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Finally Revealed:
Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


James Ruben
Aka. James (server 6), Bear (server 121) Copyright EvonySecret.com 2004-2010 Reselling, Copying or Giving Away this book is not permitted.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 1

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How to Use this Guide Free Updates 79 Evony Tips Advanced Strategies -Quick City Growth Guide (perfect for new server) - Well Built City vs. Poorly Built City -Buildings to Demolish -Beginners Protection -How To Build Barbarian Towns -How To Fight Barbarian Cities without Losses - NPC Plunder and Transports Needed by level -Building the Ultimate Hero -Advanced Farming Guide -Medal Farming - How To Capture another player's city Advanced Battle Strategies -Win Big or Lose Big -Attack Waves -Archers and Warriors vs. Pikes, Cavalry and Swords -Layered Armies -Raiding Cities -Advanced Take Downs -Farm Cities -How To Hurt an Advanced Player -How to take a Barbarian Town (level 10) to use as a raiding city -Defensive Strategies -The Value of a Scout -The Alliance Attacks Full Force Prestige Building Honor Building Appendix -Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations for Evony -Vague Scouting reports -Guide to Titles -Guide to Ranks -Number of Ballista required to conquer Barbarians without losses
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 2

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This book is intended to be easy to read and easy to navigate. Our purpose is to provide you with the very best guidance learning how to dominate your opponents in the online game Evony. This text is designed to be read from cover to cover, step by step in order to achieve that goal. You can bookmark later for your own reference, but for now read the whole thing. You will notice a number of text links that appear in blue, just like the preceding one, throughout the book. For those of you not familiar with text links, just by clicking on them, they will take you directly to a web page on the internet for you to read, or to a bookmarked section of this book.

You have to be connected to the internet when you are viewing the document for the text links to work.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


IMPORTANT*** Please Read This First If you have any Problems, Questions or Concerns about this book, please contact us immediately. You can send me a personal email at EvonySecrets@gmail.com We want you to know that you are important to us. Your success is important to us. That makes your questions important to us. Your total satisfaction with this book is our aim. Please remember that it does take some time to digest new information. There are times when it takes me 2 or even 3 times reading a book before I get it. You are not alone if you dont get it the first time through. This can be a very complicated subject to understand, especially if it is new to you. Take your time and let us help you if you need it. We are here to help you and we will walk you through every step if you need us to. This manual was compiled from our own experience and the experience of many others who have contributed to the overall design and function of this the 6th edition of this book. Many thanks to our friends and fellow Evony players who have provided advice that made this book and the accompanying plans better.

Evony and the Evony logo are the trademark of Evony, LLC. Some images copyright of Evony, LLC. EvonySecrets Game Guide is Copyright 2010 by EvonySecrets.com and is unique content which is designed especially for this book. EvonySecrets Game Guide and EvonySecrets.com are independent of Evony the game and Evony, LLC the company.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


How to Use This Guide This guide is separated into several parts. Part 1 is an introductory section to get you started. There are a bunch of quick and easy tips and answers to commonly asked questions. Part 2 is the beginner guide. This includes a step by step guide to building up your first city on a new server. We show you how to build your city fast and where to place things. We also offer other tips and advice for new players. Part 3 is for advanced players. We talk about making your own barbarian towns and how to raid them without any losses. Part 4 is a guide to advanced battle strategy. We talk about how to fight high level players, how to conquer cities, defensive strategies, raiding cities, and much more. Part 5 we talk about honor & prestige and... Part 6 we provide references and charts which you can use to guide you through the game. Get Free Updates Get free updates every time we update the guide! We have made it very simple to get updates to this book. Once you become a customer we will automatically email you updates, right to the email address you used to register. You will be directed to our special 'Members Only Blog ' site. There you will stay up to date on the latest strategies and techniques that will have your opponents scratching their heads wondering... 'Where did they learn that?'
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EvonySecret.com Evony Tips We know you want to get off to a good start so we have created this simple 100 step program. First and foremost, follow the 100 Step Program below which I created. Read the following tips, however, when just starting out, the 100 steps will set you far above others early on. Once I created this list, I used it on a new server and I was attacking others with level 7 8 and 9 walls with my little city that showed only level 4 walls. My army was much bigger and my research was much farther along than most peoples. 1. Beginners Protection (BP) lasts for 7 days. UNLESS you cancel it. One way to cancel BP is to build your town hall (TH) to level 5. As soon as your TH is level 5 your beginner protection will end. If you cancel BP then you can attack and be attacked by other players. 2. You cannot scout or fight barbarian towns or other players while you are in BP. 3. When starting out, focus on building resources as fast as possible. Building lumber mills, stone quarries, and iron mines is a priority. You dont need a lot of farms now or ever. Food is always cheap to purchase and once you leave BP you will be able to plunder a lot of food. (Ok if youre a total newbie you probably need some farms, but later on as you get more advanced youll learn to live off very few farms.) 4. Even if youre an advanced player you will need at least 1 level 9 farm, lumber mill, stone quarry, and iron mine. These will allow you to finish some of the beginner quests as well as research some skills in the academy.


You should build an inn and feasting hall ASAP. Feasting Halls
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 6

EvonySecret.com allow you to appoint a hero as a mayor. Based on the stats of the mayor your town may produce, more resources, build armies faster, or do faster research at the academy. 6. Recruit only heroes who have a score of 60+ in at least one attribute: POL, INT, or ATT. Ideally in the beginning you want to find a hero with high Politics (POL) to help you build structures faster and gather resources faster. 7. The level of the hero is irrelevant at first. A level 15 hero with a highest attribute of 45 is worth less than a level 2 hero with a 62 in one attribute. In fact you pay for heroes based on their level so a low level hero with high stats is preferred. A level 2 hero costs 40 gold an hour. A level 15 hero would cost 300 gold an hour. 8. If you are going to apply a Hero Hunting item to find new heroes in your Inn, do not waste it on a small Inn with only 1 or 2 heroes. The higher the level of your inn the more heroes that will be available. If you do a hero hunting with a level 4 inn you have twice as many chances to find a good hero as an inn that is level 2. (Youll get 4 new heroes to pick from instead of 2.) If you use a hero hunting with a level 8 inn you have even more chances. You have an opportunity to get 8 new heroes at once. 9. Every few hours new heroes will show up in your inn. Even if you dont have a hero hunting item you can simply wait for new heroes to arrive in your inn. 10. Once you have a hero you can use a Holy Water to rearrange some of their stats. I believe its based on their level so if they are level 4 you can rearrange 4 points. If they are level 10, 10 points. Also the number of Holy Waters required is based on their level. 11. You can speed up building times that are less than 5 minutes
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 7

EvonySecret.com for free. 12. For buildings that take more than 5 minutes you can use items to speed up the building time. 13. Your mayor affects research or building only at the time you initiate it. So when you click the button to research archery level 9 you want to have your high intelligence hero as mayor. As soon as you start the research change back to your high politics mayor so that you collect resources faster and shorten build times for structures. 14. Mayors with high Politics (POL) affect the building times of structures, the collecting of resources, and the building times of defenses on your walls. 15. Mayors with high Intelligence (INT) affect the speed of researching items in the academy. 16. Mayors with high Attack (ATT) affect the rate at which new troops are trained in the barracks. Strangely enough they dont affect the speed of building defenses like archer towers. 17. When building resources concentrate on lumber first. Lumber is the most valuable resource. Build 2 lumber mills for every 1 farm, mine, or quarry. Quarries are useless later on. Once you have built your walls and such up high enough. 18. Some players prefer to build evenly and when there are an odd number of tiles available they build either lumber mills or farms. I find I have no problem getting food from barbarian towns or other players and food is the cheapest resource to buy, so I find farms to be a waste and am currently destroying farms in towns where I dont need them. 19. If you are inactive a lot and only get to play part-time then you
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 8

EvonySecret.com may want more farms than someone who is very active. If you dont have a lot of farms then you constantly need to loot food or buy food from the market. If you go inactive for a day or two at a time you might want to build more farms so your army doesnt starve while you are away. 20. A good strategy for your first city is often to build 10 cottages, 10 barracks, and one of every other structure. Since youll be destroying your warehouse after you build your forge you should be able to build 1 of every building and still have 10 cottages/barracks. 21. You only need a warehouse when building your forge. After you have built your forge you can destroy your warehouse. When plundering an army takes your resources first and gold second. If you hide your resources in your warehouse they will take your gold instead of your resources. Since 1 gold is usually equivalent to 5 to 10 of any particular resource. On my server I can buy about 5 lumber for 1 gold. I can buy about 11 food for 1 gold. So gold is infinitely more valuable than other resources. Building a bunch of warehouses is just plain dumb. I can still take your town and get your resources that way if I want to! 22. On a brand new server resources like lumber and stone will be very expensive as they are used in building structures. These resources may cost more than 1 gold per item. Within a few days of the beginning of the server prices will begin to drop as more players increase their own production of resources, capture valleys for bonuses, etc. 23. On a server that is well established (say 2 months old) the cost of iron and lumber will increase dramatically. This is because iron and lumber are needed to create armies. Iron and lumber prices may get to be 1.5 or 2 gold (or more) per item. Even so lumber will always be the most expensive because it is used for building structures as well as for training troops. Even food will eventually go up in price but will still remain at about half the cost of lumber. You can sell your lumber to buy 2x as much food
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 9

EvonySecret.com 24. Archer Towers include archers. You can have more archer towers than you have archers in your town and they will still work. 25. Archer Towers are the only defensive item that can be reused. If they are not destroyed in battle you can use them over and over. I only build 10 traps/abatis/logs/trebs for the newbie quest. Then I can fill the rest of the spaces with more archer towers. 26. Traps, Rolling Logs, Abatis, and Defensive Trebuchets are all one shot items. Sure they may kill one or more troops but then they become useless and you have to build new ones. They do not last multiple rounds in battle nor do they last between battles. In my opinion Archer Towers are far superior. 27. Generally speaking when attacking a city you want to have 5x as many archers as that city has archer towers. PLUS you need to account for the archers and other troops if the gates are open. 28. To see if the gates are open send in scouts. If they have scouts AND their gates are open they will try to defend. Youll see in the battle report that you fought a fight to kill off their scouts. If this happens you know that their gates are open. If their gates are closed their scouts wont try and stop you. This method obviously doesnt work if they dont have any scouts. 29. Be very careful when you attack someone with a beacon tower of level 7 or above if they are a long way away from you. They can see how far away you are and how many troops you are sending. They may recall their troops or send defenses from another town. It can be a good idea to send a second scouting party just before your main army hits to ensure you dont find a nasty surprise when your attack lands. Many times I or my allies have sent a big army only to find that the bad guys garrisoned 150k archers from his allies to help protect him. 30. Ballista work great on NPC towns but not so great on players.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 10

EvonySecret.com 31. Archers are the best troop type in the game. Make LOTS of them. 32. To make archers you only need your barracks to be level 4. Make lots of level 4 barracks. You should have at least 10 level 4 barracks in EVERY city and it is entirely possible to build farm cities with 16 or more level 4 barracks pumping out thousands of archers at a time. 33. 34. 35. Level 5 barracks make cavalry. Level 6 barracks are used for creating transporters. Level 9 barracks are used for making ballista.

36. Your embassy can be important. Based on the level of your embassy you can support armies from your allies. So a level 3 embassy will allow you to host 3 of your allies armies to help defend your city. They only help defend. You cannot control them. You also need to feed them. So make sure you have lots of food. However food is the cheapest resource in the game. If you follow my advanced farming strategies you should have a ton of food and not very many farms (only 1 per city.)

