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37 Days to Clean Credit

"Finally, An Effective Credit Repair System That Instantly Deletes Inquiries, Charge-Offs, Late Payments And Judgments From Credit Reports" And Heres How You Can Boost Your Credit Score By 135 Points Or More In Just 37 Days Here's Proof... Date: Dear Better Credit Seeker, You are about to discover a simple way to boost your credit FAST! Just 37 days from today my proven system - could boost your credit score by 39 68 even 135 points GUARANTEED! Im going to give you the same secrets I used to Delete 7 inquiries in just one day... elete 2 more inquiries and 3 late-pays in one week... elete 6 more late-pays and 1 judgmentthat raised my credit score 73 points in only three weeks... y credit score went from a lousy 520 all the way up to 655 in just 37 days! Today my score is way over 700. y following my its so easy anyone can do it system I guarantee youll have better credit Just like Leonardo B. rom Anaheim, California recently discovered "My credit score shot up 68 points!" "Chris, man I was skeptical... ut a couple bucks one time vs. certain Credit Repair Law Firm 40 bucks a month. t was a no-brainer. f your program didn't work I could always get my money back. o here we are 38 days later. 've included the screen shots for proof. hank you. hank you. hank you!! The results... xperian: 1 of 4 deleted, my credit score up 4 points. quifax: 3 of 7 deleted, my credit score up 17 points. ransunion: 5 of 9 DELETED! SCORE UP 68 POINTS!!! 68!! I have hundreds of emails from everyday people - just like Stephanie and Leonardo - who have boosted their credit. eople like you and me. ard-working people whove had some bad luck Some got laid-off from work, others got battered in the housing crisis, and some were simply extended too much credit and got in over their heads. hatever your situation, youre here because you need to boost your credit score and Im going to give you the tools you need get it done starting today... Order Now Im Going To Show You How You Can Boost Your Credit Step-By-Step... ven If You Are On The Verge Of Bankruptcy Even If You Are Totally Lazy! You're Literally Minutes Away From Discovering The Secrets To... Formula For FAST Credit Repair... hat Can Rebuild Your Credit In Just 37 Days... Its Your Easy To Follow Roadmap To Better Credit... hen armed with the right tools it really is easy to boost your credit. nd my proven system will help you get the better credit you deserve with very little effort on your part. oull learn How to DELETE 30, 60, 90, 120, and even 150 day late-pays from your credit report virtually overnight! Four simple ways to never ever get stuck in the bad credit vortex again! How to easily setup an automated budgeting system to track expenses, income, and all of your payments

and bills without lifting a finger! A super secret trick that ZAPS all of your harmful inquiries in days not weeks or months JUST DAYS! A neat little way to double your credit card limits with one quick phone call! A ninja-like technique to drive your score up an easy 75 points with one simple call! The little known secret to getting your credit card APR interest rates dropped to zero! (This secret statement will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in interest payments!) Its called 37 Days To Clean Credit and I developed this system because I Graduated College With Over $14,000 In Debt Horrible Credit And No Where To Turn Hi, my name is Chris B.. nd when I say I had horrible credit... mean it. ike millions of hard-working Americans... truggling to get by, I was getting denied for credit everywhere I turned. es, part of it was my fault, but the credit card approvals came so fast I couldnt resist. t started back in college when I got my first credit card. ike many young people, I quickly racked up over $14,000. in student loans and credit card debt. ot to mention, I barely had any income, so I was missing payments left and right. ithin a few short months my credit was completely destroyed... it went all the way down to 520. o matter what I tried my debt was growing and my credit score kept plummeting. ut when my car broke down and I couldnt even use a credit card to pay for the repairs, I knew I had to do something. ts embarrassing when your car sits in the shop for 3 days until you can scrounge up the cash to pay for it. hat was the final straw, I realized that My Credit Wasnt Going To Fix Itself I Had To Do Something It was then that I realized only I could take charge of my credit and get it fixed The first thing I did was try a so-called professional credit repair agency, but They Simply Took My Money And Didnt Help Me One Bit Perhaps youve had the same luck with them In fact, not long after I signed on the dotted line with a company that was supposed to help me... saw an article quoting Eileen Harrington, Deputy Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection... eres what she said Credit repair schemes are a big problem for consumers. redit repair promoters generally charge hundreds of dollars, but don't deliver on their claims. Geez, I wish I knew that before I flushed $400 down the drain. ight there and then, I decided to take my credit problems into my own hands. screwed it up, and I was determined to make things right So I started researching credit repair, fixing credit, getting better credit all the stuff that I thought would help me figure it out. literally had hundreds of pages of tips and strategies printed out all over my apartment. I felt like a detective trying to solve a mystery and after countless hours trying to figure out how the credit system worked... I began to find buzz-words, catch phrases and dirty little secrets that got the credit bureaus to take action So much action that my credit score improved by 135 points and only cost me a few bucks on stamps When all was said and done In Just 37 days, I Deleted 9Inquiries, 5 LatePays, 4 Charge-Off Accounts, 1 Judgment And Boosted My Score 135 Points! Take a look at my actual scanned copies of my credit reports on the right. m sharing these pictures with you as actual proof that my system works. ts the real deal. I started with a score of 520 and 37 days later my score was a 655! (Its now way over 700. And I'm certainly not any smarter than you.

