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Oracle Projects Integration Points

Julian Kozicki Great Projects November 2002 This paper summarizes the integration points for the core Oracle Projects applications (Oracle Project Costing, Oracle Project Billing, and Project Resource Management) through release 11.5.8. This summary was prepared by inspecting the dependencies on the table PA.PA_PROJECTS_ALL throughout all Oracle applications with objects residing on both the data base level and on the middle tier applications layer (web-based applications). The following list does not include open interfaces for the Oracle Projects or related applications. Financial Application Dependencies AP CE EAM FA FII GL PO Accounts Payable Cash Management Enterprise Asset Management Fixed Assets Financial Intelligence General Ledger Purchasing

Manufacturing Application Dependencies BOM CST ENG CUN INV MRP PJM ONT WIP WMS WSH Bill of Materials Cost Management Engineering Network Logistics Inventory Master Scheduling/MRP Project Manufacturing Order Management Work in Process Warehouse Management System Shipping

Other Application Dependencies AS CSI GMS HXC HXT ICX Sales (Sales Online) Install Base Grants Accounting Time Capture Time Management Self-Service Web Applications (iTime, iExpense, Project Kiosk, Web Projects)


Grants Proposal CRL Financials Projects Project Contracts Oracle Training Administration Labor Distribution

The reader should note that there are additional applications that have the capacity to store project numbers or project ids, and serve as pass thru conduits to other applications. The Service modules are such an example. A separate document depicts a diagram of dependencies and project-related information flow within the applications based upon the analysis. Note that HXC and HXT applications are part of Oracle Time and Labor (OTL). The large block of HR information represents shared information throughout the applications relating to people, jobs, and organizations. Likewise, customer information is depicted in the Trading Community Architecture information block, which is also shared by all applications. Vendor information is shared from PO through views in related applications. Outside the Oracle Projects application (PA) there are only two places where projects can actually be created: Sales Online: for Pursuit and Delivery projects Activity Management Gateway and MS Project Connect: if the gateway has been configured to allow projects to be created, they may be created in MS Project or other project management tool and imported through the gateway for creation in Oracle Projects.

In Project Manufacturing, tasks can be created automatically through the AutoTask feature, but only under strict rule-based guidelines.