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Pikkle KK

Japans leading Social Network Application Provider

Pikkle 160-0023 8-14-18 4F 03-3360-2007 | http://pikkle.com | dc@pikkle.com

Pikkle is a Japan based Social Network Application Provider. From planning and development through to operations and marketing we manage the entire process. We have a portfolio of original titles as well as licensed and copublisher deals with companies like EA/Playfish and BandaiNamco Our investors include Mixi, Ant Capital, CyberAgent and IVP.
Pikkle KK

Pikkle is Japans leading social game publisher

Year 1 R&D Phase Year 2 Developer Year 3 JooJoo portal Year 4 Social Game Publisher

Seed round

Mixi investment

We have been creating social games for over 5 years. We started with our own social game network, JooJoo. As the social networks opened up, we took investment from the #1 SNS Mixi, and pivoted to become a social network app provider. We now provide games to all three social networks in Japan.
Pikkle KK

JooJoo: Social Game Portal

Games Social Entertainment Virtual Goods

Raise pets with your friends | Asynchronous Battle games with other users | Paid gifts and other virtual items | blog articles raise your characters XP | Your avatar shows up in games and also on your blog and home page.

JooJoo was our own social games network, with a deep integration between social and game content. For example writing blogs would give your in-game character extra XP, and adventure games with quizzes in-game would complete your user profile. We monetized through a mix of virtual goods and CPI ads.
Pikkle KK


Our first title launched on mixi: an original dance game. Get together with your friends to form a dance group! Play mini-games to level up your character, and then compete in the arena dance battle!
Pikkle KK

Trade fish with your friends to create the cutest aquarium!

Special limited location-specific fish, you can gift and trade! Fish Coupling with your friends try and create new rare fish! Complete fish collections to get rewards and decoration items Monthly campaigns around holidays and themes
Pikkle KK

PocketAquarium/ mobile social channels

Mail: do you want to trade items? ApplicaIon invitaIons TweeIng sh: expressing their mood with catch copy Community: come and look at my sh tank! Blog post: Kumiko found a rare sh you can only get in Hokkaido A giR from your friend!

Friends List: your friend just came and cleaned your tank!

Coupling: breed rare sh with your friends and tweet about it!

Japanese mobile social networks provide unique communication channels, which we have integrated into our games. Location-based twittering fish keep our users engaged!
Pikkle KK

Treasure Hunters Hunt for hidden treasures with your friends!

Exchange with friends

Complete the set

More friends = more chances!

Get reward!

A social treasure hunt. Collaborate with your friends to explore and complete collections. Very high ARPU title across all 3 networks.

Pikkle KK

Treasure Hunters / Mobile ash game authoring tool

Pikkle has developed in-house tools and workflow to rapidly develop isometric games, optimized for low bandwidth mobile delivery.
Pikkle KK

Lovely Nail
Be a nail stylist - share your nail designs with your friends!
One of the most popular categories for photo posting on mixi is nail designs. This site allows people to create unique designs and have them as a conversation starter with their friends.

Take a quiz about your friends style and pick out the right nail design for them
Pikkle KK

Create a custom design using our flash editor, and post it to your blog

New designs get posted to the gallery make new friends through nail designs!

Restaurant City Mobile

Working with Playfish and EA, we created an original game for japanese mobile phones based on the RestaurantCity franchise.

Learn new dishes by visiIng your friends

Balance resources and keep your kitchen busy



Use energy to sell Improve the dcor dishes to people, of your restaurant but if your friends by buying new come to eat it items with your costs you nothing earnings.

Pikkle KK

Restaurant City operaIons experience

Our operations team is constantly watching the data to decide which new features to introduce, and constantly improving the apps performance and ARPU.

Special celeb events

Come to visit your restaurant. You have to quickly respond and cook what they want

Topical New content

Each month we introduce a new theme with limited ediIon decoraIon items and recipes

Limited Metrics driven edi=on items improvement

New items are on sale for a limited period only. Introduced as collecIons this moIvates players to grab them all. Each month the sales have increased a triumph of operaIonal experIse

Pikkle KK


DragonBall social game



Skills tree
Develop your character along one of the three main skills. Later you can mix new skills to improve your chances.

Complete missions to level Bagles other players to up your character, get new gain power, and take on items and skills Boss NPCs to advance to new areas

Pikkle KK

Pikkle in-house character designers + arIsts

Pikkle in-house designers create our unique visual style.

Pikkle KK


Virtual Goods operaIng experIse

Hina matsuri

Consumables vs Durables DecoraIon items Limited ediIon/period campaigns Mystery items

easter eggs, gacha machine Save Ime, energy, power-up


Pain-point items Bundling


Get special items only when you buy currency

Dual currency systems Payment funnel metrics Seasonal + Topical campaigns

Pikkle KK


Pikkles Social Game Enabling Plakorm


Game application

Game Game Game

Game Game

bagle rpg
Game engines




Social: invitaIons, giRs, teams, feeds, blog posIng, messages Shared infrastructure Game: Trophies, Ranking, CollecIons, Shop, Bagles, Level editor Analy=cs: RetenIon, Conversion, Billing Conversion, A/B tesIng, Funnels RASH: Mobile Flash Server Render OpenSocial Platform API adapters
Pikkle KK



Mobage town

Docomo KDDI webmoney

Facebook API FB credits API


HYBRID HTML + NaIve architecture

Our HYBRID app framework allows us to develop games that use HTML5 as a core, but calling native features for each platform.
Package tool
Client side

NaIve Extensions Mobile HTML5 Game engine

JSON Game API Game engine

Server side

SNS API integraIon Billing, Feed events, InvitaIons, Photos, GiRing

Social game modules CollecIons, Mission/Bagle, Quests, Shop, Avatar

Metrics CMS for rapid content update

Pikkle KK


Pikkle investors and partners



Pikkles 5 major investors are a whos who of the japanese mobile social landscape. We are the largest single investment for Mixis app fund, and share a board member. We also have a joint-venture with Adways, japans largest offer-ad network.
Pikkle KK


Partner with Pikkle! Deep experience in mobile social free-to-play Born in Gamers Heaven!
Our Japan creators and game designers stop at nothing to create the best user experience bilingual developers, internaIonal culture + aotude

Mobile social OperaIons knowhow

Mobile is dierent we are one of a few teams in the world to successfully operate mobile social games.

Unique Mobile technology and know-how

Proprietary tool chain, many years know-how in mobile

Unparalleled business network and access in Japan

Board level and working level meeIngs with plakorm holders
Pikkle KK