37. It goes without saying you can have more than 1 barracks. I suggest at least 10 barracks per town. I see a lot of new players with only a few barracks. It is impossible for them to keep up with me if they can only make troops 1/4 as fast as I do. I generally have 16 or more in mine now. See the image below from one of my cities.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony



38. Archery is the most important for fighting as your archery gives your troops greater range. If you have greater range you will get a free shot in battle. It can swing a fight in your favor as your first shot advantage might allow you to kill enough of the enemy that your smaller army will win. 39. When looking at your resource tiles (farms, sawmills, quarries, and mines) each one can store a certain amount of resources. In addition any warehouses you have can hold resources. HOWEVER you can go over this amount. So lets say you have enough farms to hold 1.5 million food. I can go buy 9.999 million food on the market (the max I can buy at a time) and somehow my townspeople find places to store the food. It must be a bug in the game but using this method I can actually store 50 million or more food so I dont have to worry about feeding my army. I dont need to make food because I can buy it so cheap.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony



You can see here that I have over 1.3 billion in food. And my huge army eats over 2 million per hour. 40. Your resource tiles, like your farms, ONLY produce new food if you have extra room to store it. In my example above where my farms have room to store 1.5 million food. My farms will stop producing new food when I get to 1.6 million food because my farms can only store 1.5 million food. Even if Im supposed to be producing 50,000 food an hour my farms wont produce food because there is no where to store it. Again going back to my point earlier. Why bother having farms? I only need 1 for my research. I can buy food or plunder food from other players. Somehow the game has a bug where I can plunder or buy more food than I can store in my city. I can also transfer resources between my cities and go over my storage limit. It seems as if the storage limit only effects whether or not my farms, mills, quarries, and mines produce new resources. 41. Dont give out your coordinates to players. One of the biggest advantages of Evony is that people cannot easily find out where you are on the map. If they dont know where you are they cant attack you. Spys will sometimes infiltrate an alliance to find coordinates on their members and help in a war. The spy will make note of any players listing their coordinates in alliance chat or on their alliances message boards. Keep your coordinates secret except from the
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 13

EvonySecret.com officers of your Alliance. Use /whisper to whisper to your officer if they want your coordinates. 42. Your Alliance officers will usually want your coordinates so they can build a list of all alliance members locations. This helps them coordinate attacks, send reinforcements, send resources, etc. 43. Usually your Alliance will want you to teleport to their region/state of Evony. This is because you will be closer to your allies and they will be better able to help you. If you are 200 miles away no one will be able to help you! (See the city teleporter for more info on how to teleport your city.) 44. Taxation. Your taxation affects your loyalty. Your loyalty affects how many townspeople you can have. If you have 0 taxation then you will have 100% loyalty. If you have 100% loyalty you can have 100% of your total population. If you have 20% taxation then your loyalty will be at 80%. This means you can have 80% of your total population. 45. Its entirely possible to run 100% tax rate while you are actively playing Evony. You can use comforting every 15 minutes to raise your loyalty or raise your population. However if you forget to reset your tax rate to a more reasonable amount and go to sleep then you may wake up to find your city is rioting because their loyalty has decreased to 0, they arent getting enough food, your heroes arent getting enough gold, etc.

46. Many people like to start with a 50% tax rate. This allows them to have a decent population while producing some gold to help them fund their early research levels (and hire heroes.) 47. Later stages in the game you probably want to have a very low tax rate. You want to have as high a loyalty as possible in case you get attacked. Being attacked reduces your loyalty and can cause riots in your city if your loyalty drops too low. You also want a high loyalty because you want to have a lot of idle population. A large idle
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 14

EvonySecret.com population allows you to create a lot of troops quickly as the amount of troops you can create is based on your idle population. Remember gold becomes very easy to get later in the game so you dont need to have as high of a tax rate. In fact I run cities with 0 tax rate at later stages of the game. 48. It is often easier to get a fast start on a server if you are out of Beginners Protection (BP). BP normally lasts for 7 days. If you are out of BP then you can fight other players and barbarians. You can begin fighting level 1 3 Barbarian towns to build your resources and gold quickly, especially if you are using ballista and transporters. There are some advanced strategies for taking Barbarian towns without any losses. You can also take flats and valleys away from other players. I often like to be out of BP quickly so I can begin to create my own barbarian towns. These are towns I will loot every 8 hours later in the game to feed my army. (You can create barbarian towns while you are in protection but you cannot attack/loot them until you leave Beginner Protection.) 49. The Academy is very important. Your academy research can speed the production time of buildings, troops, or the gathering of resources. In the later stages your academy can provide bonuses to your troops in battle or longer range for your archers. 50. Every city can benefit from the skills you have learned in the academy. The only catch is you have to have an academy in every city and your academy in your new city has to be a high enough level. You can see this by opening your academy training window. Each skill will have a score next to it like Lv. 6/Ct. 6or whatever. If you see a Lv. 9/ Ct. 0 it means your skill is at a level 9 but this city doesnt meet the qualifications yet. It could mean your Academy is too low a level, you dont have a stable, or forge, or whatever. Look at the cost to learn that skill to find what area you are lacking in. As soon as you build the proper structures your city will benefit from that skill. 51. The Beacon tower is a useful structure that is often overlooked, especially by new players. The beacon tower helps in your scouting enemy attacks. Currently your beacon tower can even
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 15

EvonySecret.com reveal the exact location where your enemy is coming from. (This seems to be bugged and even if you have a low level beacon tower you can find the exact location your enemy is from.) This allows you to find his cities even if he is far away from you. You can also determine how long until their attack reaches you. Because of this you can summon help from your allies (if you have an embassy). You can also scout them back which sometimes is enough to scare them and keep them from attacking you. 52. Generally speaking Horseback Riding (HBR) has some bugs and its best to keep your HBR below your archery skill level so your ballista dont commit suicide. There is a bug where your ballista might keep moving forward in battle instead of stopping to shoot. If your archery is 8 for example you want your HBR to be 7 or below. You do not want your HBR to be as high as your archery. Ive lost 800 ballista when attacking NPCs and Ive seen my friend loose 1200 because of this bug. 53. The number of valleys/flats you can own is based on the Town Hall level of your city. TH level 1 can own 1 valley. TH2 can own 2 valleys, etc. 54. The number of cities you can own is based on your title (Knight, Baron, etc.) 55. Troops require food. Even if you win a mechanics battalion on the wheel, you wont want to apply it until you know you can feed the troops! Many newbies have turned in their mechanics battalion only to find they suddenly were starving because they didnt have enough food production to keep them. (Or food stored from looting/buying on the market.) 56. Comforting can allow you to raise your loyalty, raise your population, etc. Comforting can be very important early on in the game. You can only do one comforting at a time. Comforting also has a 15 minute timer. Every 15 minutes the timer is reset and you can do comforting again.
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EvonySecret.com 57. You can for example train your maximum number of troops, then use population raising to raise your population. As soon as you raise your population again you can schedule more troops to be trained. Another idea is to set your production to zero, que all the troops you can then set your production back to 100%. 58. You can setup multiple troops to be trained. If your barracks is level 4 for example you can schedule 4 batches of troops to be trained. Similarly if you are building defenses on your walls you can schedule multiple batches of defenses to be built. For this reason it is often best to train small batches of troops. That way you always have new troops becoming available. You might train 300 Archers or 100 ATs at a time. That way every hour you have new troops or new defenses available and you can schedule 4 or 8 or 12 or 24 hours worth of troops to be trained. This also gives you small boosts in Prestige as each new batch of troops is completed. 59. When you are going to be offline for awhile (because you are going to work, or you are going to sleep) schedule things that take a long time. Build walls, town halls, and things that may take 8 hours or 40 hours or whatever to complete. Also make sure you schedule multiple batches of troops to be trained so that they are training the entire time you are offline. You also might consider sending an army or two to help defend your allies and be garrisoned in their city if you dont fear being attacked or if you have a lot of defenses already. Some people send their armies to the other side of the world while they are going to be offline so that there army cant be destroyed in battle. You can send them to a flat or valley a few hundred miles away. Your troops will be marching overnight so they wont be home in your city to be destroyed in battle. 60. Usually when Im going to be offline for a day or two I will: Schedule some long training times in my academy, build some large structures like Town Hall or Walls, queue up as many defensive structures to be built as possible and train as many troops as possible. That way the time Im offline is being spent productively.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


EvonySecret.com 61. To defend your city you need to open your gates! Click on your rally point and click on the open gates checkbox. This will allow your troops to defend your castle. Otherwise only your defenses (archer towers, traps, abatis, etc.) will defend you. If your gates are closed your troops will not fight to defend you. Scouts also do not defend unless your gate is open so people can scout you without worrying about your defenses unless your gates are open.

The above image shows a huge attack on a city with its gates closed. This poor soul lost over 25 million in resources to me. (He had over 80k archers in his city when I scouted and I likely would not have attacked because my losses would have increased greatly. 62. If you attack a valley or flat and do not have the slots available to capture it, you will still be able to plunder resources from it! Early on it might be valuable to loot nearby valleys for resources. Just send some workers or transporters along with your regular troops and they will carry resources back. Valleys contain resources based on the type of valley you conquer. If you raid a grassland, lake, or swamp you will bring food back with your army. If you raid a desert youll bring stone back with you. If you raid a forest youll bring back wood. Etc. If however you conquer the valley so that you capture it, you will not bring back resources with you. Instead you will get a production bonus. 63. A clever strategy for capturing high level valleys is to allow
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 18

EvonySecret.com your enemy to capture a high level valley first. Then you attack it and capture it after he recalls his troops. For example taking a level 10 valley will require 20k troops or more. However if you wait for an enemy to take a level 10 valley then you try to take it from him, you might be able to take it with only 1 troop! 64. Capturing cities is based on your title. You start out as a civilian. This means you can have 1 city. You advance to Knight you get to have 2 cities. You advance to Baronet you get 3 cities. Etc. 65. If you have a beacon tower you will get a flashing combat message when you are being attacked. Your combat icon will flash red which warns you that an attack is incoming. This only works if you are online. If you are not online then you wont see the message. Youll come back from your job to check on your cities and find a combat message saying you were plundered. Hopefully your defenses were strong enough to defend your city! 66. Join a good alliance quickly. You usually do not have to be in the same region as your alliance. You can accept the newbie package which contains a city teleporter. This will allow you to teleport to the same state as your alliance. Later on you will get a second package called the Lords package which is available when you reach Town Hall level 4. The Lords package will contain an additional city teleporter. 67. City teleporters will teleport you randomly within a region. When you click on city teleporter to use it, it will ask you which state you want to move to. It will then teleport the currently selected city to a random location in that region. If you have multiple cities you will need to do this multiple times. WARNING it will only move the CURRENTLY SELECTED city. Make sure you select the right city to move. I accidentally moved one of my cities twice and didnt have a teleporter left to move the other city. 68. To accept your newbies package go to your my items. This used to be in the gift icon at the very top left of the screen. The
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 19

EvonySecret.com newbies package contains a lot of free bonuses like a city teleporter. 69. Once you are in the my items link underneath your player photo. Then go to the chest tab and select the newbie gift and apply it to open it. 70. Advanced teleporters will allow you to move one city to an exact location. If you have multiple cities use the random teleporter on your first city. Then go to your first city and find your coordinates. Look around for a flat nearby that would be a good location for your second city, preferably a high level flat. You cannot teleport to a grassland, lake, forest, swamp, etc. You can only teleport to flats. The reason you want to teleport to a high level flat is because you can turn the low level flats into barbarian towns ;) Youll need the coordinates for this flat to use your advanced teleporter. Make sure to select your old city you want to move before applying your teleporter because the teleporter will transport the currently selected city. You dont want to accidentally teleport one city 2x like I did It will waste a teleporter and youll have to buy some evony game cents to get a new teleporter! WHEN you teleport your city you will not be able to send out any armies from that city for 24 hours. This includes sending out troops to scout, attack, reinforce, or bring resources to your cities. 71. The level of your walls affects the range of your defenses (archery towers) and your garrisoned archers also shoot further. The level of your walls also affects how many defensive structures you can have on the wall and how many structures you can queue up to build. For example a level 9 wall can have 14,692 ATs. A level 10 wall can have 18,166 ATs. It is assumed the wall bonus is similar to an archery bonus. It is assumed that you receive a 5% bonus per level of wall just like you receive a 5% bonus to your range based on your archery level. Im not sure if this is true or not but if someone can verify the numbers Id love to know what they are. 72. You need a level 10 Town Hall to advance to General. You need to be ranked General to advance your title to Earl, Marquis, etc. Since you cannot advance without a level 10 Town Hall your first Michelangelo script should be used for TH 10. Otherwise TH 10 is
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 20

EvonySecret.com probably not as important as Walls 10. After the first TH 10 use your Michelangelo Scripts to create level 10 walls. 73. When you advance your rank/title you use up the medals. Youll need to obtain new medals to advance again. Similarly you dont want to use up medals on heroes if you can avoid it. 74. Medals can increase the loyalty of heroes. If you capture a hero you can award them medals to increase their loyalty to you. However you can also use gold or other items to raise the loyalty of heroes. I recommend that you use gold to raise the loyalty of your heros as medals are needed more for promotion and are not as easy to find as they were when the game first came online. 75. Beacon Towers help when you scout! Both your informatics and your beacon tower need to be equal to the level of the flat you are scouting. If you're scouting a city it needs to be equal to the level of the walls of the city. 76. Some items in Evony are on a 6 minute tick timer. For example your loyalty goes up or down every 6 minutes. It does not go up or down instantly. Likewise when attacking npc towns or valleys their defenses build up every 6 minutes they regain 10% of their total defenses. 77. Scouts can fight too. They are the worst attacking unit in the game but they are also the fastest. You can use an overwhelming amount of scouts to fight and you can move them faster so they can be very useful troops when fighting not just scouting. 78. You should conquer a level 10 barbarian town as soon as you can. Level 10 Barbarian towns have level 10 town hall, forge, workshop, barracks, farms, sawmills, quarries, and iron mines. By conquering a level 10 barbarian town you can do all the high level academy research without having to buy a bunch of Michelangelo scripts. Once you conquer the barbarian town you can begin researching all those items that require you to own a level 10 building.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 21


79. For building up prestige you are better off owning as many cities as you can. Building new structures and cities is one of the fastest way to build prestige. Plus if you have multiple academies you can research multiple skills at once.