sk Mr. uerra, my high school wrestling coach, he'll tell you that. just took some time to figure out how the credit system works but once I did - I developed a simple system that anyone can use One that can remove negative items, inquiries, judgments, and bankruptcies from your credit report fast. ust think By Acting Now And Choosing The 37 Days To Clean Credit System You Have Singled Yourself Out From The Crowd And Youre About To Get The Credit Boost You Need! Order Now This system is so simple - a 5th grader could use it. n fact, all you really need to know is how to copy and paste. es, it really is that simple. ut dont just take my word for it. any everyday people (just like you and me) are discovering how simple and effective this system is Heres What Theyre Saying, In Their Own Words "Just Follow Chris' Steps!" "Chris, man I was skeptical... ut a couple bucks one time vs. certain Credit Repair Law Firm 40 bucks a month. t was a no-brainer. f your program didn't work I could always get my money back. o here we are 38 days later. 've included the screen shots for proof. hank you. hank you. hank you!! Mark Carlton Carlsbad, CA "Thank You for the No Fluff Information!" "Chris, I just finished your credit repair program and was completely blown away! It's compact and exactly what I was looking for. o fluff. o BS. ust step-by-step exactly what to do. thought I knew how to clean my credit before, but some of your strategies are really working for me. Terry Jenkins Boston, Ma As youll soon discover, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what youll find in the 37 Days to Clean Credit system. ere are just a few more of the great benefits youll learn Why being self-employed can actually work against you and how to avoid this simple mistake millions of people make. ow to STOP those harassing collection phone calls dead in their tracks! How To Delete Medical Accounts Off Your Credit Report In 3-Easy Steps! Follow Along My No-Brainer Step-By-Step system To Automate The Disputing Process! This alone is worth the price of the course! How To Make More Money To Pay Live The Life You've Only Dreamed Of And Never Have To Worry About Debt Again! Learn The Secrets To Making An Extra $500 - $1,000 A Month In Extra ColdHard Cash Without Lifting A Finger And Learn How I Make Thousands Each And Every Month! Want to repair your credit quickly? No problem, just follow along and replicate my success and I guarantee it WILL work for you too! Learn My Strategic Process To Repair Bad Credit In Less Than 30 Days! It's So EASY Even a 5th Grader Can Do It! How To Negotiate with Creditors To Pay Pennies On The Dollar And Have The Negative Marks Completely Removed From Your Report, Never To Appear Again! The exact step-by step formula I used to delete negative items, negotiate debts, and win with the credit game! I really want to get this system in your hands right away because bad credit is costing you thousands of dollars each year. et me show you how much money youre wasting Do You Know How Much Money You Could

