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MinE 317 Rock Mechanics Sections: 01/02/03/04 FALL 2011

Assignments No: 1

Name: Section:

Due: Oct 21, 2011 17:00

To be submitted to: Ferit ge (Rock Mechanics Lab. Room Z-01)

1. The rectangular plate shown in the figure below has the given loads uniformly distributed over the edges. The plate thickness is 50 mm. And other dimensions are given at the below figure.

220 kN A 50kN m y l 25 150 kN G Px O D 220 kN 500 mm H 50kN C Py x 150 kN 650 mm B

a-) i. Determine the shear forces which must operate on the edges BC, DA to maintain the equilibrium of the plate. ii. Relative to the x, y reference axis, determine the state of stresses at any point inside the rectangular plate. iii. For the l, m axis oriented as shown, determine the stress components l, m, lm . iv. Determine the magnitudes of the principal stresses, and the orientation of the major principal stress axis to the x axis. v. For the surface GH, whose outward normal is inclined at to the x axis determine expressions for the components of the stress vector Pop, operating on it as a function of x, y, xy and . Determine values of Px, Py for =0, 45, 90 respectively. b-) Show all results determined in item (iii) and (iv) on a clear sketch of a Mohr circle on a milimetrical paper by utilizing compass and rulers or a computer aided drawing program.

2. Strain measurements conducted on a mine pillar by means of 120 strain rosette indicate the following results shown on the figure given below.
y a=6 m 120 z 120 b=4 m 120 x c=3 m

Assuming plane strain conditions and the following rock material properties: Young Modulus: 8 GPa Poisson ratio: 0.30 a) Calculate the normal strain components acting on x, y, z directions. b) Calculate the shear strain acting on xy plane. c) Find the principal strain components. d) Find the volumetric strain. e) Find the normal stresses acting on x, y and z directions. f) Find the shear stress acting on xy plane. g) Determine the principal stress components (1, 2 and3) h) Find the directions of principal strains 1, 2, 3 . 3. For the state of stress shown in below given Mohrs circle.

-3q 3q , MPa

a) Find the principal stresses. b) Mark the principal stresses on the faces of a cube. c) Find the directions of principal stresses with respect to the plane of the maximum shear stress. d) Find the mean stress and show the components of the principal deviatoric stress in a 3x3 matrix.