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Samit Ghosh

Email: samit_gh@yahoo.com
Contact Address: 31/C,Middle Road
Santoshpur. Kolkata-75.
West Bengal. Tel: 9433125374 / 9830185210

With 2 years experience in developing algorithm using C/C++ in a Research Project in Jadavpur
University on Computational Mechanics (specially experienced in Numerical Analysis to implement
Boundary Element Method in Fracture Mechanics) and 0.5 yrs Industry experience in JAVA, my
endeavor will be to deliver the organizational targets consistently, through the use of my analytical
skills, intelligence, the drive to take the initiative and the knowledge assimilated over the years.

• MCA (1st class) from Birla Institute of Technology , Mesra, Ranchi

• MSc in Mathematics (1st class) from Jadavpur University


Awarded National Scholarship for the higher study, (MSc) on the basis of BSc (Hons) Degree
examination,1994 .

• 2 years Programming in C / C++ under Windows / Linux

• Developed GUI / Software Tool using Java Swing for a Research Project
• 0.5 years in Java 2.0 , Java Swing , JDBC, Java Beans, Servlet and JSP with Oracle 9i
in a web based GIS project


• Programming Languages: C\C++,VC++,Java2, Java Servlet, Jsp, Fortran 95, PL/SQL

• Front End Tool: Java Swing, MFC of VC++, Developer 2000 , Matlab,

• RDBMS : Oracle 9i

• Case Tool: Maple, Mathematica, Axum, Matlab

• Environment: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Kate, Netbeans 4.1 ,Jdk1.5

• Operating Systems: Windows 2000,Linux9/Unix


Project #1 :( Present Engagement)

Project Title ValuTrak

Duration October,2005 to Till Date
Organization ValuSpace Technology Co Pvt Ltd,Kolkata

Client Numaligarh Refinery Limited, India

Project Description ValuTrak is a web based real time GPS based tracking System
that enables tracking of vehicles and Fleet across all geographies
in real time
Responsibilities  Design
 Coding Business Object
 Developing Data received from GPS Unit
 Developing GUI to display real time position
 SQL and PL/SQL
 Route Planner
 Integration of Web Module
Technology & tools Java 2, Swing, Java Beans, Servlet, JSP, Toad, Netbeans 4.1

Database Oracle 9i

Project #2

Project Title Stress analysis of Structural Material by using Boundary Element

Duration October,2003 to September,2005
Organization Dept. of Mathematics, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Jadavpur
Project Description This GUI based tool is developed for Stress analysis of the structural
materials. It is basically a computer simulation of the Mechanics and
forecast dynamic nature of the stress and deformed state of the
material by using Boundary Element Techniques.
Responsibilities Designing, and Developing the BEM Solver and GUI tools
Technology & tools C/C++ and MFC of VC++,
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 editor, Windows 2000

I have been working in the field of computational mechanics for the last three years .Here I
usually develop mathematical model of the fracture mechanics problem then solve and
simulate the model using C/C++ programming. Analyze the simulated result with the
experimental data.
Area of research: Mathematical formulation of Fracture mechanics problem (Crack problem)
Method used: Boundary Element Method, Parallel Programming.

Paper #1
Topic entitled Torsional oscillation of rigid disk in an infinite cylinder
Published in Journal Journal of Technical Physics. 44, 4, 341-347, 2003, Polis
Academy of Science, Institute of Fundamental Technological
Research, Warszawa. POLAND.
Programming Language used C/C++
Tool Mathematica, Axume, MS-Excell
Working environment Linux9, Widows 2000
Abstract Available On www.jtp.ippt.gov.pl
Organization Dept. of Mathematics , Jadavpur University , Kolkata -32

Paper #2

Topic entitled Scattering of Sh-waves by a Griffith crack in a long strip at

asymmetric position
Published in Journal Int. Jr. of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. Texas, USA
Programming Language used C/C++
Tools Mathematica, Axume, MS-Excell
Working environment Linux9, Widows98
Abstract Available On http://www.hindawi.com/GetArticle.aspx?pii=S0161171205504575
Organization Dept. of Mathematics , Jadavpur University , Kolkata -32

Paper #3

Topic entitled Diffraction of P-waves by crack in a long strip at symmetric

Published in Journal European Journal of Mechanics: A/Solids. France
Programming Language used C/C++
Tools Mathematica, Axume
Working environment Linux9, Widows2000.

Abstract Available On www.elsivier.com

Organization Dept. of Mathematics , Jadavpur University , Kolkata -32

• Master of Computer Application ( MCA) from BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

(MESRA) ,RANCHI (Deemed University) ,( Jan, 2001-June, 2005) with 1st class . The Mean
GPA is 7.73(77.3%) in ten point scale.

• M Sc. (Applied Mathematics) from JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY (1995-'97-Passed) with 1st Class

• BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from S.R.S Vidhyamapitha, Kamarpukur of Burdwan University

(1991-’94)-Passed with 1st Class (60.7%).
• HIGHER SECONDARY (Class XII) from Tarakeswar Mahavidyalay (1991-Passed)
(W.B.C.H.S.E.) with 55.1%.
• SECONDARY (Class X) from Ghorgohal High School (1989-Passed) (W.B.B.S.E.) with 61.75%.


• Nationality Indian

• Date of Birth: 15th January, 1974

• Passport No: F3240959

• Permanent Address: Vill&P.O:-Ghargohal, Dist:-Hooghly (W.B) Pin Code 712414