX,
3. Turn down screening. AX0, ABX) :
4. Push part 5 onto ferrules. Pin Color Designation
5. Solder stranded wires at part 3 (follow connec- 1 grey GND
tion diagram). 2 yellow channel A
6. Open spacer (part 4) and put it over ferrules, 3 white channel B
squeeze and push it onto part 3. Slot and 4 N.C. N.C.
keyway of parts 3 and 4 must align. 5 brown +UB
7. Press parts 6 and 5 together; cut prodruding 6 pink channel /A
screening. 7 blue channel /B
8. Push parts 2 and 7 together and screw Output circuit OP, OC, OE (IG07,IG17 version
part 11 using appropriate tool. AB0) :

9. Push part 8 into part 9 and slide both parts into Pin Color Designation
part 7. A yellow channel A
10. Screw parts 10 and 7 together. B white channel B
11. Push part 1 into part 2. C green channel 0
D pink channel /A
E blue channel /B
F violet channel I
G grey GND
H black GND
I brown +UB
K red +UB
L, M N.C. N.C.

Output circuit LD, LD24 (IG07,IG17) :
screening Pin Color Designation
A yellow channel A
B green channel /A
C grey GND
D pink +UB
socket E white channel B
F brown channel /B
G red +SUB
H blue SGND
I redblue channel 0
pin K greypink channel I
L black GND
M violet +UB

10 IG06/16, IG07/17 Datum 30.03.1999 Art.Nr. 79650 Z.Nr. 8661074 Änd.Stand 90/99
4.3 Connection type E7/... (IG06,IG16) Before operation, please check again:
coupling (socket) 6-pol. : • that the supply voltage's polarity is correct.
Output circuit PP • correct connection of cable and signal lines
• secure encoder fixation on the hollow shaft.
The encoder's and follower electronic's (eg. con-
trol unit) operating supply must be switched on
viewing side = simultaneoulsy to avoid latch-up effects on the
soldering side encoder's outputs.

Pin Designation --> Now the encoder can be used.

1 +24V Note ! Commissioning and trouble shooting can
2 Ch1 be facilitated by using a testing adapter type
3 Ch2 TA4. This adapter allows the encoder's cable
4 N.C. allocation to be checked to make a functional
5 0V test before putting the encoder into operation
6 N.C. and to control the encoder's functioning during
soldering tag screening operation. Please enquire.

4.4 Connection type E8/... (9-pol. D-SUB) 6. Output circuits

(IG06,IG16,IG07,IG17): PP (Push-Pull); IG06, IG16,IG07, IG17
Pin Designation
1 +UB
2 channel A
3 channel B
4 channel 0/I
6-9 N.C.

4.5 Connection type E9/... (IG06)

5-pole plug, WAGO type : OP (Push-Pull), differential; IG07, IG17
Output circuit PP

Pin Designation
OE, Open Emitter, npn-type, differential; IG07,
1 +UB
2 channel B
3 channel A
4 X
5 GND (screening)
6-9 N.C.

5. Commissioning
Please carefully read the information on the
encoder's mechanical and electrical connection.
This will ensure a trouble free commissioning
and operation.

IG06/16, IG07/17 Datum 30.03.1999 Art.Nr. 79650 Z.Nr. 8661074 Änd.Stand 90/99 11
OC, Open Collector, npn-type 6.1 Output signals / Wave form
IG06, IG16 :

OC, Open Collector, npn-type, differential

IG07, IG17 :
Fig. 2 : Wave form

LD, Line Driver, differential; IG07, IG17

Fig. 3 : Timing, incremental encoder signals

LD24, Line Driver, differential; IG07, IG17

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12 IG06/16, IG07/17 Datum 30.03.1999 Art.Nr. 79650 Z.Nr. 8661074 Änd.Stand 90/99