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GONG 3000 Home Dear Friends,

Earth is Our Common Planet 3000 Siberian center for Eurasian projects

Here is a first appeal concerning the creation of a Peace Villager in Siberia for your consideration. We will be working on the ways to create such a village between now and the summer of 2012 when we hope to have a gathering to develop and further the vision and infrastructure needs of such a community. There needs to develop the networking links between existing culture of peace movements, eco-communities, spiritual cultural centers, community-focused efforts. Your ideas are most welcome. We would be glad to receive the addresses of centers, eco-villages, ashrams and organizations that you know and that you feel are already part of a growing world-wide network. We would be pleased if you could already reserve time during the summer of 2012 to join with us and to share this message with others interested. We will keep you informed as progress develops. With best wishes Nina Goncharova and Rene Wadlow

The Peace Village on the Peace Land

Spiritual Creative Eco Abode of dawn Community
CREST 13+ EARTH IS OUR COMMON HOME+SANCUERY+ ECO VILLAGES People of the Promised Land and People of the Love Community for co-creating together a Different world - the planet of Love - in practical
life on Earth Siberian center for Eurasian projects realizing "Earth is Our Common Home" key project with people from all over the world- aimed at creating a Different humane civilization with people as one family totally responsible for life and ennobling and transforming the world with love. For this we should create real hearths of new life for creating real practical models of new humane life - consisting of people putting principles of harmonious humane relationships by collectively coming out of the cities and living and co creating together a self-sufficient love community together in PRACTICAL life on Earth. A Peace Village project is a manifestation of this vision. Now when we have only one year before the planetary 2012 shift, people who will hear the Call of Siberia and new life can come together to create the Peace Village together. To create a planetary shift into a New Time, we should create a new - different reality resonant with vibrations of New Time that is love. We should reconnect with the Highest Will and create a united humanity tuned with God, Nature, each other and the entire Universe.

Many international spiritual, peace and humanitarian movements have been acting for finding the way for transformation of the current society based on consumption and competitions into a divine society of creativity, cooperation and love. There are several spiritual creative eco communities all over the world existing already. There is an international community in Auroville in India; there are emerging CREST 13 centers (Alto Paraiso, Brazil) and others. Some world movements are focused on creating networks of interconnected hearths of new life they are Foundation of the law of Time, HUMANITAD foundation, RENACE COLOMBIA (Colombian Ecovillage and Alternative Communities network) and others. During the past 20 years many synchronically processes for creating a new world the one of love and peace have been happening all over the world. Our international Love community initiated from Siberia has been created in collaboration with people and movements from all over the world during these fourteen years. It is growing and ever-changing nomadic Love Community as one of the examples of people of the world coming together as one, according to the law of attraction and common activity for the highest good. It has resulted in writing a joint Rainbow Earth: Vision from the Future book with 39 visionaries and public activists from 15 countries. Isnt it time to land and collectively come out of the cities and an old way of life to become a magnetic new brother/sisterhood of a new life to be spread all over the world? What is unique and fantastically new in our idea? * It is that we create our international Peace Village inside the existing Abode of Dawn community that has been planting and gardening the Land of Peace ready to accept and embrace the world. A very special sacred space of love, light, has been created there since 1993 by people from all over the world in the Promised Land. It is they who invite us to join them and be a part of an unbelievably Fairy Tale in the south of Krasnoyarsk region in beautiful Sayan Mountains. It is Vissarion, the originator of the Teaching of the United Faith who founded the community in Siberia. This teaching of Light defines the United Faith as the way of spiritual development of man at the last stage of his transition from the kingdom of force to the Kingdom of Soul; * It is that our international Peace Village is initiated collectively as an already existing nomadic love community creating the Earth is Our Common Home project - based on our common actions for the future during the last 14 years; * It is that our basic principles of relations totally coincide with those put into practice in the existing community in the Promised Land. Our nomadic love community spread all over the world has been manifesting the same principles of relations though distances and now we have this opportunity to express it in true life on Earth together. This community is striving to live with each other by the laws of harmony, Love, and Goodness, with joy.. The Teachers (Vissarion) mission is to unite everyone striving for Love, Good and Truth regardless of their belief, nationality and language those who are

