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Innovation Audit

This questionnaire This innovation audit questionnaire comprises a series of questions about innovation and related issues in your organisation. It is recommended that you give a copy of this questionnaire to five people in your firm (including yourself if you will be answering questions) and ask each to answer the questions in reasonable detail. It should be clear that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions and that contradictory answers may occur. Full service audit For the best results, return the questions, complete with answers to jpb.com for an in-depth report including an analysis of your current innovation potential together with a series of recommendations for improving that potential. Questionnaires should be completed in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Text format and sent to jpb.com as an e-mail attachment following. For more information on the full service audit, together with fees, please refer to http://www.jpb.com/services/audit.php. Note that if you opt for a full service audit, we are likely to contact some or all of the respondents with further questions that may help us provide a more accurate report. Self-service audit You may find it useful to use the innovation audit questionnaire to perform a self audit of the innovation potential of your organisation. In this case, an innovation project team should be assigned to review all questions and prepare an innovation plan designed to improve the organisation's innovation potential. Consultants If you are a consultant and wish to use this audit questionnaire with your clients, please contact info@jpb.com.

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Innovation audit from jpb.com

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1.1) What is the name of your firm?

1.2) How many people do you employ?

1.3) How many locations do you have? How many countries?

1.4) Please explain briefly the levels of management in your firm.

1.5) How much do people in the firm trust the firm on a scale of 0 to 10 (0= no trust at all; 10 = total trust?) Explain. How could trust be improved (assuming score is less than 10)?

1.6) Please list three adjectives that would describe your firm as you envision it. Please explain.

General innovation

2.1) What percentage of your income comes from products younger than five years old?

2.2) What are the most innovative aspects of your organisation? Please list up to five aspects and explain.

Innovation audit from jpb.com

2.3) What are the least innovative aspects of your organisation? Please list up to five aspects and explain.

2.4) Why do you want your organisation to be more innovative?

Innovation strategy 3.1) Do you have any innovation strategy? If so, please describe it. If not, do you plan to establish one? If so, please explain your plans.

3.2) In what way(s), if any, have you promoted and encouraged innovation in your organisation?

Idea flow 4.1) If a non-management employee has an idea, how can she communicate it to a decision maker or idea manager? Describe the route the idea must take in order to reach a decision maker.

4.1.1) On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being impossible and 10 being effortless, how difficult is the procedure you described in the previous answer? Comments?

4.2) If an employee has an idea that has nothing to do with her department, how can she communicate the idea to a decision maker or idea manager who can implement the idea.

Innovation audit from jpb.com

4.2.1) On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being impossible and 10 being effortless, how difficult is the procedure you described in the previous answer? Comments?

Idea management 5.1) Do you have a dedicated innovation manager or idea manager in charge of handling ideas?

5.2) If a decision maker receives an idea, how does she evaluate it? Is there a structured evaluation approach?

5.3) Do you reward people who contribute good ideas to the organisation? If so, how? If so, how many people have been rewarded in the past three months? If not, why not?

5.4) If someone brings an idea to the organisation and it becomes a costly failure, what are the consequences to the person who proposed the idea?

Miscellaneous 6.1) Do you use any idea management, ideation and/or other software tools to help your firm innovate better?

Innovation audit from jpb.com


How do you think your organisation could improve its innovation potential?

6.3) Do you have any additional comments that would help us/you analyse your innovation potential?

The innovation audit questionnaire has been developed by Bwiti bvba for jpb.com. You may reproduce the audit and distribute it to others provided you do not modify it in any way. If you wish to distribute a modified version of this audit, please contact jpb.com. jpb.com Bwiti bvba Diestbrugstraat 45 3071 Erps-Kwerps, Belgium www.jpb.com info@jpb.com 2004 Bwiti bvba

Innovation audit from jpb.com