Be Saving Each Year With Good Credit? Have you ever gone to the car dealer only to be charged a 15% interest rate for the new set of wheels you so desperately need? Its legal robbery! Meanwhile, the guy with good credit gets the ZERO PERCENT incentive financing. o you know how much more youll pay for a $25,000 car over just 5 years than the good credit guy? Let me show you Interest Rate Interest You Pay You 15% $10,684 The Person With Good Credit 0% $0 Amazing isnt it A new car will cost you $10,684 more than a person with good credit. oud pay over $2,136 PER YEAR more for the very same car. hats not right And thats why youre here now. ecause you want the weapons you need so you never have to pay too much for anything ever again. ust 37 days from now youll be able to buy a new car, or get into your dream home with a good interest rate Not one of those ridiculous rates that takes thousands out of your pocket. You are going to get everything you need to boost your credit fast. ncluding The exact process to get your credit report for free! (Many people sign up for the free services only to be paying monthly fees. ou get all of my resources. The one no-brainer method to boosting your score 50 points even if you have the worst credit in the world! A 400 score? Blast it up with this simple method! Learn the 5 C's of Credit And Never Worry about Being Denied Ever Again. on't Learn The 5 C's And You're Doomed For Failure! Thinking of refinancing? Learn the secrets to raising your score before refinancing your home and how not to make the mistakes millions make and end up getting owned. Own property? How to avoid the latest credit crunch and come out unscathed. oreclosure? How to stop your foreclosure, and how to negotiate with you bank to lower your payment 10% -20%. ow to restore your credit report coming out of a bankruptcy. tudent Loans? Learn my simple systemf for negotiating your student loans down to pennies on the dollar. ow to buy the car of your dreams regardless of past credit history and without paying an arm and a leg in interest! And so much more All you need to do is follow the 37 Days To Clean Credit system step-by-step and youll begin enjoying the benefits of having good credit - in no time flat. am confident you can put my simple methods to work, and get a BIG boost to your credit score within days. eres why It Really Is As Easy As 1,2,3 In a nutshell, the system works like this Step 1: Get a copy of your credit report - FREE - from a nifty little website that Ill tell you. tep 2: Enter Your Name, Address, and Negative Credit Accounts onto the template I provide you. tep 3: Mail the letters. guess you could say there is a step 4. But thats just the sound of deletion letters landing in your mailbox and your credit scoring soaring just a few days from now. eriously, youll start getting these amazing "Negative Item Deletion Letters" from the credit bureaus within days and your credit score will get a nice boost. guarantee it! Its a great feeling, youll see what I mean soon enough. eres the thing, if the credit bureaus try to play hardball with you (and every once and a while they do) Ill provide you with follow-up letters thatll make them wish they never messed with you. t really is that easy. ll tell you this with 100% honesty: Theres absolutely no reason you should drop big bucks for

professional credit repair agencies. ou can use the methods and information I uncovered to boost your credit just like I did practically free! Frankly, the system I developed is the only way for the little guy to level the playing field and get better credit almost instantly. rom what Ive seen, this is the only way to access the secrets of the big credit repair agencies. ut heres what makes this so great You Need To Know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING About Credit Repair To Benefit Right Away From The 37 Days To Clean Credit System So, If Youre Ready To Supercharge Your Credit Score... rder Now Lets take a look at whats inside the Updated for 2009 Edition of "37 Days To Clean Credit" system... odule #1: 37 Days To Clean Credit Course Let me talk to you about the system This system doesn't require capital. Heck I did it all for practically nothing! This system doesn't require education. My 7 year old nephew can easily copy and paste. f you can do that you're guaranteed to see instant results. his system doesn't require any skills at all. an you read? Can you boil water? Ok you're guaranteed results or I'll give you our money back100% Guaranteed! What does it require? Have you ever made a phone call? Have you ever sent a letter? If so, you can boost your credit soon But making mistakes are easy to do and will cost you thousands. ust follow my plan step-by-step and you are guaranteed success! I reveal the true secrets in my groundbreaking course, 37 Days To Clean Credit. I just lowered the price, keep reading to see just how much I think youll be pleasantly surprised!) Module #2: Interest Annihilation Method Learn and listen to world renowned credit card expert Scott Bilker as he unveils all of his dirty little secrets to getting approved for credit cards with 0% APR with his eyes closed and how you can do the same. e'll teach you the simple formula to having the credit cards companies fall under your spell to do exactly what you want. cott's a pro and knows his stuff. n fact, his techniques are so easy anyone can do them without question. ow to use secret language indicators to get exactly what you want from your creditor. ow to contact your creditors and negotiate a settlement and pay zero % interest on your credit cards. ow to get Free money from credit card companies! The secrets to Scott's 3 step debt elimination strategy system Scott unveils the true resources and scripts on how to get out of debt fast! Sit back and listen to Scott take you by the hand to cut your credit card debt in half if not more. otal Value: $67 - Your's Free! Module #3: The Credit Millionaire System An intense 60-minute complete brain-dump of Best-Selling Author Donna Fox of Credit Millionaire," where she reveals her simple system to become credit rich! Donna charges thousands of dollars for her private sessions and seminars showing people how to rule the credit game. f you own real estate, a home, or land you must learn her secrets to having bank drop to their knee's to give you cash! Here's a peek at what you'll learn in this super content packed audio... iscover what the 5 C's of credit are and how they can instantly help you to get loans, credit cards, and how to get approved at lightning speed! The exact process to become a "Credit Millionaire" and what makes you no different from Donald Trump or other Guru's. ow to leverage your debt to make millions! Why your xxxxxxxxxx is extremely important when applying for a loan. his can make or break you regardless of credit history.