Advanced Strategies This section is based upon my personal experience. In some cases like starting out on a new server, I tried several different strategies before hitting upon the most successful. In other cases I talked with other top players to compare notes and get advice. Ive been playing Evony since the game was introduced and have a lot of experience both in starting out and in the later stages of the game where you are sending multiple waves of 100k+ troops at your opponent. I know youll find this information helpful. Even the most advanced players will probably pick up a few tips in this section.

Quick City Growth guide

Over 100 Steps to grow your new server city very fast and efficiently. I will build along side you here with photos. Simply follow these easy steps.
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NOTICE: This is a short form list to grow quickly so do your best to keep up with me. I dont wish to waste any time building your city. Ill explain a few things on the go. The above is your first image of your Town tab. You have 3 Tabs, Town, City, and Map. City is where you will build your Farms, quarries, sawmills, and iron mines. The map view is where you will find other valleys and cities to attack later on. The first part of this game is a bit boring as you just build and build. Its not for at least a few days before you can actually attack anything. So be patient, and build well, youll really like it later on and be very happy that you did build so well. Finally, these steps may be a little out of order as building and researching do not always fall into the next step. Be sure to follow the researches in the order I give you, and the building in the same order I give you. Even though you may skip to the next step to build something while you are waiting for a research to finish. Here we go. . . 1. Town view: Build a Cottage and upgrade it to level Use speedup button then claim all your rewards. 2. Build an Inn. Use the speedup button 3. City view: Build a Farm. Use the speedup button.

4. Build a Sawmill and upgrade it to level 2. Use the speedup button 5. Build a Quarry. Use speedup button

6. Build an Iron mine. Use speedup button claim all your rewards. 7. Town view: Build 3 Cottages and upgrade them all to level 2 using speedup button

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


EvonySecret.com 8. Build a Rally Spot. Use speedup button 9. Build a Barracks. Use speedup button claim all your rewards. 10. Build a Feasting Hall. Ok, that just took me 6 minutes. And now, as you wait for your feasting hall to finish


Recruit only 10 Workers in your Barracks.

12. Click Overview and set the production rate of all resources to 100 claim all your rewards. 13. Click Overview and set the Tax Rate to 20% then promptly change your Tax Rate back to 10%. Claim all your rewards. 14. Click Overview button and rename your city. Claim all your rewards. 15. Click on your picture in the top right corner and change your flag. Claim all your rewards. 16. Click on the Quest button and go to the Daily Quest. Claim your amulet If you havent done it already. 17. Go to My Items. Chest. Apply the Amulet twice. Good luck. Kewl, I won a Junior Battalion both times. That will help me. 18. Click Overview and Levy Lumber buy using the drop down menu 19. Click Overview and Comfort by Praying from the drop down menu. Claim all your rewards. 20. Recruit a hero from your Inn. Claim all your rewards.

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EvonySecret.com 21. In your Feasting Hall, appoint your hero as Mayor. Claim all your rewards. 22. Recruit 10 Warriors in your Barracks. 23. Build a Marketplace. Ok, now we have a few minutes, so let me teach you about Heros. Heros:: Each Hero has 3 attributes: Politics, Attack, and Intelligence. The level a hero is at will enable you to upgrade them faster at lower levels. The ideal range to find a good hero is a Level one or level two hero with one attribute 65 or above. You dont find these heros very often, but when you do, they are great to have. You will want one Politics hero for each city you have, because the Politics hero will create higher building of resources. One and only one Intelligence hero which you will move (reinforce) from city to city using one scout and the hero from your rally spot. This hero will become the mayor so you can do research then you will change your hero back to the higher politics one. The rest of your heros should be high in the attack attribute. One main hero will be used as mayor just long enough for you to que up troops. The higher your attack attribute, the faster your troops will be built. Ill teach you how to upgrade your heros fast later on. But for now, check the hero you have in the Feasting hall, and if it doesnt have a good Politics base ( Politics # minus Level = Base ) Then look in your Inn to see if you can get a better one. Keep watch in your Inn every half hour or so, as you may see a good one. You can drop the hero you have and pick up a much better one at anytime.

Ok, It has now been about 15 minutes total. 24. Click Overview and Levy Stone.

25. Click Overview and use Comforting by Disaster Relief. Claim all your rewards.
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EvonySecret.com 26. Click on your Marketplace click food, click sell, and sell one food. Claim your reward, then go back to market place and buy one food then claim that reward 27. Upgrade your Town Hall to level 2 and Ill ask you to let it build for the next 24 minutes. Dont waste your speed ups. Claim your reward for Domain Expansion. But dont promote yourself. From this point on, Ill be repeating to you NOT to promote yourself. The reason for this is that you can build much more prestige much faster as a lower level player. Promoting yourself only looks better. As for now, you dont need to worry about it. No one can attack you because you are in beginner protection for seven days. Unless you upgrade your Town Hall to level 5 but you wont.. will you? In the mean time, we can Levy gold and comfort using praying. Now, Im not sure you noticed, but your Prestige goes up each time you comfort. Later in the game, when your resources for gold are high enough, you can comfort using praying every 15 minutes. This will help to get your prestige boosted up there faster.

Did you check your Inn for a better Hero while waiting?

You should read in your barracks while you wait for your Town Hall
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EvonySecret.com to upgrade what each type of Troop does. By the time you are done, your Town hall should also be done. But dont do anything, like build more troops or buy anything. You need wait to save the most time and build the fastest. Ok, now your Town hall should be built, claim the Quest and your city should look like mine to the right. 28. Click the Mail button and write a nice HI to someone who something in the World Chat. Claim your reward for Correspondence. But do NOT promote yourself. 29. Click on the world chat window, type Hey all. Claim your reward for Correspondence. But do NOT promote yourself. 30. Build an Embassy. Use the Speed Up Button and select Beginner Guidelines Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 31. Build an Academy. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself.

In the above image, you can see that in my Map view, I hovered over my little city and it shows your coordinates and that I have 899
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EvonySecret.com in Prestige. If you hover over other cities, you can see their co-ords, prestige, and distance from your city. 32. In your Academy, research Lumbering. 33. Build a Warehouse. It has now just been over an hour for me building. 34. In your Academy, research Agriculture. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 35. Upgrade your Iron mine to level 2 use the speedup button 36. Upgrade your Iron mine to level 3. 37. Build a Forge. use the speedup button 38. Upgrade your Forge to level 2. 39. In your Academy, research Military Science. Claim your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself 40. Build a Workshop. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. Ok, so you have finished the first 40 Steps.. You should have just

over 1000 in Prestige. You are doing very well. Here is a pic of mine after the first 40 steps. 1096 prestige.

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EvonySecret.com 40. Upgrade your Quarry to level 2. using speed up button 41. In your Academy, research Lumbering level 2. 42. Build Walls. At this time, I will be leaving the game to run while I go to bed. I started this later in the evening. When I wake and begin again, I will have more resources than you if you continue to play. Dont stop playing if you have the time to continue. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. Ok, Im back now to help you continue Oh, and a quick note. Each day at server time 1:00 you will receive a quest which allows you to spin the wheel in the bottom left of your screen. You need to claim the quest before you spin. There should be some coins in your My Items be sure not to use any of them until we get to them in the list here. 42. Build a Beacon Tower. 43. In your Academy, research Military Science Level 2. 44. Click Overview and Levy Lumber. 45. Click Overview and comfort using Disaster Relief. There are some short wait times here, I suggest that you do a little reading of the different tabs but be sure to only follow this list. Do not build anything that I have not suggested, or you are on your own. Yes, some of these steps can be done a little bit out of order. As you may be waiting on a research when I say to start another, but you can move to the very next step and build something, but be sure to get back to the one step you are waiting to finish. 43. Upgrade your Beacon Tower to level 2. Use speedup button and select Beginner Guidelines Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 44. Upgrade your Beacon Tower to level 3. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. I just checked my Inn again and found a level 3, 65 Politics hero in there. I immediately went to my Feasting Hall and removed my mayor and dismissed my old hero. I then went back to the Inn and hired the better one. It cost me more gold but overall, I have a base 62 Politics hero now which is much better than the first one I had. I now produce more resources faster. 45. Upgrade your Town Hall to level 3. Use speed up button and
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 29

EvonySecret.com select Primary Guidelines Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 46. Click the Gift Box at the top left corner. See if you have anything you can claim now. 47. Upgrade your Walls to level 2. Use speedup button and select Primary Guidelines 48. Click on your Walls. Build 10 Traps. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 48. Upgrade your Farm to level 3. Use the speedup Button 49. Click My Items. Chest. Apply both the Newbies Package and the Package for Lords. 50. Upgrade your Quarry and Sawmill to level 3. Build and upgrade 4 more Quarries to level 3 and 4 more Sawmills to level 3. Use Speed Up Button Ok.. Ive completed the first 50 Steps.. Now my prestige has just jumped up after claiming all my quests except for promotion. You should be over 4000 in prestige by now. I am just under 5000 .

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EvonySecret.com You can see from the above that I took a snap shot of the City tab. Yours should look much the same. Now its on to the next 50 steps. 51. Upgrade a Cottage to level 3. Use Speed Up Button 52. Click the Shop button. Go to Chest. Buy 1 Amulet. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 53. Click my Items/chest. Apply all your Amulets. 54. In your Academy, research Agriculture level 2. I ran out of resources at this point and took a good break for a few hours. 55. Upgrade your Farm to level 4 using speedup button. Then upgrade to level 5. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 56. Build a Stable. Use Speedup button 57. Upgrade your Academy to level 2. Use Speedup button and select Beginner Guidelines Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 58. In your Academy, research Masonry. 59. Upgrade your Barracks to level 2. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 60. Upgrade your Barracks to level 3. 61. In your Academy, research Mining. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 62. In your Academy, research Military Tradition. 63. Upgrade your Academy to level 3. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself 64. In your Academy, research Informatics. Use Speedup button 65. In your Academy, research Iron Working. 66. Build and upgrade 3 Iron mines to level 2. Use Speedup button 67. Build and upgrade 5 Cottages to level 2. Use Speedup button 68. Click Overview and comforting using population raising. 69. Recruit 10 Scouts and 10 Pikemen in your Barracks. 70. Upgrade your 3 Iron mines to level 3 71. In your Academy, research Mining level 2. 72. Recruit 10 Swordsmen in your Barracks.
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EvonySecret.com 73. Build and upgrade 2 Farms to level 3. Use Speedup button 74. Upgrade your Academy to level 4. Use Speedup button select primary guidelines Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 75. Upgrade your Academy to level 5. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself 76. Upgrade your Barracks to level 4. 77. In your Academy, research Logistics. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 78. In your Academy, research Metal Casting. 79. Upgrade your forge to level 3. 80. In your Academy, research Military Science level 3. 81. Upgrade your Forge to level 4. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 82. Downgrade your Warehouse, Click on your warehouse and click the red circle in the top left on the picture of the it 83. Upgrade 4 Iron mines to level 4. 84. In your Academy, research Compass. 85. Upgrade a Sawmill to level 4. 86. Upgrade your Walls to level 3. 87. In your Academy, research Military Science level 4. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 88. In your Academy, research Archery. 89. Upgrade 4 Sawmills to level 4. 90. Upgrade your two level 3 Farms to level 4. Use Speedup button 91. Build and upgrade 2 Farms to level 4 use Speedup button Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. 92. Upgrade 2 Iron mines to level 5. 93. In your Academy, research Informatics level 2 94. In your Academy, research lumbering level 3 95. Upgrade your Workshop to level 2. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself 96. Upgrade 8 Cottages to level 3.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 32

EvonySecret.com 97. Click Overview and comforting using population raising 98. Recruit 10 Archers in your Barracks. 99. In your Academy, research Metal Casting level 2. 100. Upgrade 3 Quarries to level 4. 101. Upgrade your Rally Point to level 2. Use Speedup button 102. Upgrade 3 Sawmills to level 5. 103. In your Academy, research Masonry level 2. Claim all your rewards except Promotion. Dont promote yourself. Continue to upgrade each of your farms, iron mines, and sawmills along with 6 of your cottages. Alternate between each until each are at level 7. Do not upgrade your quarries. Levy using gold every 15 minutes followed by comfort using praying. This may not always be possible. However, be sure you can do both before you do one. Once you have completed 103 above, you can upgrade your feasting hall to the next level and watch your in for a hero with level one or two that has the attribute Attack above 60. Hire the first one that meets this requirement.

