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Technology - techniques or devices used for human purposes Entrepreneurship an act of doing business (buying and selling) at your own cost , resources and risks Technopreneurship making innovative procedures in doing the business Social Network: Jack Dorsey owner of TWITTER Mark Elliot Zuckerberg FACEBOOK Jonathan Abrams and Cris Emmanuel creators of FRIENDSTER Brad Granspan MYSPACE Douglas Engelbert inventor of MOUSE Steve Jobs Chairman of APPLE INC. Bill Gates Creator of MICROSOFT CORP.

Web Development Designing

Physical aspect of the environment Design of the website Dynamic website-traditional


HTML - Hypertext Markup Language CSS Cascading Style Sheet Scripts -Javascript, VBscript DHTML Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language XTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language

Domain extension names: .edu academic .net/.bis business .edu.ph it is under the Philippine domain .au extension domain .org organization .info Cloud computing using available resources/applications on the internet for free Ex. Email, Google (Google apps)

Certificate ownership of a website Phising an internet fraud

Ex. Winning from a lottery, getting your personal information available on the internet https hypertext transfer protocol for security mode s security mode BEST INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS 2010 WINNERS (US BASED) 1. XBOX 360 CONSOLE (MICROSOFT)

-detect movement of the body to the game 2. INTERNET TV (GOOGLE TV)

3. KENMORE ELITE DISHWASHER -with interactive LCD screen color control


5. HTC EVO 4G (SPRINT) - first US phone 4G network LOCAL:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Strategic Information System

- any information that uses IT to help an organization Gain a competitive advantage Reduce a competitive disadvantage Meet other strategic enterprise objectives Strategies to counter these factors

Rivalry of competitors within its industry-monopoly New entrants into an industry and its markets

Ex. Google (from a simple search engine), Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc.

Substitute products that may capture market share Ex. Lotion for men

Bargaining power of customers Ex. Microsoft affiliation to private institutions 5 competitive strategies

1. Cost Leadership Become a low-cost producers Help suppliers or customers reduce costs Increase cost to competitors

2. Differentiation Strategy Differentiate a firms products from its competitors Focus on a particular segment or niche of market

3. Innovation Strategy Unique products, services, or markets] Radical changes to business processes

4. Growth Strategy Expand companys capacity to produce Expand into global markets Diversify into new products or services

5. Alliance strategy Establish linkages and alliances with customers, suppliers, competitors, consultants and other companies Includes merges, acquisitions, joint ventures, virtual companies Other Competitive Strategies

1. Lock in customers and suppliers

2. Build in switching costs - making customer/supplier dependent on the use of innovative IS

3. Erect barriers to entry - discourage/delay other companies from entering the market

4. Build strategic IT capabilities

5. Leverage investment in IT - develop products and services that would not be possible without a strong IT capability Customer focused Business 1. What is the business value in being customer-focused? 2. Focus on customer value. 3. Companies that consistently offer the best value from the customers prospective Strategic Uses of IT Products Services Capabilities Reengineering Business Processes

Called BRP or simply reengineering - fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes - seeks to achieve improvements in cost, quality, speed and service Potential payback is high, but so is risk of disruption and failure Organizational redesign approaches are an important enabler of reengineering

The Role of IT

IT plays a major role in reengineering most business process - can substantially increase process efficiencies - improves process communication - facilities collaboration

A cross-functional Process Many processes are reengineered with - enterprise resource planning softwares - web-enabled electronic business and commerce systems Recognizing Order management IT that supports this process - CRM systems using intranets and the internet - supplier-managed inventory system using the internet and extranets - cross-functional ERP software to integrate manufacturing, distribution, finance and human resource processes - customer-accessible e-commerce websites for order entry, status checking, payment and service - customer, product and order status databases accessed via intranets and extranets Becoming an Agile Company Agility is the ability to prosper - In rapidly changing, continually fragmenting global markets - By selling high-quality, high-performance, customer-configured products and services - By using Internet technologies An agile company profits in spite of - Broad product ranges - Short model lifetimes - Individualized products - Arbitrary lot sizes Creating a Virtual Company A virtual company uses IT to link - People - Organizations - Assets - Ideas Inter-enterprise IS link - Customer - Supplier - Subcontractors - Competitors Building a Knowledge-creating System A knowledge-creating company or learning organization Consistently creates new business knowledge Disseminates it throughout the company Build it into its products and services Two Kinds of Knowledge Explicit Knowledge - Data documents and things written down or stored in computers Tact Knowledge - The how-to knowledge in workers minds - Represents so0me of the most important information within an organization Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) Knowledge includes: - processes, procedures, patents, reference, works, formulas, best practice, forecasts and fixes

TOP HOT IT CERTIFICATIONS 1. GIAC Certified Incident Handler - reporter of IT issues posted on the internet 2. EMC Proven Professional Technology Architect Expert Architect network structure of a system/organization 3. Citrix Certified Integration Architect - researchers/data gatherers, content provider/ writer to be posted on the net 4. HP/Master Accredited Systems Engineer - system development 5. Cisco Certified Security Professional - networking certifications 6. Check Point Certified Master Architect 7. GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst -Forensic will study the hacking/hacked system and will provide solutions for the incident 8. GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst - provide solutions for incidents where a system is suspected as not secured 9. EMC Proven Professional Implementation Engineer Expert - consultant 10. GIAC Certified Incident Manager 11. EC-Council/Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator 12. IBM Certified Specialist-Storage Networking Solutions, Version 2 - protecting data stored 13. HP/Accredited Integration Specialist 14. Brocade Certified Designer - looking for pattern of virus, telling where virus is an upgrade/another version 15. Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist CompTIA A+ - top-selling certification of CompTIA - a set of technician, PC repair, and help desk skills - networking, installation, troubleshooting, preventative, maintenance, communication and professionalism Security+ - a foundation for technician level jobs; perpetual CompTIA Security+ - system security, network infrastructure, cryptography, assessments and audits EC-Council-provide the foundation needed by every electronic commerce and security professions CEH Certified Ethical Hacker CHFI Computer hacking Forensic Investigator ECDL/ICDL European/International Computer Driving License - practical skills of computer applications usage - high-quality, internationally-recognized certification GIAC Global Information Assurance Certification CISSP Certified Information System Security Professional MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist ATCS Accredited Testing Centers TESDA ICT Certification Exams 1. PCOp NC II PC Operations - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Internet 2. PCHS NC-II PC Hardware Servicing - Assembly, Disassembly, Networking/Routing, File Sharing 3. Programming NC IV - Programming - Java, VB CSP Computer Society of the Philippines