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Acknowledge is greater than do you understand My people perish for lack of knowledge takes on a whole new meaning when

you follow the definitions (and a particular train of thought). Start with this thought: You saying to them, Please acknowledge that I have told you I am a man (and getting their acknowledgment, affirmation ie. yes). Has the same force (actually much more) than them saying Do you understand? and you answering yes. That was easy but how far does that thought go? Follow along All definitions from 1828 Websters... http://www.webster1828.com/websters1828 Knowledge 1. A clear and certain perception of that which exists, or of truth and fact; the perception of the connection and agreement, or disagreement and repugnancy of our ideas. 5. Cognizance; notice. Ruth 2. 6. Information; power of knowing Knowledge, for acknowledge or avow, is not used (didnt say it could not by used they dont use it, and now you lack knowledge)... but we are going to. There is that word again ACKNOWLEDGE. Acknowledge v.t. Aknol'edge, [ad and knowledge. See Know.] 1. To own, avow or admit to be true, by a declaration of assent; as to acknowledge the being of a God. 8. To own, avow or assent to an act in a legal form, to give it validity; as, to acknowledge a deed before competent authority. So you need a declaration of assent: They were nice enough to even write it for you (Act of Accession 1910). I [here insert the name of the Sovereign] do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God profess, testify, and declare that I am a faithful Protestant, and that I will, according to the true intent of the enactments which secure the Protestant succession to the Throne of my Realm, uphold and maintain the said enactments to the best of my powers according to law. Only common law (unwritten law of reason) can be unmodified as just law, except scripture. Now that you have acknowledged your status as a sovereign , we need an acknowledgment certificate, witnessed by a notary public (or other justice of the peace) i.e. a judicial magistrate.

Acknowledgment 1. The act of owning; confession; as, the acknowledgment of a fault. 2. The owning, with approbation, or in the true character; as the acknowledgment of a God, or of a public minister. 3. Concession; admission of the truth; as, of a fact, position, or principle An acknowledgment certificate from one of their courts of competent jurisdiction on your declaration is an admission of the truth that you are a Sovereign. An acknowledgment certificate is part of one of the notary acts that a justice of the peace (notary public), or other competent officer can witness. Looks something like this: State of ____________________, County of ________________________ ss. On this _______day of _____________ 2011, before me the subscriber, _______________________________, before me appeared (given name), to me known to be the living man described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged before me that he executed the same as his freewill act and deed. Your acknowledgment is the act of acknowledging your freewill, and the competent court under their seal, is going to witness it for you, your first witness. But how do we know the court (notary) is competent well, lets get them certified as such. Certify 1. To testify to in writing. Having the justice of the peace / notary public certified by the court of competent jurisdiction (your local court of record), (county clerk in Michigan/ Court of Faculties in the Commonwealth) just gave you your 2nd witness to your accession to sovereign. And now you have full faith and credit in your act of accession, when you staple the certificate of authority (or similar) to your instrument (act of accession) you have full proof. The certificate of authority will be under the seal of a court of record, and in law is binding on all other courts. Your act of accession, by your free will, has been witnessed twice under seal by their courts of competent jurisdiction, and it is now public record, act or judicial proceeding guaranteed full faith and credit. They have agreed that you are a Sovereign. And its binding on all their courts, so now what?

As only man has freewill, they have witnessed you as a man. By Divine law, man was created in Gods image. In case you didnt know, you are a soul or spirit. Your body is your land, not you. So, if their system has just witnessed your accession to the status of man, now governed by Divine law, we should let someone with jurisdiction to enforce Divine law know. Who is that? Just someone holding the office of Ordinary, the office of Ordinary has original jurisdiction over all Civil Law, and protection of Divine law. Well the Civil authority just witnessed that you are a man, governed by Divine law (do not charge your brother, honor you father with heart mind and soul), and no longer under the jurisdiction of Civil Law, the law of persons. You get to go to the other side of the fence and now if someone under Civil law trespasses on you or your property, those that protect Divine law will see that justice is administered on them. As a man, fully conscience of your trinity, born a child of god, living as a man of peace, your accession to a son of god is your reward, as long as you can stay at peace and not charge your brother. Since they are your brother also (Father is creator, and we are all of the earth, our mother). You cannot charge them either, not much to ask, to be allowed to live at peace, pursue your own happiness, and live in the system of ask and receive. I have not found an Act of Accession for us in America yet, however all it really says is that you agree to live at peace, and abide by peace treatys, that was one of the things I did with my Notice of Judgment. So yesterday I sent a certified copy to the Archbishop of the Province of Detroit, to let him know I was now under the protection of Divine Law, as the Civil system certified me as being a man, not a person. Waiting to see what happens.