Well built City vs. poorly built city Below, you can see a well set up city. Well organized with many barracks (level 9) which will allow you to build troops much more quickly. The Walls are only a level 9 at this time but can be raised with a Michelangelo script. The valleys of this city are mainly wood and iron mines. This way there is a constant flow of troops building resources coming into your city.

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A poorly set up city is seen here below. I personally attacked this city and wiped out the more than 40 million in resources that it kept in those warehouses. I then proceeded to attack his other city with the one I took over. Ironic isnt it. You can see the red attack line at the bottom. After returning my troops to my own city, I did what any good player does. I abandoned it and watched it turn into a level 3 npc. I wonder what he said when he logged in to find he only had one city left? Yes, Im laughing.

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Imagine the city below. How much wood do you need? Care to buy a few Michelangelo Scripts? This is a city from server 6 and I have one with almost as much iron too. Now you know just how many troops I can build each day without attacking or farming anyone. But of course this too a very long time to do. It also helped a lot that I won 1000 coins on the wheel two times in a month. All I bought were Michelangelo scripts.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony



Buildings to demolish When setting up your city you will have several buildings that you need but can later be demolished. You demolish the building to get back resources and free up space for additional structures like barracks or cottages. To demolish you click on the little icon at the bottom of the picture. You can demolish the entire building at once if you have TNT. This will explode the building and it will instantly be demolished. However you wont get any resources back. If you demolish the building one level at a time it will take longer to demolish but you will get resources back. Warehouse: only needed to do the quest, then can be demolished for reasons Ive already stated. Inn: Only needed when you are building your feasting hall and gathering your first few heroes. Once you have your feasting hall full
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 36

EvonySecret.com of good heroes you wont need an Inn. You can also get heroes from capturing them in battle. Often times you can get higher level heroes in battle than you can find at the inn. Forge: A forge is needed for two things. You need a level 2 forge to build a workshop. You also need a forge to research Military Science. The level of your Military Science will be tied to the level of your forge. For example to research Military Science level 8 you need a level 8 forge. However once you have learned Military Science you can demolish your forge. Workshop: A workshop is needed to research Metal Casting and Metal Casting is needed to build defensive structures. Your Metal Casting level is tied to your workshop level. You only need the workshop while you are researching metal casting. Once you have maxed your metal casting you can demolish your workshop. Stables: A stable is needed to research Horseback Riding and also to build a Relief Station. You will want to have a stable if you are building cavalry and cataphracts. You need a level 1 stable to build a relief station and you need a level 1 stable every time you upgrade your relief station. After that you do not need it. However most of your cities will be based around archers, warriors, scouts and you wont need a stable after you have built a relief station. (On another note: Supposedly the stable speeds up production of cavalry and cataphracts but many people do not think it works. Many people say that the stable does not affect the speed of creating these units. Since I dont use many cavalry I dont even really need stables. I can have a stables in one town and supply my other towns with 50 or so cavalry at a time (so I can use them in rainbow attacks.)

Beginners Protection
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EvonySecret.com Beginners protection is to help new players get started before being raided by bigger players. If you start on a new Evony server then most players will also be new and you dont need BP as much. If you leave BP early you can begin to farm NPC (Barbarian) towns. Farming NPCs can be a great way to build resources and gather gold. A barbarian towns resources are fully replenished in 8 hours. Theoretically you can raid the barbarian town 3x a day and get full resources from them. You can find out when new servers come online at: http://www.evonyalert.com They allow you to register an email address and they will notify you when a new server comes online and when that server begins accepting logins. You can get a head start on everyone else and be among the first few players onto a server. Another advantage of being out of BP early is that as soon as your neighbors come out of BP you can raid them. Some of them will be in-actives that started the same day as the server. These players just didnt receive my EvonySecrets book and quit. Others will be turtles who built up big defenses but dont have any offense. Attack their smaller cities first and drain all their resources and youll have no problem defeating their main city. Often these players will teleport away rather than have you beat up on them all day . If you are out of BP and most of your neighbors are still under BP you can raid all the nearby barbarian towns freely. You dont have to worry about leaving a garrison at home to protect your city. You can constantly raid. On the chart below you can see the amount of resources a fully stocked Barbarian town holds. The left side is the amount of resources a fully stocked Barbarian holds. Remember it takes a
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 38

EvonySecret.com Barbarian town 8 hours to be fully stocked after a raid. The right hand side youll see how many transports you need to fully plunder a barbarian town. The value on the right is based on the Logistics level of your transports.

How to Build Barbarian Towns Once youve reached the title of Knight you can build a second city. This is very important in the strategy of building Barbarian towns. Do NOT build a new farm city for yourself yet. At first, scout out all the flats near your main city. Find all the low level flats between levels 1 and 3. Eventually you can work your way up to higher level flats. To begin you should have a small army and be able to defeat the troops at these flats. Youll also need at least 250 workers and 10k of every resource including gold. Later in the game, you will only want to have level 5 NPC around your main cities. They are the highest level NPC that you can later on attack and have no losses but gain the most resources from plundering. Here is a step by step strategy on how to create Barbarian cities. 1. Capture a level 1 flat near your main city.

2. Click on the flat. Click on the build city button. If the button is greyed out you either dont have room to create a new city because you have too many cities for your title or you dont have the 250 workers and 10k of every resource (including gold) to make a city. 3. The length of time it takes to build the city is based on the amount of time it will take for 250 workers to transport from your current city to your new citys location. Building cities closer to your main city will be faster. Building cities further away will take longer. Unfortunately sending workers with your troops doesnt speed things
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 39

EvonySecret.com up . 4. When it asks if you want to recall your troops, click ok to recall your troops. 5. After your city is built, name the city. The name doesnt matter because were going to be creating barbarian cities. I usually just give it something like npc so I can easily tell which cities Im creating as barbarian cities. 6. Immediately after the city is created/named click on the town icon for the city. Build a rally point. You can speedup the build. Do NOT build anything but a rally point. (BTW if you didnt know there is a row of town icons that are between the two main sections of the evony game screen. These allow you to quickly switch between your towns.) 7. As soon as the rally point is built go back to your map. Click on your main city. Select reinforce. Send your 250 workers from your new city back to your main city. They should be able to carry almost all the food, gold, and other resources. You may have to leave a little food behind, but thats ok. Just subtract a hundred or a few hundred food until you can send your army back. (Youre going to be able to plunder hundreds of thousands of food in about 5 minutes anyway so leaving a few hundred food behind wont matter!) 8. WAIT until your troops arrive at your main city. Youll receive a report message telling you reinforcements have arrived. If you dont wait youll lose your 250 workers and the resources they are bringing back to your main city. 9. Click on the town hall in your main city. Click on the cities tab. Find the city you named npc or whatever you named your new city. Click on the abandon button next to this city. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to abandon the city and you will have to enter your password.
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EvonySecret.com 10. 11. Thats it! You now have a new barbarian town! You can now raid the barbarian town and loot their resources!

12. You can repeat this process over and over again to create a lot of cities near you. They regenerate every eight hours. The level of the flat is the level of the barbarian city. So if you take a level 1 flat and build a city and abandon it, it will be a level 1 barbarian. If you take a level 5 flat and build a city and abandon it, it will become a level 5 barbarian city. EVEN if you built a city and built structures, farms, etc. If you abandon it, it becomes a barbarian city equivalent to the size of the flat. So any time you take over an enemy city and npc it, you might make a bigger enemy, but thats the game. It is best not to create any structures other than a rally point, because it doesnt matter what is in the town when you abandon it. You can only own as many cities as your title allows. You get 2 cities at title Knight, 3 at title Baronet, 4 at Baron, etc. You may capture a bunch of flats but you may have to wait to abandon a city before starting the next barbarian city. Keep in mind that players can only build cities where there are flats. If you capture all the flats near you and turn them into barbarian cities, no new players will be able to start right next to you or build cities close to you. They would have to take over the npc and build from there. Since there is a strategy for attacking level 1-5 barbarians without losses I typically focus on building level 1-5 barbarian towns. Mainly 5s. An example of all the barbarian cities I created near one my towns.

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Another example from another server. I built these barbarians just south of my town .

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony



Advanced City with NPCs As you can see in the above two images, I built a lot of npcs that are level 5. After you have built your first city and had built all of those level 1 through 5 npcs to plunder for resources, you will want to do one of the following. Teleport your built city to a new location with a lot of empty flats that you can build into level 5 npcs only. The level 5 npc is the best plunder for resources with no losses. Generally called farming. Youll find a quick advanced farming guide below. (add direct link) By building a lot of npc level 5 you will be able to send out 9 waves of ballista and transports later in the game and bring back over 3 million food and 500k in each other resource for each one you send out. This will give you that 1 billion in excess food that I showed in an above image from one of my cities. This way, you will easily be able to support a huge army.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


EvonySecret.com How to Fight Barbarian Cities Without Losses There is a strategy for fighting NPC barbarians without loosing any troops. The first thing you need to realize is that traps only affect foot soldiers: workers, warriors, scouts, pikemen, swordsmen, and archers. Traps do not affect cavalry, cataphract, transporters, ballista, battering rams, or catapults. Abatis only affect cavalry and cataphracts! This means you can send ballista, rams, transporters, and catapults and not set off the enemy traps! When attacking barbarian towns you can send transporters and ballistas without taking any damage. As long as the range of your ballista is farther than the range of the barbarian towns you can conquer them without losses. Your troops simply get within firing range and fire until the enemies defences are wiped out. The level of archery and horseback riding is important when attacking the barbarians. If your archery is too low or your HBR is too high you could lose all your ballista. Usually you just send ballista and transporters and a high level hero to attack the barbarian town. If youre afraid you might lose then you want to send a layered attack. Just add one pikeman, swordsman, scout, and warrior with your ballista and transports. At level 6 Barbarian towns have the defensive trebuchet. The trebuchet shoots further than our ballista so we have to get inside their firing range before our ballista can shoot. For this reason it is impossible to attack barbarian towns of level 6-10 without taking some losses. In this section I will only discuss attacking barbarian towns from levels 1-5.
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EvonySecret.com Barbarian towns defences are replenished in 1 hour. That means if you defeat a barbarian town, they immediately begin to make more troops and defences. 1 hour later they are back to full strength. HOWEVER barbarian towns resources are only replenished in 8 hours. This prevents someone like me from farming my barbarian towns every hour. However I can still track and attack dozens of barbarian towns every 8 hour cycle. I keep a notebook of the coordinates of each NPC near me. Generally speaking I look up to 20 miles away from my town for barbarians. Based on how many ballista I have I will send out as many raids on barbarians as I can. By tracking all the towns near me I can plunder many more barbarian cities in an 8 hour cycle. I might send out 2 or 3 armies to attack level 4-5 towns. After I plunder all the level 4-5 towns I will then target all the level 3 towns. I might be able to send out 10-20 armies and plunder 10-20 barbarian towns in an 8 hour period. I dont just attack one town. I attack a bunch. This gives me a lot of gold for research and also a lot of resources for building my army. If I have gold I dont have to worry about food or the size of my army. Using this strategy I can have an endless supply of resources and gold from barbarians. I am continuously sending out waves of ballista/transporters to plunder barbarians. Meanwhile I am constantly looking for players to fight and plunder. I can send my archers/warriors/layers at these players while my other armies are looting barbarians.

Players often have even more of the most prized resources like gold and lumber. Ive found players with 60 million lumber and 40 million gold in their cities that werent even active players any more!
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 45

EvonySecret.com See the appendix for a complete list of how many ballista are needed to conquer a barbarian town without losses. NPC Plunder and Transports Needed by Level

In the above image, you can see what is in each level of an NPC.