ready to work hard beyond all measure and unselfishly for the sake of the others without thinking of themselves. He teaches and shows the people by His own example that man is created to reveal Love, Goodness and Sympathy to the world by way of creative activity for the sake of the others. * It is that we create a pulsar of new life by having representatives of all kinds of existing eco communities and eco villages at the annual Friends Meeting in our Peace Village. As far as time demands total awakening of humanity as one creative family, isnt it time to tune the existing international spiritual, peace and humanitarian movements and communities with the Truth, the Word and Manifestation of it into one united practical model of a new humanity? This very place can become a tuning fork for heartfelt tuning all hearths of a Different world eco villages into a network of interconnected eco communities resonant to each other. Here they will learn to feel each other and coordinate over distances. For this an annual Sacred Network of the Planet event with representatives from all eco villages who would love to be a part of this inter tuned into each other Love community will take place. Together we will learn to silently feel each other so that in the future we could telepathically be connected inside the ever-growing interconnected space of love and light. Also masters of all types will exchange their skills by sharing all kinds of master classes; By developing the communities interconnected and tuned into each other we create a new attractive different reality of the future that will become so powerful and radiant that an old world will become obsolete. * It is that youth of the world will experience quite a different way of life manifesting how grown ups walk their talk - live the way they speak. They will co create together a really humane world for the ongoing next generations with their own hands and hearts. They will pave a path for an ongoing new generation to live in a different society-the world of love, peace, beauty and light. * It is that we create a Peace Village where the key construction of the village is creating humane harmonious relationships and only then - houses, domes and temples. We totally agree and follow the Word: In order to build something, to build houses and more than that try to build temples, first try to build relations between each other. If you manage to do it properly, the temples will grow on this land. If you fail, lets say good-bye to each other. From now on you must be unable to express the feeling of coldness never, under any conditions and under no banner you have any right to even think bad about anyone. These words are the key ones in Vissarions Teaching. Why in Siberia? The Kingdom of Siberia Deserted, mysterious, virgin, seems as if some special power of destiny has been keeping it safe all the time. Ancient fables say that once upon a time the first people lived here who called themselves Aries. In the course of time they went wandering around the Earth to give rise to the human race. And by the end of centuries the Great God predestined them to come back here to accomplish the idea of the Supreme God in full. The meaning of Tiberkul Lake a place of beauty and pureness is translated as a Divine Lake.

In 2005 people of the Promised Land sent Let us create the Peace Land! appeal to the world. We have visited this community four times and have witnessed how people have been transformed from within and have become masters of their own life as creators of love and beauty. The people of the Promised Land and the Love Community send all who can hear a call to make a step forward and create a living model of an international Peace Village for the love community from all over the world to learn to live together and to co-create a real united family in practical life on Earth. As a first step we will have a special expedition for Tiberkul Lake in November 2011

You are welcome to come to Siberia in summer 2012 to take part in our constructive efforts
gong3000@ngs.ru www.gong3000.org () http://planet3000.voila.net ( E-mail: gong3000@ngs.ru (Nina Goncharova) Tel/fax +7 (383) 220-39-89 Attachment 1. Peace Village Vision and a TEAM Our Vision. A Peace Village, what is it? It is an international village in the Sayan Mountains for people from all over world to meet and create a real different world by living and co-creating together as one family and constantly transforming the entire planet into one love community. The Peace Village is a place where people live together according to humane principles of relationships in cooperation with each other, nature and higher worlds. In this process of co -creation and collective life a new sacred space capable to ennoble life and to become more and more magnetic to attract more and more people from all over the world. The place is magnificently landscaped with botanical gardens and it is energy self-sufficient, employing state-of-the-art sustainable solar and wind generated energy systems. It consists of ecological buildings built according to nature -saving technologies on the basis of cultural specific features of many countries.

Mother Earth Home a collective preliminary image, made by Alla Maryushko, an architect from Buryatia

Mother Earth home in the center is surrounded by houses of all types for living and activities

What is the mission of a Peace Village? Its mission is to create conditions for all people to follow the soul development path and to make a transition from the society of consumption, competition, conflicts, wars and degradation to the one of creation, cooperation, love and peace. Who lives in a Peace Village? - It is a community consisting of people children and adults from different countries. Young people from all over the world are invited come and create a real world they would love to live in. Why do people come there? People come to experience another way of life and learn to live on Earth practically, reconnecting with the Mother Earth and Father God. How do they live? - They live together in cooperation, mutual support and love. Everybody has his/her unique mission in developing this community as an international common home. They create the vision of the community and realize their dreams all together. Children and adults develop interrelation of people and nature as they grow their own food treating mother Earth with love and tenderness and using the latest agricultural technologies. They treat each other and nature in reverence. Their human love feelings influence plants. It is a place where people create themselves and follow an ascending path as co-creators. They are closely connected with other regions of the world as there is a network of villages connected with each other. What do they do together? They plant their own seeds, develop arts and handicrafts. All of them participate in a common event an international annual Between Heaven and Earth event allowing them to enlarge the community in a natural way. Every year children and adults bring new energy to this village. Some of them stay for building this place for the future. Everybody is educated by solving life tasks and develops his soul by creating harmonious relations. By living together in harmony they learn to communicate without words with feelings and telepathy. They make experiments on communicating with nature and take part in agricultural experiment with plants and seeds. People who come become another people healthy, self-organized, conscious and happy as they live in an atmosphere of peace, joy and cooperation. People who come to the village as guests go back to their homes obtaining high inner state of energy. There is an informational and cultural center for presenting the new life to the world. Cultural, educational, spiritual art programs, international events