chapter 1, 23:14) Discover how xxxx xxxx can help you achieve the loan you want and help you get out of debt faster than ever before. iscover how to assemble your credit kit to enable you to win when talking to a banker. his kit will put you light years ahead of anyone else looking for a loan. t screams creditability! How to approach a bank to negotiate a better deal and pay less than what the property is worth. otal Value: $67 - Your's Free! Module #4: Credit Repair Mastery In this exclusive audio you'll learn exactly how to beat the system to immediately increase your credit score in a short period of time. f you thought you could not get yourself out of your bad credit situation, think again. his audio reveals the secrets and gives you the specific tips for beating the system and winning each and every time. ere's just a taste of what you're going to learn... art 1: Secrets of the Credit Score What 3 critical reports you need to remove your negative items (chapter 1, 2:54) The step by step process to rate your debt and why it's essential to do this before disputing your items. chapter 1, 4:46) Why staying organized is the only way to get out of debt. he clockwork process to dispute your negatives and win! (chapter 1, 5:50) Why credit repair agencies are only "organizational" companies and how your personal detailed information is key to winning the dispute! (chapter 1, 23:14) How Brett's clients used this tool to win the disputes! "It worked!" (chapter 2, 7:27) The exact process to add you as an "XXXXXXXXX XXXX" to boost your score 50 to 100 points! (chapter 1, 21:09) The perfect debt to credit ratio to never lower your score. chapter 1, 22:07) Part 2: The Secrets To Destroying Debt How to negotiate your debt down 40% (chapter 2, 34:30) Why bankruptcy is NOT the solution and how to avoid it. chapter 2, 37:01) How to negotiate your debt down 40% (chapter 2, 34:30) The secret to increasing your chances to have your negative items deleted. chapter 2, 41:18) The advantages and disadvantages for leaving a statement on your credit report. chapter 2, 38:26) Why having xxxxx is essential to get approved for a loan and credit cards. chapter 4, 57:45) Total Value: $67 - Your's Free! BONUS #1: 42 "Proven" Dispute Letters My Proven Credit Repair Letters Are ALL YOURS! Every single one of them. ust Copy, Paste, and Fill In The Blanks And Watch Your Credit Score SOAR! These letters have worked time and time again for me and thousands of people that have used my system. his is my entire letter database that I used to increase my credit score by 135 points in just 37 days. he credit repair agencies HATE me for giving away their proven letters for instant success! Instantly Dispute and Delete Inquiries! Simply copy, paste, and send to instantly and immediately dispute your negative inquiries, late pays, judgments, and more! My proven inquiry letter that I used to delete 9 inquiries with one letter! The Exact Letter To Have Those Annoying Collection Agencies STOP Calling You! How to get a collection agency off your back The "hard attempt" letters that get you an immediate response to delete your charge-offs! The exact script to remove your late payments. disputes late 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and derogatory listings) Total Value: $97 - Your's Free! BONUS #2: Budgeting Success Video Series Do you often ask yourself, "Where the heck did all of my money go?" If so, you're not alone. 've discovered an easy and simple way that you can quickly see where you money actually goes. ith this software you'll be able to see exactly how much you spend on gas, food, eating out, credit card bills, and everything in your life. 'll tell you what, not having this software would have cost me over $20,000.