Building the Ultimate Attack/Politics/Intelligence Hero Heros upgrade from earning experience points. You gain experience points in a number of ways: - Appoint your Hero as mayor. - Attack a valley - Attack an npc city - Attack another players city - Defend against an attack from another player.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


EvonySecret.com Each of these will earn you experience points. However, the main thing is you want to do is continually upgrade your hero(s). First, the best thing you need is a highly desired hero. One that has a base attack/politics/intelligence attribute over 65 when they are on level one. I have found politics heros as high as 72, attack heros as high as 84, and intelligence heros as high as 71 while the hero was a level one. (or up to a level 3 and 75 politics with is the same as a 1 at 72 base) A politics hero will grow experience points as they are left appointed to Mayor. They can also be sent on missions to gain experience points. This is what I wish to explain to you. Early in the game, you need to just keep attacking valleys that you can easily conquer for the resources and for the experience. I expect you to hit every valley within ten miles of your city as often as possible while online. Do it in a rotation so that you can give each valley a rebuild time for the armies and resources. One way is if you have one directly adjacent your city (one mile) you can capture it, and abandon it over and over. By abandoning it, you will allow the troops to regenerate and you will receive experience points for each time you take it over. The best way I have found to upgrade a hero is to attack npcs. No losses and your hero gains good experience. You gain resources. Once your city grows enough, and your research is high enough, you can attack a level 5 npc and gain approximately 100k experience points per hit. Upgrade your hero when it gets back in your city. Send the same hero out again and again to level 5 npcs. Be sure to reward your hero to loyalty 100 using gold only. I never use medals. Here is what to hit an npc with so you dont have losses. 20 Ballista vs Lvl1 NPC 50 Ballista vs Lvl2 NPC
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 47

EvonySecret.com 170 Ballista vs Lvl3 NPC 250 Ballista vs Lvl4 NPC 550 Ballista vs Lvl5 NPC Each of your main heros can go out on these attacks on npcs. The more you upgrade you politics hero, the faster and more resources are built. The higher your attack hero is, the faster your troops will be built. The higher your intelligence hero is, the faster your research will be completed. Personally, I send out my politics hero out until he/she is at 100 points for politics, then I begin sending out my intelligence hero. I only have one intelligence hero, I just reinforce him to each city to research using him in as mayor then move him back. Early on, it is very important to get your intelligence hero up to 100 so you save a lot of hours on researching. Once your hero for politics and intelligence reach 100, you can just send them out once a day while you focus on your main attack hero(s). The best part about upgrading an attack hero is that your losses become less and less on big raids. Attack level 5 npcs all around your city with your main attack hero. Once your main attack hero gets an attack attribute of 125, you are ready to begin taking a few losses so that you can continue to build your heros experience points. Be sure to keep your hero at 100 loyalty by rewarding with gold. I am sure you are now building more and more archers in your city. So you can soon attack a level 6 and a few level 7 npcs. Yes, you will have losses, but in a level 7 npc, you will receive over 200k experience points. In a level 9 npc you will receive almost 500k experience points per hit. A level 10 npc will give you one million experience points but I recommend that you have an attack hero with more than 170 in attack points and 100k archers with layers to attack it. Not to mention all those resources you will receive to rebuild.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 48

EvonySecret.com I go from level 5 npcs to level 7 and 8s once my hero gets to 150 attack points. I still send my hero to the level 5 npcs near my city, but I also send him to 3 higher ones each day to grow him faster. Then, during my offline time, I have archers in que to do it all again tomorrow. An attack hero of 175 attack can build warriors (while in the Mayors position) in under 4 seconds per unit. Imagine how many warriors you could build in an hour with 16 barracks to que up troops in. For each upgrade of your attack hero, each troop is built faster. Sounds great ? It is. You can get to a time when you can build some troops instantly. So, attack and upgrade your heros on those npcs every day.

Advanced Farming Guide To accelerate your growth of your army and city, I recommend that you create a small list either on notepad or use a small book with all of the level 5 npcs near your city. This way, when you are ready to send out your plundering/farming missions, you can keep the attack window open and just change the X and Y coordinates and add another hero then send over and over much more quickly. Medal Farming Guide In this guide, you need to understand that Evony has changed the Drop rate of medals in valleys. Recently, on server 121 I have found that most medals are found in level 9 and 10 valleys. This guide is aimed at the most recent drop rates I could find. This is a bit annoying, to keep updated as they can change these numbers quite easily. But here goes Begin by scouting as all level 10 valleys around you up to 15 miles away (at compass level 9 will take 31 minutes to reach a valley 15
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 49

EvonySecret.com miles away). These are the valleys to look for: Any combination of the following: Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen

archers with up to 2 units (excluding archers)


As you scout the valleys write down the coordinates if the valley has any of the desired combinations, with what kind of units are in the valley, as you will need to know this later. Once all the valleys are scouted and the scouts return its time to send out your attacks.

Warrior/Pikeman/Swordsmen valley Against the warriors/pikeman/swordsmen I send 25k archers. This may be too many but it will allow you to carry back ALL the resources the valley can drop (as long as you do not conquer it). The valley resource drop rates are: Lumber: 10x the experience you earn (so if you get 80k experience for killing 20k warriors you end up with 800k lumber) Iron: 4x the experience you earn Stone: 5x the experience you earn Food: 10x the experience you earn

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


All Archer Valley

Against an all archer valley, all you need to do is send cavalry equal to the number of archers and 1 scout. Eg: If a valley has 8500 archers, i send 8500 cav.

Pure cavalry/Cav + 1 unit, Cav + 2 units (excluding archers) valley It is possible to attack a valley with cavalry in it, and take small losses (swordsmen and pikemen) Firstly you will need to send some ballista along with the attack, so this method is only really viable for valleys up to 5 miles away. Against a flat with cav you need to send at least 1 ballista, 10 pikeman, 10 swordsmen and archers depending on how many other units accompany the cavalry. For a pure cav valley, I send 15k archers with 10 swordsmen and 10 pikemen and 1 ballista. You will lose the 10 swordsmen and the 10 pikemen. For a valley with cavelry and 1 unit or 2 units along with cavalry you
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 51

EvonySecret.com need to send 30k archers plus the above layering.

I Highly recommend that you do not attack any valley with archers or archers and cavalry as you will have unnecessary losses. How To Capture Another Players City When attacking another player you CANNOT capture their city if it is the only city they own. To check this, simply look the player up in the statistics/rankings to see if they own more than one city. If they do have multiple cities you can capture their city. Each successful attack on the enemys city lowers the loyalty of the city. Attacks will usually drop the loyalty by 1-4 loyalty per attack. Once their defences are destroyed you can break up your larger attacks into several smaller attacks. Break your attacks down into groups of 1k warriors or scouts for example. Some players believe the loyalty drop is greater if you attack with bigger armies but I dont believe it matters enough to be worthwhile. I feel that a lot of smaller attacks is better than a few big attacks. Plus a lot of small attacks prevents their loyalty from going back up in between big attacks. Since the whole purpose of conquering a city is to lower the loyalty smaller attacks are more effective. Evony wont allow you to attack with 1 or 100 troops. It wont lower the loyalty.

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony


EvonySecret.com People were exploiting this and sending in waves of 1 scout at a time. Now you need to send 500 troops at a time. (I just tested this and waves of 100 troops doesnt lower the loyalty at all any more.)

You will notice that the more you attack the player the less loyalty drops. When a player gets to 15 or less loyalty the attacks will stop dropping the loyalty. At this point loyalty will drop every few attacks. You may attack 5 times without seeing the loyalty drop. Keep attacking. Sometimes it will feel like it isnt working. JUST KEEP ATTACKING . When the city gets close to 5 loyalty, be careful. At 5 loyalty the army inside the gates throws open the gates to fight and defend the city. If the gates were closed you may suddenly find your little waves of 1k warriors hit a much bigger army and are decimated. That is ok. Recall any small armies so they arent destroyed. Then send in your big army now to wipe out their defences. After this you only need to send a few more small attacks to get the loyalty all the way down to 0. At zero the troops suddenly take over the city and remain their to help increase the loyalty. Loyalty will start at zero and you might want to do some comforting to win over the population. The population will also be negative because of all the fighting and rioting. You will want to do disaster relief to increase loyalty and do population raising to raise the population. You also want to set the tax rate to 0 temporarily to increase the rate at which the population comes back to the city. Thats it! Congratulations! You now captured your opponents city! Of course now you have no defences and need to protect your city OR you can abandon it. If you do make sure you plunder all the resources first. Then after your reinforcements return home, abandon the city and it will become a barbarian city.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 53

EvonySecret.com Remember it becomes a barbarian city equivalent to the level of the flat NOT equivalent to the level of the Town Hall. You may capture his big level 10 Town Hall city and turn it into a level 1 barbarian! Sometimes if your opponent has a big, highly defended city, and several farm cities it may be worthwhile to capture his farm cities. This can reduce the amount of resources he can send back to his main city. This slows down the rate at which he can build troops and may also reduce his food production so that he cannot feed his army. If he runs out of his food his army will begin to abandon him and he wont be able to train new troops! Advanced Battle Strategies Win or Lose Big When youre beginning in Evony you may not realize this but it is better to win big or lose big. Usually close fights wont help anyone. If you win and loose most of your army its actually worse than protecting your army. Why? The entire game of Evony is based on production. How fast you can build your town, build resources, and of course build armies. If I can build armies faster than you I can always beat you in battle. Even if I lose one battle I can quickly build more troops and catch up to you. When you lose a close fight win a close fight you lose most of your army. You can use the medic to recover some of your troops but youll loose the majority of your army. Now you have to build again and this means you cannot defend yourself, attack others, raid barbarians, etc. The delay this will cause is not worth the victory.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 54


For example If someone is attacking your city and you know you will probably not win, then you might be better off closing your gates. When youre gates are closed your army will not try to defend. Your enemy will destroy your defences on your walls but your army will be protected. That way if they are just doing a passing raid on your town after they plunder you, youll still have some troops to go fight barbarians, plunder other players, and build back up. If you allow them to destroy your defences and your army AND they plunder you, then youll have a hard time recovering without the help of allies. Likewise, lets say you are starting out and want to take a level 7 forest. You barely have enough troops to win the battle. 90% of your army is destroyed. It might take you several days to build your army back up so winning one battle costs you 2 days worth of being able to attack other valleys and flats. Being able to attack other valleys, cities, players, etc is not worth loosing your army for 2 days. NOT to mention the fact that you cant defend yourself. Lets say for example, you have a medium level city with 5k Archer Towers and 10k archers and 10k warriors inside. Your enemy attacks you with 25k warriors and 50k archers. Since he has more than 3x as many archers and archer towers as you he will probably win the battle. Lets say for example that you close your gates and protect your 10k warriors and 10k archers. You still have 10k warriors/archers to raid other players. PLUS if he attacks you again you can quickly make warriors. You can also get one of your allies to send you some more archers. If one of your allies would send you some archers to garrison your city you could surprise your enemy the next time he tries to raid you.

Remember being able to actively plunder barbarians and other

Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 55

EvonySecret.com players is one of the best ways to get wealthy. If you are wealthy you can build troops faster than your opponent. Having your army destroyed in battle costs you a lot more than one lost battle. It costs you a lot of time in developing your army. In later stages of the game you will be fighting armies of 100k troops. Imagine how many days of lost time it would take you to recover your army. Imagine how many more troops your opponent would then have. Youd never catch up to him. He will always be bigger than you. Advanced Battles Attack Waves Many times in Evony it is more effective to attack in waves. The idea is to split your troops into multiple waves to hit the enemy. The most basic wave would be to send in a first attack wave of cheap troops like warriors. They are cheap and quick to train. They are troops that you can afford to lose a lot of. You send in the waves of warriors to kill off the traps and defensive structures. Since traps are one time use items they wont be able to hurt you when you send in later waves of troops. When attacking a big player you would send in waves of light troops like warriors to kill off some of the defences. Then youd send in a second wave of combined troops like warriors/archers to kill off the rest of his defensive troops, archer towers, etc. Another reason to send in waves of troops is because some troops are slower than others. Transporters are the unit that can carry the most resources back but transporters also are one of the slowest units. If you were sending in transporters to plunder your enemy you would divide the transporters out into a separate waves of attacks. You would send in faster troops to take down the defences before your slower troops with the transporters arrive.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 56

EvonySecret.com Finally when attempting to conquer a city you want to send in waves of troops to keep the loyalty down and prevent the loyalty from recovering. Every 6 minutes the loyalty will go back up 1 point. (Plus if you are attacking a player they could use comforting to increase their loyalty.) You will want to split your troops up into separate waves of attacks so you can keep the loyalty down and prevent your opponent from recovering. When conquering a city you generally want to send in a few big attacks to break down the defences and then send in wave after wave of small attacks to lower the loyalty.

Advanced Battles - Archers and Warriors vs Pikes, Swords, Cavalry One thing that is really important to remember is that everything in this game revolves around being able to build stuff faster than your opponent. If you can build an army faster than your opponent you can have a bigger army and usually the biggest army wins. If you can make money faster than your opponent you can have higher level research which can give you a big advantage in battles. Keeping in mind the importance of building fast pikes, swords, cavalry, and cataphracts become nearly useless. You will want to have some for layers in battles (see below.) However you dont want to build 20k pikes or swords as you can build 40k warriors in the same amount of time. Typically you want warriors to be the meat shields for your archers. Warriors are cheap and can be trained quickly. In fact I have an entire farm city just to build tens of thousands of warriors quickly.