focused at creating unity, love and beauty will take place. Reconnections of people with the Highest will, awakening them as divine co-creators and safeguarding the Mother earth in her transformation are the aims of these events. What educational know-how methods are used? Educational methods of consent and peace, developing cooperation, based on Education for Life principles are used. They propose the following results: Health (without medicine), consent (though people can speak different languages), harmonious relations, individual and collective creativity, self organization and many leveled responsibility for life (for oneself, for the family, for the group, for the city, for the country, for the planet) Who will create this Peace Village? people from all over the world who feel resonance and who takes responsibility for Life, who feels the unity of the world and who are ready to overcome their fears, to step to the unknown and create this model of new life with their own hands and hearts. What is the role of arts in a Peace Village? A Peace Village is meant to be a place of creative arts, which awaken, inspire and enlighten. Initiators: Rene Wadlow - a representative of Association of the World Citizens to the UN in Geneva, USA/France Nina Goncharova Earth is Our Common Home project coordinator, initiator of the Love Community, founder of a planetary GONG 3000 network, poet, artist, Russia Our team in Siberia, Russia - The people of the Promised Land - Helena Petrovskaya Gulyaevka village, Krasnoyarsk region - Tatyana Skiba Novosibirsk region - Valentina Molchanova Novosibirsk region - Victor Golodov - Novosibirsk region - Olga Talovskaya Novosibirsk region - Ivan Todorov Novosibirsk - Irina Serbulenko Novosibirsk - Alexander Bedunkevitch - Tyumen Our international TEAM: Sacha Stone (Founder) Humanitad Foundation DirectorGeneral: Europe - I.R.E.O (Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization),Executive Producer: MDG Awards http://www.humanitad.org/ http://www.ireoigo.org/ http://www.mdgawards.org/ Terry Sisson, USA a stanch supporter of self-sufficient communities and founder of MadeByKids, an advanced experiential training for youth Claude Veziau, Canada a web master and a composer Jose David initiator of a Peace Village in India, TV producer, India Annibal Lissandro Lipporini coordinator of CREST 13 center in Brazil, Argentina Gary Maxwell Littlejohn, UK - Honorary Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Department Of Peace Studies, University of Bradford

Kathleen Smith Humanitad coordinator, USA Our youth coordinator - Sandeep Chopra coordinator of a youth Love Community movement, India Media team: - Alfred Poznyakov video maker, Barnaul city, Siberia, Russia - Nataly Bokova radio, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia - Boris Petrovic internet communication, Evovillages movement, Serbia/ Brazil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT2Qw-LOkSw http://www.ecoaldeasdecolombia.org/index.php?lang=en http://www.facebook.com/groups/consejodelnuevotiempo/ http://ecoaldeasdecolombia.org/ http://ecoaldeasdecolombia.org/index.php? option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=8&Itemid=11&lang=en http://www.simondale.net/ http://planet3000.voila.net ( Nina Goncharova gong3000@ngs.ru Tel/fax +7 (383) 220-39-89 Rene Waddlow - wadlowz@aol.com phone 60 33 475 23 66

Attachment 2
The time has come Its special to us It marks the beginning of a historical event of the greatest change of the human essence, the victory of a man over his second I under whose slavery he has been living for thousands of years The hour is near when the whole world will be interested in the things taking place here (in the south of Krasnoyarsk region, Siberia, Russia) And it will be impossible not to notice the things you do here You will show very quickly that humanity can exist, with another character of life-managing Vissarion

About the Abode of Dawn community (the south of Krasnoyarsk region, Siberia) This community is a living model of a new life based on total Faith in one and the same God for all, on harmonious relations with everybodys soul, with each other and the nature. The creation of he United Family is the main

objective of the Community. Learn to live together, learn to communicate with each other, understand each other, regard decently each other, and try to react carefully on the need in your help. That will be real community rather than formed by way of official Statue or some confirmed laws. The Community is the whole Earth. The ability to live together in harmony is defined by the wonderful conception of the United Family, where each member cares for another, looks attentively around and tries to give his shoulder in time to the one, who found himself unstable Vissarion. There are about 5 000 people of the Promised Land from all over the world who learn to live as one family. They are the representatives of 36 nations and nationalities. There is a number of families comprising three generations. According to the statistics as the population in the Community increased by 9 times because of high birth and low death rates. Children and teenagers are the main value of the future society. The specific features of education of children at the community schools are that since the age of 12 the children are mastering not only the subjects of arts (music, art, verbal work, movement, plastics) but the fork trades and crafts alongside with the school subjects. The schools will be formed on the basis of workshops Vissarion. At school all the negative information and destructive images are taken away from the lessons to maximum extent. Boys are supposed to grow as masters rather than solders, and girls will grow as skillful housewives. The Path of the Community is the Path of Masters. More and more people from the Community, being former urban inhabitants, are mastering the folk trades and handicrafts. The computer operator is mastering wickerwork, the motorist becomes a potter, and the metallurgical worker becomes a blacksmith. Wood carving, beautiful paintings, birth articles made by new masters decorate the houses and the everyday life of the people. Alongside with the creative labor various kinds of arts are developed actively in the Community who had never before taken a brush and paints in their hands, here begin to paint, others begin to compose verses, music, or the vocals and other talents unexpectedly open up. There is quite a number of professionals here artists, composers, choreographers, opera singers, pop musicians The Pilgrimage to the Altar of the Earth on Sundays and festivals liturgies conducted by the priests of the Community are open for all comers. While visiting this place we could not but think about Utopia and Fairy Tale becoming true in this land.

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