. f I did not have a way to see where I spending my money, I would have continued to throw money down the drain. ow, you can have access to this bonus software and video as a special gift when you order your course today. otal Value: $67 - Your's Free! Heres A Look At Everything You Get MODULE 1: 37 Days To Clean Credit Course $67 MODULE 2: The Interest Annihilation Method Audio $67 MODULE 3: The Credit Millionaire System $67 MODULE 4: Credit Repair Mastery $67 BONUS "Copy-n-Paste" Credit Repair Lettes $97 BONUS Super Bugeting Video Walkthroughs $67 Normal Cost: $437 FOR A LIMITED TIME YOU PAY JUST $37 Order Now Heres My Iron-Clad, 100% Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee In case I forgot to mention: This program is 100% GUARANTEED! There's no question the 37 Days To Clean Credit system works, so I'm not going to force you to prove you tried to make it work to get a refund. he fact is, if you put in just a little bit of effort - even half of what we suggest you do - YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! It's not a question of whether or not this will be "right" for you. t's a question of how much is bad credit costing you? How important is it for you to boost your credit score? We both know you can't afford to go another day without this system So, since it's not a question of if it will work, or if it will work for YOU (I know the answer is YES on both accounts), I'm going to make this simple. ive it a try. f for any reason you feel this system isnt for you simply let me know within 60 days and youll get every single penny back. o questions asked. think youll agree thats fair. I want you to be happy and I want you to improve your credit. ut only you can make that happen and theres never been a better time than right now. Yes Chris! I'm Ready To Get My Copy of 37 Days to Clean Credit Plus, You Can Also Throw In The Five Incredible Bonuses Worth $590 Absolutely FREE! YES Chris, I want better credit! Let me "test drive" the 37 Days to Clean Credit Repair System! I understand that during this test drive I will have UNLIMITED access to all areas of the course including: Exclusive 37 Days to Clean Credit Ebook - This is the core course that takes you by the hand and guides you down the exact steps to repairing, rebuilding, and raising your credit score... AST! (Value: $97) My complete step-by-step credit repair course that takes you by the hand to eliminating your debts and erasing your negative credit marks! (Value: $97) Credit Repair Mastery - The step-by-step audio interview with Brett Bruce shows you the secrets to consistent high credit scores. Value: $97) The exclusive interview with Donna Fox to help you build your credit from "Credit Repair to Credit Millionaire!" (Value: $97) All 39 of my PROVEN Credit Repair Letters that you can simply copy, paste, and send away to start your disputing process. ust ONE letter in here deleted 9 inquiries! (A must have!) (Value: $97) Plus Tons More... our entire package is waiting for you to claim it. he entire course is available immediately even if it's 2 or 4am directly after you make your purchase. dd To Cart NOTE: The bonuses may not be available for long and I make take them down any day now. owever, if you order the 37 Days To Clean Credit system right now Ill guarantee you that youll get all of these incredible bonuses. But theres a small catch, if you wait until tomorrow they may be gone.

o what are you waiting for Isnt it time for you to boost your credit score Dont waste another minute or give this another thought. nvest in your future right now. Just think about it For the price of a modest dinner for two you could boost your credit by 135 points or more That kind of boost could help you save over $10,000 in interest on your next car alone. your better credit, Chris P.. am so convinced that 37 Days To Clean Credit can help you boost your credit score that... f you are not 100% delighted, just let me know within 60 days and Ill send you a fast and full refund of every penny you paid. hat way, you risk nothing. nd whatever you decide, 37 Days To Clean Credit and the $560 in bonuses are yours to keep FREE - thats my gift to you ... ust for giving this a try. imple click this link now: Get Your Copy of The 37 Days To Clean Credit Now P... emember: By ordering today you can save $160 off the normal price of $197. or a limited time you can pay just $37 and save 81% OFF the normal price But dont wait another day the price is going up tomorrow. Its time for you to take action: Get Your Copy of The 37 Days To Clean Credit Today P.... want you to know: I am a real person. y contact information is below and just to prove it to you TWITTER ME AT: http://www. itter. m/37days (I WANT to hear from you) Your Credit Wont Fix Itself - Get The 37 Days To Clean Credit System Now Add To Cart My 37 Day Timeline Click the images to enlarge Day 1: March 19: Using my inquiry annihilated process, I deleted 5 inquiries with one letter. th proven letter is available in the course here) March 19: Using my inquiry annihilated process, I deleted 5 inquiries with one letter. th proven letter is available in the course here) Day 3: March 21: Only 2 days later, I was shocked when I got a letter from Equifax stating that my Bank of America inquiry was deleted. thought, sheesh, there's something with this method. arch 21: My charge-off account with Bally Total Fitness was deleted from my Experian credit file. saw this shoot up my credit score 28 points immediately after it was removed. ay 4: March 23: The same day I got this letter from Equifax stated that they deleted this Wachovia charge-off account. arch 23: Two days after my Bank of America deletion, this came in the mail... irst USA Bank inquiry was deleted too! Day 11: March 30: Here's the actual letter from NCO Financial stating that my medical bill has been deleted. my medical bill dispute letters are also available in this course too) Day 15: April 3: At this point I was getting 3 or 4 letters per week. got this and noticed that this credit card account has been deleted. his had late 30 and late 60 days on my report. his alone boosted my score 30 points! Day 20: April 8: This Wachovia account was deleted as well. hey keep shedding of my report... ay 21: April 9: Here's two accounts that were deleted from my credit report... IA MBNA is a credit card company - this was removed. he other is Verizon Wireless. his was a 4 year old charge-off account which was deleted.

