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Narth Clinical/Therapeutic Issues

So You Want to Be a Reparative Therapist....

Link: Knowing Oneself: A Self-Questionnaire from Book by Dr. G. van dem


Review Of Two Recent Studies On Correlations Between Gender Identity And

Sexual Orientation

The Paradox Of Self-Acceptance

Shame As An Avenue Into Deep Grief

Understanding SSA As A 'Signal'

The Primacy Of Affect

Why I Am Not a Neutral Therapist

Link: Struggling Alone

Four Principles Of Growth

Study Compares Body Image Of Homosexual And Heterosexual Males

Study Finds Discrepancy Between Self-Reports On Sexual Behaviors And

Retrospective Surveys

Homosexuality: A Consideration of Factors Relevant to the Success/Failure in the

Psychoanalytic Treatment of Overt Obligatory Male Homosexuality

What If I Don't Change?

Father-Son Attachment And Sexual Partner Orientation: Summary of aÊStudy on

Developmental Factors, Published in Comprehensive Psychiatry

The Three Phases Of The Transformative Experience

The Double-Loop Experience

'Science' Games Activists Play

Therapists Defend Y-BOCS Test Against Swedish Ombudsman

Counselor Conducts Content Review Of Lesbian Connection Newsletter

Link: Survey Reveals Why Some 'Same Sex Attracted' Men Seek Change

Study Examines Sexual Behaviors Of Urban Lesbians

Sexual-Minority Individuals Surveyed On Therapist Characteristics

Gay Behavior Needed For Social Bonding?

The Meaning of Same-Sex Attraction

Associated Press Corrects Story On Olfactory Responses and Sexual Orientation

Helping Women With Same-Sex Attraction

Sex Differences In Flexibility Of Sexual Orientation

New Study Alleges That Mother's Genetics May Account For Gay Sons

Researcher Says Bisexuality More Common Among Women Than Men

Two Recent Studies Deal With Prejudice, Lesbian Well-Being And Stigma

Study Says Gay Body Image Concerns Related To 'Minority Stress'

Researchers Study Face Perception And Sexual Orientation Reactions

Researcher Studies How MSMs Organize Sexual Culture In Public Parks

New Book On Transgender Clinical Practices Urges New Paradigm For Treatment

The Psychology Behind Homosexual Tendencies (Parts 1-2)

Study Of Prison Inmates Reveals Situational Sexual Behaviors

NARTH Advisor Responds To Analysis Of Modest Rise In Same-Sex Relationships


An Open Letter To Mothers Of Sons With Homosexual Attractions

How Should Psychologists Deal With Religious, Sexually Confused Adolescents?

Gay Teens: Studies On Emotional/Relational Health

New Zealand School Of Medicine Studies Mental Health Problems In Young Gays

Two Major Papers Run Features On Sexual Orientation And Reorientation Therapy

The Use Of EMDR With Reparative Therapy To Be Presented At International

EMDR Conference In September, 2005

Northwestern University Graduate Student Publishes Study Alleging Bisexuality

Not A Sexual Orientation

Dr. Robert Spitzer Interviewed In 'Christianity Today' Magazine

Psychologists Examine Counselor Attitudes About LGB Clients

Attachment Loss and Grief Work in Reparative Therapy

Gay-Affirming Psychologists Propose Redefining Child Sexual Abuse

Researchers Claim To Have Genome Scan Of 'Sexual Orientation' In Men

Counselor Sheds Light On Helping Women With Same-Sex Attractions

'The British Journal Of Psychiatry' Publishes Study On Mental Illnesses Of Gays

And Bisexuals

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist Urges End To Sexual Reassignment Surgery

New York State University Professors Urge Affirmative Therapy For Lesbian, Gay,
And Bisexual Clients

Editor of the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy Takes a Stand for Science

The Counseling Psychologist Investigates Religious Beliefs and Sexual Orientation:

Selected Quotes

Study Of Bisexual/Gay Teens in Thailand Reveals Serious Risks

Reorientation-Therapy Psychologists Host APA Panel

APA Gay Issues Division Newsletter Studies Gender Variance

Upcoming APA Symposium to Examine Alternatives to Claiming a Gay Identity

Mentorship of Men Who Struggle with Same Sex Attraction

The Pedophilia Debate Continues --And DSM Is Changed Again

The Treatment of Ego-Dystonic Homosexuality: The Development of a Masculine

Remembering the Is/Ought Distinction

Relationship Quality the Same for Gays and Straights?

Gender Language Now Archaic?

Gay Parenting Does Affect Children Differently, Study Finds -- Authors Believe Gay
Parents Have "Some Advantages"

Same-Gender Attraction: Clinical Observations From a Self Psychology Perspective

When Families Present With Concerns About An Adolescent's Experience of Same-

Sex Attraction

Clinical Issues: Grief Work

Understanding the Lesbian Client

Pastoral Counseling Association Initiative Calls for the Blessing of Gay


Normality or Disorder: Answering the Question Book Excerpt

Problems for Psychologists in South America

Ethical Issues in Psychotherapy

Why Reveal the Dark Side of the Gay Movement?

On Positive Reports of Adult-Child Relationships: Taking a Closer Look

Is Human Sexuality A Reflection of Design and Purpose?

Science and Values: Some Quotes for Reflection

Teaching Psychology Students an Alternative View of Homosexuality

"Gay-Positive" Therapy Recommended to a Married Man?

The Problem of Pedophilia

When Dissent is Stifled: The Same-Sex Marriage and Right-to-Treatment Debates by

Lynn D. Wardle, J.D.
On the Right to Self-Determination

A.P.A. Says It Will Reconsider A Debate

The Annals of Homosexuality

Questions and Answers about Same-Sex Attractions

Lesbian Sexuality Said to be "Fluid"

Some Psychologists Say Reparative Therapy is Unethical

What is Homosexuality? Reorientation Therapists Disagree


Help for Jewish Homosexuals That is Consistent with Torah Principles

How Groups Work: Coming Out of a Gay Identity, and Becoming One of the Guys

APA Study Says: "Who Needs Dad?"

APA Research is Increasingly Radical, Anti-Family

The Homosexually Oriented Man's Relationship to Women

Some Clarifications about the Psychological Association's Resolution on Reparative


The A.P.A. Normalization of Homosexuality, and the Research Study of Irving


Mothers of Male Homosexuals: A Study

The Threat to Practitioners Continues

Attitudes Among Therapists about Homosexuality

A Critique of Bem's E.B.E. Theory

On the Pedophilia Issue: What the APA Should Have Known

Homosexuality: The Untold Story -- Causes of Same-Sex Attraction

Psychology Today Editor Defends Reorientation Therapy

Report: 2000 NARTH Conference

New Study Confirms Higher Level of Psychiatric Disorders Among Men and
Women Engaging in Same-Sex Behavior