Its setup with 16 level 2 barracks and can pump out scouts, workers, or warriors quickly.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 57

EvonySecret.com Archers are the most important part of any army. The higher your archery level and the higher your walls the further your archers can shoot. If you are facing an army of foot soldiers or cavalry you can get off several attacks before they even get to you. In many cases you can destroy their army before they get close enough to do damage. If your enemy has archers then you may or may not be able to shoot first. It depends on your archery level and whether or not you are defending a city or attacking. The defenders get a wall bonus which increases their range. For this reason when attacking you usually want to have 3x as many archers as the defender (including their archer towers). When fighting with warriors and archers the warriors can take the brunt of the enemys attacks. This gives your archers more time to shoot before they are attacked. Because swords and pikes could be killed before they even get into range to attack the archers, they are useless. The ONLY reason you might consider them later in the game is when youre sending armies of 90k to 120k troops. Obviously sending 50k swords with your archers is more effective than 50k warriors. However other players would simply send in waves of warriors since they are so cheap to train. Some players prefer to have 50% warriors and 50% archers. Other players prefer to do 33% warriors and 66% archers. Its really up to you. If you can send only 33% warriors without taking a lot of losses to your archers then by all means do it!

Advanced Battles Layered Armies I mentioned this in some of the beginner strategies but I didnt give a
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 58

EvonySecret.com lot of information. There is a very useful battle strategy called layers or rainbows. A layer is when you send 1 of every troop type along with your main army. So lets say you send 10k warriors and 15k archers. When sending a layer you would send 1 worker, 1 scout, 1 pikeman, 1 swordsman, 1 cavalry, and 1 cataphract along with your 10k warriors and 15k archers. Here is the reason. The way the battles are currently calculated, the enemy will attack the most dangerous troops first. So the enemy will start by attacking the cataphract. ALL their troops will focus on the one cataphract. Meanwhile your archers get a free shot. Next the enemy focuses on the one cavalry. Again your archers get a free shot. Lets say you have a close fight coming up.

In the above image you can see a huge layered attack on a city with its gates closed. I hit the wall defences with only a few losses. (My attack is on the left) and those 5000 transporters I sent, came back full of resources. 30 million worth. Mainly food and gold. If you send a layered army you stand a chance of turning a close fight into a win as your troops will get several free shots at your
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 59

EvonySecret.com enemy. For this reason I will usually train 50 swords, 50 pikes, 50 cavalry and 50 cataphracts to keep in my towns. That way I can send out layers of 1 of each troop when Im fighting. I use layers a lot when fighting other players as they can give me an advantage in battle. Advanced Battles Raiding Cities Lets say you want to attack a player that is far away from your main city. You might want to send engineers like transporters, ballista, rams, or catapults. However these troops are much slower. If you have to send them 20 miles or 50 miles or even 100 miles it will take much longer to get there than if you sent just foot soldiers and cavalry. One strategy I have used successfully is to build a raiding city closer to my enemy. Lets say for example my alliance declared war on another alliance. I have found a cluster of players from that alliance and want to attack them. However they are a long distance from my main city. In this case I will build a raiding city closer to them. Now I can send out attacks that reach them much faster. They have less time to react and recall troops or garrison troops from their allies. Another reason to build a raiding city is to help another of your alliance out. You can build a city closer to them so you can more quickly send troops/resources to their aid. You can also send out attacks against your opponents helping your alliance member by distracting the enemy. Not only can you attack the enemy faster if you build a raiding city close to them, but it also prevents them from discovering your main city. I may attack an enemy 40 miles from my main city. So I build a raiding city. I then garrison a lot of troops in the raiding city and I run all my scouting missions and attacks from this city. I funnel all my
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 60

EvonySecret.com troops and attacks through this city. That way when they look at their battle reports they only see where my raiding city is. They dont realize my other cities are 50 miles away. I dont have to worry as much about defending my main cities if my enemy doesnt know where they are! If I screwed up and ran some scouting missions from my main city my coordinates would show up in my enemys battle reports! Thats why I only scout/attack from my raiding city. Another trick is if you have relief stations. Relief stations speed up your troops when traveling between your cities and your allies cities BUT also between your own cities. The relief station of the originating city is the one that matters. For example I have a level 9 relief station in my main city. I can send troops very quickly from my main city to my raiding city. I can move troops much faster this way even if they are 50 miles or more apart. I can send new troops, reinforcements, or resources to my raiding city very quickly. If I sent the troops to attack my enemy from my home city and they had to travel 50 miles my enemy would have a long time to react to my attack before my troops arrive. If however I sent my troops to my raiding city they travel much faster because of the relief station bonus. Then I can attack my enemy from my raiding city which is much closer to my enemy so he has less time to react to my attack. Another idea for raiding cities is to teleport in a raiding city. Using this strategy you would build a city oriented towards raiding. This city would have a lot of barracks, a stable, forge, workshop, a high level rally point, an inn and feasting hall with some high level heroes, etc. You would staff the city with a large number of troops, a lot of food to feed your army, and some heroes with a high ATT level.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 61

EvonySecret.com Then after the city is built you teleport it to another region on the map. The advantage of this strategy is building up a city from scratch can take awhile. Just building a rally point to level 9 could take a day or more if you dont have some guidelines to speed up the building time. By teleporting you can surprise your enemies by placing a fully developed city adjacent to them. There are several disadvantages to teleporting a raid city. One of the disadvantages is that you need to use an advanced teleporter to be able to precisely place your city. Otherwise you would use a city teleport which teleports you randomly. You might not appear near your enemies at all. Of course if you are in a big alliance you will probably have enemies nearby no matter where you teleport ;) Another disadvantage of teleporting your raiding city is that you have a 24 hour delay before you can attack from your raiding city. When you teleport a city you have to wait 24 hours before you can send troops out. Your enemy could spot you on the map and attack you even before you have a chance to attack them. There is a little risk involved but if you teleport in a city that already has defences and a large army youd stand little risk that your opponent would attack you. The defensive bonuses your walls and archer towers provide would be a huge deterrent to your opponent.

Advanced Take downs So, you are in a good alliance, you have good listeners. And you have a city that needs to be taken down. Be sure you have a number of members online. If you are having trouble with online members, send out an alliance wide message for members that are close to the city you wish to attack.

Coordinate the take down like this: Scout the city. You may need a few members to send the maximum
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 62

EvonySecret.com scouts all to arrive at the same time in scout mode to get a good scouting report. Once you see what is in there, someone that has a war ensign to use with 100k archers that are layered Should time out how long it will take to hit with his layered army. Many other members who have scouts need to time it out that they can send them in attack mode to take out some archers. (providing gates are open) If gates are closed, the scout bombs are not needed. If the gates are closed, get all other members to time out waves of 1k cavalry or 5k warriors to hit within one minute after your main wave hits. Timing in this game is everything. Whoever sends the archer wave (layered) needs to send 1k transporters too if the gates are closed to get the resources out. The other waves are just to get the loyalty down as quickly as possible. It is highly recommended that you scout the city again just before the main wave hits to make sure you do not hit a reinforced city. You can always scout it with 45 seconds to go and call it all off. Type RECALL in the text window then go to reports and army movement and view and recall each wave if necessary.

Farm Cities As you grow your Evony empire youll begin to create additional cities. I use a general term for these cities of farm cities but it does NOT mean they have to be based around farming. You can have a farm city that is setup to supply lumber or archers or whatever to your main cities. The term farm city refers to the idea of cultivating some resources. It does NOT mean you have to exclusively build farms. The idea with a farm city is that you setup a city designed around creating more resources for you. The farm city might not have a stable, warehouse, etc. Since the farm city doesnt need some of these buildings you can fit in more cottages or barracks or whatever.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 63

EvonySecret.com You might not even need a relief station! A farm city definitely needs a workshop level 1, so you can build walls. You want to build walls so you can build the town hall. The larger the town hall the more resource tiles (farms, lumber mills, quarries, and mines) you can have. You will also want a small beacon tower so you can know if you are attacked. You will want an inn and feasting hall so you can hire a hero and appoint a hero with high politics as mayor. You will also need a rally point and marketplace. You will use the rally point to send workers with loads of resources to your main city. You will use the marketplace to sell resources that you dont need or buy more resources to build structures. Since a farm city doesnt need a lot of structures it can fit a lot of cottages and barracks. You can easily create farm cities with 14 16 barracks. You can pump out low level troops like scouts, warriors, or workers in a farm city or even pump out archers in a farm city. As Ive alluded to there are a few different types of farm cities. 1. General farm cities that pump out a lot of resources of all types. 2. Farm cities focused on generating food for supporting large armies. 3. Farm cities focused on generating large quantities of lumber for selling on the market. 4. Farm cities focused on pumping out troops. As Ive mentioned earlier I believe that it is more effective to build a lot of lumber in a farm city and sell the lumber to buy the other resources you need. Lumber is always the most valuable commodity. In my opinion Id rather sell lumber to buy iron, food, stone, etc. My farm city has 1 stone quarry! It has a few farms and iron mines but 80% of the production goes to producing lumber!
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 64

EvonySecret.com I setup my farm city right next to one of my main cities. Because of this I do NOT need a relief station. I can use scouts to transfer a lot of supplies quickly between the main city and the farm city or I can use workers. If I want to send resources to a far off city I just send them to my main city which has a high level relief station. Then I transfer them to one of my far away raiding cities. A low level academy is another important structure in a farm city. A level 1 academy will give you a boost to lumbering and farming and a level 2 academy will give you a boost to mining. If you can you should plan to get your academy to level 5 quickly. Level 5 is the level that gives you a construction boost, if you have researched this skill. This will speed up all your build times in your city. I actually built my academy to level 5 as one of the first things I did when I setup my farm city. I also suggest your farm city be setup with 14 or 16 barracks. This is so that you can generate 10k-20k archers a day. Build each barrack to level 4. If you have construction bonuses and have built your academy to level 5 and have a high Politics hero as mayor your construction time will be very quick. I actually sent a hero with 60+ in POL and ATT to be the mayor of my farm city. That way I will get bonuses from resources, building time, and training time for troops. I dont care about his intelligence because I do not do research in my farm towns. I only do research in my main towns. Why dont I do research in my farm towns? 1. Research costs gold and I do NOT like to keep a lot of gold in a farm town. 2. Research also requires me to build other structures like a stable or forge that I might not have to build otherwise. (Or in the case of the forge might be able to build and demolish after building my workshop.)
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 65


Another strategy I use I do NOT protect my farm towns! (at least not for the first few weeks) I will keep a lot of scouts in the city, which allows me to defend against scouting missions. However I dont build archer towers like in a normal city. I feel this is just a waste of resources. I try to simply transport my resources to one of my main towns. Since I build my farm city adjacent to one of my main cities it is also very easy for me to defend. If my beacon tower shows incoming enemy troops I can send out defenders from my main city to protect the farm city. Once all my main cities have full compliments of archer towers, only then will I consider defending a farm city. At that point I have the extra resources and loosing a farm city can be costly after Ive spent a couple of weeks building it up. Remember a farm city is just that. Its a farm. It isnt the end of the world if you are raided! ONE TRICK, if your farm city is going to be conquered it is a better idea to abandon it so it becomes a barbarian town. You want to abandon it before your city is conquered. That way your opponent wont have a city right next to your main. Having your opponent adjacent to your main city will make things very difficult so keeping them far away is important.

How To Hurt An Advanced Player There are a few tricks to hurt an advanced player. When youre fighting someone who has a lot of resources and troops you may want to use some of these tricks to hurt his ability to gather resources and build more troops. Meanwhile you and your allies team up to attack him when hes hurting.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 66


Method #1 Attack all his valleys. Most players take a valley and recall their troops. This means that there are no defensive units there to prevent you from taking his valleys. You can usually take these valleys with 1 troop. Just scout all the high level valleys near your opponent. Usually advanced players will focus on forests and hills. Try to find all the forests and hills in the area that are owned by your opponent. Then send in 1 scout in attack mode instead of scouting. Make sure you abandon one of your valleys first.

Now you can conquer his valley. Then immediately recall your scout and abandon the valley. The valley will revert to computer controlled and will instantly have troops to defend the valley. Now your opponent has to work extra hard to retake those high level valleys. This also means he has to commit troops to retaking those valleys instead of defending his city. Another trick when taking his valleys is to keep your scout in the valley. That way youll be notified if he attacks you. This way you will know if your opponent is online. If he is online you want to be careful of attacking him because he might be able to defend himself better than if he was offline.

