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Welcome to KTH and IT-Support

1. IT-Support at KTH 2. Some Rules 3. Computer rooms 4. PC rooms map 5. Access card 6. User Account 7. Password 8. Home directory 9. User profile 10. Project area 11. E-mail and Security 12. Outside KTH 13. EDUROAM- wireless access 14. KTH Software distribution 15. My Pages- Student access to Academic records 16. KTH Social 17. Backup and restore 18. Services at IT-SupportCenter 19. Important on the web

IT-Support at KTH
IT-SupportCenter Location: Open houers: Phone number: E-mail address: Web site: Drottning Kristinas Vg 19 8:00-16:30 +46 (0) 8 790 9300 itsc@kth.se http://www.kth.se/student/support/itsc

IT-Support at CSC (Delfi) Location: Osquarsbacke 2, 2fl Open hours: See on web site Phone number: +46 (0) 8 790 7146 E-mail address: system@csc.kth.se Web site: http://www.kth.se/student/support/it-support-csc

ICT IT-Service (Kista) Location: Open hours: Phone number: E-mail address: Hemsida:

Isafjordsgatan 39, main entrance See on web site +46 (0) 8 790 4499 itservice@ict.kth.se http://www.kth.se/student/support/ict

Some Rules
Authorized user. Be careful when letting unknown people to the computer rooms. Security guards patrol computer rooms and evicting them, they find unauthorized. By authorized users we mean a person with a valid access card, ID-card and student-union-card. If you dont have this, the security guards force you to leave the premises. User account is private and should be only used by the owner. Show consideration for other users. No food or beverages are allowed, other than at special assigned places. Printing. The nearest printer will automatically be captured on logon. Before you print, check spelling, preview your document and check printer status. Print-outs are regulated by quota. You are allowed to print 400 pages per user and semester. It is prohibited to print on transparencies. Overhead printouts and extended quota can be purchased at the IT SupportCenter or your local IT Support. Extra printing quota costs 50 SEK per 100 pages. Locked computers. A computer is available if it has been abandoned for at least 15 minutes. You can see that as the screen-saver starts. If there are locked computers you can access them by restarting. To restart a computer turn it off by keeping the power button pressed for 5-6 seconds before shutdown. Every day at 2 am. all computers at PC rooms will restart. Hence do not forget to log off before you leave a computer. For the same reason save your files and log off if you have been working around that time. Otherwise you will lose data when the computer restarts.

Computer rooms
Save your work. It is important that the first action you take is to save a copy of your file on the H:, it is important to keep track of where you save it and that it is not in My Documents or the desktop, otherwise you can lose your work if an unexpected interruption or computer crash occur. Log off before you leave a computer. Never abandon a computer without logging off. If you need to go away for a while lock your PC. Keep in mind that you account can be abused. File sharing. It is forbidden to use file sharing software or download Copyright, offending or illegal material.

PC rooms map


Access card
An access card allows you to access computer rooms. The first access card and PIN code will usually distributed by your student office. The PIN code is required to access PC rooms on evenings and weekends. Do not keep your access card together with the PIN code. Remember to report a lost access card to card expedition at day time on the phone number +46 (0) 8 790 9200 or to KTH duty number after working hours +46 (0) 8 790 7700.
Lost And Found access cards can be submitted to KTH Info Centre, Drottning Kristinas Vg 4. Access card at CSC Access to CSC's computer rooms (4th floor, E building, floor 5, D-building), and the public areas of building CSC's premises operated by Delphi. More information about the access card at CSC can be found on http://www.kth.se/student/support/it-support-csc/services Access card at ICT (Kista) ICT at Kista uses a different access control systems, see the information on http://www.kth.se/student/support/ict/passerkort-1.4769

User Account
As a rule, all systems use KTH.SE account, but because there are several different computer systems at KTH you can get an additional computer accounts in those systems. You have to change the password in each system. As an example of such log on accounts: KTH.SE-account which is also known as UG-account. It is used to log on to computer rooms, My Pages, Webmail, KTH Library, Bilda and KTH Social. CSC-account is used to log on to CSC's Mac OS X and Ubuntu systems. It has the same username as your KTH.SE account but possibly a different password if you do not ensures to synchronize the passwords on both accounts simultaneously.

To perform a successful log on you will need your KTH.SE user name and a password. Remember that your password is private and must be kept secret. To changed your password you have to logon to My Pages http://www.kth.se/student/studok The password has to contain at least 8 characters. The password has to contain at least one upper-case and one lower-case letter and at least one number. (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) The password can not contain blank space. You cant use 3 consecutive letters from your name or username. Additional characters are allowed for example :,+. When you have successfully changed you password log off from the computer and log on using the new password. If you would not do that, You will run the risk of getting your account locked out.

Home directory
Each student gets 1 GB at his/her home directory. This space is ONLY dedicated for study purposes. If we discover non related material it will be erased without any notification. Get used to save files on your home directory (H:), instead of saving on "Desktop" Or "My documents". Your private settings are saved at the directory "Appdata" which also represents your User Profile. When you want to make changes in an attached document which you received by webmail- first of all you have to save that document to your home directory, then continue working with that file. If you open that document without saving it first you will lose changes you made even if you click on save button. Some applications may require much space to process files. Save your working files on C:\TEMP and then copy the results to your home directory H:.

