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Abel Carlevaro Guitar Masterclass Volume 1 Fernando Sor 10 Studies Translated from the Spanish by Bartolomé Diaz Chanterelle 7i1 To Alfredo Escande, for his application to and talent for teaching First published 1985 by Chanterelle Verlag, Heidelberg Revised and repried 1993, © 1985 and © 1993 World Copyright f by Michael Macmecken, Chantreile Vetiag, Post Allihts reserved No pr ofthis pblicaion maybe reievalsystem of wanted yay form ry ay means Pane ete medal pccosing ook tate arate thot tbe exci por poms a wing of he abies (Chamerelle®, Guitar Maerclasy® and Chanterelle Eiions® ‘ae Registered Tade Markt Cover Design by Bva Maria Brndetder Primed inthe UK by the Schober Prat Lid Hove ISBN 3-89004-023-1 ‘Chunteelie ECH TIL Contents Author's Preface Note from the Publisher Chapter Study, Opus 6 - No.8 Chapter I Study, Opus 35 - No.13 Chapter IIT Study, Opus 6 - No.9 Chapter IV Study, Opus 31 - No.20 Chapter V Study, Opus 6 - No.6 Chapter VI Study, Opus 35 - No.16 Chapter VIL Study, Opus 29 - No.13 Chapter VIII Study, Opus 29 - No.17 Chapter IX Study, Opus 6 - No.2 Chapter X Study, Opus 31 - No.16 eta ta = Table of Principal Technical Situations . General Glossary of Terms Bibliography Acknowledgements Music Score of the 10 Sor Studies 20 a 24 26 27 27 28