Method #2 Attack all his farm cities Many players setup farm cities to build resources to support their army. They could be making food or more likely making lumber/iron to build their army. Scout out the players cities to find a farm city that is not protected very well. Ideally youd want to find a couple of farm cities and split your attacks.
Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 67

EvonySecret.com That way your opponent will have to split his defences. If you can team up with a partner you can split your attacks among several of your opponents cities. Pick one city to focus on. The other attacks are just to distract your opponent. If he is online youll know because hell move his armies around to try and defend. This works really well if he is already attacking someone in your alliance because you will know when his army is committed to battle. Wait until his army is close to landing at your ally.

Then send your troops so he has to recall his army. If you use scouts or cavalry for these attacks your attacks can land before his. At the very least you want to focus on fast moving troops. Dont send ballista/transporters if you are afraid that he can defend. If you discover he isnt defending or isnt online then it will be a lot easier for you. Now here is the real key. Once you get past his defences schedule waves and waves of 1,000 warriors or cavalry at a time to lower the loyalty of his city. At the very least youll disrupt him and his city could revolt and make his army abandon the city. At the best you can actually capture his city. If you capture his city you can use the city to create your own base for attacks or you can really get him mad by abandoning the city. When you abandon the city it becomes a barbarian city equal to the level of the flat it was built on. This means you can capture a high level city from your opponent and abandon it so it becomes a barbarian. This basically destroys all the high level structures! Your opponent will be MAD! .

How To Take a Level 10 Barbarian to Use as a Raiding City

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EvonySecret.com If you are going to attack a high level player you might want to build a raiding city close to him. That way when you attack your troops have to travel less distance. However you need a high level city to be able to organize your attacks. Building a raiding city from scratch close to your opponent is difficult to do because your opponent would be dumb not to attack it and prevent you from building up your city.

There are two alternatives to building a raiding city from scratch. You can teleport a city into the area or you can conquer an existing city. Teleporting a city has disadvantages because you need an advanced teleporter to be able to place your city precisely. Additionally there is a 24 hour cool down where you cannot attack from your city. You run the risk that your opponent will attack you during that 24 hour cool down. Conquering a city is perhaps the most effective way to setup a raiding city right next to your opponent. What you will want to do is find a high level barbarian city. The city you conquer will have buildings based on the level of the city. Attacking a level 10 barbarian for example will give you a level 10 town hall and lots of other level 10 buildings. If you can conquer a level 10 barbarian you would have a great city to begin raiding from. In order to conquer a level 10 Barbarian city you need to time your attacks precisely. Remember 10% of the defenses will regenerate every 6 minutes. You want to time your attacks to land back to back during this 6 minute window so you can lower the loyalty as much as possible. In addition to regenerating defences a barbarian regenerates loyalty at
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EvonySecret.com a rate of 3 loyalty per 6 minutes. There are a few different methods for conquering a level 10 barbarian. Generally speaking most players prefer to use a lot of archers in waves of attacks to lower the defences. Then use scouts or cavalry to lower loyalty.

Method #1 High attack hero of 150 ATT minimum. 94,000 Archers, 1k pikeman, swordsman, warriors, scouts, cavalry, and cataphrats. This depends on the level of your rally point but you want to at least have a level 10 rally point so you can send 100,000 troops at a time. If you have a level 10 rally point or a War Ensign +25% troops on rally point you can send larger waves. You also want a high level rally point because you want to be able to use waves of scouts as soon as your archers hit. This will also require a lot of high ATT heroes. Send your main wave attack. Check the timer to see how long it will take for them to arrive. You will need one wave of warriors to hit within 15 seconds of your main wave to dent the traps and warriors to allow your main wave to have less losses. This initial warrior wave consists of 50k warriors, layered all the way to cataphrats. (one unit in each layer) The follow up waves of warriors consist of 45 waves of 5,000 warriors (include one pikeman, swordsman and archer as a layer) to begin shortly after your main archers wave hits. You will want some assistance from your alliance members to coordinate the warrior attacks. Unless you have 6 cities already and the troops to spare. You want to choose an arrival time based on the server time. You then inform all your alliance helpers to send their warrior waves at the NPC using their camp time to adjust the arrival time to a
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EvonySecret.com specific time. This time needs to be approximately one minute after your main wave hits. You need 37 waves of 5k warriors (layered) to arrive shortly after your main wave hits. Then you need to send in six (6) waves of warriors at the 2 minute interval after your main wave hits. This way, your helpers take the loyalty down for you and your final 6 waves will take it to zero completely and take over the city for you. This can also be done for another player. You can take the main hit and allow another player to have the final 6 waves.

Method #2 Warriors + archers. Send in large waves of warriors with small groups of archers. The warriors protect the archers and allow the archers to take out some of the defenses. I dont know the precise number. A friend did it with 60,000 warriors and said hed probably want to use more next time. Maybe 60,000 warriors + 30,000 archers in wave 1. Then 2 waves of 90,000 archers after. Ill test this theory and let you know my results.

Method #3 30,000 ballista + 150,000 archers. You need to send a large number of ballista like 12,000 to 15,000 ballistas in waves with a max number of archers. Then follow up immediately with waves of warriors to lower the loyalty as in example number one. To time it properly you have to know when the 6 minute tick will take place. You can do this by changing your tax rate so that your loyalty will go up or down. Watch the screen until your loyalty changes. When it changes look at the game clock on the top right hand side of the screen. Make a note of what time it is. 6 minutes from that time another tick will happen. This is the same process that restores barbarian defences and loyalty.
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EvonySecret.com Try to time your attacks to land right after one of these ticks. For example if you watch and see that the tick is at 12:03 then the next one will be at 12:09, 12:15, 12:21, etc. You want to time your attacks as close as possible to fall between one of these ticks. That way you can attack while less troops are there to defend.

Defensive Strategies As Ive mentioned before one of my strategies is to have my cities spread out. I will have a raiding city that is located 40 or 50 miles from my main cities. One of the reasons I do this is for defensive purposes. If my raiding city is captured I dont care. However if my main city with my high level structures is captured I will be mad. Since players have to find me on the map it makes it harder for them to find where my main cities are. The only cities they see in their battle reports are my raiding cities. Ive also mentioned that I prefer to use only Archer Towers. I only build 10 traps, abatis, logs, or trebuchets. I keep only ten of the others because of an initial attack on my defences. Because archer towers are reusable and because they get bonuses based on the height/level of your walls they are the best defensive structure. Another over looked defensive unit is the scout. Lets take for example one of my main cities where I keep 130k scouts. Someone will try to scout me and send 5k scouts. They think 5k scouts is a lot because most players do not use a lot of scouts. My gates are open so my scouts defend my city. My scouts destroy my opponents scouting party. He now has no scouts and he has no idea how many troops I have in my city. All he knows is I have 30k scouts. Usually players wont attack you if they are attacking blind.
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Here is a shot of one city I have over 200k scouts in. I had some troops out plundering at the time but you get the idea. No one can see what I have in that city unless they scout me with about a million scouts. Or if they attacked me before my troops returned with more troops than I have in there and won.

When youre starting out, my talking about 130k scouts might seem like a lot. However after youve been playing for a few weeks (or months) youll find this isnt a lot. At later stages of the game people are sending waves of 100k troops. A level 10 rally point can actually send as many as 125k troops. (If you use War Ensign +25% troops when applied to rally
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EvonySecret.com spot.) Keep in mind that I believe it takes about 5x as many archers for the attacker as for the defender. If they attack with 125k you probably only need 50-55k troops to properly defend. Theyd have to hit you with waves and waves of troops to break down your defences. You can have 18,166 Archer Towers on a level 10 wall. If you have in addition to those ATs 40-50k archers you are nearly unbeatable as a one time hit. No one will bother attacking you unless they use many waves of attackers or coordinate attacks with their allies. (BTW you can only have 14,692 ATs on a level 9 wall. This is a great reason to upgrade walls to level 10) The level of your walls not only affects how many archer towers you can have, and the range at which your archers shoot but it also affects how much information your opponent can get when they scout. If your opponent doesnt have a high enough level informatics they will get no information when they scout you. Having high walls helps protect you from enemy scouts! Reinforcing your allies is the most valuable defence. Back when I was (thought I was) invincible. I met my match. Actually, 6 of us met our match. We were all in the same alliance, we had 8 to 10 cities with 100k archers and scouts in each one. We had taken down many a city and never doubted our abilities until we met birdbird. This guy moves into our cluster of cities with a small level 5 city. We found out later that he took over a level 5 npc from a very large distance with other members of his alliance. He quickly built up his rally spot and attacked a few of our cities and he sent some average sized waves. We scouted him, killed off his 130k or so scouts, and found him to have just over 150k archers and about 1k of each other troop. We all sent at him. 100k archers layered. After we began reading our War Reports, we began yelling out RECALL TROOPS NOW. His
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EvonySecret.com friends reinforced him. After a good scare, he said, scout me now. We sent a few in to find over 600k archers. So, if I can teach you one thing about defence, it is this. Build an embassy to level 5 minimum so you can have your friends each send 100k archers to your city to help defend against attacks. Any time 100k archers layered attack into over 500k archers layered with Arch Towers on the walls. You will lose very few defences and your attacker well, he or she will lose all his troops and will be very unlikely ready to try it again.

The underestimated value of the Scout! One of the things Ive discovered is that Scouts are one of the most valuable troops in the game. They are cheap and pretty easy to make. If you have a lot of scouts your cities become impossible for the enemy to scout because your scouts will kill his scouts off. If you have lots of scouts you can actually use them as transports! I have cities with 200k+ scouts. My friend Bill actually uses 60k scouts. A new member of our alliance wants help sure no problem! I can send 100k-500k or more resources in a couple minutes using scouts. Scouts are the fastest unit in the game. Even if my ally is far away it might take 15 minutes. On the other hand if I had to send workers 100+ miles to one of my allies it would take hours for them to get there. Even worse if I had to send transporters it would take 6, 8, or more hours! I even heard of another guy on the Evony forum who was a specialist at fighting other players. He had a city with 1,000,000 scouts in it! This is very effective at preventing people from scouting him. He could also use them to attack and wear out an opponents defences. I usually send gold to my allies instead of resources. That way they can buy whatever resources they need. Also at early stages of the game gold can be worth more than resources. They might be able to
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EvonySecret.com buy 3 lumber for 1 gold or 8 food for 1 gold. Another trick is to transfer resources between your cities quickly with scouts. Sometimes I screw up and sell off too much of my resources at the market or maybe I dont have enough gold left to cure my troops at the medic. What I will do in cases like that is send a little resources by my scouts. I can get the resources there very fast that way. That way my city can survive while I wait on the resources to arrive from the market. Sometimes I find that one of my cities doesnt have enough stone or food because I do not use a lot of quarries or farms. I can use my scouts to send a few hundred thousand food or stone to my farm city. I can continue building my new city without waiting 30 minutes for resources to arrive from the market. Lets not forget that scouts can be attackers! If you take out an enemys defences you can send in an army of scouts to attack not scout. They can plunder resources and help keep him down. You would time your scout attacks to land after your main army hits and takes out the defences. Then you send in waves of scouts to keep him weak and bring down the loyalty of the town. Scouts can also be used to bomb another player before your main wave hits. 100k scouts in attack mode can kill up to 35k archers. You simply send them in to attack instead of scout. Finally since scouts are one of the fastest troops in the game some people like to send big waves of scouts as attackers which frees up their archers to shoot more. Im not a big fan of this as I prefer to send layers. Scouts can be expensive troops and take longer to train than warriors.
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EvonySecret.com Id much rather use warriors to absorb the enemy attack. However there is some merit to the idea of using some fast scouts to go in and lead the way. You might not want to invest the time or resources in building a scout army but at the least youll want to be able to setup some scout defences to prevent your enemy from spying on you.