User profile
Every user account on Windows environment is provided with so called "roaming profile". In other words your personal settings follow you every time you log on to a new computer. The profile is limited to 80 MB. Avoid to save files on "Desktop" and "My documents" and you will get less troubles with the profile. When the size of your profile reaches the maximum you will not be able to log out and the system will notify you to release space. Move or remove files from files from both "Desktop" and "My documents" to your home directory (H:). If you do not succeed contact you IT-Support for assistance.

Project area
Project directory P:\projektarea is an common area where all members of a student group have access rights to perform a common task. The size of the directory is restricted to 200 MB. We create directories in the actual semester area, for example 20112 for the Autumn semester HT 2011. After the expiration date all files and directories will be deleted without any notification. If it is needed we can make a CD copy of your files. To get access to a project directory: the task should be directly related to studies at KTH. the working group should contain at least three members. the student who sends a request to ITSC will automatically be set responsible for the directory, which mean they have to report any additional members and remind his fellow students that it is time to erase the area at the end of each semester. the project is time limited (not less than one month and maximum one year).

E-mail and Security

The most important service you will use during you studies is email. The tool you will use is webmail, from a web browser use the following link: https://webmail.kth.se Waring: mail that requests your log in name and password We do never ask users for their password. Sometimes users have received e-mail from a sender claims to be from KTH. This is actually an attempt to get the password from a user at KTH known as phishing. The password is then used to send spam through your email account. In case you answered such an e-mail and sent your username and password you have immediately to notify us either by e-mail itsc@kth.se or by phone +46 (0) 8 790 9300. The following link shows a phishing attempt. http://www.kth.se/polopoly_fs/1.58739!Example_phishing_attempt.pdf There are several file formats which get blocked by the e-mail server when they are sent as attachments with the e-mail, that because they are considered to be harmful or infected by a virus.

Outside KTH
You can access your home directory and other files remotely when you are outside KTH. To access your home directory (H:), project area or other files use the link https://home.ug.kth.se from a web browser and log on with your KTH.SE account and password. E-mail can be also accessed from a web browser https://webmail.kth.se.

EDUROAM- wireless access

The idea of the European University Cooperation, www.eduroam.org, is that you should use credentials from your college and access the network without having to change configuration. To log on to EDUROAM use your username KTH.SE-account and network secret to login on the wireless network. To configure EDUROAM and obtain a network secret follow instruction on the following link http://www.kth.se/student/support/wifi.

KTH Software distribution

KTH software distribution, KTH ProgDist, allows active students to download software to be installed on a private computer in connection to their studies at KTH, http://progdist.ug.kth.se.

MSDNAA- Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance

This is a special agreement/offer that allows students and employees at KTH to try out almost all of the Microsoft software free of charge. (the Office suite is NOT included) You can do that through "My Pages". Additional information about MSDNAA can be found on http://www.kth.se/student/support/itsc/1.3813

My Pages- Student access to

Academic records
My Pages is used mainly to get an overview over your courses and your results. To log on to My Pages you use your kth.se account http://www.kth.se/student/studok?l=en_UK Change password to KTH.SE-account Settings: Change E-mail delivery Set a Temporary mailing address (not the permanent address) Transcripts create transcripts of your academic results that can be verified through the service "Verification of transcripts". Courses overview over active and completed courses Examinations you can register for MSDN AA account accept the agreement that allows students and employees at KTH to try out almost all of the Microsoft software

KTH Social
KTH Social is a tool for communication and collaboration at KTH www.kth.se/social As a student, you can easily take advantage of material relating to courses and other KTH-related material. You can also supply material such as lecture notes and further reading. AT KTH Social you can also create discussions and ask questions about courses, for example questions about the tasks, labs or exams. It is also possible to create groups, such as for group exercises or for different interest areas. KTH Social is a new system under development. You can monitor progress and suggest improvements in the Virtual Campus Group (https://www.kth.se/social/group/virtuellt-campus/) Via the context menu, a gray bar you'll find at the bottom of KTH.se, you can find your personal page and the courses you are enrolled in and groups you chose to subscribe.

On your personal page, you can export your schedule to your own calendar and post a description and picture in your profile.

Backup and restore

If you by accident delete some important files we may be able to restore a version from the previous day from the backup. Send a mail to your It-Support stating your username, the folder the file were saved in the filename and a approximate date when the file were last changed, and we will attempt to restore the file.

Services at IT-SupportCenter
We provide some other services in our desk at IT-SupportCenter. Colour printing. Printing on both paper and transparencies is available. Transparency printing, which is prohibited in the computer rooms. Scanner. There is a scanner at IT-SupportCenter, if you want to scan images or documents. Back-up on CD. You can order a copy of your account H: and W: to a CD-ROM. We can also make DVDs. Contact your local helpdesk at ICT and CSC for additional information about similar services.

Important on the web

IT-SupportCenter here you find the most common questions and answers and useful links. http://www.kth.se/student/support/ Schedules for lectures and exams http://www.kth.se/utbildning/schema/ Study Handbook with the information about KTH courses http://www.kth.se/student/studiehandbok My Pages, used for getting record of merits etc. http://www.kth.se/student/studok Bilda, used to get course material http://bilda.kth.se/ KTH Social www.kth.se/social Student web http://www.kth.se/student?l=en_UK Program distribution http://progdist.ug.kth.se