ay 24: April 12: The dreaded West Asset Management deleted my 5 year old Sprint PCS negative account. ay 37: April 24: This is the letter Transunion sent me showing that FAC (collection agency), which was a charge-off was deleted from my credit file. n 37 days... eleted 9 Inquiries Deleted 5 Default Accounts Deleted 4 Negative Account Deleted 1 Judgement Deleted 1 Medical Account Raised credit score 135 points! Before 520 After 655 "I deleted $96,023. from my credit report!" "Chris, thank you so much for you course. o be honest, I was very skeptical before buying your course. really had nothing to lose, so I decided to give it a try. was shocked when I started recieving letters from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion showing that my charge-offs and account have been deleted. s it turns out, I had over $96,023. deleted from my credit report! Wow! I'm amazed with your course... t really really works! Stephanie Ross Atlanta, Ga Stephanie's Timeline Click the images to enlarge Day 1: December 11: Deleted a civil judgment off Transunion. ay 6: December 17: Three (4) items deleted from her Equifax credit report. ay 11: December 22: Only five days later and another 4 negative items were deleted. n 11 days... eleted 1 Civil Judgment Deleted 4 Default Accounts Deleted 2 Credit Card Accounts "My credit score shot up 68 points!" "Chris, man I was skeptical... ut a couple bucks one time vs. certain Credit Repair Law Firm 40 bucks a month. t was a no-brainer. f your program didn't work I could always get my money back. o here we are 38 days later. 've included the screen shots for proof. hank you. hank you. hank you!! The results... xperian: 1 of 4 deleted, my credit score up 4 points. quifax: 3 of 7 deleted, my credit score up 17 points. ransunion: 5 of 9 DELETED! SCORE UP 68 POINTS!!! 68!! Leonardo B. naheim, Ca Leo's Timeline Click the images to enlarge Day 1: Day 32: In 32 days... eleted 1of 4 Experian Items Deleted 3 of 7 Equifax Items Deleted 5 of 9 Transunion Items Raised credit score 68 points! Before 546 After 614 "Just Follow Chris' Steps!" "In the past I tried to repair my credit using a credit repair agency. t took them 3 years what I could have done in 2 weeks. will never use a credit agency again because of how Chris has laid out the exact steps to take in such a simple to follow plan. on't make the mistake and waste your money on other programs. his is ALL you will ever need!" Mark Carlton Carlsbad, Ca "Thank You for the No Fluff Information!" "Chris, I just finished your credit repair program and was completely blown away! It's compact and exactly what I was looking for. o fluff. o BS. ust step-by-step exactly what to do.

thought I knew how to clean my credit before, but some of your strategies are really working for me. Terry Jenkins Boston, Ma Privacy Policy Disclaimer Support Affiliates Copyright 2009 37 Days to Clean Credit. ll Rights Reserved. ffiliates Earn 75% Commissions - High Conversions - Click Here [Close Box] Give Me FREE Access, Chris --> Please see the link below for more information:


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