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Dear Parents/Guardians. As1'ouareaware'teachersacrosstheprovinceharebegunlimitedjobaction.

wewill contlnuetoprovidel,Our children with a rich andmeaningful classroom prosram andwe look forwardto workingwith parents impro'e to rhe educational opportunrtiesforstudents. Asteacherir,,evalueourrelationshipwithparentsandbelievethattheb befw'een parents teachers criticalto helpingeach and is child succeed school, we krorv thatour working in as conditions yourchildren's are learning conditions we have beennegotiating sinceMarch of this yearn,ing to achieve improvements conditions our schools to in along with a fair andreasonable salaryand benefits lie had hopedto haveimproved iacr"g.. conditions placefor in students this fall' but despite manymonthsof discuJsion, thereias be"n very littleprogress. hopei, ttut l our settlement will be reached thattherewilr be no needfo, and *y n rtt ,t"pr. ", However' in thecurrent phase ourjob action,$'e rvant assure of to you that we'll be focused teaching, on rather than on the growingnumber administruiiu" of t"rk, that havebeenincreasingly takingtime awayfromteaching and learning' Teachers be teaching, rvill preparing lessons, pt"nning asseising. i'aluating our students dealing and u'ith emergencies' addition, Ir "no teachers contact will p."nt. if tlierers any concern with a student and.likewrse. parentscan contact teachers setup a meeting a mutuallyagreeable to at time. Exta-curricular activities havealu.avs beenvoluntaryon the partofteacheis, andthairvill continue as"usual. we have begun actionin orderto pressure government job the to address concerns cometo thetableread.v our and 1o negotiatea fair andequitablecollective agreement. rn2002theBC Liberalslegislated provisions our ou1 in collective agreementthat amongotherthings,guaranteed services ESL learners, for students with specialneeds, libraries. and schob{shavebeen closed; speclalist teaching positions havebeeneliminated. believe we thatthelearning conditions ofourstudentsmustbeimproved. wedonotacceptthegovemment'spositionofazeromandate. The govemment takenhundreds milhonsof has of dollars of publiceducation out despite factthattheyclaimthaf the educationfundingis at its "highestlevelsever".The resultof this hasbeena reduction services all students. in for we question priorities a government will the of that spena rr"rJr"a. of millionsof dollarson a newroof for BC place and a new convention centreand yet is not willing to prlperly investin our students. you know,teachers very As are committedto improving learning the conditions their stuienis. w" wili continue the bargaining fir at table,working hard to achievea collectiveug.t..n*t that provider trr" guarani"", drut our students need. Pleasefeel freeto talk to your child's teacher aboutthe currentsituation we encourage to makeyour you voice heard to government' It is importantthat the government hearsfrom parentsthatthey must properlyfund our school. Below' you will find the address phonenumbers and of the Premi", ihri.ty clark andEducation MinisterGeorge Abbott. Please takethe time to .*pr"i, 1,our opinionto them. Sincerely,

PremierChrisry Clark

Parliament Buildings Victoria,BC V8V iX4 Toll Free: 1.B,1'7 1.155i .1't

N4inister Education George of Abbon WestAnnex Parliament Buildings Victoria,BC V8V 1X4 Phone: 604.775.1 00i