The Alliance Attacks Full Force So, you had some huge level 10 city teleport in amongst your members. I sure hope you have all been building for this one. This is one of the most difficult things to do. How do you take this monster down. Well, Im sure there are a few ways, but if your alliance has been building troops and you have 20 or more strong members online at once, you have a good shot at it. First, you need a scout report. The members that are the farthest away from the potential target need to coordinate 3 100k scoutings to hit the target at the same server time. This is done using the camp time and watching the server time so each person launches so that they arrive together. This way, if your target has 150k scouts or less, you will get a report. You can expect to kill 20k scouts with your 100k providing you send a hero. (NOT your best) with the scouts. If you dont get a report, then repeat the process with other members. Sending less than 100k scouts is useless. Lets say you get a report. You may not. Even after 3 or 4 trys. It depends on how many scouts are in the city. He may be reinforced with 500k scouts. Anyway, lets say you get a report. He has 10k of the following: 10k pikeman, swordsman, cavalry, cataphrats. He has 100k warriors, and 300k archers. This person also brought some ballista and transports to farm with. He also has 100 of every wall defence and about 18k Arch Towers. Now he looks unbeatable, but he is NOT.
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EvonySecret.com You need to get your members online for this guy. You have wasted lets say 4 members scouts out of the 20 members online. So that means you should have about 16 members with 100k scouts. Each of the 20 members still have 100k archers and other troops for layers. One of your members has 40k cavalry. Each of your members have 100k warriors as well. Here is what you do: This will work as long as no more reinforcements come in. But your alliance will have huge losses. This is a defensive game. A) Each member needs to send 3 layered warrior waves. 30k warriors with layers up to the cataphrat and the layers need to be 50 of each unit. B) 10 members needs to send 2-25k archer waves layered with 200 units of each layer up to cataphrat. C) 10 members need to send 1 94k archer wave (or use a war ensign and increase your archers accordingly) with layers of 1k of each unit of each layer up to cataphrat. D) 3 members need to send a pikeman waves of 10k pikeman with 1k layers up to cataphrat. E) All members online that have 100k scouts (there should be 16 with this example) sends their scouts in attack mode. Now, there is an order of how you hit with all of this. Timing is the issue. Providing this person doesnt get any more reinforcements. Everyone needs to find out who has the longest attack time with Warriors. Then, that person adds 10 minutes to his attack time and tells everyone when he will hit the city based on his server time. Everyone else needs to base all of their attacks on this arrival time. I will simply use the letters above to show you how they hit. E) Base arrival time minus 30 seconds. A) Base arrival time D) Base arrival time plus 30 seconds. B) Base arrival time plus 45 seconds. C) Base arrival time plus one minute.

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EvonySecret.com It is important that people understand how to use camp time and read the server time. If they do, and all of them launch properly, you will give this person a major hurting. Once you do hit, and take the defences all out. Hit it as fast and hard as you can with 1k waves of cavalry to get the loyalty down to 15 or less. Then hit it more times to keep the loyalty dropping. Loyalty drops one point every 6 minutes so you will have it down in no time. Let someone take it over and then npc it. Now thats a good rush isnt it? ATTENTION: This person could do the following. Close his gates to your scout bombs. In this case. Recall all other waves immediately. He could reinforce more. For this reason, you need to scout the city 30 seconds before the first wave hits and read it. If it is reinforced, type RECALL NOW in the text box immediately so everyone can recall and save their troops. It is very important to scout the city just before your attacks hit with 2 waves of 100k scouts. If you dont see in, RECALL NOW. He is likely reinforced huge.

Prestige Building If you played a game like World of Warcraft you are familiar with things like experience points and kills. In Evony we have prestige and honor. Prestige is sort of the default category kind of like experience in World of Warcraft. The player statistics are sorted by default based on Prestige. You obtain prestige primarily by building and research. You also obtain some prestige in battles but only in battles where you lose troops. You do not gain prestige if you suffer no casualties. It appears that the #1 way to obtain prestige is simply building fast. Keep building and researching and do it in as many towns as you can. If you obtain the rank of Knight for example and only have one city your prestige will slow down. As soon as you hit Knight you need to create a second city for your
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EvonySecret.com prestige to continue going up at the original rate. For prestige having multiple cities is the fastest way to get prestige. Building new structures in your city adds prestige quickly. Plus you can do research in multiple academies. Research also adds prestige. If you can manage/protect multiple cities then you can grow your prestige much faster than someone who only has a couple of cities. The downside to having a bunch of cities is that it is harder to defend. On one server I was in the top 20 for prestige for a while. Largely this was because I was building a 5 cities at once and I had 4 different academies doing research at the same time. It was kind of hard to manage all this though. I was working from home so I could be online for 8-12 hours a day. If you are not online a lot to play it is hard to manage several cities at once like that. In the past you could attack barbarian towns for prestige but with some recent patches you only get experience if you lose troops. You have to loose troops to gain prestige. If you use the trick to send in Ballistas and Transporters and take no casualties you wont get any prestige.

Honor Building Honor is kind of like kills in a game like World of Warcraft. In Evony honor tracks your success fighting other players. You receive honor points only when fighting other players in Evony. You do not receive honor points for fighting non players like barbarian towns. Honor is given out based on the number of troops you defeat in
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EvonySecret.com battle. Honor is also taken away if you lose a battle. It is even possible to win a fight and lose honor. You can lose honor until you reach 0 honor. At that point you do not go negative you simply remain at zero honor. Honor is a sign of a good player. Fights with big armies can net 100k even 300k honor. Honor may also be a tricky sign. For example on behalf of my alliance I have attacked a big player to wear down his defenses. I lost a lot of honor because I had to send in massive armies to hit the other players walls and slowly tear down his defenses. Then other players in my alliance were able to chip in and help fight him. Eventually we defeated this player who had a massive army, and full defences. Of course in the process I lost many fights and lost most of my honor. You might look at my honor in the rankings and think I wasnt a good player. It doesnt mean that. It just means I have lost my honor temporarily and am working to gain it back. Thats the tricky thing about honor is that it is very easy to lose honor in Evony! It appears that the amount of honor you gain is relative to the amount of troops you kill. The amount of honor you lose is relative to the amount of troops you lose in the battle. It also appears as if there is some sort of formula where more expensive troops cost more honor. Killing a swordsman is worth more honor than killing a warrior. It also appears that there is some relation to your opponent. Attacking an opponent who has a much lower prestige or honor than you, is going to net you much less honor when you win. This also relates back to my theory Win Big or Not at All. If you win big with an overwhelming force then you will lose less of your army. Since the amount of honor you lose is partially based on how many troops you lose you will stand a much lower chance of losing honor in winning a fight if you always win your fights by a large margin.
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EvonySecret.com Now the bad side of Honor. Honor also dictates your heal rate after a battle. If you go into a battle and have more honor that the one you are attacking and lose the fight, you will have a heal rate much lower than the other person. If you have less honor than the other player, and lose, you may have a much better heal rate in your Medic camp found in your rally spot than the other player. It is for this reason that I personally dont want more honor than the player(s) I attack if I feel I dont have a good chance of winning the fight.

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EvonySecret.com Appendices A. Glossary: 1M 1,000,000. M is an abbreviation for million 100K 100,000. K is an abbreviation for thousand Abatis A defensive trap used to trap/kill cavalry units Arch Archery skill AT, ATT Attack - Mayors with high Attack are good for building troops in barracks. Heroes with high Attack are helpful in raiding/defending battles. ATs Archer Towers (most useful type of defensive protection) Balls Ballista (siege engines especially useful in attacking barbarian towns) Barb Barbarian Town. See also NPC. BP Beginners Protection (Usually 7 days but can be ended by building TH to level 5) Cats Cataphracts, heavy cavalry could also be confused with Catapults Cavs Cavalry (basic cavalary unit) Cents Game currency used within Evony buy items, speed up research, hasten building times, or buy spins on the wheel of fortune. Flat a flat is any region other than a town. Flats can be a valley
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EvonySecret.com (grassland, swamp, lake, desert, forest, hill) or they can be flat areas where you can build cities. All valleys are flats but not all flats are valleys. HBR Horseback riding skill INT Intelligence Mayors with high intelligence are good for research. Heroes with high intelligence are helpful in scouting. Lvl Level as in skill level or level of a building Logs Rolling Logs Medals awarded for combat and are used to advance your rank/title. NPC Non Player Character a computer controlled player. Pikes Pikemen POL Politics Mayors with high politics are good for gathering resources and building structures (including defensive structures on walls). Rainbow Strategy where you send 1 of each type of troop along with your main army. Rose basic medal required to get your first promotions. They come from conquering low level valleys and flats. Scripts Michelangelo Scripts are needed to make structures level 10. Swords - Swordsmen TH Town Hall
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EvonySecret.com Trans Transporters (a type of wagon that doesnt set off traps or abatis) Traps Traps (kills foot soldiers) Trebs Defensive Trebuchets (targets enemy siege engines) Walls self explanatory ;) Wheel the wheel of fortune randomly awards you prizes ranging from resources to medals to rare plunder. When you see TH9 the first part is the abbreviation like TH = Town Hall. The second part is the level. So TH9 means Town Hall 9. HBR7 means Horse Back Riding 7. Etc.

B. Vague Scout Reports Sometimes when you send out scouts in Evony you get back vague scouting reports. This is because your informatics level isnt high enough to see the actual numbers of troops in the region. Here is a guide to what these results mean. Few: 1 24 Pack: 25 49 Lots: 50 99 Horde: 100 249 Throng: 250 499 Swarm: 500 999 Zounds: 1,000 2499 Legion: 2500 4999 Bulk: 5000 10000 C. Titles
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EvonySecret.com A title is a nobility ranking. In medieval times a title meant you were a land owner. In Evony a title means you can own multiple cities. In order to own multiple cities you need to advance your title. To advance your title you win medals in combat, and raise your prestige. Here are the list of titles in Evony: . Civilian (1 city) . Knight (2 cities) o Requirements: 20,000 gold o Lieutenant Rank o 1,000 Prestige o 10 Cross medals & 5 Rose medals

. Baronet (3 cities) o Requirements: 40,000 gold o Captain Rank o 2,000 Prestige o 10 Rose medals & 5 Lion medals

. Baron (4 cities) o Requirements: 60,000 gold o Major Rank o 4,000 Prestige o 10 Lion medals & 5 Honor medals

. Viscount (5 cities) o Requirements: 80,000 gold o Colonel Rank o 8,000 Prestige o 10 Honor medals & 5 Courage medals
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. Earl (6 cities) o Requirements: 100,000 gold o General Rank o 16,000 Prestige o 10 Courage medals & 5 Wisdom medals

. Marquis (7 cities) o Requirements: 200,000 gold o General Rank o 32,000 Prestige o 10 Wisdom medals & 5 Freedom medals

. Duke (8 cities) o Requirements: 300,000 gold o General Rank o 64,000 Prestige o 10 Freedom medals & 5 Justice medals

. Furstin (9 cities) o Requirements: 400,000 gold o General Rank o 128,000 Prestige o 10 Justice medals & 5 Nation medals

. Prinzessin (10 cities) o Requirements: 500,000 gold o General Rank o 32,000 Prestige o 30 Justice medals & 15 Nation medals

D. Ranks
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EvonySecret.com Ranks in Evony are military titles. Ranks are relatively meaningless. Their main value is to allow you to promote your nobility title so you can own more land (aka. cities.) Here are the current ranks: . Civilian (you start here) . Lieutenant o Requirements: 10,000 gold o Town Hall Level 2 o no medals required

. Captain o Requirements: 20,000 gold o Town Hall Level 4 o 5 Cross medals

. Major o Requirements: 30,000 gold o Town Hall Level 6 o 5 Rose medals

. Colonel o Requirements: 40,000 gold o Town Hall Level 8 o 5 Lion medals

. General o Requirements: 50,000 gold o Town Hall Level 10 o 5 Honor medals

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EvonySecret.com E. Number of Ballistas Required to Conquer Barbarians without losses

At basic skill levels: Archery Lvl 6 Horse Back Riding Lvl 1 Military Tradition Lvl 2 Iron Working Lvl 2 Logistics Lvl 2 Level 1 Barbarian Town 15 Ballista (with a 42 attack hero) 10 Ballista (with a 63 attack hero) You might want to use an extra one or two ballista because sometimes I lose one ballista if I only attack with 10 even if the hero has higher attack. Level 2 Barbarian Town 24 Ballista (with a 42 attack hero) 20 Ballista (with a 60+ attack hero) Level 3 Barbarian Town 120 Ballista (with a 42 attack hero) It is possible to win without losses with less ballista but our troops are still defeated. What happens is our ballista dont kill off their defences fast enough so they give up after 100 rounds of battle and return home. This is why we need so many ballista at archery level 6. Level 4 Barbarian Town At Level 4 Barbarian towns you need to have archery level 8 or higher and your horseback riding needs to be one level lower than your archery. I recommend that you send 300 ballista and your transporters. Level 5 Barbarian Towns
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EvonySecret.com At this level, you must have archery level 9 or 10 with your horseback riding one level below that. Make sure that your compass does not go to level 10. Only up to level 9 for compass max until your other researches are done. Now you need to send 550 ballista and your transporters to an npc level 5 to take the resources. Your attack hero by now should be over 80 in attack.

Legal stuff the lawyers made me say The information in this document is protected by one or more world wide copyright treaties and may not be reprinted, copied, redistributed, hosted, displayed or stored electronically or by any other means whatsoever, without the written permission from James Richard Oke). All rights reserved world wide. All names of people, trademarks, service marks, company names and brand names are property of their respective owners and are used in editorial commentary as permitted under constitutional law. Learn Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony 90

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